College Experience Ch. 01

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Prior to college, I had experience with only one guy – a family friend I had grown up with. Our relationship had grown from talk, to showering together, to petting. It really changed during high school to mutual masturbation to blow jobs to me losing my ass cherry. I learned an incredible amount from my friend. But even during this time of discovery, I dated and loved having sex with girls. I was confused, because I just loved sex.

When I went to college, I had broken up with a long term girlfriend of 4 years. We grew apart and she moved on quickly. My freshman and sophomore year were pretty low key…with the exception of masturbation. It was a daily activity which I somehow kept secret from my roommates.

My junior was different. Instead of the typical double room, we ended up in a quad room. One of our roommates left after the first month. He couldn’t hack the academic rigor and moved back home to help on the farm. That just left three of us. Tommy, Ryan and me.

Tommy was very athletic and had a body that showed it. He was a swimmer and played rugby in the off-season. He was about 5’10 with sandy blonde hair. His weight went up and down, depending on the amount of booze he ingested and the amount of exercise through sports. At the end of swim season he had a lean, cut body. His upper body was devoid of hair, but his lower body made up for it. He had the most incredibly hair legs. The hair traveled up to his ass and crotch. It was so sexy on him. Tommy always had a girl on his arm.

Ryan was a little over 6′ tall. He had brown hair and was gorgeous. Between his passion for biking and his pack a day smoking habit, he had a very tight, lean body. Ryan had a light dusting of hair from his chest down. But just like Tommy, Ryan’s back was hairless. Ryan had been dating a co-ed for the last couple of years, but had recently broken up with her.

Me, I am exactly 6′ tall, with black hair and had a pretty average physique. During that time I was shaving my chest a bit – getting rid of the small amount of hair I had on my pecs and a bit on my stomach. But I was loosing the battle, as more and more chest and stomach hair came in. Like Tommy, I was a swimmer in high school…so shaving wasn’t a big deal for me.

Tommy and I met as freshmen, we both tried out for the college gaziantep escort swim team. Tommy made the team, but I didn’t. My specialty was the backstroke and American crawl…and they had more than enough capable chaps with times better than me. Tommy’s forte was the butterfly and he had gone to state. I was put on an alternate list and was able to practice with the team. While my pride took a direct kick, I decided it would be a good way to keep the freshmen fifteen off my waistline. I enjoyed the practices and burned the images from the gang showers into my memory.

Anyway, back to our junior year. One fall evening, I came back to the dorm after a long night at the library. I was complaining that I hadn’t swum in a couple of days due to mid-terms when Ryan suggested I go biking with him. It sounded like a good idea, so we jumped on our bikes and headed out to the nearby woods and trails. The ride started out normal enough, with the regular banter and joking. I told Ryan I had seen his old girlfriend earlier and asked why they broke up.

He answered immediately “because I’m gay.”

At the time I was beside him pedaling down a hill about 30 miles per hour. I lost my concentration and kept staring at him. The road curved and I didn’t. Luckily there wasn’t a tree right in front of me, just a large bush. The bike stopped and I went flying into some tall grass. When Ryan found me I was rolled up in a ball laughing. It was short-lived, however, when I tried to get up my shoulder was killing me and my right leg was burning. Ryan helped me up. My shirt was ripped and I had scuff marks on my shoulder and right side. My leg was throbbing, but I could stand. Riding the bike or walking 5 miles back to campus was out of the question. Ryan rode back to campus and had Tommy come pick me up with his car. While Tommy drove me to the Emergency Room, Ryan rode my bike back to the dorms. I must have looked pretty bad because I was seen immediately. The prognosis was good, I ended up with only a deep thigh bruise and gravel in my shoulder. They patched me up and sent me home. When Tommy and I got to our dorm, Ryan was a nervous wreck. I gave him a tired smile and went right to bed.

In the morning I woke up in considerable pain. I was thankful it was a Saturday which meant I could mend over the weekend. Tommy was off to an out of town swim meet for the weekend. I had to ask Ryan to help me out of bed (I was in a loft). The walk to the bathroom was agony, and once I returned to the room, collapsed on the couch. Ryan apologized profusely. I told him I didn’t care if he was gay, he just surprised me. He asked me not to tell Tommy, that he just wouldn’t understand. Ryan was right about that. Tommy was all about the ladies.

Ryan helped me out all weekend. He even offered me his bed, which was great. I remember laying down that first night smelling his pillow. I heard ruffling above me and told him to keep my sheets clean.

He laughed and said “I’ve heard you jerking off all year, maybe it is this bed.” When his boxers dropped down to the floor we both got a chuckle out of it.

On Sunday, I got up early to take some aspirin. I was studying on the couch when Ryan woke up and came down the ladder. He was buck naked. While not hard, his cock was heavy. Instead of throwing on boxers, he walked around in the nude for a while. I was shocked at first, and joked with him about his modesty issues. He told me he liked to be nude and wanted to start a new tradition in our room…nude Sundays. I told him that wouldn’t pass with Tommy.

As he headed for the window to have a quick cigarette I watched him carefully. I figured if he wanted to be naked, I had every right to watch him. He moved with grace. When he sat on the window sill and pulled up his legs, his cock and balls hung down at perfect eye-level for me. He smiled at me and asked me what I was looking at. I told him he looked very similar to me, just with a slimmer body and more chest hair. The conversation suddenly turned back to him being gay and how he came to realize it. I was still in denial about my situation, thinking my experiences before were just experimentation and nothing more.

Near the end of the day, after Ryan had gotten me dinner I decided it was time to take a shower. I fumbled to the bathroom and turned on the shower. I tried to take off my shirt, but couldn’t raise my right arm without a lot of pain. I walked back to the room and asked Ryan to help me. He followed me back to the bathroom and started pulling the shirt off me. It took some time, but it finally came off. I was making sure the bandage on my shoulder was on tight, when Ryan suddenly pulled off my boxers.

He drank in my body and said “yep, we are pretty similar in dick department”. I eased into the shower, not to get away from him but to think about what I wanted. He was hot and I was interested in ‘experimenting’ with him, but I didn’t want to jeopardize my reputation. Being gay was a bad thing in the 80’s.

Ryan asked if I needed any help washing off, he would be more than happy to assist. I laughed and said no thanks. I had trouble washing my hair, but was able to do a light cleaning of my body. I rinsed off and turned off the water. I grabbed my towel, held the towel around my waist and headed back to my room. Ryan was in front of the TV. I went over to my closet and picked out a fresh pair of boxers and t-shirt. I was at a quandary at what to do next. My leg was throbbing again, as was my shoulder.

Ryan asked if I needed any help and in frustration I agreed. He came over and took my boxers and shirt and reached for my towel. I looked at him with apprehension and he said, “don’t worry, I won’t jump your bones”. He smiled at me, and said, “at least not when you’re a gimp.” I punched him with my good arm.

Ryan pulled the towel away and started rubbing me dry. He started on my shoulders and headed down my back. When he got to my ass, he rubbed both cheeks and my dick started to tingle. As he went further down my legs I could feel his warm breath on my ass. Blood definitely started flowing south and my dick started getting a bit thicker. I got very nervous and told Ryan I could manage from here, but he grabbed me by the legs and slowly turned me. Concerned vanished and was replaced by pain, my leg cramped up and I immediately got a sick feeling. I reached down and grabbed a waste basket and threw up my dinner. Any erotic thoughts were gone, I actually think my dick climbed inside my body like a turtle.

As I was heaving into the bucket and Ryan was holding my shoulders Tommy walked into the room. It must have been quite a site to behold. One nude roommate puking in a bucket, the other holding him up. Together, Ryan and Tommy helped me get dressed and I immediately went to sleep in Ryan’s bed. With there combined help, I made it through the next week. Even Tommy helped me with changing and showers. Before I knew it, it was the holidays and I was back home for a couple of weeks.

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