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Click: Part 2

Temper… Temper…:

I will be the first to admit I have a bit of temper. Now I have learned to keep it in check, especially at school. But when something gets under my skin, like my sister using my phone on our mother, well there is hell to pay.

I decided to try and work through my anger without resorting to something drastic. So I went up to my bedroom, closed the door and sat down on the floor. I placed my back against the foot of the bed and closed my eyes. The only thing I ever got out of my gym teacher was how to focus myself and meditate. Despite my anti-athletic mentality, I did have a talent for throwing a baseball. My best pitch had been clocked at over eighty miles an hour. But my accuracy sucked, so coach taught me how to visualize my target and how to calm myself before I got on the mound. So there I was on the floor trying to see myself forgiving my sister for using the phone, terrible idea. All it did was piss me off even more, so I went for just calming myself down. I cleared my thoughts and did belly breathing to push out all the negative emotions. I breathed in though my nose filling my belly with air and then breathed out from my mouth. I visualized a cloud of black smoke coming from my mouth as the bad emotions fled my body. As I did this I could hear a bird flapping its wings nearby. Then I could make out the scent of the evergreen tree just outside my window. More sounds and smells reached me as I meditated. Then I heard the soft foot falls heading in my direction, my door opened and I could hear her as she slipped in quietly. I could smell the mixture of vanilla and baby powder as she approached.

“Hello sister dearest,” I said softly without opening my eyes.

“How did you know it was me,” she asked.

“I can smell the vanilla body wash and the baby powder on you,” I said.

“That’s amazing, considering I haven’t showered yet,” she said moving closer still.

“I am still mad at you,” I said as she straddled me.

“Aw, can’t I make it up to you,” she purred as she tugged her shirt up and off of her. “I’ll suck your cock.”

“I don’t know if you deserve to,” I said. “I can always get mom to blow me.”

“Don’t be like that,” she moaned. “I’ll do anything you want.”

“Anything,” I said opening my eyes. Damn but she was beautiful, I couldn’t help but stare at her bare tits. “Grovel for my cock, get on your knees and beg me for it.”

She rolled off of me and came up on her knees. Sis pressed her tits into the carpet and raised her ass high in the air. She even gave it a little wiggle as she begged.

“Please forgive me,” she said with a hungry tone in her voice. “I need it Steve; my poor little pussy is so wet.”

“Let me see,” I said and she was all smiles. Sis got up, turned her ass in my direction and slowly peeled off her shorts. She knew I was an ass man and gave me quite an eye full. Then she bent over and pulled her ass cheeks apart. She was soaked and then some. There was no denying the little bitch was in heat.

“See how wet I am?”

“Yep, you are thoroughly soaked. But I still don’t see how this concerns me. I have plenty of women to pleasure me.”

“STEVE, I was your first doesn’t that mean anything to you?”

“Yes, but god damn it I am so pissed at you for bringing mom into this,” I snarled.

“I said I was sorry, what more do you want,” she asked on the verge of tears now. “I know it, Clara…”

“What about her?”

“She’s on your list right,” sis asked her eyes narrowing.

“Yeah, so what,” I said.

“I will get her for you, I will deliver her to you, and we will both do you at the same time. What do you say?”

“What makes you think I can’t get her on my own?”

“Oh, I am sure you can,” she said sliding two fingers into her tight pussy. “But uh, wouldn’t it be more fun for me to lure her into an ambush? Can’t you imagine both of us licking and sucking your cock? She could be riding you while I sit on your face. I’ll even throw in my anal cherry. I know you’ve been doing it with the others, so why not me?”

“Damn, that is a tempting offer,” I said as she took her two slick fingers and began finger fucking her ass.

“Look, see how tight my ass is, I can barely get my fingers in. UNNNNN… don’t you wish your thick, long cock was deep inside of it? You know you want to drive it home and make me scream. Come on Steve, you know you want to fuck me.”

“Oh you are wicked,” I said getting to my feet.

“See how hard it is for me to finger my tight little ass… oh my god,” she squealed as I drove my cock into her pussy.

“Take that you wicked little cunt,” I roared.

“Oh god yes,” she howled. “Fuck my pussy… yes just like that…”

I thrust my cock into her as hard and fast as I possibly could. She was so damn wet it slid in easily. I pounded her even as she continued to finger her ass. I was tempted to take her up the ass but if canlı bahis I did she would be the one in control and that was something I was not willing to accept. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her into a fierce kiss. As I hammered her cunt our tongues did a little dance in each other’s mouths. The greedy little slut came in less than five minutes. As her body shook I continued to pound away. She plucked the fingers from her ass and leaned against my dresser to keep from falling over. Our feet did a little dance as sis positioned herself better, she had both hands on the dresser now and I could continue without interruption. I cupped her tits as I shifted gears to slower but harder thrusts. As I mauled her breasts my cock penetrated her pussy as deep as it could go each and every time. It didn’t take long for a light layer of sweat to start forming all over our bodies. I stripped out of my shirt and jeans without losing my rhythm. I liked fucking, a lot. And having my sister bent over and taking it from behind was just a perfect way to pass the time. Once I was more comfortable, I grabbed the cock hungry bitch by her hips and pounded her harder than ever. I was just feeling the first tingling of my orgasm when she went off again. Her back arched and she thrust her tits high in the air. Her mouth was open and a scream was cut off as I ground my dick deep inside of her.

“You pussy is taking me like a champ sis,” I moaned in her ear.

“Oh god I know,” she growled. “Your cock is amazing!”

“I can tell, two orgasms and counting,” I said as I began thrusting again.

“Jesus, let me rest please,” she begged.

“You started this, now I am going to finish it.”

“You are killing me,” she whimpered as I hammered her drenched cunt.

“I don’t care,” I said.

Whatever she said next was lost as her third and most powerful orgasm came crashing down on her without any warning. Her knees buckled and I had to catch her to keep her from face planting. I scooped her up and moved her onto my bed. I placed her so that her head hung off the foot of my bed.

“Open wide cock whore,” I snarled as I eased my dick between her lips. “It’s time to swallow a load.”

I moved my hips slowly but she was so happy that I wasn’t in her pussy she deep-throated me without question. Sis swirled her tongue around the head and shaft as I throat fucked her. I felt my cock swell as I moved almost leisurely.

“God damn that feels amazing,” I said praising her oral talents. “Get ready, I am so damn close.”

I was too. I watched my cock disappear between her soft pouty lips; the voyeur in me was overwhelmed. I hit the point of no return and thrust just a little faster now.

“Take it you cock hungry bitch,” I snarled as my climax rose up and overwhelmed me. I cried out as my cum hit the back of her throat. Now it was my time for my knees to almost give out. Sis reached up and wrapped her fist around the shaft to milk every last drop of cum. She stroked and squeezed at the same time. Then her fist moved faster as her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. I began grunting as she not only kept me hard but was working on getting another load from me.

“Trying to catch up on orgasms are we,” I asked through gritted teeth.

“MMMMHMMMMMM,” she moaned.

“I am not done with your pussy missy,” I told her. “I am still going to shoot a load inside of you.”

“MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM,” she let out a long drawn out groan.

It didn’t take much coaxing to get her on her back. Her pussy was perched on the edge of the bed and I was teasing her with the tip of my iron hard monster. I eased into her, pussy lips parting for me and her cunt gripping me so very nice. I wondered if Asuna’s pussy would be as tight as or tighter than my sister’s. That thought got my juices flowing. I was going to fuck her until she begged me to stop and then fuck her some more. Sis’s cries brought me out of my revelry. I was pounding her hard and fast. My sweat was falling on her tits as I drove into her. She was beating on my chest as I fucked her.

“Slow down, Jeez I can’t take this,” she begged.

“Shut up and enjoy it,” I said as I continued.

“UNNNNNN CHRIST,” she howled as another orgasm hit her, then another and another.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. But what about a woman pleasured beyond her capacity to speak? My sister was still on her back with her back arched and her guttural scream was still ringing in my ears. My cock was buried in her cunt and I was holding on for dear life. Damn, but the girl could make a man happy.

“S… stop… please…” she whimpered. “I can’t stand it any longer. It’s just too much!”

“Um… no…” I said as I began thrusting into her once more.

Fiona began shaking and her hands formed into claws. Then my cock began to swell inside of her and her eyes rolled up in her head.

“Spray… SSSSS… Spray my tits,” she moaned.

I nodded and thrust in quick hard movements. Then when I couldn’t fight it anymore I yanked my cock from her and cut loose a series bahis siteleri of jets that covered not only her tits but her face as well. Sis just lay there a quivering mass of bliss.

“Unnn,” she whimpered. “Please tell me you’re done.”

“Yeah, I’m done for now,” I said. “Go shower up and get some rest.”

“Yes sir,” she said as she got up and left the room.

I was still getting used this whole roll as Master. I liked it, but it was a lot of work to upkeep. I guess it was nice that at school I was just a nobody. It took the pressure off of me, unless of course I was in one of my classes with Brandy. Then it was an intense feeling of sexual tension. I was learning a lot about human nature. What drove people, what motivated them and how to push their buttons. Maybe I would go into politics? But first I wanted to visit my uncle and thank him for his generous gift.

Uncle Carl:

I slept like a baby and woke to a gorgeous Friday morning. I smelled pancakes and got dressed and headed downstairs. There was mom wearing just an apron and a smile.

“Morning,” she said with a wiggle of her bare ass.

“Something smells good,” I said as I moved to stand behind her.

“MMMMMMM, I thought you might want pancakes and something else for breakfast.”

“You know how much I love pancakes,” I moaned in her ear. “But I will be late for school if I have both.”

“No you won’t, I called the school and said you were sick,” she moaned back.

“Well, I guess I can have both then,” I said as I moved away. “Food first, then all the fucking you can stand.”

“Oh, I love you so much,” she said.

Mom was literally shaking with need as she loaded my plate with pancakes, sausage and hash browns. Sis came down and spotted mom bending over to get the syrup from where she had accidently dropped it. It was a spectacular view of my mother’s backside. Sis looked just a little jealous and I knew she wished she had thought of serving me breakfast.

“Your brother has a fever and is staying home today,” mom said.

“Pussy fever,” sis shot back.

“That may be, so eat your breakfast and get going,” mom said with a wicked grin.

“Perhaps, we could both stay home,” sis offered.

“Both, why should you stay,” mom asked. Sis sauntered over and whispered in mom’s ear. Mom nodded and then smiled ear to ear.

“Dear me, I think you are right, I better call the school and tell them you’ve got it too.”

“What the hell did you say,” I asked.

“Nothing,” sis said as she sat down to eat. “Pass the syrup.”

We ate in silence as mom made a second phone call to our school. I texted Asuna and told her we were still on for our date. It was just a mild fever and I would be over it before too long. I finished eating and put my plate in the sink. Mom grabbed my wrist and pulled.

“Come on, I want first shot at you,” she whispered.

“Go ahead I’ll catch up,” sis said.

“Oh you little slut you,” I said to my sister.

“Two are better than one,” mom moaned.

I let her lead me up the stairs to her bedroom. Once there she stripped me and pushed me down onto the bed. Her lips were on mine as she straddled me. She placed my hands on her tits as she ground her pussy against my crotch. Her desperate moans had me rock hard in no time at all. The heat of her sex was amazing as she rubbed against me.

“I promise to suck you off, but first please fuck me,” she asked as she broke our kiss.

“I want your tits and lips around my cock… after,” I said even as she began to lift up and grab my cock. “Oh shit…”

She slowly lowered her pussy down. I sank into her warm wet depths so easily. We were both moaning as she began to ride me.

“UN… UNNNN… UNNNN… I needed your cock so damn bad precious,” she said calling me by the term she had called my father.

“I am not dad,” I said as I thrust up into her.

“NO, you’re not; your cock is much bigger and better than his ever was.”

“You still owe me,” I groaned as her pussy gripped me tighter.

“Owe you,” she asked as she rose up. Then she just dropped down hard letting gravity do its thing. “What do you want me to do precious?”

“Fuck three of my friends while I watch,” I said.

“You want to see my pussy and ass get penetrated at the same time, MMMMMM you naughty boy you.”

“I want to see them fuck you senseless,” I said correcting her.

“Why, when your cock is more than enough,” she asked a hunger building in her.

“I thing they deserve such a fine piece of ass such as yours,” I said meeting her thrust for drop now.

“UNNNNN… UNNNNN… I am close,” she said in warning. “I told you I would do anything for you. Line them up and I will fuck and suck them all just for your entertainment.”

“Come for me,” I said. My cock was painfully hard by now.

I grabbed her by the hips, held her still and jack hammered her pussy from below. Mom came on command and leaned backwards as her orgasms struck one after the other. Was it just my cock, or was it the bahis şirketleri thought of her getting pounded by three guys that had set her off? I didn’t know and didn’t care. I just wanted her happy.

“Jesus, what a ruckus,” sis said as she came into the room. “MMMMMM, now that is a sight to behold. That gorgeous cock of yours planted to the root in our mother.”

“Yes, mine all mine,” mom giggled.

“Now-now, you promised to share,” sis said as she began to strip. “It’s for his pleasure after all.”

“You are right, but I’m not done with his cock yet,” mom said. “You had him last night and I want him to fuck me from behind.”

“Fine, let me lay down and I can lick you two while he does that,” she offered.

“Agreed,” mom said.

Mom and I disentangled ourselves as sis took up her position. Mom got on her hands and knees above sis while I stood on the side of the bed. I slid back into mom’s tight little cunt as sis opened her mouth and began suckling one of my balls, talk about intense. I rocked my hips slowly enjoying what my sister was doing from below. As I fucked mom, sis was eagerly lapping at either the underside of my cock or mom’s clit, or sometimes both. I never knew that sis was into girls until now. Mom seemed to like her daughter’s tongue quite well. She was moaning and begging for tongue and cock the entire time. I was unable to keep my pace under control for long, thanks to sis. My cock was plowing into mom at a break neck speed. My balls were slapping sis in the face. Mom and I were both moaning as my cock swelled inside of her.

“Where… where should I cum,” I asked.

“Blast my insides precious,” she whimpered. “So damn close… come with me precious…”

I hammered her cunt for all I was worth and tried to time my climax with hers. When I felt her pussy grip me tight I let loose. The torrent of cum hit her inner walls just as she was reaching the peak of her climax. Sis lapped up the excess that gushed from mom’s womb. I stood there with my cock transfixed inside my mom.

“Oh damn,” I said breathlessly.

“MMMMMMMM delicious,” sis said from underneath.

“I am so addicted to this cock of yours,” mom added when she could speak again.

I eased my dick from mom and sis pounced. She licked me clean and trapped my cock down her throat. I wanted to scold her, but damn it, it felt too good to make her stop. Mom rolled off and sat and watched the performance. Then she joined in when sis rolled onto her belly for a better angle. While sis worked on the tip of my cock, mom licked the shaft and base. Then they swapped back and forth for a long while. I knew this was going to be a long ass day.

At some point I ended up on mom’s bed and on my back. Mom was straddling my face while sis lowered her pussy onto my latest erection. As I lapped at my mother’s slit, sis rode me so slowly it was blissful agony. I suckled mom’s clit as my sibling drove her hips down in hungry thrusts. When I grabbed mother’s ass cheeks and pulled them apart, she climaxed with my tongue lodged deep inside of her. I lapped at her pussy and tasted her like I had never done before. Sis was still riding me when mom moved and spoke in her ear. Sis chuckled and then nodded. I felt my partner lift up and off of me. Then I saw my mother and sister lying on top of one another. They were kissing deeply as they offered me both pussies to fuck. I knelt down and eased into my sister again while I fingered my mom’s ass and pussy. Then I began trading off, fucking each of them in turn. I would hammer mom’s cunt while I fingered sis and then without warning switch back to my sister. Their orgasms began to blur as I felt my final climax creep up on me. I was inside of my sister when I passed that point of no return.

“Going to cum,” I shouted.

“Give it to us,” sis hollered.

“Yes, spray us precious,” mom said.

“Here… it… comes…” I said as I thrust into my mom for a few brief strokes and then yanked my cock free and let loose a torrent upon them. Cum hit sis on her belly and mom on her rounded ass.

I was panting and felt the last of my energy pulse out of me. I fell onto my back and just lie there. Sis crawled over to my left side and mom onto my right. Sleep took me in the embrace of my family.

I awoke and found the two of them still clinging to me. My arms were tingling and ready to fall asleep beneath the pair. I slowly eased my limbs free but not without waking them both.

“Grrrr…” mom said. “I was having a naughty dream.”

“Me too,” sis said.

“Well, since I have time,” I said. “I am going to go and thank Uncle Carl for his gift.”

“Are you still going on your date,” sis asked licking her lips.

“Yes I am,” I told her. “I think I have enough time to recharge before I meet up with Asuna.”

“Are you going to take both of her cherries,” sis asked.

“I don’t know,” I said.

“Who have you been ass fucking,” mom asked in an alarming voice.

“Well,” I tried to say but sis cut me off.

“Everyone but us,” sis said pouting.

“I see how it is,” mom said frowning. “My ass isn’t good enough for you.”

“I never said that,” I told them. “We just haven’t done it is all. You both have beautiful butts and I am looking forward to tapping them.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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