Claiming Evyn Ch. 01

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Note to readers:

This story contains nonconsensual sex between men. If nonconsent or reluctance isn’t your thing, feel free to move on. Otherwise, enjoy.


Evyn slumped down against his door, holding his head in his hands and quivering all over. He knew it was coming tonight. He’d just seen Jeremy in the hall, he’d seen that hungry look in the man’s eyes, and that vicious smile spreading across his lips.

For the ten millionth time since it started, he considered calling the police. He knew where the men lived, he knew their first names, and he knew what they looked like. He knew that John, the bigger of the two, had a long, jagged scar on the outside of his thigh.

He knew that both of them were circumcised.

Another shudder went through him at the thought, and he shut his eyes tightly, trying to push that image out of his mind. His muscles involuntarily tensed as he remembered the last time they’d been in his apartment.

He could call the police. He should call the police. Any normal, sane person would.

So why couldn’t he bring himself to do it? What the hell was wrong with him? He knew that this would continue for as long as he lived in the apartment, and there was no guarantee it would stop if he moved somewhere else.

No, the only way to ensure it would stop forever was to call the police, and ask for help. They’d protect him, and put the men responsible behind bars for a very long time.

Wouldn’t they? He’d heard of plenty of others like them getting released almost immediately, or only serving short sentences. What would happen if they were released? What would they do to him after they tracked him down? Would he even survive that?

Not very likely.

So he sighed, lowering his head even further, and blinking back tears. By now, he knew the routine. The two brothers, John and Jeremy, would enter his apartment using the spare key they’d taken during one of their early visits.

They’d grab him, carry him to his bed, and remove his clothes. For the next forty-five minutes or so, they’d torture and rape him, violating him in the worst imaginable ways, and leave him exhausted and sobbing.

But then, she would come.

Evyn never learned her name. Every time he asked, she’d simply smile and kiss his forehead gently. And he never knew who she was. Was she with the men? How did she always know to come into the apartment just as they were putting their clothes back on? It certainly didn’t seem like she liked them very much. She was always abrupt and sharp with them, and ordered them to leave.

But if she wasn’t with them, who was she? How did she know what they did to him? How did she know when they attacked him? And why did she only come after they were finished? Why didn’t she come earlier, and save him from them?

So many questions, and she never answered any of them. But she was gentle with him, and kind, and loving. She held him close, she cleaned him up, and she stayed with him until the next morning, so he wouldn’t be alone.

He was completely, irrevocably in love with her.

Was that part of the reason why he didn’t call the police? Because it would mean he’d never see her again?

Oh God, how pathetic was that? What kind of person would allow himself to be raped over and over again, just for a few hours with a woman he knew nothing about?

He wished he was different. He wished he was big enough and strong enough to fight them off. Despite being an average height of 5’11, he’d always been skinny. Weak. Most people thought he looked much younger than his 19 years. Short black hair framed a boyish face with blue eyes and pale skin. Some people called him a “pretty boy,” whatever that meant.

Apparently, it meant that rapists found him appealing.

Groaning, Evyn willed himself to rise to his feet, willed his trembling body to obey him. He wasn’t going to call the police. There was nothing he could do but wait, the fear and anticipation making his heart pound in his chest.

He didn’t have to wait long. Less than an hour later, he heard a key in the lock, and his heart rate tripled as the door opened.

“Wait,” he murmured, rising from where he sat on the couch. The two men entered the room, closing the door behind them, and slowly approached him, dark lust in their eyes.

“No, wait. Please.”

Now, he regretted not having called the police. Dread overwhelmed him to the point that it was difficult to breathe, and tears stung his eyes.

The men didn’t answer. They never really said much to him, aside from the occasional order or command. No, they simply used him, took their pleasure from his pain, and then left.

Evyn’s eyes were wide with fear as he backed away. His back hit the wall, and his heart pounded as the men neared him. He couldn’t stop the tears now.

“Please,” he begged, wrapping his arms around himself as he felt that old familiar hole shredding through his chest. “Please, don’t.”

But, just like gaziantep escort every other time, they didn’t respond. They reached him, grabbed him by his arms, and half pushed, half carried him to the bed. At least they weren’t unnecessarily cruel. They never beat him, or used any painful devices on him, or anything like that.

Well, except for once. After one of their early visits, shortly after they took his spare key, he’d tried installing one of those chain door locks, hoping that it would be enough to deter them.

He’d been wrong. John, the larger and stronger of the two, had easily broken through the lock, tearing it off of the doorframe. And Evyn had paid dearly for his mistake. They’d used him, just as they always did, but when they were done, John held him down on his stomach while Jeremy left the apartment.

After a few minutes, he’d returned, with a terrifying piece of steel in one hand, and a smaller, equally terrifying piece of steel in the other. He explained that the first was a locking butt plug, and the second was a locking prince’s wand. They spent some time showing him exactly what each item was, how each of them worked. They showed him exactly what they were going to do to him.

They inserted the butt plug first, and Evyn tensed with the feeling. They’d already fucked him, so his ass was already stretched out. It didn’t hurt, not really, but it was cold and unbelievably uncomfortable. Then, he felt it plug spread wide inside him, making it impossible to remove. Jeremy quickly locked the plug in place with a small padlock, and then they turned him over.

Evyn had never seen a prince’s wand before, but after the brothers told him what it was, he struggled hard against them. Of course, just like always, his struggles were for nothing. They easily held him down, fitted the cock ring on him, and then began the process of sliding the lubed wand inside his dick. God, he’d never screamed that loud in his life.

A small steel bracket connected the wand to the cock ring, and once they’d fully inserted it, Jeremy placed another padlock in the hole designed for it, and locked it closed with a horrid click. Then, they took the two keys and left, saying that they’d be back when they felt he was truly sorry for trying to lock them out.

She never came to save him. Not that time.

They left him unbound, completely free to do as he wished, but there was nothing he could do to remove either of the devices they’d left on him. The prince’s wand was hollow, allowing him to urinate, but the butt plug completely removed any possibility of using the bathroom.

So, hoping to avoid making his horrific situation even worse, Evyn made sure not to eat anything for the rest of the night.

By the time the brothers came back, in the early afternoon of the next day, Evyn was so overwhelmed with pain, he couldn’t even think straight. They’d asked him some questions, but he was completely incapable of answering them, or even processing what they were saying.

Finally, they’d removed the devices, leaving him gasping and panting on his bed, with the promise that, if he ever tried to keep them away again, he’d be kept in the devices for a week. They did, however, replace the prince’s wand with something else. A chastity device, also made of steel, completely encasing his dick and preventing him from touching it or getting hard.

And that stayed on all day, every day. Unless they were there. They always removed it when they came, and always replaced it before they left.

And Evyn hated them for that.

So Evyn never tried locking them out again. He simply cowered on his bed, in a corner of his apartment, or like tonight, on his couch.

John tossed him on the bed and held him down while Jeremy removed his pants. Evyn desperately tried to kick as the reality of what was about to happen set in, but as always, his attempts were futile.

Within seconds, his pants and underwear had been removed. Next, they grabbed his shirt. He tried to grab their wrists, pushing them away, but they were far too strong for him. With ease, they pulled his shirt off and tossed it to the floor, with the rest of his clothes.

And he was completely naked, except for his chastity cage. For a moment, they simply stood on either side of the bed, not touching him. Just watching him.

Evyn’s heart pounded as he looked up at his attackers. John was rubbing his dick through his jeans, looking down at him with hunger in his eyes.

“Please,” he begged, trying to squirm closer to the head of the bed. Trying to squirm away.

But there was nowhere he could go, and all three of them knew it.

After a moment, the brothers reached down and grabbed him. After roughly unlocking and removing the cage, they quickly rolled him onto his stomach, and John held him down while Jeremy removed his clothes. Then, they switched, and John removed his as well.

Once they were both naked, they dragged Evyn up to the head of the bed, so his head was resting on his pillow. John knelt down at his head, while Jeremy knelt down on the other side of him, near his waist. With both of them firmly holding his wrists, and with Jeremy using his body to keep Evyn from trying to use his legs to get away, there was nothing he could do to stop them.

John reached down and grabbed Evyn by his hair, forcing him up to his hard, waiting dick.

As always, Evyn tried to keep his mouth closed, tried to turn his head, tried to do anything he could to avoid that dick going into his mouth. But John used his other hand to grab Evyn’s jaw, pressing his fingers into Evyn’s cheeks until his lips were forced open.

And then, his mouth was suddenly filled with the salty thickness of John’s dick.

As he struggled, the brothers turned him on his side, with his right arm pinned underneath John’s knees and his left wrenched tightly behind his back by Jeremy.

He thrashed his legs wildly, trying to get away from them, but John released his hold on Evyn’s jaw and instead grabbed his left arm from his brother, holding his arm even higher behind his back. Evyn winced with pain and quieted a bit. He had no doubt that these men would break his arm if they were so inclined.

Then, Jeremy turned his attention lower. Pulling Evyn’s left leg high up, and using his right arm and right shoulder to keep it there, he pressed a rough finger against his entrance.

“No,” Evyn cried, his voice muffled as he tried to speak around the dick in his mouth. He renewed his struggle, trying to use his legs to push Jeremy away.

But Jeremy, although he was slightly smaller than his brother, was still too much for Evyn. He easily held Evyn’s legs in place, keeping his finger against Evyn’s hairless ass.

Evyn never grew much pubic hair in the first place, and when his first girlfriend told him she’d only have sex with him if he was hairless, he got into the habit of getting the area waxed. After she broke up with him a couple years later, he just continued the practice.

Jeremy seemed to love the fact that he was hairless, and loved exploring his ass.

He suddenly felt something cold and wet against his entrance, and knew that Jeremy was lubing him up. He never knew where the lube came from, or where Jeremy kept it. His face was always impaled by John’s dick, and he could never see what Jeremy was doing.

He gasped and tensed as Jeremy slid a slick finger inside him.

“No! Please!” he cried, tears blurring his vision. By now, John had released his left arm, holding his head with both hands as he pumped into him. Evyn clenched his fist in the sheets, panting as he was penetrated on both ends.

He could feel Jeremy’s finger, slick and wet, sliding around inside him, rubbing against his inner ring and easing it open. He guessed he should be grateful that Jeremy did him this small service, but the sensation made him sick to his stomach.

Then, Jeremy slid a second finger in alongside the first, and Evyn gasped with the twinge of pain and the fullness he felt.

Oh, but he knew he would feel much fuller by the time they were done with him.

Jeremy went back to work on his ring, gently, gradually stretching it further. But when he slid a third finger inside, Evyn gasped with the pain and desperately grabbed Jeremy’s arm with his free hand, trying to reach down to remove the fingers.

Jeremy chuckled. “Oh, that’s right,” he said, backing the third finger out of him. “You like two, not three.”

For another moment, he continued fingering Evyn’s ass, sliding his fingers slowly into him, as deep as they could go.

But then, he heard the words he dreaded more than anything.

“Turn him,” Jeremy said to his brother. “Get him on his knees.”

John immediately pulled out of Evyn’s mouth, and they worked together to position him the way Jeremy wanted him. John pushed his head down, wrenching his right arm painfully behind his back while Jeremy adjusted his knees, putting him right where he wanted him.

“God, stop!” Evyn begged desperately as he felt Jeremy’s head pushing against his entrance. “Please! Stop!”

But, as always, his cries went unanswered. In the next moment, Jeremy roughly shoved his dick inside Evyn, and the pain was unimaginable.

John was physically bigger, but as far as their dicks went, Jeremy was the larger of the two, and his girth made sex indescribably painful. Evyn hated that first moment. He thought that, as often as they used him, he’d eventually get used to it.

But there was no getting used to Jeremy. Not when they only fucked him once every few weeks.

Jeremy pushed his dick all the way inside, eliciting a loud scream from Evyn. Evyn arched his back and clenched his hands into fists, burying his face in the blankets and trying to remember how to breathe. Then, Jeremy pulled out once, repositioning himself.

“Please,” Evyn sobbed quietly.

His sobs went unanswered. Jeremy adjusted his position and quickly shoved his dick back inside. Evyn screamed again, desperately trying to reach back with his free hand, trying the only thing he could think of to make the pain stop.

But Jeremy grabbed his wrist and held it behind his back, along with the hand John held there. The first time the brothers had used him, Jeremy had been slow with the first penetration, giving Evyn a few seconds to at least try to get used to it.

This time, he was given no such courtesy. Immediately, Jeremy began pumping into him. John took hold of both his arms, keeping them firmly pinned behind his back, and John grabbed Evyn’s hips, holding him still as he roughly took him.

John held both his wrists with one hand, and with the other, he covered Evyn’s mouth, muffling his screams.

God, he felt like he was being torn in half. How was it that the pain never got any less? How could it hurt this badly, every single time? Why couldn’t he get just a little relief from the pain? Just a little?

For a few minutes, John simply held him down for his brother. Evyn was thankful for that. The sensation of being penetrated was overwhelming enough. He really didn’t want to have to deal with John’s dick in his mouth, as well.

Although he knew this was just a temporary reprieve. In a few moments, they’d lift him up on all fours, and John would force his face down on his cock, and he’d be ruthlessly fucked from both ends.

But for the moment, it was just one. But it was enough. He could feel Jeremy slam into him, his hips slapping against his butt, his balls swinging forward to tap against his.

And this was why the chastity cage was particularly cruel. For the last few weeks, he’d been completely unable to touch his own dick, save for sliding his pinky in between the bars of the cage in a pitiful attempt to wash it in the shower. It was impossible, and painful, to get hard, and the frustration of not being able to cum was excruciating.

So when John and Jeremy came, and removed the cage, his dick immediately sprang up, excited and relieved to be released from its prison. He couldn’t control his erection, and he hated that the contact between him and these men made his dick jump to life.

He exhaled slowly as the initial pain gradually went from overwhelming to simply unbearable. Evyn knew how this went. By now, he knew the routine his attackers liked. He figured he might as well do whatever he could to move it along.

Sure enough, as John noticed his body relaxing, he lifted him up, allowing his arms to go free in order to support his weight, and grabbed him once again by his hair.

“Open,” he grunted, barely giving Evyn time to obey before shoving his dick in his mouth.

Oh God, he was oozing precum. Evyn’s back arched as he tried not to vomit, and was quickly rewarded with a sharp slap on his ass.

“Hold still,” Jeremy barked, still holding him by his hips as he slammed into him.

Evyn took a deep, shaky breath, closed his eyes, and tried to imagine he was somewhere else. Anywhere else. Anywhere but on all fours between these two men. His body reacted mechanically, obediently sucking John’s dick while Jeremy took him roughly from behind.

It would be over soon. This wouldn’t last forever.

Suddenly, he felt Jeremy pull out of him and push him over, onto his back, with his head hanging off the side of the bed. And he groaned softly as the man lifted him up by his hips, shoving his pillows under his butt.

“No,” Evyn whispered as John held his arms above his head. He knew what was coming.

Once Jeremy made sure he was in the right position, he knelt between his legs, pushing his dick back inside him. At least now, it didn’t hurt so much. John resumed his position as well, pumping furiously into Evyn’s mouth.

He knew what was coming. His heart raced with dread. It would only be another few minutes, now.

His dick, which seemed to have a mind of its own, knew what was coming, as well. In an act of utter betrayal, it bulged and throbbed, waiting.

Jeremy chuckled when he saw how rock hard Evyn was. “A little horny?” he asked.

Evyn could only moan softly.

“Would you like me to take care of that for you?”

Evyn tensed, shaking his head as much as he could, his legs flexing as he tried to squirm away. But he knew by now that there was no squirming away from these two.

Tears once again pricked the backs of his eyes as he felt that warm hand around him. “No,” he whimpered, trying to break his hands free of John’s grip.

Jeremy adjusted the angle of his pelvis, and suddenly, he was hitting something deep inside Evyn with every thrust. Something that made his dick drip precum.

Jeremy timed the thrusts of his dick to match the pace of his stroking. Evyn closed his eyes, trying his best to fight the warmth that began spreading through him. It had been so long since he’d been touched.

He began moaning softly as his body took control, completely disregarding the wishes of his mind. He couldn’t fight it. It had been too long, and his body was too desperate for the release.

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