Chuck and Master Lee

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My first submission to Literotica, this is a fictionalized account of some of our fantasies. Please vote and send me your positive suggestions.

Poor Chuck. He’s so nervous sometimes. He has no idea how good-looking and sexy he is and he’s always afraid people won’t like him. But those people who don’t desire his body enjoy his mind. He’s one of those genuinely nice guys you sometimes meet and always like. We’ve been lovers for a long time, but much of it we’ve lived a long way apart from one another, but the distance never cooled our passion for each other.

He has a submissive streak we’ve been exploring more and more. I’d never really been into that. In fact, there were parts of it that I really didn’t think I wanted anything to do with, like inflicting pain or forcing someone to do what I told them to do. But I’ve learned from Chuck that sometimes a certain kind of pain can be very erotic, and that he sometimes really wants to be “forced.” So I’ve pushed some of my own boundaries and have found out there are all sorts of ways to enhance our pleasure.

One night I had decided to play with his mind, so I took him to a local bath house. It’s a nice clean one, not like some I’ve been in where you want to wear boots because of what the floor looks like. Chuck had been there a couple of times with another friend so he wasn’t too nervous about going. We rented a locker in what was basically a wide place in a hallway and took off our clothes. Chuck is always nervous getting undressed. Once he’s naked, he relaxes, but somehow stripping where anyone can see him really pushes some of his buttons. I could see his eyes looking around just before he pushed down his pants. I don’t let him wear underwear when we are together so as his pants went down his cock appeared. He was semi-hard, that nice stage where his cock had swollen so it looked nice and big, but hadn’t yet become a standup erection.

I reached over and took his cock in my hand, jacking it a couple of times just for the pleasure of feeling it. Chuck gave a small groan of arousal and we collided into an enthusiastic battle of tongues. Our two torsos met and pushed against each other as we each tried to overcome the skin barrier and merge into one being.

“Very nice,” came a voice as we backed off for a moment. I heard Chuck’s quick intake of breath, as he looked to see who was there, then hung his head like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Of course, his hand was in front of his now very erect and swollen cock, but the look was just the same. Chuck never plays poker because every feeling he has registers all over his face, and I could see the embarrassment in both the look on his face and the blush that rushed up from his neck.

“Why, thank you,” I responded warmly, while Chuck maintained his embarrassed silence.

“Chuck, how do you respond to a compliment?” Head still down, his eyes darted incredulously to me, to find me watching him and waiting for a response. His eyes closed momentarily as he took a breath and tried to compose his face before looking up and mumbling a thank you to our audience of one.

“You two are obviously together,” he said, “If you’d like a third sometime tonight, I’d be happy to join you.” With that, he continued past us and on down the hallway.

Chuck’s eyes were still darting around to see if anyone else was watching, so I stepped up behind him and hugged him so he could feel my cock pressed against his ass. Then I reached down and jacked his cock again, but this time he was facing the hall so anyone could see. I could feel the tension in his body as he on display, and I knew he wanted to turn away from the hallway, but I didn’t budge. I hugged him tighter and nuzzled his neck as I quietly told him how hot and sexy he was and how much I wanted to fuck him. That and my hand stroking his cock took his mind off any other people who might be there and I felt him relax and snuggle back into me as his cock regained its full size and pointed proudly up to the sky again.

I continued to hold him and stroke him, urging him into full arousal, readying him for what was to come. When his eyes closed and his head dropped back onto my shoulder I knew he was beginning to feel an orgasm approaching. Quietly I whispered to him, “Keep your eyes closed a minute and don’t move.” getting a quiet moan of pleasure in response. I gently released him and turned to the still open locker, reaching into my bag and slipping out his collar, then I stepped close behind him again and resumed my gentle stroking. With my other hand I gently slid the leather collar up his belly and began rubbing his nipples with it, further stimulating him. He was already so turned on that he didn’t realize it was his collar until I slid it on up to his neck and had to stop stroking his cock to fasten it around his neck.

He started to object, but I quietly shushed him and returned my hand to his cock, distracting him with my hand and my voice as I whispered to him how good istanbul escort he was going to feel. Another little moan came from his lips and he settled back against my chest again.

“Wait just another minute,” I told him and turned again to the locker. This time I pulled out his leash and a big black marking pen. Stepping close again I used the leash to stimulate his skin before clipping it to his collar. This time I got no reaction and I knew he was now thinking only with his dick. I pulled the top of the marker off with my teeth and leaned down a bit behind him and began to write across his ass, just below his belt line. I got the first three letters in before he woke up enough to react. He twisted around trying to see what I had written but couldn’t quite see it.

“What did you write?” he asked with a certain note of concern in his voice.

“Just a minute,” I said and added a K, M and E after the FUC I had gotten on at first. “I just put down what you wanted so you wouldn’t have to say it,” Then I closed the locker and gave a tug on his leash as I started down the hall. “Come on, lets take a shower.” As he followed me he kept trying to see what I had written.

“Lee,” he pleaded, “what did you write on my ass?”

Just then a nice-looking middle-aged guy was coming toward us. “Chuck, why don’t you ask him to read it to you?” I asked loudly enough to be clearly heard by this guy. He stopped and looked at us and I could see his cock begin to pulse and grow.

I turned to Chuck and held his eyes as I told him, “Ask him to read it to you. That way you’ll know what it says.

A hunted look came across Chuck’s face. He was afraid of what the guy would see if he turned around, he was sure it would embarrass him. “Ask him,” I repeated with that little edge that told Chuck he was going to have to do it so he might as well get it over with.

Embarrassment and terror flew onto Chuck’s face, but he knew he had to do it. He forced his eyes from me and over my shoulder. “Please, sir,” he said and had to clear his throat before continuing, “would you please tell me what is written across my ass?” Then he slowly turned around.

I watched a smile play across the guy’s face. “I’d be happy to,” he said, and Chuck twisted around to look at him, perplexed. It says, “Fuck me,” the guy said, “and I’d be happy to.”

Chuck clearly wanted to sink through the floor, but his cock was at attention again and I knew how much this terrible embarrassment turned him on.

“I’m Lee,” I said and put out my hand, ” and this is Chuck.”

“I’m Mark,” he responded and took my hand.

“Chuck hasn’t been washed yet,” I said, “we just got here. Shall we clean him first?”

Mark looked at Chuck, “Did you shower before you came tonight?”

Chuck nodded.

“Then I think it will be okay. I like a little clean sweat on a guy. We can clean him up afterward.”

Just down the hall, hanging on the wall, was a container of condoms. Mark found a lubed one and said, “How about over here?”

Around the sunken area for the hot tub there was an open metal railing. Four or five guys were in the tub watching a porno projected on the wall. There was a huge close up of an asshole and a cock that looked about four feet long just pushing its way in. “That’s just what is about to happen to you,” I whispered to Chuck and I saw him gulp. Then I bent him over and tied off his leash to the top rail with only about 12-14″ of slack. By this time the guys in the hot tub had turned to see what was happening and I saw Chuck cringe again to see them watching him about to get fucked.

Just to make sure Chuck was really okay I bent over and quietly asked him, “Is it raining?” That was our way of checking in. If Chuck needed things to stop or slow down he would say, “No,” or shake his head. I massaged his neck a moment and he slowly nodded his head.

Mark had already slipped on the condom, I checked to make sure, and was bent over Chuck’s back, rubbing and kissing his skin. He slid his hands around under Chuck and began to tease Chuck’s nipples. They are really sensitive and I saw Chuck begin to move a little in response. Then one hand slid down to fondle Chuck’s already hard cock. I could see the struggle on Chuck’s face between the embarrassment of being tied to the rail with a hard cock, obviously about to get fucked, and the pleasure that was beginning to get to him. Mark’s hand slowly jacked Chuck’s cock as he leaned forward and laid his face on Chuck’s back, gently kissing his skin and whispering sweet nothings to him. With his free hand, Mark slid around Chuck’s hip, finally reaching his ass. I could see Mark making slow circles, his finger trailing up from Chuck’s balls and making definite contact with Chuck’s ass hole on the way by, then his hand would continue up and around Chuck’s hip, going down the side and coming back in to the center along the bottom of Chuck’s cheek before sliding past his ass hole once again.

With one hand halkalı escort jacking his cock and the other teasing his ass, Chuck was really beginning to feel the pleasure. His embarrassment had been set aside and now he was rising toward his orgasm. Mark continued to toy with his ass, now concentrating directly on the pucker and continuing to masturbate Chuck’s cock. Mark raised up enough to drool some spit down Chuck’s ass crack, adding that saliva to the lubrication.

Chuck’s ass began to rotate and press back against Mark’s finger. Mark shifted position a bit and replaced his finger with the tip of his cock, not trying to enter just yet but teasing Chuck’s ass with the possibility. Again Mark leaned over Chuck’s back and with the finger he’d been using on Chuck’s ass he began to play with Chuck’s nipples, all the while continuing his slow movement up and down Chuck’s cock. Chuck was in never never land, no longer caring that he was in public and being watched. I watched the familiar expressions play across Chuck’s face, expressions I’d seen many times as I fucked Chuck in front of the mirror, and knew how erotic he was finding all this.

Slowly the tip of Mark’s cock increased the pressure against Chuck’s more and more eager hole and Chuck increased the movement of his hips, trying now to draw Mark’s cock inside him. Mark continued to croon to Chuck, urging him to relax and let that cock into his ass. Chuck must have relaxed enough for the tip to slip inside because both he and Mark stopped moving for a moment, each savoring the feel of that first penetration. “Ohhh, yesss,” Chuck groaned, then began to rotate his hips in earnest, welcoming Mark’s cock farther into his hot tight hole.

I looked around briefly and saw that a couple of guys had come by to watch, both of them openly fondling their growing erections, their eyes glued to the erotic scene taking place right there before them. I decided that if things worked out, they’d have their own chances with Chuck’s ass.

Chuck began to chant, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me,” each time getting a bit louder as he got more and more aroused. Mark was doing just that, pounding into Chuck’s ass and then drawing back out, just to plunge back in again. I could see Mark was getting close to the edge and I knew he would cum before Chuck did. Mark’s hips pounded faster and he began to grunt with every thrust, “Take my cock, you fucker. Yesss, take my cock.” Chuck was hanging on to the middle rail with his hands, the top rail crooked into his elbows as he was pushed against it over and over by Mark’s relentless thrusting.

I could see that Mark was about to cum. He was no longer forming words, just letting out an incoherent grunt every time his cock pushed into Chuck’s ass, and his face was screwed up tightly and turning redder with each thrust. Finally, his cock was flying in and out of Chuck’s ass until he suddenly stopped, his cock buried to the hilt, his ass cheeks flexed tightly as he pulled back on Chuck’s waist, and he let out a loud, “Aaarrrrgggg,” as his cum flooded into Chuck’s ass. Then he resumed thrusting powerfully into that hot welcoming ass as he worked to force every last drop into Chuck.

Chuck let out a disappointed groan. He hadn’t cum yet, but he had been close and the cessation of Mark’s pounding left him unable to fall into orgasm. He continued to move his ass on Mark’s cock in a futile attempt to get himself off. All he succeeded in doing was to push Mark’s softening cock out of his ass, leaving him gaping and empty.

Another frustrated moan came from Chuck and I couldn’t resist playing with his mind once more. One of our observers was stepping forward, skinning a condom onto his hard cock, ready to take Mark’s place but I motioned him to wait.

“Open your eyes, Chuck,” I instructed. He did, and I saw the realization hit him that he had just been fucked in public, well, semipublic at least, and that his cock was dripping and wagging as he continued to move his ass around, hoping for more stimulation so he could get off. He closed his eyes and dropped his head, but I wasn’t about to let him off the hook so easily.

“What? Do you want something, Chuck?” I asked him.

He just grunted inarticulately.

“What do you want, Chuck?” I said a little more loudly.

Another grunt. He didn’t want to have to say it out loud, to ask to be fucked some more, but I was going to make him beg for it.

“Tell us what you want.”

All he did was continue to wave his ass around, searching for more sensation so he could get off.

“Say it, Chuck!”

A pause.

“Chuck, say it!”

Finally I heard a mumbled, “fuck me.”

“What?,” I asked, “None of us could hear you,” even though everybody there already knew what he wanted. “We don’t know what you want unless you tell us.”

“Fuck me,” he said, still quietly.

“What? We couldn’t hear you. What do you want?”

Finally, his desire overcame his embarrassment mecidiyeköy escort and he shouted out, “Please, somebody fuck me!”

With that, I motioned the guy to step up to Chuck’s ass. With one hand on Chuck’s ass cheek and the other one holding his hard cock, he glanced at me for final permission and I nodded to him. With that, he placed the tip of his cock against Chuck’s anus and Chuck immediately groaned and began to move his ass, trying to get this new cock inside him as quickly as possible. The guy moved his pelvis forward, sliding his cock into Chuck’s ass easily until his pubes were against Chuck’s tailbone.

Chuck let out a satisfied, “Yesss” and was immediately lost once again in the overwhelming sensations of being fucked. The guy was good, changing the angle and speed of his thrusting, but never missing a beat as his latex-clad cock slid easily in and out of Chuck’s ass.

Chuck was getting closer and closer to his orgasm when another guy caught my attention and silently indicated he’d like to suck Chuck’s cock. I nodded and he slid careful under Chuck so the first sensation Chuck felt was a hot mouth surrounding his very hard cock

“Ooooohhh,” Chuck moaned at the new sensation, and tried to fuck this mouth on his cock as he was being fucked by the cock in his ass, but the rhythm got all out of synch until Chuck gave in to the pounding his ass was getting and used that motion to ram his cock down the welcoming throat of the guy beneath him.

Very soon Chuck began to moan and tighten up as his own orgasm approached. The guy sucking him leaned into Chuck’s pelvis, taking Chuck’s entire cock down his throat and giving him something to push against as he came. Chuck let out a loud, animal noise as he came, pumping his semen down this anonymous throat which eagerly swallowed it all. The guy continued to hold Chuck’s cock in his mouth as he wanked his own cock, and I encouraged him to keep sucking. Given the right stimulation, Chuck would stay hard even after he came and I wanted to keep Chuck aroused for as long as possible.

The guy in Chuck’s ass was getting close to coming and I glanced around the group of gathered men watching this little display. One guy had a long thick cock, bigger than mine and probably bigger than any Chuck had ever taken. I met the guy’s eye and let him know I wanted him to fuck Chuck next. He smiled and reached for a condom.

The guy in Chuck’s ass finally tightened and pounded ferociously into Chuck as he came with another loud groan. As he stopped and let his cock slip out of Chuck, Chuck began to ease back out of the mouth that still worked his cock, but the mouth wouldn’t let go, following as Chuck backed as far as his leash would allow. Chuck was ready to stop and he opened his eyes to tell the guy to stop sucking his now very sensitive cock but I slid my hand over his mouth and shook my head.

Chuck’s cock was getting uncomfortable and he pleaded with his eyes to be released, but I just shook my head. With a resigned sigh, Chuck nodded and closed his eyes as I let my hand release his mouth. With that, the big guy stepped up to Chuck’s ass, and without any preliminaries touched the tip of his cock to Chuck’s little brown pucker. Chuck started, and his eyes flashed to mine. I just smiled at him and he knew he was going to be fucked again, even if he really didn’t feel like it at the moment.

The cock began its slide up Chuck’s rectum and he looked at me in surprise. This was a BIG cock! I grinned at him, letting him know he was supposed to relax and enjoy it. Just as the big guy got into a rhythm, the guy sucking Chuck let out a groan and fisted his own cock furiously, coming in powerful squirts across the floor and Chuck’s lower legs. As he crawled out from under Chuck, another guy looked like he wanted to take his place so I nodded my permission to him and he was soon gobbling Chuck’s tender, but still very hard, cock.

The dual sensations were once again bringing Chuck close to the edge. I delighted in watching his body as it climbed to orgasm. The frustrated satisfaction of depending on the big guy’s rhythm but finally getting off anyway was wonderful to see. I knew this was a new experience for Chuck, and I knew he would never forget it either. With another strangled cry, Chuck deposited his second load of the night down a waiting throat.

Bracing himself with one hand he reached down to push the head off his over-stimulated cock as he said, “Ooohhh, that’s enough.” But I pressed on the back of the head at Chuck’s cock and said, “Keep going.”

Chuck looked at me, not understanding what I was doing and wincing as the mouth kept on sucking on his cock. “You can’t make him stop now,” I said, “he hasn’t cum yet.”

“But, Lee … ” Chuck began, but I shushed him.

“You’re not finished yet,” I said to him, “look at all these hard cocks waiting to get off.”

Chuck looked around at the crowd that had gathered for his little spectacle and blanched. There were ten or twelve hard cocks pointed at him. I could see him thinking about having to take them all and he just went limp, his chest resting on the top railing and depending on the big guy in his ass to hold that end up. That guy looked at me in confusion.

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