Co-Teacher Ch. 03

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It was probably good that Steph left teaching to work at a magazine. She was kind of a mess, and even the kids realized that her heart wasn’t in it. As an entertaining colleague, I missed her. I also missed the few occasions we managed to hook up–a parking lot after night school, and a memorable angry afternoon helping her move. When she left, I filed those memories away for future fantasies and forgot all about her.

Facebook is a wonderful thing, though, and I still saw the occasional post about what she was up to. Usually, some exotic location was involved–clearly she was living a good life and traveling. It got to be a regular thing, and I sometimes smiled when her posts showed her drinking, dancing, sitting on some guys lap, and doing everything I expected a single, horny, and free-spirited woman to get up to.

What I did not expect was a heavy cream-colored envelope that came in the mail last year. Shuffling through the nested envelopes, I snorted with amusement when I saw it was a wedding invitation for Stephanie & Arturo Somebody for a mid-June weekend. “So she finally decided to settle down,” I thought to myself. I told my wife and she was equally amazed, but we decided to attend. Other people at school had gotten invited as well, and it looked like a good party if nothing else–a place right on the water on Long Island.

The school year passed, and as June approached, I checked the fit of my good suit. My wife went shopping and got a new dress and shoes, and we made arrangements for my parents to watch the kids. We even got a hotel room close to the venue so we didn’t have to drive home late at night.

During the last week of school, I got a Facebook message from the bride herself.

“I’m so psyched you guys are coming!”

I typed back something polite and told her we were looking forward to meeting Arturo.

“He’s so great!” her next message gushed. “I have to come back to my parents’ house next week–can I meet you after school and fill you in?”

My fingers paused over the keyboard–what, I wondered, was she really up to?

I guess my pause was pretty obvious, because before I could compose a reply, she sent one: “Don’t worry–we can meet at Starbucks or something. I’m not going to rape you!”

I snorted with amusement. “What day?” I typed back to her.

“Next Monday after school.”

“Perfect. See ya there!”

I logged off thoughtfully. I actually believed her, and I figured nothing could come of an hour at Starbucks catching up with an old fling, but I didn’t tell my wife. Instead, I went with the old stand-by excuse–I’ve got a meeting after school. No sense bringing up old jealousy, right?

Monday arrived, and I found myself dressing a little more carefully. I grinned at my own vanity, but my thoughts kept jumping ahead to the afternoon. My classes dragged that day. Finally, 2:30 arrived and I made my way to the car after the rush of kids and buses had gone.

The Starbucks near my school is in a strip mall, right beside a CVS at the edge of town. When I got there, the parking lot was crammed, and I could see a line coming out the door. With a sigh, I circled the lot, found an empty space, and pulled in. As I slammed the door, I heard a familiar voice.

“I forgot that every fucking kid and their mom comes to Starbucks right after school!”

I turned to see Steph standing on the sidewalk by CVS, holding 2 cups. She was wearing a white sundress that had subtle cream stripes, and she looked amazing.

“Grande cold brew, right?” she asked me.

“Aww…” I replied sarcastically, “you remembered!”

“Come on,” she said, handing me my cup. “There’s benches out back.”

Now I stopped in there all the time, but had never been behind the store before. As it turns out, the property butted up against some wetlands, and there were enormous pine trees at the edge of the service road. Under the pines were some picnic tables. We walked back there together and sat down at an empty one.

We settled in side by side on the bench, sipped our coffees, and each lit up a cigarette.

“So give me the scoop on Arturo,” I inquired.

“Oh, my God, he’s great!” she gushed in response. “We met at a party in Brooklyn, and it turns out his family owns all kinds of different stores around the city. Since he’s from Italy, they import their stuff directly, and he’s always going back and forth and around the world picking out new stuff to sell. So I get to go, too!”

She was genuinely excited, and as we talked, I was genuinely happy for her. She loved to travel, and she definitely seemed a lot happier that she was when she was teaching. She also seemed to be genuinely in love with Arturo, and couldn’t say enough about him.

After half an hour, though, she shifted gears on me.

“There is one thing I wanted to clear up before I get married, though”

“What’s that?” I asked her.

“Well, we kind of left istanbul escort things on a bad note last time we…saw each other. I know I put you in a bad position, and I know I probably did that a lot when we were working together, and I feel like I used you to make myself feel happy when I wasn’t.”

“Steph,” I assured her, “that’s all water under the bridge.”

She smiled and looked relieved. Then she reached toward me and let her hand settle on my crotch, applying firm pressure while she dropped her bombshell.

“So before I tie myself down to one guy, I wanted to make up for how I treated you.”

I knew where she was headed, but I actually did try to talk her out of it: “Steph–buying me an iced coffee is plenty! Besides, we ended up having fun when we moved that fucking chair, remember? We’re good. Seriously…you don’t owe me anything!”

I covered her hand with my own and tried to pull her off my swelling cock, but to no avail. She curled her fingers more and wrapped them around my khaki-covered erection before speaking.

“That’s what I remember about you,” she said, looking me straight in the eye. “You were always so nice and even-tempered and you put up with my fucked-up life.”

“Steph…” I began.

“So let me do this so I feel better. I’m sure you’re over it, because that’s how you are, but I won’t be over it until I show you how happy I am and how much I want to feel like there’s no weirdness between us!”

“You’re getting married in a week, remember? I don’t want you to start your married life like this!”

“That’s why I’m here today and not in two weeks,” she answered back. “I don’t want to go into being married feeling bad when I can fix things and start fresh. Ya see?”

“I see…but I still think it’s crazy, and you promised you weren’t going to rape me” I said with a smile.

“I lied,” she said simply. “Come with me.”

Standing up, she took my hand and climbed gracefully off the bench. I grabbed my cup and extricated myself as well.

“Where are we going?” I asked, looking around. In the back of my mind, I knew that fooling around in the town where I teach was a terrible idea–anyone could see us, anyone could walk by. Students, parents, colleagues, police…anyone!

“Back here…I scoped it out before you got here.”

I’m not proud of the decisions I make sometimes, but I had to smirk at myself for putting up resistance and worrying about getting spotted when I actually wanted to drag Steph into the bushes and fuck her senseless! She looked great–her strawberry blonde hair gleamed with health, her skin was clear and smooth, and she had a spring in her step that wasn’t there before. All those things combined to make her even more attractive than she had been when we worked together, and if she was willing, I had no qualms about seizing the opportunity.

Twisting and turning, Steph led me back through the pines to the edge of the wetlands. It was a strange little slice of nature in the middle of town. Beyond the marshy area I could hear the rush and roar of the highway. Behind me, I could no longer see the strip mall at all. To either side ran a flat strip of land that was neither tree nor marsh, stretching at least a hundred yards. The sun was bright back there, and despite the highway, it was a surprisingly quiet and isolated spot.

When I saw her preparations, I grinned and squeezed her hand. A wide beach towel was laid out on the ragged grass. A straw bag lay on one corner, and I could see a bottle of water peeking out.

“You scoped it out, you said?”

“Well…I kinda planned it out,” she replied with a knowing smile.

“What did you have in mind?”

“I thought we could say goodbye in a better way than we did before.”

“Well,” I said, taking her in my arms, “since you went to all this trouble…”

With that, I pulled her close and kissed her softly. She flowed up against me, relaxing her body into mine and kissing me back with enthusiasm. As my hands roamed her back and her butt, I was delighted to feel no tell-tale ridges that signaled the presence of a bra or panties. My hands slid caressingly over the soft cotton that covered her.

She, meanwhile, was doing her own thing. Her thigh was between mine, and her hip nudged firmly against my groin, creating some wonderful friction. At the same time, I could feel her straddling my leg and bumping herself against my rigid thigh. Her firm little breasts were snug and warm against my chest, and her hands stroked me from shoulders to hips.

“Mmm…” she murmured against my lips. “I forgot how good you feel!”

“Same here!” I said, smiling into her eyes. “You always were an amazing kisser.”

“I’m good at a lot of things,” she said provocatively.

Before I could think of a response to that kind of hubris, Steph’s hand slipped down between us to curl around my erection again. This time, though, she was more escort bayan active in her pursuit. Her deft fingers had my zipper down in no time, and then slipped through the opening of my boxers, her cool skin a sharp contrast to the heat building up in me. One quick tug and my cock was standing proudly exposed, relishing the firm grip she had at its base.

“Remember this?” she asked, sinking to her knees on the beach towel. I closed my eyes blissfully when I felt her lips wrap firmly around the head of my cock.

“Not really…remind me!” I said with a grin.

She snorted with laughter, then got to work. Her tongue came out to lick the sensitive ridge along the underside of my shaft. Then she moved forward slowly, taking me all the way to the back of her throat in one smooth motion. She paused, then retreated back to the tip, her hand following her lips along my rigid length. Back and forth she went, and all I could do was twine my fingers in her hair and let the feelings wash over me.

With a sudden popping sound, her lips released me, and my cock sprang up to smack against my belt. I looked down at her and saw a seductive, feral gleam in her eyes.

“Now I remember!” I told her. “You are SO damn good at that!”

“That’s more like it!” she responded. “I was worried you forgot.”

“Never,” I said loyally.

“Bullshit,” she told me, “but I like to hear it. Now lay down, will you? Show’s not over yet!”

As I placed myself full-length on the beach blanket, I cushioned my head on the water bottle. Steph knelt beside me, then lowered her head to take me back in her mouth. This angle is always one of my favorites–it seems like a woman can take more of my into her mouth, and I can also reach her whole body to express my gratitude!

In short order, I did exactly that. My right hand stroked her arm, and my left traced a line from her ankle up and over her calf, back along the taut angle of her thigh, and up under her dress to end at her sweet little ass. I made that journey several times while her mouth was busy on my cock. With each upward stroke, I began to let my fingers glide along her closely-shaved pussy and then higher, fingertips dipping between her cheeks before turning downward again.

When she started to push her hips toward my hand, I knew I was getting to her. The next time up, I paused at the top of her thigh and ran my fingertips back and forth along her labia more firmly, opening them up with arousal. I could feel her slippery heat growing by the second, and when I nudge my fingers past her inner lips, I found her pussy saturated with sweet liquid. That was exactly what I needed!

I tugged insistently on Stephanie’s hip, and she got the message. She moved over to straddle my body, still working on my engorged cock. I flipped the hem of her dress up onto her back and she lowered herself down to me eagerly. With a firm grip on both hips, I craned my neck and licked along her length, back and forth again and again, spreading her nectar all around.

Steph, meanwhile, had taken a firm grip at the base of my shaft and was squeezing me mercilessly. My cock throbbed with trapped blood, and she bobbed relentless over the first few inches, tormenting the sensitive head with the light ring of her lips and the lashing pleasure of her tongue.

In time with her motion, I jabbed my tongue as deeply as I could into her inflamed pussy. She began to rock back and forth, and soon our motions came into sync, my tongue invading her, and her voracious mouth rising and falling on my shaft.

The rush of traffic, the sounds of traffic, the possibility of being discovered–everything but the two of us there on that sun-warm beach towel was forgotten for a long while.

When I came back to an awareness of my surroundings, however, I knew I didn’t want things to finish this way. To signal a change, I reach up under Steph’s body and took one of her breasts in each hand. She paused in her attention to my cock and craned her neck to look back at me.

“Steph…I want you on top of me,” I told her.

A grin flashed across her face and she whirled around. She lifted her sundress up and bunched it at her waist with one hand. With the other, she held me upright and rubbed my glans back and forth along her slick pussy. When it bumped her clit, her eyes closed halfway and she groaned. When it slid across the opening to her depths, I groaned as well, wanted so much to ram myself up into her in one motion.

Finally, she was done teasing us both and she let herself sink down onto me gradually, taking in a few inches, rising up, and then dropping lower. In short order, she was all the way down, and she ground her hips in a tight circle, groaning again as I touched every nook and cranny deep inside her.

The zipped and belt, though, were in the way. We both noticed at the same time, and I quickly unbuckled myself. She rose up off me just enough to escort istanbul let me push my pants and boxers down my thighs, then arched her back just right and trapped the head of my cock. Unimpeded by hardware, she leaned forward and sank down fully again.

With my hands on her ass, she began to move her hips up and down just a bit. She was positioned just right to kiss my face, my neck, and my lips, and she took full advantage. I let her take the lead and only thrust up into her when she was at the bottom of her stroke, bumping my pubic bone hard against her clit each time.

She pulled back a little bit after a while and raised her torso. Her fingers flew down the front of my shirt, unbuttoning effortlessly and then pulling it open to expose my bare chest. She braced her hands there and began to ride me in earnest.

When her breathing began to quicken, I upped the ante a little more. My hands wrapped fully around her firm butt cheeks so that my index fingers tapped against her backdoor as she moved. My other fingers spread out along her delicate perineum and all the way down to lie parallel with her lower lips as the stretched and spread around my thick shaft.

This sudden increase in stimulation had the effect I wanted. At the bottom of her next full stroke, I held her hard against me and ground into her clit repeatedly, flexing my cock against her cervix. Her breath caught, and she bit her lower lip in a look of concentration and pleasure. Suddenly, her orgasm hit and her back arched. I could feel her pussy contracting wildly, sending ripples along my shaft, and a rush of liquid escaped from the union of our bodies. As I watched, a deep flush rose from between her breasts and colored her all the way to her delicate throat.

“Oh…yesss…” she sighed as her breath returned. Sinking down toward me again, she rested herself on my chest, breathing heavily into my ear. When she had recovered a bit more, she remembered I was still inside her and resumed her circling motion. Fortunately, the powerfully erotic sight of her orgasm and the sensations it created for me had kept me fully aroused.

“That,” she said softly against my neck, “was exactly why I came back!”

“I thought you came to make amends!” I said teasingly.

“I did. I just came, and now I can keep making my amends!” she laughed.

“Fine by me!” I told her. “I do want one thing, though…”

“What’s that?”

“I want to see all of you. I want you naked, on your back, and wrapped around me with everything you’ve got when I cum inside you!”

“I can do that,” she smiled. Then she kissed me quickly and sat up. With one motion, she whipped her sundress off, up and over her head. Her hair fell in golden waves, full of sunlight above me, and her eyes sparkled with pleasure. She rocked on me for a few moments, then, and I reached up to caress her perky breasts, feeling their weight, trailing my palms across her tight nipples, and stroking the undersides with my thumbs.

“I’m ready,” Steph said earnestly. “I’m ready to wrap myself around you.”

Careful not to separate us, I lifted her up onto my lap and turned her over. Settling my weight on my knees, I held her hips in place. Steph helpfully pushed my shirt down further, and as I leaned forward to lay full length on top of her, I shook it off each arm in turn.

Bringing my lips down onto hers, I drew her tongue with mine and started to move my hips in the ancient rhythm. I rested on my elbows to keep my weight off her, but began thrusting more and more forcefully into her welcoming body. Her legs came up to wrap around my thighs, and I felt her ankles cross to trap me in place. Her hands caressed my back, and her hips rocked up and down to meet my growing passion.

“Oh, God, Steph…” I moaned urgently.

“Yes…do it…” she encouraged. “Fuck me as hard as you want and give me everything!”

Knowing what I wanted, she wrapped her arms firmly around my chest, crushing me to her breasts. Her legs tightened and moved up my sides. Soon, I was pumping straight down into her, driving myself toward a steadily rising explosion.

“Steve…do it…cum for me…cum inside me…let me feel it!” she whispered in my ear.

With a final wordless groan, I fell over the edge. Her arms and legs held her tight against me. My cock spasmed wildly deep inside her, sending pulse after pulse of sperm into her. As my back arched with wild joy, she was lifted off the blanket and she clung there, kissing my neck and whispering “yess…yess” as I emptied myself completely.

After a long while, I noticed the warmth of the sun on my back and the sound of the nearby cars. Relaxing back into a comfortable missionary embrace, I kissed Steph thankfully, trying to express gratitude and enjoyment and forgiveness and goodbye in that one act.

Six days later, she married Arturo. At one point during the reception, our eyes met and she smiled. Her wink contained all the same emotions I had tried to convey in our final kiss back there on the beach towel at the edge of the wetlands. I smiled back. She knew and I knew that our time together had ended. We both knew that things were good between us, though.

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