Clubbing with My Son

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I knew by Wednesday afternoon that my son Dean was coming home from school for the weekend. It is so typical of his thoughtful nature to give me a heads up like that and just one of the many things I love about him. He is a graduate student in Applied Biology at Upton College and had just finished a lab class as a student instructor. He sent me a text message just after 3 that day saying he’d be able to get away from campus early on Friday and that he’d be at the house by 6. He had some good news to share. I was excited to hear it whatever it was, excited to see him and anxious to be with him again.

Dean is the older of my two children. My daughter Toni is 21 and living out on the coast with her boy friend who I just don’t get and is trying to get her life ‘in harmony’, whatever that means. I love her too of course but it’s different. Always friendly, supportive and respectful of each other, we had somehow just not, well, not bonded is I guess the best way to say it.

She’s a great kid, smart and good looking but seems perpetually to be searching for something else, something more. I don’t think that’s so terribly unusual for a 21 year old but in fact she’s always been that way so it’s just more of the same these days. Luckily for her, the bastard that left us after 18 years of marriage is paying very hefty child support and under the terms of the decree, that will continue until the youngest, Toni, is 25. Not to sound mean but I’m thinking that when her Dad’s money stops flowing, she’ll find harmony pretty fast.

I thought I heard a car pull into the driveway just a couple of minutes before 6. I’d been listening for it of course. I took a peek out the window, saw it was Dean and was standing behind the door with a beer in my hand when he came in.

“Mom,” he shouted out as he swung the door open, “I’m hom….oh, you’re right there,” he said, a little startled but all smiles and looking great as usual.

“Hi sweetheart, got a beer ready for you,” I said, holding it out and smiling back up at him. He took it and gave me a big hug, lifting me right up off the floor. Oh God it was good to see him, to have him home again, to have him here with me for the weekend.

“Drop your bag anyplace honey and c’mon back to the kitchen with me,” I said, “I made some soup. It’s on the stove right now and there’s a scotch waiting back there with my name on it.”

We sat at the kitchen table together, chatting easy chat with each other, mostly me asking about the trip. He said it had been uneventful and I took his hand in mine and told him how happy I was to have him home with me again. I asked, “What’s your good news, honey?”

“I’ll tell you all about it tonight Mom but right now I’m going to have another beer and later we’re going clubbing, you and me.” His eyes were bright, music in his voice and he was grinning like he’d just won the lottery.

“Clubbing?” I asked, “But what about…?”

“None of that,”‘ he interrupted,” “The soup will wait another day though I thank you for making it. I’m celebrating and you and I are going clubbing and that’s all there is to it,” he declared with both mirth and authority competing in his voice.

He was all lit up, animated and manic about something. I couldn’t wait to hear what it was but I said, “OK, I’ll hear the news when you’re ready to tell me I guess. For now, it’s just so great to have you home again,” and I blew him a kiss across the table. “Where are we going? Which club?” I asked.

“‘Hoochie Mamma’ in the Colony Center, that big store-front place with the lighted marquee.”

I had heard of it, it had been in the news a few times. “Dean,” I said, “I’m way too old for that place and besides I can’t go like this.”

“You’re not too old, we are going, I’ll be proud to have you on my arm and what do you mean you can’t go like that? You look gorgeous tonight Mom, right now, right here, right this minute, just knock down gorgeous like always.”

“Well, I’m not even wearing a bra for one thing so I’ve got to at least finish getting dressed,” I said, not feeling at all sure about this. On the news piece I’d seen about ‘Hoochie Mamma’ it looked dark and loud with just a sea of young people, like there was nobody there even a minute over 22.

He came around the table, scooted my chair back, leaned over and reaching up inside my blouse, he took my breasts in his hands and gave me the most wonderfully full and loving kiss I’d had in the eternity since his last visit. His lips were warm and soft but the kiss was determined and purposeful. The scent of him was exotic and heady all at the same time and oh so male. His face, rough with a half day’s whiskers was heaven against my cheek. ‘I’m so lucky,’ I thought to myself. More than just a devoted son, he is the best thing that ever happened to me.

It was only five years ago that we’d taken our relationship to another level and in all that time he’d never denied me a thing and every moment with him was the stuff of dreams. Oh, how I loved him.

I slowly stood up, not wanting to break the kiss. I unbuttoned Beylikdüzü Escort my blouse to give him easier access as I turned to face him. He reached around behind me with one arm to match my hug and slid the other up under my skirt to stroke lightly back and forth across my bare ass. By standing agreement, I was to be braless when he got home and either in a thong or with no panties and this time it was no panties. I’m not sure which of us was more pleased or better served with that arrangement but I can safely say it suited me just fine.

He broke off the kiss and pushed me back just far enough to free his arms and with that, slipped my blouse back off my shoulders where it dropped down my arms and onto the floor at my feet. He looked down at my breasts and as he stared at them I became inflamed with lustful desire. I backed up to the kitchen table, just two steps behind me, picked up my scotch and took a sip.

I looked directly into his eyes as I did that, standing there topless in the middle of my own kitchen, the fluorescent lights ablaze overhead and I dipped the tip of my finger into the drink. Still staring deeply into his eyes, I used my wetted finger to trace lazy circles around my nipples while he watched. I was clearly aroused as he could plainly see.

I reached around behind myself and set the drink down without breaking eye contact. I leaned back against the edge of the table and held onto it with both hands at my sides, my tits jutting out in front of me. I kept eye contact the whole time. He knew me well and I’m sure he could read me, knew what I wanted. He closed the span between us with one step and took me in his arms. I reached around his neck and pulled myself up to accept his kiss. Again, one hand went behind and up my skirt to my bare ass.

It was a lingering kiss, easy and sweet. No hurry.

With one arm still around me, he withdrew his other hand from my backside and unzipped himself. I leaned into his chest, hugged him with one arm and with the other hand reached down to take him into my curled fingers. It was warm and firm and familiar. I began to lightly stroke him, again easy and in no hurry. I waited. It took only a minute. He turned me around and gently pushed me down onto the kitchen table.

I recoiled at first as my breasts contacted the cold glass table top but I quickly overcame that. He lifted up the back of my skirt and pressed his dick into my ass crack. I relaxed my cheeks and my anus as much as I could to allow him easier access. I felt a generous dollop of his warm spit drop onto my asshole.

He probed gently but with cautious certainty. He had both hands on my hips as he straddled my legs and finally, after a few faltering attempts, he was in. This is my heaven on earth. How I love the feeling of him up there inside me.

He was developing a rhythm behind me and I could feel his pelvis plow into my cheeks and puff them out with each forward thrust. The whole of him was now easily able to enter me and withdraw without pulling at that tender tissue. Still the going was easy and relaxed. The heat for both of us was building and that was undeniable but it was a gradual gathering. We hadn’t spoken a word to each other in several minutes now. There was only the rhythmic sound of two lovers breathing, the gentle slapping of flesh on flesh and the faint but unmistakable grunts of passion drifting in the kitchen air.

“Stay right there Mom, don’t move. Just give me a sec.,” he said as he stepped back. I remained in position but turned my head around to see what he was up to. He was undressing. He pulled his tee shirt up and over his head, his biceps bulging as he went and his rippled abdomen in plain evidence.

There was a faint sheen of sweat across his chest and belly. He loosened his belt and slid his jeans down past his knees and stepped out of them. As the waist band of his boxers pressed past and then freed his dick, it popped up and bobbed there in front of him as if animated by an unseen puppeteer. It bobbed and bobbed again.

We must have been quite a sight right at that moment. Me, naked except for my skirt pulled up over my waist, laying there face down on the kitchen table under the glare of the overhead lights, my tits and belly pressed down against the table top and my bare ass sticking straight out into the room. And then there was Dean, a half step behind me, naked but for his sox, his very fine collegiate cock standing firmly at full attention on its final approach for launch straight up my very deserving ass. Oh God I wish I had a picture of that. And then bam, he was in me…just like that.

But in the midst of all this my curiosity was killing me. The whole clubbing thing was stuck in my head and I couldn’t understand what was happening with the plans he’d announced about going out. I was desperate not to kill the moment but finally I spoke up. “Dean,” I asked, “Does this mean we’re not going clubbing after all?”

He was fully inside me and now he leaned over me, his belly against my back and his lips Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan by my ears. He whispered, “Mom, it really has been way too long time since you’ve been out.”

“What do you mean by that?” I inquired.

“Because,” he explained, “it’s only 6:45 now and you don’t even leave to go out ’till after 11. We’ve got enough time for this and a shower and even a nap if you like.”

“Well in that case,” I commanded, “Get back to work plowboy.” And he did.

We got to the ‘Hoochie Mamma’ at about 11:30 and as Dean had said earlier, the crowd was just beginning to build. It was exactly as I had seen on the news only darker, noisier and indeed I felt old enough to be grandmother to some of these kids. And I normally think I look pretty good for 45 but not right then.

I just stood and stared, transfixed in a way at all those very young people engaged in conversations that had every appearance of being the most important discussion ever held. Dean had gotten a beer for himself and a scotch neat for me.

There were a few booths on the perimeter of a very large and dimly lit open space. The strobe lights, alternating between red, white and blue seemed to be everywhere at the same time. And the corners and recesses where they didn’t reach were dominated by black light. The music had a very definite, almost predictable beat but was entirely without any apparent melody….just a series of electronic notes strung together but not in an unpleasant way. It was however loud and I mean loud. We took one of the booths and sat next to each other facing the back and we held hands. All the commotion around me notwithstanding, I felt very relaxed. It was the company no doubt.

The next hour passed very quickly as we were deeply caught up in reconnecting after the three weeks apart, each in turn telling the other about the events, good and otherwise that had befallen us over the past 21 days. He finally asked if I’d like to hear his good news.

“Dean Honey,” I said, “I’m dying to hear your news but I thought I had to wait ’till you were ready to tell.”

“Well thanks for that Mom but I’m ready now. I’ve been offered a fellowship for next year and I’ve accepted it. It comes with a generous stipend and staff privileges for things like parking, use of the faculty dining room, off hours access to any buildings on campus I get a student intern….which I get to recruit and appoint myself. It’s a very big deal for me, Mom.”

He was positively beaming, almost floating with pride and delight. “Oh my God Dean,’ I said, “I am so proud of you. That’s incredible news. Oh honey that’s so cool. You deserve it and congratulations.” I was over the top happy for him. “I want you to tell me all about it.”

He took a long and deliberate drink from his beer and began to relax and settle back to fill me in on the details. The more he talked the more excited and animated he got. I hadn’t seen him like this in a long time and his enthusiasm was intoxicating and infectious. At one point he took my hand and pulled it under the table cloth in front of him. His dick was out and it was rock hard. “Will you finish this off for me Mom?” he implored. “I’d love it if you would.”

I hadn’t realized that he’d been stroking himself but I can’t say it was out of phase with the soaring mood he was in. “Are you kidding,” I said, “How could I deny anything to one of the brightest minds in the history of Upton College?” I took over for him and was thoroughly happy to have the privilege — and that’s how I thought of it.

It was a little bit surreal. There I was taking care of him in the middle of a crowded public space but nobody knew that except him and me. It might sound funny but it was actually a very loving moment and I lazily stroked the length of his dick, loving the sensation and neither of us was in any particular hurry about it. It was very much a special sharing moment and I was again reminded of how terribly in love with him I really was. We just held our positions there in the midst of all the carryings on that surrounded us, largely oblivious to them. We sipped our drinks…me with my spare hand and we kissed.

My neighbor Gina suddenly appeared out of nowhere and without warning leaned over to plant a kiss on my cheek. That startled both of us to the extent that we literally jumped in our seats and with that, the table cloth pulled away and she saw what I was doing to Dean.

“Oh my God Diana,” she said, “You’re fucking jerking off your son right here in public. Are you fucking kidding me?”

We were both very flustered and caught off guard. Finally after what seemed like an eternity I said, “I think you better sit down Gina.” She did.

“How long has this been going on with you two? What the fuck, really? I mean God Diana, what the hell?”

I knew she was drunk because she rarely used such coarse language but then, she’d never seen me jerking off my son either. She and Dean and I actually had some history together not entirely unlike this. Dean is, above all things, infatuated Escort Beylikdüzü with exhibitionism. I had on a couple of occasions set up a scenario wherein I’d lead one of my girlfriends to getting an “accidental” glimpse of Dean jerking off. He totally loved that and he’d never denied me anything so I’d willingly done this for him. On one occasion it was even my sister but she bolted a soon as I called Dean out of his room to ‘answer’ for his ‘inexcusable display’. Gina, however, had been the one that didn’t bolt and while we both saw Dean naked that night, it was she that touched him and that had escalated to much more. I’d taken my leave to let them be alone.

“We’ve been lovers for 5 years, since Dean Was 18”, I explained. Her eyes were as big as dinner plates and her breathing was choppy and halting. She just stared at both of us, from one to the other and back again. She sipped her drink without breaking her stare. She was incredulous.

“Needless to say Gina, there is a reason you didn’t know about us. It’s a very private matter and we’d hope to keep it that way,” I said.

“Oh don’t get me wrong, I’m cool with this. At least I think I am but I’m just very fucking surprised. Oh my God, I can’t get over it. I truly had no idea,” She said.

“I think this is a good time to drink up and get out of here,” I said. “Come on back home with us Gina and we can talk about it some more if you like”.

“You can bet your ass on that,” she said. “I really want to hear more about this”.

After we’d gotten back home and Dean made drinks for the three of us, we sat down at the kitchen table. I kept the booze in the kitchen cupboard and of course the beer and ice were in the fridge. How ironic this was I thought to myself after what had happened on this very table not more than a few house ago. Nobody said a thing. It was so quiet it was a little spooky. Finally Gina asked, “When this all get started, I mean how?’ I said that when he was younger I had permitted Dean to masturbate to me and eventually things just escalated. We’d never thought of it as taboo, it’s just who we were. Dean was still silent.

“Just like that?” she asked. “One day he’s jerking off to you and the next day you’re doing it for him?”

“No it wasn’t exactly like that,” I said and at this point, with our secret out on the table and really no place to hide, I slowly began to answer her questions. And she had plenty. Dean had now warmed to the conversation was carefully adding details here and there. The more we talked the more we drank and the drunker we got.

Finally the light went on for Gina and she said, “I’m just now realizing that you probably set me up that night to see Dean jerking off.”

We confessed and asked if she was going to be pissed about it.

“Hell no, are you kidding me? Grab your drinks and come with me,” and at that point she took each of us by the hand and was pulling us toward the stairs. We all had a major buzz going by now. Dean and I both blithely complied and followed her upstairs.

Pulling us along behind her, she strode directly to that point in the hallway outside Dean’s bedroom door where the ruse had unfolded six months earlier.

“OK now get this you two, we’re going to reenact that night only this time I’m not going to be the dunce who didn’t see it coming. Dean, get your ass in there and get undressed and I mean fast.” He took off and with that she turned and kissed me so deeply and fully that it nearly knocked me out of breath.

“So go ahead Di, take my top off like you did that night,” she said defiantly, with one hand on her hip and the other holding her drink. I was starting to get into this so I set my glass down on the carpet and began unbuttoning her blouse. Having done that, I slid it back off her shoulders where it fell down her arms and onto the floor at her feet. She was wearing a bra but it did little to obscure the enormity of her beautiful breasts.

“I’ve always been a little intimidated by those tits of yours Gina,” I admitted. “They are so huge and so completely beautiful to me, gorgeous really.”

“Good, I fucking like that idea” she responded just as Dean reentered the hall. He had an old worn towel around his waist just as he’d done back in the spring. “Dean, I want you to watch as your Mom takes my bra off.” She then looked over at me and said, “OK Di, what are you waiting for?”

Well I was no dunce myself and didn’t need to be asked twice to do something like that so I leaned into her, reached between her arms and around behind her back and undid the clasp. I straightened up and quickly snatched her bra away off so that her magnificent tits tumbled out into full and glorious view. Dean, who was openly playing with himself by now, whistled and took another sip from his drink. He’s a two fisted guy.

I stared at her chest for a few seconds and then reached out to touch her exquisite beckoning globes. Just as before, they were so big I couldn’t take all of them in my hands but of course I tried the best I could. I was getting outright hot now. She was too I could tell. The nipple gives itself away. She reached over, as I had done six months before, and pulled open the flap of Dean’s towel, fully revealing his busy hand. He emitted a long, low guttural sound, sort of a cross between and growl and whimper and he was plainly very much into this.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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