C’mon, Let’s Spice It Up Ch. 10

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Life had taken a completely new direction. While, just six months earlier, sex had degenerated to nothing more than just a little side activity to maintain our status as husband and wife, it now seemed to have become the main ingredient of our rejuvenated relationship.

Starting from Tina’s secret fantasies, and later our role-playing games, a new reality had evolved where love and sex were no longer shackled by suspicion and jealousy. During our night of passion with Dave and Jill, we had shared totally unconditional joy and satisfaction.

Being “unfaithful” together with mutual consent, respect and understanding had strengthened the bond between us as a couple, and we now looked at ourselves as a unit rather than as two individuals.

Tina could no longer be considered the innocent wife she had been for so many years. But I liked this new Tina with her uninhibited sexuality.

Life does not always have a predictable course. Our love affair with Dave and Jill had to be abruptly put on hold when, just three weeks after that wonderful weekend, Dave received notice of an overseas posting. The couple had to leave within three days, and were expected to be away for at least six months.

While we were happy for Dave and Jill, we also felt sad about having to miss their company for the next few months.

Now we were back to square one. We needed some good company to keep our lifestyle going. Our sex was sizzling, especially when we spiked it up with some hot pillow talk. But we needed another couple to keep us at that higher dimension of lust and passion.

We were beginning to wonder whether we would have to start all over again at the swingers club. But there was no guarantee that we would find another compatible couple like Dave and Jill.

Then, quite unexpectedly, I bumped into Fred, our next-door neighbor, at the local supermarket.

Fred seemed overly excited to see me, and he was quite keen for a chat. We decided to catch up on the latest over a cup of coffee at the in-house cafe.

“You had some company over at your place last month?” Fred asked, trying to sound very casual.

“Yeah,” I replied, “Just a nice couple we met at a party.”

“They stayed overnight?”

“Yeah,” I answered in a matter-of-fact way, “It got a bit late into the night, so they decided to stay on.”

“Quite a night the four of you had,” Fred continued, with a mischievous smirk, “Tina was certainly having the time of her life.”

Fred went on to tell me that he and Annie were quite surprised to hear Tina screaming away into the wee hours of the morning. He was sure that some of the other neighbors would also have heard her delirious and joyous cries.

“Must have been the drinks,” I tried to explain, but Fred was quite unconvinced and persisted in a suggestive line of questioning.

He had noticed Jill’s scanty outfit. He had also observed how Tina was draped in nothing more than a small towel when the other couple were leaving. And he hadn’t failed to see the long goodbye kisses that Dave and I had shared with each other’s wives.

I realized that Fred had already added two plus two, and was only trying to get me to confirm his hunch about the goings-on at our place that night.

At first I thought of just telling him off and asking him to mind his own business. Then I suddenly had a foxy idea.

“Maybe we should invite you and Annie over one of these days,” I suggested, trying to test his line of thought.

“Good idea,” he responded, sounding quite enthusiastic, “We’ve never really got together before, I’m sure we’ll have a great time.”

“We could even get Tina to give a repeat performance,” I teased him.

“The whole night?”

“Yeah, why not? If you can handle her.”

Fred was a bit taken aback by what I was obviously implying. But he tried to act cool.

“And what about Annie?” he asked.

“Why, worried that I might take advantage of her? Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her.”

It looked like we had got the message through to each other. I couldn’t wait to let Tina into this new development.

“When can we invite them over?” I asked Tina as soon as I got home.

“Who?” she asked.

“Fred,” I blurted out without hiding my excitement, “Fred and Annie.”

“You mean our neighbors?”

“Yeah, who else? What about the last weekend of the month? The kids will be off from school for a week. They’ll love to go to their granny’s.”

I told Tina about my conversation with Fred. I told her how Fred appeared to have guessed what such a get together implied. But I cautioned her to keep a hold over her expectations and not to be disappointed if things did not go the right way.

“He’s been giving me strange looks recently,” Tina noted, “I’m sure he knows what to expect.”

“We’ll have to lead them on, darling,” I suggested, “You’ll have to lead the way with Fred if you want things to happen. You do want things to happen, don’t you?”

“Of course, I do. You know how I would love to have him between casino oyna my legs.”

“But we can’t take any chances,” Tina continued, after a little thought, “They’ll have to go for the medical checkup.”

I called Fred on his mobile later that day. This time it was very straight talk. I made it clear that we were very particular about sexual health, leaving no doubts at all about the kind of get together we were planning.

Within a week the test results were back. Both were free of any contagious ailment. So the party was on.

The following Saturday Tina and I couldn’t wait for evening to arrive. Both of us were very highly turned on. Throughout the day, we had to really resist the strong urge to fuck. It was only fair to let Fred have a clean pussy to start off his night with Tina.

We still had no idea what to expect. There was every possibility that the whole thing might just be one big embarrassing fiasco. What if Annie did not want to go through with it? What if Fred developed cold feet?

Our first acquaintance with Dave and Jill had been in a totally sexual environment at the swingers club. When they came over to our house, we had already experienced a night of soft swinging with them, and sex was already the main item on everyone’s agenda.

On the other hand, with the rather formal nature of our relationship with Fred and Annie as our good neighbors for the past five years, we feared that the ambiance and mood for the evening might not be conducive enough for unconventional and compromising behavior.

Tina wore the same black dress she had worn to Paradise Lounge and also to The Nest. She called it her “lucky dress”. It was sexy and yet fairly decent. She matched it with lacy black lingerie.

When the neighbors arrived, it was a pleasant surprise to see the normally prudish Annie wearing a small white skirt barely covering her ass and a tiny red blouse that left her midriff generously exposed. I couldn’t help gawking at her melons bulging above the neckline.

“Hi,” Fred greeted Tina, giving her a nervous peck on her cheek. I shook his hand and craned my neck to kiss Annie on her cheek. On the spur of the moment, she turned her face to let my kiss land right on her lips. This was another pleasant surprise for the evening.

Helping ourselves to the drinks from the make-shift bar, we settled onto the sofas in the living room, munching tidbits and making small talk. Our guests occupied one sofa, while Tina and I sat on the other.

The initial mood was, of course, rather formal. But the drinks began to work their magic. The language was the first to become tainted . Even the first round of drinks got everyone loosened up quite a bit.

The small talk transitioned imperceptibly into an idle exchange of sexual innuendos complete with terms of endearment and frequent references to the illicit possibilities that lay ahead.

When Fred began to call Tina by terms like “sweetheart” and “darling”, Tina responded with names like “honey” and “dear”. Annie was a bit quiet, but I tried to tease her with names like “love” and “sugar”.

Then, Fred made a couple of naughty remarks about Tina’s dress. Instead of getting offended, she took the opportunity to seduce him by manipulating her legs to expose more of herself to him. The way Tina was now sitting I was pretty sure that she was giving Fred an unobstructed view of her panties.

“Matching black …” Fred mumbled to himself but loud enough for everyone to hear, and my suspicions were confirmed.

“Want something, dear?” my wife asked Fred. The question seemed so suggestive, almost like an offer.

I knew that it was time for Tina and Fred to get physically closer to each other, and I had this urge to watch my wife being taken by him.

“He wants you,” I said in a very matter-of-fact way.

Tina turned to stare at me with a somewhat puzzled look on her face.

“He wants your pussy, darling,” I continued, “He wants to fuck you.”

Tina looked stunned. I had never before offered her to another man in this way. With Dave, everything had been so discreet, like closing one eye to all that was happening. And now here I was telling my wife so openly something that she already knew … that our good neighbor was wanting to fuck her.

“Wanna watch a fuck movie?” my wife asked in a slurred voice, as if trying to change the subject, “I’ve got a real hot one …”

“I wouldn’t mind, honey,” Fred responded, “Always something new to learn from these movies … you said you’ve got a real hot one … you mean the movie or something else?”

“I meant the movie …” said Tina, as she got up to slot in a DVD, “… on the other hand, I also have a real hot pussy waiting for you … but not so fast, darling …”

“Why don’t you and Annie exchange places?” I suggested to Tina, trying to sound very casual.

“Yeah,” Fred quickly added, unable to conceal his excitement, “Let’s add a bit more fun to the evening …”

“Let’s do it properly,” Tina interjected, pressing on the canlı casino remote to pause the movie during the opening credits, “Tom, why don’t you formally hand me over to Fred for tonight.”

“Yeah, ” mumbled Annie, as if not wanting to be left out, “And Fred can hand me over to Tom, to pleasure him through the night.”

“With full consent for all eventualities,” Tina added with a naughty smirk.

“And with no conditions attached,” Annie mumbled again.

So Fred took Annie by her hand and I took Tina by hers, and we swapped partners, handing our spouses over to their respective lovers for the night. Annie ended up on my sofa and Tina on Fred’s.

Fred and Tina immediately locked their lips in a long deep kiss. Annie and I watched them for a while, then proceeded to emulate them. The spouse swap marked the beginning of a new chapter in our relationship with the neighbors.

I could sense the excitement in Tina’s body language. She needed a man to quench her lust, and today Fred would fulfill that need. Annie may be just going along with the tide, but the way she kissed and the way she looked into my eyes betrayed an underlying need.

After the introductory kisses, Tina took the remote from the coffee table and pressed on it to get the movie going.

“A New Beginning”. The title of the movie finally appeared on the screen.

Tina and Fred sat very close to each other with Fred’s arm wrapped over her shoulders. Each time they spoke to each other, their lips almost met.

Annie and I still had a gap between us, but my hand rested on her naked thigh. When I began to gently stroke her smooth flesh, Annie let her head drop sideways onto my shoulder.

“A New Beginning” was the story of a marriage gone stale. The husband decides to spice things up by taking his wife for a holiday to a ‘beach resort’ which he knows is in fact a naturist club. Although he pretends to be embarrassed by the goings-on at the club, he nevertheless manages to coax his wife into staying on, convincing her that nudity is just an option at the ‘resort’.

The ambiance in the midst of blatant nudity at the club plays havoc on the matronly wife, overwhelming her to the extent that her pent-up passions begin to stir. Soon the couple find themselves shedding first their clothes and then their inhibitions, romping in the buff on the beach with the other guests. Before long, new forbidden relationships begin to develop.

The movie had a rejuvenating effect. The explicit carnality on the screen, with graphic scenes of adulterous sex, sent the adrenaline gushing.

“You want to fuck my wife like that?” I asked Fred, as a couple fucked like rabbits at the poolside in the movie. It was then that I noticed that Fred’s hand had already slipped under the neckline of Tina’s dress, obviously cupping her breast.

“I’ve been wanting to fuck your angel from the day I first laid my eyes on her,” Fred confessed, as he boldly let his other hand get under Tina’s hemline. He was now assailing her on two fronts, but he did not really seem to be in much of a hurry to bag his prey.

Annie and I worked discreetly on each other. Her hand rested confidently over my crotch, and I could feel an occasional squeeze on my bulge. My hand, which had earlier been resting on her thigh, had already found its way up to her groin.

The matronly wife in the movie seemed to be getting the hang of things. She stops clinging to her husband and starts mixing around with the crowd. Soon she finds herself locking lips with a young stud. It’s a very arousing scene as she allows the lad to take liberties with her, fondling her breasts and grabbing her bottom, right before her husband’s eyes.

Through the corner of my eye, I caught Tina and Fred kissing passionately. My wife’s dress was drawn up and Fred’s fingers were grappling with her tiny panty.

I looked at Annie. With a faraway look in her eyes, she had already unzipped my pants and was gripping the shaft of my erect penis through the soft material of my underwear. I tugged on her panties to expose first her neatly trimmed pubic mound and then her engorged and wet vulva.

In the meantime, everything is going really well for the couple in the movie. The scene has shifted to their room where another couple has been invited over supposedly for a round of drinks. However, initial innocent flirtations lead on to physical contact, and the two couples end up swapping partners. The prude wife gets fucked by a virtual stranger while her husband gleefully reciprocates with the other woman.

“Ohhhh … Fred …” Tina’s voice rang out above the movie’s erotic soundtrack. Her panties clung to her thighs just above her knees, and Fred had his fingers digging into her vagina.

“Tina …” Fred spoke in a very soothing tone while his fingers relentlessly fucked my wife’s pussy, “I want to be inside you …”

“Yeah … Fuck me, Fred …” my wife begged.

“In due time, my darling …” he reassured her, “… in due time … let me get you really wanting it …”

I kaçak casino had seen Tina being taken all the way by Dave. I had seen him ramming his cock into her and filling her up to her brim with his sperm. So it wasn’t really such a big deal for my wife to be fucked by another man.

But, somehow, it seemed different today. Was it because Fred was our neighbor, and we had known him for so long? Was it a sort of taboo because my wife was making out with someone familiar like our neighbor? Dave was virtually a stranger when he fucked my wife. Fred and Annie, on the other hand, had been our neighbors for the past five years.

Annie had by now unfastened my belt and scooped my throbbing cock out over the top of my underwear. She already had my knob between her lips and, as she licked the tip, I fingered the wetness between her labia.

I looked at the screen to see the two guys fucking the brains out of each other’s wives. And the two ladies were thoroughly enjoying the adulterous sex like they had never been fucked before.

Suddenly Tina let out a soft murmur. I turned my head to see Fred’s fingers playing with her clitoris. Their lips were glued together in a deep exchange of sinful love as Fred assaulted Tina at her most sensitive spot.

Over the past few months, Tina had openly expressed her desire to have sex with Fred, and I had actively encouraged her lustful yearnings. Our neighbors were, after all, among the candidates we had eyed as possible partners in our amorous lifestyle.

Now, looking at them locked in torrid embrace, I was sure that she would not be disappointed by this opportunity to fulfill her lascivious desire.

As if in response to my thoughts, Tina moved her hand down to boldly grasp the fullness in Fred’s crotch. I knew that she would have that cock inside her before the night was done.

I looked at Annie’s face and her eyes said all there was to say. Gazing into my eyes, she was begging for the illicit nectar to quench her lust.

“I had always dreamed of tasting your lips,” I whispered, “But now I want more than that. I want to taste every part of your lovely body.”

“We have the whole night ahead,” she whispered back, “You can have me the whole night long. You can taste any part of me that you desire. Don’t worry about Tina. Fred will take absolutely good care of her. He’s been eying her for five long years. He’s been yearning to fuck her. Tonight he’s going to give it to her real good.”

“She needs to be fucked like that,” I said, pointing to the orgy on the screen.

“You can leave it to Fred. There’s no stopping him once he’s started banging her.”

“I want to see him banging her,” I confessed.

As I eased Annie’s panties from her curvaceous hips down her thighs, my attention was drawn to the suckling sounds of Fred’s mouth working on Tina’s breast. My wife’s dress had already been pulled down to her waist, and her bra cup had been pushed up to expose one nipple.

Tina had by now slipped her hand inside Fred’s unzipped pants, laying claim to the cock that was going to satisfy her for the night.

I dropped Annie’s panties on the floor and let my fingers play with her drenched pussy lips.

“You’re so wet,” I whispered.

“I need you, Tom … I’m all wet for you …” I heard her murmur softly, as she lay down on her back.

Annie squirmed in excitement as I continued to fondle her genitals. I pushed one finger into her tight vagina, and she let out a soft murmur.

I glanced momentarily at the other couple to see Tina’s bra hanging loose, with both her breasts fully exposed. Fred was busy working fervently on her milky boobs.

I stepped off the sofa to strip myself naked. Annie looked yearningly in the direction of my full erection, her face contorted in the grips of lust and passion.

I pulled down her tiny skirt to expose her lower half. She sat up quickly and wasted no time in stripping off her blouse and unhooking her bra. I pulled her bra away, leaving her completely naked.

Annie had a marvelous pair of nulliparous mammary globes, definitely bigger and firmer than Tina’s. I could not believe that the girl sitting at the edge of the bed was the same modest-looking neighbor whom I had secretly watched and desired for so long.

I coaxed Annie to bring her head down to take my erection in her mouth. She gagged a little when I pushed my cock too far into her throat, but otherwise she worked quite confidently with her lips, tongue and occasionally even her teeth to bring me close to a climax.

I didn’t want to ejaculate too soon, so I lay her down on the edge of the sofa and worked my mouth on her pussy. I kissed and licked the forbidden areas of her body till she let out a shrill cry heralding her first orgasm for the night.

Then I brought my mouth up to taste her milk bags. They were more than a handful and an absolute delight to nibble and suckle.

“Oh my god,” she kept murmuring, as I satisfied my pent-up hunger for her body.

I had watched Annie each day as she walked up her driveway returning from work. I had fantasized about her, never expecting those fantasies to become a reality. Now we were together, both completely naked and heading for carnal union.

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