Club Night

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A few weeks ago both myself and my rather gorgeous girlfriend paid a visit to a club near Bedford for the first time and what an evening we had!

We couldn’t believe how many people were there, so we had a look around and finally made our way back to the bar and dance floor, checking out the hot couples and girls we liked the look of. C was dressed in a short skirt, hold ups, thigh length boots and a very revealing sparkly top showing off her fantastic boobs!

We settled in for a bottle of fizz and C was feeling a little nervous so went for a boogie to settle herself. A couple next to me at the bar broke the ice and made very flattering remarks about C and so I began chatting with them and we exchanged stories of past exploits (see other stories). C joined me back at the bar and began chatting to them both focusing on the guys pretty blonde girlfriend. At the same time I began chatting to another couple to our side whose wife was very attractive with a great figure and wearing a nice low cut top showing off a nice pair of boobs…this was great!

Fast forward esmer gaziantep escort a few more drinks and C had joined me chatting to the couple I had latched onto. The tension was electric and C and the other woman ‘J’ were very obviously into each other judging by the way they were flirting outrageously. The music was really good and although there were only a few dancing, we all moved over the dance floor and C and J were joined by the other blonde girl…game on!

Within a minute or two, C winked at me and seconds later her top was discarded as she danced with both the other girls who quickly followed suit and the three of them became one gyrating entity and were soon joined by another two girls, soon the snogging and kissing followed with plenty of boob stroking and sucking. All the while the three of us guys were stood mesmerised by the events unfolding before our eyes. This carried on for a short while and then we moved down towards a more private area where we could continue.

Within moments gaziantep esmer escort all three girls were naked and soon joined by the other two…yes this is a true story! C with her amazing body found herself to be the centre of attention and the pretty blonde girl soon had her tongue buried in C’s smooth pussy, with two of the girls on one boob each and another with her tongue buried in C’s mouth it was all becoming too much and I had no choice but to join them…who wouldn’t?

Under the pile of girls I managed to find C and she was soon sucking my cock and while I was watching everything else that was going on it was all I could do not to explode there and then. After a few minutes of this, J smiled at me and made it clear she wanted me to join her, so after getting the nod of approval from her fella, we started kissing and soon I was headed south and had my tongue deep inside her pussy (I remember thinking how similar it tasted to C’s!). While she was enjoying this, I looked up to see the blonde’s gaziantep esmer escort bayan bf with his tongue in C’s pussy…cheeky fucker wasn’t as polite as me and checking if it was ok…but hey…when in Rome?!

Then I moved up and soon J was sucking greedily on my cock, while I massaged her pussy. All the while there was lots of moaning, girls squealing of delight at each other and when I looked around again, the guy who was eating C’s pussy had been replaced by J’s husband. I moved back down to J’s pussy and carried on with my tongue until she came. I was only going to have full sex with my own partner, so after watching the action for a few more mins the ‘orgy’ came to a slow end and we dressed and moved back to the bar albeit looking rather dishevelled!

We spent the rest of the evening at the bar with J and her husband and it was all still very erotic with lots of kissing each other’s partners as well as both us guys sucking their boobs as well.

Unfortunately, the amazing evening came to an end and we jumped in a cab back to our hotel where we fucked like rabbits replaying the evening as we fucked, which in some ways was just as horny as the evening itself. As I was fucking C asking her if she liked having two other guys eating her pussy and C asking if I liked J sucking my cock while C was looking at me.

We will definitely be heading back and only hope it is as good as the first time…we can’t wait!

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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