Cleaning the Maid.

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Anal Beads

Maria had settled into a happy existence cleaning rich people’s homes. It made her daughters mad, but they were getting to go to college with the money that she made, and she got to see some of the most beautiful homes in Los Angeles. Who cares what anyone said? When she was younger she had spent 2 years in prison for some robberies that she was just the driver for, so every day out in the sunshine was a good day.

She did a great job, and had mostly very nice customers that she worked for. Unfortunately, Jacqueline was not one of those nice clients. Her husband was an attorney for one of the studios and she didn’t have to work. She was tall with blonde hair and blue eyes, and was dismissive without saying a word. Maria didn’t like her, but mostly they didn’t have to speak to each other. At 24 Jacqueline wasn’t much older than some of Maria’s daughter’s friends, and, despite knowing it wasn’t coming, Maria expected some respect.

Jacky was on the phone when Maria arrived. She was angrily telling her friend that her husband Brad was sleeping with someone. She waved Maria into the kitchen, and kept up her conversation.

Maria had had a bad morning and a bad ride over and she didn’t know if she could put up with Jacky today.

After she had been scrubbing the kitchen for 2 hours she started polishing the furniture in the living room. That’s when Jacky came in and started on her.

“Nothing is any cleaner than it was 2 hours ago Maria. Did you have a little siesta while I was on the phone?”

“No miss. The kitchen is very clean.”

“It’s not clean. It’s filthy. You are filthy. My husband is cheating on me with a filthy whore like you. Do you fuck a lot of men while cleaning houses Maria?”

“Miss don’t speak to me like that.” Maria could feel her blood boiling.

“I will speak Nevşehir Escort to you how ever I like, you low life bitch.”

The bad ride in and the bad morning and the shitty attitude were all too much today. Before she knew what she was doing Maria had slapped Jacqueline across the face, and dropped her like a sack of potatoes. Maria was terrified. She knew Jacqueline would press charges and she knew with her lawyer husband, they’d ruin Maria’s life. The more afraid she got, the madder she got. This bitch was going to ruin Maria’s life.

Before Jacky knew what was happening, Maria dropped down on her with both knees planted on either side of her head. So that she could pin her arms to her side.

“Settle down miss. You brought this on yourself. Promise me that you’ll be rational,” Maria furiously begged.

Jacky was squirming her head around and shouting “get off me, get off me, get off me.”

“Calm down first.” Jacky’s squirming was surprisingly calming Maria. She was trying to get a hold of the situation and Jacky’s face rubbing all over her pussy was just what the doctor ordered.

Maria’s skirt had hiked up. Jacky calmed down and sat still with her face pressed against Maria’s panty clad pussy.

“Promise me you’ll be calm,” Maria said.

“I will be calm, but your pussy is right in my face Maria,” Jacqueline whispered. It was the most respectful Jacqueline had ever been to Maria, and Maria liked it for more than one reason.

Maria realized that this was a situation worth taking advantage of. “You can kiss my pussy or you can kiss my ass.”

“I am not kissing your pussy Maria, and I am definitely not kissing you’re ass. Please get off of me,” Jacky whispered with a tremble.

“What do you mean you’re not kissing my pussy and definitely not my ass? Does Nevşehir Escort Bayan that mean you might kiss my pussy?”

“That’s not what I meant.”

“It’s what you said. Just a peck. I think you’ll like it.”

Maria felt Jacky give her a kiss on the outside of her panties and she knew that as aroused as she was, Jacky got a good whiff with that kiss.

Maria reached down and pulled her panties to the side. “Give it a proper kiss Jacky.”

First she got her kiss and then she felt Jacqueline’s little narrow tongue dart in to her sopping wet cunt.

“That’s nice Jacky. Keep doing that.” Maria petted Jacky’s hair while she got her cunt eaten. It was nice having a little blonde pet pussy licker.

“I wish I’d known you were such an eager pussy licker a long time ago.”

“I’m not!” Jacqueline said into Maria’s snatch, but the sound was muffled.

“I think the proof is in the pudding, since your tongue is in the pussy,” Maria laughed.

Jacqueline’s legs had spread and Maria could see a wet spot on her tights.

“Oh my god, you love it,” Maria sneered. “It’s OK honey. You’re going to get a lot of it from now on.”

After a few minutes Maria decided to push the stakes a little further.

“OK blondy, I need you to move that tongue down a little.”

Jacky obediently moved her tongue up to Maria’s clit and nimbly went to work.

“Jacky, that’s very nice, but that is up. I said down.”

“I am not licking your asshole Maria.”

“Oh Jacky, you’re wrong. You are going to lick my butthole. It sounds nicer when you say butthole.”

“Please,” Jacky whimpered.

“Do I have a cute butthole Jacky?”

Jacky squirmed back to take a peak, “It is cute.”

“Pull your tights down if you want me to finger you while you lick that Escort Nevşehir cute butthole.”

Jacky sat still for a couple of seconds and then with Maria still firmly in place, wriggles out of her tights.

“Good girl. Pull off your shirt so I can tweak those nipples too.”

Maria got up and Jacky pulled off her shirt and lay back down.

Maria sat back down and started playing with Jacky’s little titties, lightly pulling on her nips.

She felt Jacky tentatively lick her asshole and it felt nice.

“That’s nice Jacky. Give it a good lick.”

Jacky started licked up and down the crack and, without much urging, she started trying to get her tongue into Maria’s butthole. All the while Maria pulled on Jacky’s little nips as much for support as for pleasure.

“Wow Jacky, your tongue is really in there. That’s nice,” Maria purred.

She moved forward to finger Jacky and Jacky’s face followed like she was crazy glued to Maria’s sweet ass.

“You really love that ass don’t you Jacky,” Maria laughed.

A muffled uh huh came with some loud licking.

“Jacky play with your pussy while you lick my asshole.”

Maria watched in fascination as Jacky’s fingers played her clit like a violin without missing a beat as her tongue pistoned in and out of Maria’s asshole. Maria’s own fingers matched the pace on her own pussy and soon both were quivering frantically.

“Lick that ass. Lick it Liiiick it.”

Maria came and squirted what felt like a pint of pussy juice down Jacky’s chin and neck and chest. Jacky came with her, seizing beneath Maria’s scissor hold on her face.

Maria rolled off of Jacky and after a couple of minutes she heard Jacky say, “Let me clean you up for a change.” Jacky’s tongue cleaned all of Maria’s juices from her pussy and ass.

As Jacky saw Maria to the door, Maria said. “That was very nice Miss Jacky. I think I am going to like our weekly visits much more from now on.”

Jacky blushed and said “You will. I promise.”

Maria laughed. “I think my friends are going to like them too.”

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