Colleen for Real

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Air Hostess

Friday Night. I’m out for drinks with a group of folks from the office, and I’m astonished at just how horny I am just being around Colleen. Buzzed on rum and cokes, watching her as she drinks and chats animatedly with friends, my chest pounded and my cock stayed hard.

The bar got more crowded and it became more difficult to keep an eye on her without being obvious, but I manage with lusty obsession as Colleen put away quite a few drinks. At one point, I stood with a tight group of people as Colleen walked past on her way to the ladies room, and as she slid past me, her hand brushed briefly against the bulge in my trousers. She paused, glanced down at my crotch, then her eyes came up to meet mine. Her soft dark eyes expressed more question than surprise. I was embarrassed, surely blushing, ready to blurt an apology. But she suddenly flashed a warm smile, and turned away to continue on without a look back. Had she looked back, she would’ve seen me in a trance staring at the sway of her hips, the full roundness of her ass, and those gorgeous legs.

To understand just how crazy this was making me, you need to know the background. I’m a married man, 36, and I’ve been in complete lust with Colleen from the first day I met her three years ago when she started to work at the office. Colleen, 33, is also married and always seemed to be a good, faithful wife. I had never cheated on my wife in the literal sense, but I was a raving slut man in my fantasies (as I suspect all men – and maybe even women – are). Colleen totally captivated me. She is a brunette with long black hair and button brown eyes, and a curvy buxom body atop strong, shapely legs shaped by aerobics. I loved the way her body was perfectly pear shaped, with curved, wide hips and a narrow waist flaring up to plump breasts. Colleen usually wore dresses to work, and she was my voyeur delight at the office. I loved her tight dresses, especially the slit ones that occasionally allowed a peek of more leg and thigh, and I never could resist watching her from behind as she walked in high heels that emphasized her strong calves and the sway of her juicy bottom.

My lust for Colleen went much further than voyeuristic. I jerked off hundreds of times imaging sex with her and even fantasized about her while fucking my wife (who never minded the way I slam fucked her when thinking of Colleen). I grabbed at opportunities to rent XXX videos featuring juicy brunettes and masturbating wildly while imagining the hot gals were Colleen doing all those nasty things to and with me. I actively pursued titles with specific porn stars that bought Colleen to mind.

Of course, I never gave a clue of my incredible desire for her. I always maintained a polite relationship with Colleen, concealing my true feelings. But I can’t help but wonder how many times she may have caught me looking at her in that lusty way, or maybe she could hear how my heart pounded wildly whenever I was near her. There was once when I know she caught me staring. I had gotten to the office early and walked to my cubicle, passing Colleen’s with a glance. Then I was frozen in place by what I saw. Colleen liked to wear tennis shoes to work and change to heels in the office, and there she was with skirt up around her hips and one incredible leg up propped up on the radiator cover on the wall as she untied the tennis shoe. I stared at the vision of my personal dream girl, her soft shapely thigh in full view, her dark hair moving around her pretty face as she looked up to see me blatantly staring with my mouth open. I stammered a good morning and moved on, but the image stayed with me when I went right to the ataköy escort bathroom and whacked off.

So can you imagine just how exciting it was for me that I was having this interaction with Colleen on this fabulous Friday Night. Like most of the married folks at work, we didn’t frequent the usual Friday night drinking sessions that were commonly the habit of single people at the office. I only joined in on this night because I heard Colleen say that she was going.

My cock was absolutely rock hard as I watched Colleen disappear across the bar into the ladies room. My mind was filled with a somewhat drunken view of her face at the moment after she had touched the tent bulge in my trousers. I could easily have pulled out my cock and jacked off to an orgasm in a second, but of course I didn’t.

After a few moments, I settled down and my cock dropped to just a low pulsing throb. I moved through the crowd to the bar where I tried to squeeze in at the back corner to get the bartenders attention for another drink. I was trying to catch the busy bartender’s eye when I suddenly realized that Colleen was beside me, standing close so that my chest brushed against hers when I turned to her. Colleen laughed at the contact and stepped closer, leaning to put her lips to my ear to be heard over the din of the bar.

“Is this for me?” she whispered. Her fingers played over the front of my pants and then she rubbed her palm up and down the outline of my shaft.

I moaned with surprise. Colleen moved even closer, pressing me back against the corner of the bar and wall, cutting off the view by anyone around us. I couldn’t take my eyes off her cute face, those glowing dark eyes and that incredible mischievous smile. Her fingertips pressed around my hard dick, then squeezed to send a tremble through my body. Colleen’s lips parted slightly as she took in my excited reaction. Her back arched slightly, pushing her breasts forward against my arm, and I caught a glimpse of her hard nipples pressing out from her silky blouse top. Her fingers pulled up and down my erection, slowly stroking me through my pants.

“Ron?” she whispered in my ear, continuing without waiting for a response. “Should I stop?”

“God, no!” I gasped out.

“Okay, ” Colleen said. She ran her tongue along my ear and then gently pressed the warm tip into the middle for a moment, making me wild with the sensation.

Colleen spoke breathlessly, heard just by me in the din of the bar crowd. “I’ve seen the way you look at me, Ron.”

“I’m sorry,” I said. “I can’t help it. You’re just so damn hot!”

“Sorry?” Colleen laughed, her hand groping my cock bulge tighter. “Don’t be sorry. It turns me on. You really make me feel sexy.”

“You are sexy!” I tell her.

“Walk me to my car.” It wasn’t a request. Colleen gave my dick one last squeeze, then turned away and headed through the crowd. I followed her to the door and out, through the dark parking lot adjacent to the bar to Colleen’s mini-van. Colleen went straight to the sliding side door, unlocking and pulling it open. Then she turned to face me. For a moment we just stood in silent contemplation of each other. Then she leaned back into the doorway, setting her bottom on the edge and tossing her pocketbook inside.

“I don’t know what you’re thinking, Ron,” she said, “But you have made me really fucking horny. Just the way you look at me. God, how many times have I sat at my desk with my pussy wet, thinking of how you watch me? I can always tell that you want to fuck me. Am I wrong?”

“No. You’re right.” I was shocked by her frank words, but I figured it was the bakırköy escort booze that lifted her inhibitions. I didn’t care that I was married or that she was married, or that I may be taking advantage of a drunken woman. This was my fantasy come true and I was going for it. “I’ve been in complete lust for you for as long as I’ve know you. You wouldn’t believe how much I think of you and masturbate.”

“At work?” she asked.

I nodded and laughed. “Lots.”

Colleen was quiet for a moment, and then she leaned back and moved a hand to the hem of her skirt. Her eyes were on my face as I watched her raise the skirt up slowly over her legs to reveal that she did not wear panties. I gaped at the smooth, dark V of trimmed hair between her shapely thighs.

“I do it at work also, ” Colleen said. She lifted a leg up, turning her body to put her foot on the doorway, and I could see the glistening pink of her pussy. She ran two fingers along the pussy lips, then slipped the fingertips inside. “I think of how you look at me and I do this. Usually in the bathroom, but sometimes at my desk.”

Colleen let out a little gasp as she pushed the fingers into her wet hole and began to move them in and out. “Ron!” she blurted. “Show me. Please!”

I undid my belt and pants, slowly to tease Colleen’s whose hot eyes watched my every movement while she finger fucked herself faster and deeper. I unzipped and then reached into my boxers, wrapping my fingers around my hard on and pulling it out into the night air. I stepped closer to the doorway as Colleen eased herself back into the van, spreading her legs in a full sitting position. I leaned into the doorway and jacked my cock for her while she pumped the two fingers of her left hand rapidly at into her juicy cunt. With her right hand, she unbuttoned her blouse and pushed aside the lacy bra to let out one of her gorgeous big tits. Her fingers pinched the hard nipple.

That was it. I was out of control. I went into that van after her, crawling in on my hands and knees and plunging my face into her crotch. I pressed my lips right to her throbbing clit, feeling Colleen’s hips jump at the contact. I licked and sucked and put my hands to hers, motioning her hands away from her pussy so I could push two of my fingers inside. I moved my hand with increasing speed and rhythm, sliding my long fingers in and out of her gushing hole while I teased her clit with my lips and tongue. Colleen grabbed my head between her hands and pushed her hips up and around to grind my wet mouth. I could feel her body jerk slightly, then again as she began to shudder with an impending orgasm. I sucked the clit between my lips and jack hammered my fingers into her pussy, and Colleen suddenly went off like a firecracker. She cried out and drove her pussy hard against my face and hand, her hips snapping around spasmodically while her juices flowed freely over my hand and wrist. I slowed the finger fuck gradually to a stop as Colleen came down from her cum high.

Once she caught her breath, Colleen sat up and leaned past me to close the side door of the van. Then she turned to me on her hands and knees, her right hand reaching for my cock and gripping it. The sensation of her cool soft hand sent a shiver through me, and Colleen grinned at the reaction. She stroked slowly but steadily, then dipped her head, bending at the waist, and sucked the head between her moist lips. Her hand continued to work up and down the shaft as she sucked down past the head, her lips sliding over the sensitive underside flesh below the head. “Ohhhhhh,” I groaned with the overwhelming pleasure.

Colleen sucked my cock better than I had ever imagined. She obviously enjoyed it, her body squirming as she pumped my cock into her wet mouth like a wild slut, using her fist to slide saliva along the shaft while bobbing her head further and further until the head popped into the tightness of her throat. I groped her while she crammed my cock into her mouth and throat, my fingers finding a hard nipple to tease. My body twisted and turned wildly as I became lost in the pleasure and began to lose control. The more I reacted, every time I moaned, Colleen seemed to try to suck me deeper and faster, and she moaned around a mouthful of saliva drenched cock and pulled with her hands to urge me on. Suddenly Colleen pulled her mouth off me with a wet pop, and she slowly stroked my hard and wet penis with her hand, a dangling dollop of pre-cum and spit connecting her full lips to the head of my cock.

“Fuck me.” She said softly, almost pleading, her hot eyes on mine.

I grabbed at her and wasted no time turning her over and under me as I lifted her legs up over my shoulders. Colleen’s hands found my cock and guided it to her sweet, sodden pussy. I pushed with my hips, pushing the tip in, then glided the entire length of my raging dick into the depths of her juicy, silky cunt.

“OHHHHHHHH,” Colleen moaned when I hit bottom and stayed still for a moment. “Fuck meeee, Ron!!!” she demanded. Her hands clawed at my ass and her hips bucked with the need. I pulled back slowly, savoring how her cunt sucked at my tingling cock flesh, and then I paused with just the head in her for just a moment. Then I plunged down with my hips, fucking deep into Colleen with one vicious thrust.

“I’ve dreamed of this for so long,” I said aloud as I fucked her hard and fast, slinging my hips and pushing her legs back so I could slam all nine inches of cock to the bottom of her soaked quim, again and again. Harder and faster with my balls slapping against her uplifted ass as I banged her with furious desire. My cock throbbed with each plunge into that soft, silky pussy, getting harder and harder to the point of bursting.

“Ohhhh, fuckkk!!!!,” Colleen screamed. “That’s it, baby. Like thatttt!!! DON’T FUCKING STOPPPP!!!!!.” She grasped at me like a wild animal, moaning and hissing and bouncing her pussy back at my hard and rapid cock thrusts.

“GRRRRRaaaaakkkk,” the sound came from my throat, surprising even me. But my body was now out of my conscious control. I was a like fucking machine, pounding into Colleen with all the pent-up lust of my fantasies of her. I shook and yelled incoherently once again as the surge of ecstasy started at my toes and rippled through my taut body, like lightning bolts of pleasure crackling from multiple points to come together in one explosive bang of delirious pleasure.

I buried my cock as deep as possible into Colleen’s grasping pussy with one final plunge, holding her tight top me as my balls erupted and my cock blasted warm cum into Colleen’s sucking fuck hole. She hollered and gripped me tight, working her hips to make her pussy grip and suck my dick as stream after stream of cum gushed inside. Colleen shook and her back snapped and arched as she went off with her own mighty orgasm.

After a moment, we rolled to our backs and lay there quietly for several minutes in the darkness of the van, catching our breath and gathering our personal thoughts, wondering what the other was thinking. Would there be regrets? Guilt? I was not sure where this would go, but I was never going to regret what we had done. The truth is that Colleen absolutely owns me. She is my best dream come true. I wanted to tell her about my fantasies, about my long time desire for her, how she made my chest pound with feeling, but I bit back the words.

Patience, I decided.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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