College Girls Ch. 09

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A Monday holiday provided us with a three-day weekend from college, so my sorority sister invited me to spend the weekend with her family in Kansas City. Jennifer Mills is a very pretty girl, with long brown hair and large, firm breasts. She’s about 5’3, slender and has the most beautiful ass I’ve ever seen. Jennifer and I crave guys of course, but we also enjoy sharing a bed together once in a while.

When we arrived at Jennifer’s house, she introduced me to her mom, dad and little brother, Tommy. Jennifer’s dad is tall, muscular and good-looking. Jennifer’s mom has a firm, well-endowed body and she still has a fresh young look about her. It was Tommy’s eighteenth birthday and he was busy playing with his new DVD video camera. The high school senior was filming Jennifer and I as we took our luggage up to Jennifer’s bedroom.

I told Jennifer that her brother was pretty bold about recording us with his camera, but she assured me that the kid was shy, naïve and harmless. Jennifer said that even though he acts like a perverted teenage horn-dog, he would probably run away if I confronted him with my womanly charms.

I thought to myself, “Me? Entice a young boy? Never…well, he is kind of cute, and tall with an athletic build…okay, maybe!”

It was getting late, so Jennifer and I went upstairs to get ready for bed. A short time later, Jennifer’s mom asked us to come downstairs and have some birthday cake. Jennifer told her mom that we’d already changed into our night clothes, but her mom insisted, stating that nobody cared what we looked like because it was just family.

As Jennifer and I came down the steps to join the rest of the family in the living room, Tommy still had the camera rolling. When Mrs. Mills stated that nobody cared what we looked like, I’ll bet she didn’t expect to see two twenty-year-old girls dressed in only T-shirts and panties on the staircase above. I was embarrassed because Tommy had the camera pointed under the hem of my short T-shirt and he was zooming in on my skimpy white panties! I was afraid the shadow of my neatly trimmed auburn bush was visible through the thin fabric of my panties and he was capturing it on the videodisk.

The material of my white cotton T-shirt was thin and the chill of the crisp autumn air caused my nipples to poke out prominently for the camera. The sight of me in my revealing nightshirt mesmerized Mr. Mills. I don’t know if he was looking at my nipples or my panties, but either way I felt a little uneasy. Jennifer’s mom sensed that I felt a little uncomfortable in my state of undress, so she smiled at me and told Tommy to turn off his camera.

The T-shirt Jennifer wore was a little longer than my T-shirt and it hid her pale blue panties. However, my T-shirt was so short that my underwear peeked out from underneath as I walked. Jennifer and I took a seat on the couch, while her dad and brother sat on the floor in front of us. They were eye-level to our knees. I tried to keep my knees together, but occasionally they would separate, offering the guys a quick look at my panties.

It was obvious that Mr. Mills was trying to sneak a peek under my shirt, so Mrs. Mills leaned over and whispered to me, “Don’t pay any attention him. You’re very attractive and, well, boys will be boys!”

I said, “But Mrs. Mills, I think your husband is trying to see my underpants!”

She replied, “Honey, it’s okay with me. You may start a fire, but later on tonight, I get to put the fire out!”

I giggled at the remark and went back to eating my cake. I no longer felt the need to keep my knees together, much to the delight of Jennifer’s dad and her little brother. When we finished our cake, Jennifer and I went upstairs to lie in bed and watch a movie. As Jennifer began kissing and caressing me, I noticed that Tommy had somehow run upstairs ahead of us and hidden his camera on Jennifer’s bookshelf. It was recording all of the bedroom action! I wanted to say something, but the touch of Jennifer’s soft hands felt too good. I figured that I’d just get the disk out of the camera after we finished making love to each other. Besides, I thought Jennifer and I might even enjoy watching the video together.

Jennifer eased the T-shirt over my head and started making soft circles on my puffy pink nipples with her fingertips. Next, she slipped her fingers inside of my panties and began gently rubbing the moist slit between my legs. Jennifer gradually worked my panties down my legs until I was completely naked, right in front of the camera.

I stood up and removed Jennifer’s T-shirt, and then I sat down on the edge of the bed. As Jennifer stood in front of me, I hooked my thumbs inside the waistband of her panties and slid my hands down the sides of her legs, working the skimpy panties over her shapely butt in the process. After fully exposing Jennifer’s beautiful smooth ass, she stepped out of her panties and turned around to unknowingly displaying her soft brunette bush in front of the camera. I just love her butt Gaziantep Yabancı Escort and I started kissing all over it.

After I’d finished kissing every square inch of her sweet young ass, I stood up and we were now both completely naked in front of the camera. Jennifer put her hands on my shoulders and her large, full breasts jetted out and brushed up against mine. My breasts aren’t very big, but with my five-foot-one-inch petite body, they don’t need to be very big to look good. She slowly moved up and down, allowing her silver dollar sized nipples to rub against my delicate pink nipples. The friction, caused by the tender pink skin of our nipples rubbing together, made them become firm and erect.

Jennifer reached down and gently raked her fingernails though my neatly trimmed pussy hair. Next, she put her hands on my butt cheeks and held me so close that our tight young pussies started rubbing up against one another. My auburn pussy hair became intertwined with Jennifer’s brunette pussy hair as we passionately kissed each other. As we kissed, Jennifer somehow turned me around until my firm round ass was facing the camera. While we continued to kiss each other, Jennifer softly slid her finger up and down my sensitive butt crack, causing me to tingle all over. She knows how much I like that!

We decided to lie down on the bed as the bedroom door suddenly opened. Mrs. Mills had just stepped out of the shower and peeked into Jennifer’s bedroom to say goodnight. When she saw that Jennifer and I were in bed together naked, she entered the room and closed the door behind her. Jennifer’s mom had a towel wrapped around her that slightly separated in front. Some of Mrs. Mills’ light brown pussy hair was hanging out as she moved right in front of the camera.

Mrs. Mills looked at Jennifer and asked, “What are you girls up to?”

Thinking quickly Jennifer replied, “I was just going to show Mindy how you taught me to give a proper massage. You always say that it’s more effective if you don’t have any clothes on.”

Mrs. Mills said, “But both of you don’t have to be naked. I don’t take my clothes off when I give a massage to a patient.”

Jennifer said, “Oh mother, it’s just us girls. We’re always running around naked at the sorority house.”

Then Jennifer turned to me and said, “My mom’s a physical therapist. She really knows how to give a good massage.”

Mrs. Mills must have bought into Jennifer’s story because she said, “Well then, why don’t I show you how it’s done!”

I was lying facedown on the bed with my bare ass sticking up in the air. The camera was at a 45-degree angle to the bed, which was a prime location to record all of the activities. Mrs. Mills stood beside me and as she leaned forward to begin massaging my shoulders, her towel fell off.

Mrs. Mills tried to catch the towel, but Jennifer grabbed it and said, “Don’t worry about it, mom. Like I said, it’s just us girls!”

I thought to myself, “Sure, just us girls…and a camera!”

As Jennifer tossed the towel on the floor, her mom began working on my back. I could see Mrs. Mills’ nude body in the mirror on the wall and I couldn’t believe how good she looked. She could pass for Jennifer’s sister instead of her mother. While Mrs. Mills continued to work her magic up and down my backside, Jennifer took a seat on the other side of the bed and began running her fingers through my hair. Jennifer had one foot on the bed and one foot on the floor, with her legs spread wide for the hidden camera. Both Jennifer and her mother were showing off their pussy hair and big melons without a clue that it was all being caught on the DVD recorder.

Mrs. Mills moved back up to my shoulders and as she massaged me with her hands, she allowed her big breasts to rub up and down my back. I don’t know if she was doing it intentionally, but it felt good and it was surely going to provide some tantalizing footage on the videodisk.

Soon Mrs. Mills worked her way down to my bare behind. She even let her fingers softly touch the inner area of my butt crack. That spot is so sensitive to me that I actually began to get turned on, but it was weird to think that I was getting turned on by my friend’s mom. However, I was getting the impression that Mrs. Mills was enjoying touching me as much as I was enjoying being touched.

Mrs. Mills moved down to my legs and when she worked on my inner thighs, her fingers kept grazing the tender slit between my legs. I was getting embarrassed because I was sure Mrs. Mills could tell how wet she was making me. The way that Mrs. Mills was turning me on made me presume that she’d had experiences with other women, and I mean more that just a therapeutic massage.

Jennifer seemed oblivious to the effect that her mom was having on me, but surely her mom noticed that I spread my legs a little wider every time her fingers were in the vicinity of my moist pussy. I kept hoping that she’d insert a finger, or do something to satisfy the burning urge inside of me, but she just moved to the bottom of my legs and then announced that she was finished.

I felt frustrated, but then Jennifer asked Mrs. Mills to give me a foot massage. Jennifer’s mom instructed me to roll over as Jennifer joined her mom at the end of the bed. They both squatted down together and each took one of my feet in their hands. Jennifer and her mom started giving me a wonderful foot massage, but they opened my legs in the process. I was lying there, stark naked and spread eagle, right in front of the camera. My whole pussy was completely exposed for the camera to record.

Eventually, they finished with the foot massage and Jennifer’s mom bent down to pick up the towel. Her big breasts wobbled in front of the camera as she stood up and wrapped the towel around her shapely body. Mrs. Mills said goodnight and left the room.

Jennifer quickly locked the door and then sat on the end of the bed, trying to apologize for what had just happened. I told her not to apologize because the massage felt great. Jennifer was still uptight, so I picked up a hairbrush and started brushing Jennifer’s long brown hair to help her relax. As I brushed her hair, Jennifer sat there with her big breasts and brunette bush facing the camera.

While I brushed her hair with one hand, I began touching her breasts with the other. I reached down between Jennifer’s legs and found that she was really wet, so I took the round smooth handle of the hairbrush and inserted it inside of her pussy. I was still positioned behind Jennifer as I moved the hairbrush in and out, while the camera continued to roll.

As I continued to work on Jennifer’s pussy, I also caressed her breasts and softly kissed her neck. Jennifer took control of the hairbrush, giving me the freedom to use both of my hands on her big boobs. Her moaning started to get so loud that I was afraid someone else in the house might hear us, but Jennifer finally climaxed and she pulled the hairbrush out of her wet pussy, unable to withstand another stroke.

Jennifer moved down between my legs and started kissing my sweet spot. She was using her tongue and her fingers in unison to make sure that my needs were also met. Luckily, the view of Jennifer’s assault on my pussy was blocked from the camera. The only view the camera had was Jennifer’s beautiful butt arched high in the air. From the way Jennifer’s legs were spread as she straddled me, she was probably also providing the camera with a great beaver shot from behind. Finally, we were both satisfied and fell fast asleep.

When I awoke the next morning, Jennifer had already gotten out of bed. I was lying there stark naked with the bedroom door wide open. Anyone could have looked into the bedroom and observed me sleeping in the nude because the blanket and sheet were tossed to the side. There was nothing covering my firm young body. Then I looked over and saw that the camera was gone. I felt violated. Not only did Tommy have the disk containing footage of me in all my glory, he also must have gotten a good look at my naked body when he came into the bedroom to retrieve the camera!

I put on a fresh pair of panties and then grabbed the first piece of clothing I saw, which was a blouse that Jennifer left on top of her dresser. The hem of Jennifer’s blouse barely reached the bottom of my butt cheeks, but it buttoned all the way down the front, so I felt somewhat covered.

I crept down the hall to Tommy’s room, where I found him sitting at his computer. I entered the room and locked the door behind me. Tommy’s eyes were focused on my puffy pink nipples, so I looked down and realized that Jennifer’s blouse was made of a see-through material. When I put the blouse on in Jennifer’s darkened bedroom, I failed to notice that it was practically transparent, but I kept my cool and acted as if I intended to wear the flimsy top.

I saw the camera on his dresser, so I figured he was watching the DVD. However, when I looked at his computer screen, I found that he was actually writing a paper for school.

I asked sternly, “Where’s the disk?”

He replied, “What disk?”

I said, “You know, the one in your camera from last night!”

He said, “I found the camera this morning, but there wasn’t a disk in it…honest!”

Tommy looked a little nervous, yet excited at the same time. I decided to try a different approach and use my feminine charm to help locate the disk. I walked to the dresser and slowly bent over to look at the camera. I didn’t bend my knees, which caused the hem of the short blouse to ride up in back, exposing my underwear for Tommy’s viewing pleasure.

As I fumbled around with the camera, Tommy checked out my skimpy panties. I’m sure he could see the crack of my ass right through the tiny undies that stretched across my butt because the panties were made of such a thin silky material. When I was convinced that the disk was no longer in the camera, I turned back to Tommy, who was now sporting a large bulge in his gym shorts. I decided to try another tactic.

I looked at Tommy and said, “Whew, it’s a little warm in here,” as I grabbed my collar and gently tugged on the top of the blouse.

Tommy gave me his undivided attention, so I bent over slightly and shook the blouse a little harder. My intention was to give Tommy a peek down my blouse, while pretending to get some air, but I got carried away and pulled too hard on the collar. Several buttons popped off the flimsy blouse and bounced onto the floor. Tommy and I both had surprised looks on our face, as the blouse was now open all the way down to below my breasts. Only the two buttons at the bottom of the blouse were still in place. My perky breasts were totally exposed, right in front of young Tommy, but I quickly pulled the top back together, giving me a little sense of dignity.

I quickly regained my composure and said, “There, now I feel much better. I hope you don’t mind that this blouse popped open. I’ll do my best to keep it closed so that my breasts aren’t hanging out.”

He just sat there with his mouth open, so I continued, “I’ll bet the disk is here on your desk.”

He replied, “I assure you, it’s not here.”

I said, “Well then, I guess you won’t mind if I take a look.”

I was wearing skimpy panties and a see-through blouse that was gaping open at the top, so of course he didn’t mind if I had a look at his desk. I was forced to lean over in front of him to search the desk. In my bent over position, the blouse fell away from my chest allowing Tommy to peer right down into the open top. He could see my bare titties and he was so close to me that I could feel his breath against my breasts.

There were many pre-recorded disks on the desk, but I couldn’t find any DVD’s that looked like they were recorded from a camera. Then I stumbled upon a picture of a girl on Tommy’s desk that he obviously downloaded from the Internet. She was wearing skimpy panties just like mine, which gave me an idea of another way to tease the young boy. I showed Tommy the picture. He instantly became embarrassed, so I pressed the issue.

I said, “She’s a pretty girl. Do you know her?”

He replied, “Uh, no. I…I just like the way she looks in her underwear.”

I smiled at the young boy and said, “So you like seeing girls in their underwear?”

Tommy blushed and said, “Well…um…yes…yes I do. I’m sorry. I can’t help myself.”

I put my hand on his chin, looked him in the eyes and said, “Oh, don’t be sorry. It’s perfectly natural for a teenaged boy to want to see pretty girls in their underwear.”

I moved my hand from his face picked up the picture and continued, “Tommy, do you know what? I’m wearing panties just like the girl in this picture.”

Tommy’s eye’s immediately looked down at my panties, so I asked, “Tommy, are you trying to look at my underwear?”

He quickly looked up and said, “No, no I wasn’t!”

I said, “Well Tommy, I guess I can’t blame you since I barged into your room wearing this see-through blouse and the skimpiest pair of panties that I own.”

I looked back at the picture and asked, “I wonder if I look as good in my panties as she looks in hers. You know, since you seem to be an expert on pretty girls in their underwear, could you look at my panties and tell me if you like what you see? Would you do that for me?”

Tommy replied shyly, “Oh I don’t know. You’re my sister’s friend and my dad’s downstairs and…”

I said, “Oh please Tommy. The door’s locked and I really value your opinion.”

He swallowed hard and said, “Okay, I guess it would be alright.”

I took hold of the hem of the short blouse and slowly raised it up above my bellybutton. I flaunted my skimpy panties right in front of the teenager and he just stared intently, obviously enjoying the view.

After standing in front of the young boy for a while, I broke the silence and asked, “Do you like my little undies?”

He quickly shook his head yes. I was starting to have some fun with the boy, so I decided to push it a little further. I thought I’d try the “I’m so embarrassed, please don’t look at my panties” routine and see what kind of an affect it had on him.

I looked down, acted embarrassed and said, “Oh no! Tommy, you were right. I shouldn’t have allowed you to look at my underwear. I didn’t realize that you could see right through these panties! What will your mother think when I tell her what you did!”

Frantically, he said, “Don’t tell my mom. It was all completely innocent. I can’t even see through them.”

I said, “Now Tommy, don’t lie to me. Just look at how my pussy is showing right through the thin material. You can see my reddish-brown pussy hair as if I wasn’t wearing any panties at all!”

Tommy’s eyes were fixated on my skimpy underwear. He looked like he was afraid to blink for fear that he might miss something. I was really toying with the young boy’s emotions as I slowly dipped a finger inside the waistband of my panties. I moved the top of my panties down, ever so slightly, exposing a little bit of my auburn pussy hair above the waistband.

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