College Guy’s Wishes for Genie Ch. 02

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Alina Li

Dale awoke in his bed thinking at first of the large project for school that he needed to get done before his fall break ended. He rolled over and looked at his alarm clock and saw that it was 5:30 in the afternoon. He suddenly remembered what happened the night before and shot upright in his bed. He had completely forgot about the genie, the wishes and the encounter he had with the surfer from the TV show. He wondered if it was a dream until he noticed that he was completely naked (he ordinarily never slept naked) and had a slight musty, sweaty smell that he only had after a night of sexual activity.

Dale decided that before he did anything else, that he would have to shower. It was still light out and couldn’t make any wishes anyway until it was dark. He made his way to his bathroom, turned on the hot water and stepped in under the gentle spray. The whole time in the shower, he thought about every moment he had with the surfer and how much excitement and pleasure he got out of it. He knew that there was so much more that he wanted to wish for but not sure where to start.

Dale stepped out of the shower, grabbed his towel and started to dry off when his eye caught his reflection in the mirror. His limp cock and balls looked great with trim he gave his pubes a couple days before. His cock was just shy of 4 inches soft and a full 6 inches hard, which wasn’t too bad, but he had always wished that he had a bigger package. It clicked in his head and he knew that his first wish would be to make some adjustments with his body.

It was a little past 6:00 when Dale got done with the shower and he still had about two hours before sunset (an hour and 43 minutes to be exact). He had an unusual amount of energy and he had not worked out for a couple days so he decided to go for a run. He ran his usual route that he took when he was home and he noticed a few minor changes around his neighborhood. As he rounded the corner and onto his road, he saw that a new family was moving into a house that had been for sale. He didn’t get a good look at the family that was moving in but could see from the stuff still in the moving truck that there was likely to be a kid around his age in the family.

It was getting dark now and Dale could see his house. He sprinted the rest of the way down the road, up his driveway an into his house. He took off his shoes and walked into the living room and up to the shelf where the lamp rested. Dale figured it was definitely after sunset by now and the genie would be able to come out to grant his wishes. He rubbed the lamp and the genie rose out of the lamp much like steam does from a teapot. The genie spoke:

“Hello master. It is now after sunset and I am ready to grant your every wish.”

Still soaking wet from sweating on his run, Dale thought it would be easier to wish to be cleaned up.

“I wish I was clean as I would be after a shower.”

The genie snapped his fingers and Dale felt an odd cooling sensation. He looked down and saw that he was clean, but also completely naked. He thought that it was odd for a moment but then saw his cock and remembered the first wish that he wanted to ask for.

“I wish my cock was 6 inches soft and 9 inches erect. I also wish that my cock was thicker.”

The genie smirked and snapped his fingers. Dale felt a very unusual feeling in his cock. He looked down and saw that his cock was lengthening and getting thicker right before his eyes. His cock stopped growing at a length that he assumed must be 6 inches. He was astonished at how much bigger his cock looked after adding only 2 inches. Wanting to see his entire body, he wished for a full length mirror and one appeared in front of him.

Dale was very happy with the results after seeing himself more clearly. He thought that something looked slightly unbalanced and realized that his balls didn’t match the size of his new cock. He knew he had to fix it.

“I wish each of my balls were the size of standard eggs.”

With a snap, Dale felt the same unusual feeling but this time in his balls. He watched his balls slowly swell in his reflection until they where the exact size he had wanted.

“I wish my balls hung a little lower as well.”

Another snap and Dale saw his balls sag a little lower. He was very pleased at how his whole package looked now and he couldn’t wait to try everything out.

Dale looked at himself in the mirror for a minute and thought that a few minor changes on his muscles would be nice. He had always been thin but he had a difficult time gaining muscle mass no matter how much time he spent in the gym. He turned to the genie and made his next wish.

“I wish that I had 20% more muscle mass.”

The genie snapped his fingers and Dale felt all of the muscles in his body heat up and start to tingle. He turned towards the mirror again and watched as all of his muscles started to grow and become more pronounced. It didn’t take long for his muscles to complete their growth. He turned around and looked at his whole body again and thought the adjustments were perfect. His muscles were noticeably bigger but not so big that they would appear Sakarya Escort to be unnatural and utterly ridiculous. He had just one more adjustment to make.

“I wish my abs were even more pronounced.”

With another snap, Dale saw that his abs formed a picture perfect six pack.

Dale stood in front of the mirror for another minute just to take in his new body. He was pleased at how everything looked proportional and he was especially pleased with his new cock and balls.

Dale had suddenly become aroused and watched his cock rise and harden to its full 9 inched glory. He couldn’t believe that he was looking at his own cock and he took hold of it for the first time after the change. It was thick, warm and pulsating. It reminded him of the feel of the surfer’s cock. Dale started to stroke his cock slowly from head to base. He had to get used to his new length and girth. His hand could no longer make a closed grip around his cock.

He stroked his pole-like cock faster. He took hold with his other hand so that he was now using both hands to work his cock up and down. He was experiencing a pleasure he hadn’t felt before as if his new cock was more sensitive. Dale was now jerking himself off as fast as he could; his giant balls slapping the sides of his inner thighs. He was now jerking and thrusting his cock into his hands, letting out long moaning sounds as he did so. He could see cum dripping off the end of his cock and he knew that he was extremely close to cumming. Suddenly, he felt a tightening muscle somewhere between the base of his cock and balls and a rush of pleasure. A massive jet of cum shot out of his cock and hit the wall. Stream after stream of cum spilled out of his cock and onto the floor. Dale had never had a cum last this long before or one that had felt so good.

Dale was now down on his knees squeezing the remaining cum from his cock. He looked at the small puddle of cum that he had produced in front of him. He suddenly felt very dizzy. The room was getting darker and darker until he passed out on the ground.

Dale woke up to the sunlight entering the window and shining onto his face. He sat up and looked around. He saw the puddle of cum next to him that he had left from the night before. He then saw the few jets of cum that had reached and gotten all over the wall. He wondered why he had passed out last night. He figured that he had become too excited with his body enhancements and pushed himself too far when jerking off. He was disappointed that he had been knocked out for the rest of the night and didn’t have a chance to make any more wishes. He was especially disappointed when he realized that he had to clean up his own mess.

Dale had to get back to school today so he could actually get his school work done. He could never get anything done while at home and so he had planned to go back to school early so he could be productive. He had finished cleaning, ate, showered, and packed up his things to take back to his dorm. He had just packed his things in his car when he realized that he almost left behind the magic lamp. His parents, who were always traveling to exotic places, would surely not notice if the lamp was gone; besides, they were almost never home to notice anyway. He ran back inside, grabbed the lamp and put it in his backpack. He got in his car and started on his one hour drive back to college.

Dale arrived back at college around 5:00 pm. He got up to his dorm room and unpacked the few things he brought with him. He was back to school earlier than he had originally planned. He wanted to start his project that evening and spend the next day (Sunday) to finish it up. Feeling like he had plenty of time, he decided to spend some time in the school gym and try out his new muscles. He wanted to see how much he could lift now. It was a Saturday so there wasn’t likely to be many people there. He didn’t want to draw attention to his muscle growth quite yet.

Dale grabbed his gym bag and head to the gym. Just as he expected; there was only four people in the gym, including him, so he started to go through his usual routine. He immediately noticed that he could lift a much heaver amount of weights. He couldn’t believe at how much weight he had to add on before he found it challenging to bench press.

After about a half our of lifting, Dale saw another guy walk into the gym. It was a Junior who he had recognized from being in the gym before. Dale didn’t know much about him except that his first name was Tyler.

Dale was known publicly as being straight, but secretly he was attracted to some guys as well. He was only attracted to a certain type of guy; athletic, skinny, fit, muscular, smooth, and cute. Tyler was about as close to this description as you could get. He was about Dale’s height, tan (most likely as a result of one of his parents being from a nation with predominately darker skin) and had smooth brown hair was longer in length than an average men’s hair cut. Being extremely shy and careful about how he acted in public, he only looked at Tyler from afar and only dared glance at him when he was closer. Dale did Adapazarı Escort notice that Tyler had quite the bulge and wondered what lay behind those gym shorts.

Tyler went to the other side of the gym from Dale and started to work out; Dale continued to go through his routine. About 45 more minutes passed and Dale had finished his workout. He grabbed his water bottle and towel and walked for the locker rooms. He briefly watched Tyler do leg curls as he walked by.

Dale entered the locker room, opened his locker and reached inside his gym bag for a clean towel. He felt something smooth and made of metal inside and he wondered what it was. Before he could look, the genie rose out of his bag and floated in the air. He jumped backwards and hit the row of lockers behind him. He had no idea how the lamp got in his gym bag and was extremely worried that someone might see the genie. An idea popped into his head.

“I wish that I was the only person who could see you.”

The genie snapped his fingers, and nothing happened; at least that’s what it seemed like to Dale. Figuring that the wish worked, he relaxed and glanced around to see if there was anyone else in the locker room. The lockers were set up in a way so that there were narrow isles. Even if there was someone else in the locker room, they likely have a wall of lockers blocking their view.

At that moment, Dale had an idea for a wish.

“Genie, I wish that Tyler, the guy who is currently in the gym, would have the urge to pleasure me in any way as soon as he walks into the showers. I also wish that no one else will disturb us.”

The genie smiled, snapped his fingers and returned back into the lamp.

Dale was alone in the locker room but he knew it wouldn’t be for too much longer. He stripped naked, grabbed his soap and towel and walked into the showers. The showers consisted of a large square room with a wall down the middle with more shower heads. He walked to the far side of the shower room so his back was to the door. He put down this things, turned on the shower, and waited for the water to get warm. The water had just gotten hot when he heard the echo of the door opening to the locker room. He stepped under the shower, started to wash and act normal.

Dale was getting excited. He wasn’t sure how far he wanted to go with a guy sexually, but ever since his experience with the surfer, he had been wanting to try new things.

Dale heard a locker door slam shut and then heard foot steps getting nearer. He looked over his shoulder and saw Tyler walking towards the entrance to the showers. Tyler had his towel around his waist and Dale didn’t have a view of Tyler’s long sought after goods. Tyler stepped into the shower room and stopped. Dale could tell that Tyler was suddenly feeling different. Tyler then continued to walk to a shower head while looking at Dale. Dale had looked away but he could tell that Tyler was eyeing up his back and ass.

Dale heard the other shower turn on and knew that Tyler must be standing completely naked by now. He glanced over his shoulder again and saw Tyler’s perfectly formed wet ass. He noticed that something large was hanging between Tyler’s legs.

Tyler looked over his shoulder at Dale and asked,

“Hey buddy, I forgot my soap in my dorm. Do you mind if I borrow yours?”

Dale also looked over his shoulder and said,

“Yeah man, no problem at all. Help yourself.”

While still facing the wall, Dale placed his soap on the floor next to him and wondered what Tyler would do next.

He heard Tyler walk up next to him. Tyler grabbed the soap and said,

“My name’s Tyler, I’ve seen you around but we’ve never met.”

Dale turned towards Tyler, and kept eye contact. Tyler did the same.

“Yeah, my name is Dale. Nice to meet you.”

“Thanks for letting me borrow your soap.”


Dale was wondering why Tyler hadn’t initiated anything more. Was the wish not working?

Tyler took two steps, turned back around and asked,

“Hey, do you need a hand washing your back? I know it’s a hard place to reach.”

Dale knew the wish had worked. He replied,

“Yeah, sure. That’d be cool.”

Dale heard Tyler walk back towards him and then heard the bottle of liquid soap open. He felt the cool soap being poured across his upper back and then two strong hands start to rub. His cock began to twitch.

“You have a great set of muscles back here. I wish mine were more like yours.” said Tyler.

“Oh, thanks.” said Dale awkwardly.

In Dale’s mind, he had wanted Tyler to rub lower on his back. As if Dale had some sort of mind control, Tyler instantly started to move downwards on Dale’s back. He wanted Tyler to move to his ass, and Tyler did.

Tyler moved his lathered hands in circular motions on Dale’s ass. Dale felt his cock rise. Tyler then reached around and rubbed Dale’s pecs and slowly worked down to his abs. The feeling of Tyler’s hands on his abs was remarkable. He had a semihard cock when Tyler dropped his hands further and grasped Dale’s cock. Dale’s cock rose quickly as Tyler Serdivan Escort slowly moved his hands up and down Dale’s shaft. With one hand, Tyler rubbed the head of Dale’s cock while fondling Dale’s egg sized balls with the other. The sensation of the soap and hot water made this experience ten times better than the time with the surfer. He felt himself getting close to cumming and had Tyler stop.

Dale had his back to Tyler and still had not seen Tyler’s naked body. He turned around, took a step back and eyed every last inch of Tyler’s body. Not only was Tyler as muscular as he had imagined, he was also smooth and shaved from neck to foot. His eyes locked on Tyler’s incredible cock. It was also semi hard and about 7.5 inches. His balls were cleanly shaven as well and were slightly smaller than Dale’s, but they hung lower.

Dale stepped forwards and put his hands on Tyler’s chest. His pecs were much more defined than Dale’s. He felt up Tyler’s chest and abs. He loved the feel of Tyler’s body. He grabbed Tyler’s cock and gave it a gentle pull. Dale felt Tyler’s cock grow in his hands. As it grew, it became thicker and the veins began to bulge out. Dale stroked Tyler’s cock until it was fully erect. It must have been 10.5 inches in length and was by far the biggest cock Dale had ever seen.

Up to this point, Dale wasn’t sure if Tyler was gay or straight, but either way he knew that Tyler would do anything without a second thought. He felt like he was ready to try a few new things.

Dale dropped to his knees and was face to face with Tyler’s raging cock. He took hold of Tyler’s cock and leaned it towards his mouth. He opened his mouth wide and took in the head of Tyler’s cock. Dale tasted the mild saltiness of the precum that was on the tip of Tyler’s cock and took in a bit more of his cock. Dale took Tyler’s cock out of his mouth for a second before opening up again but this time talking in as much of Tyler’s cock as he could. He couldn’t fit in much of Tyler’s cock but did what he could and started to suck on the the top 5 inches. Tyler didn’t seem to mind at all; in fact he seemed to really be enjoying his blowjob. This was Dale’s first time giving head and he had to admit that he sort of liked it. Dale backed off Tyler’s cock again and this time focused on Tyler’s balls. He held Tyler’s cock up and out of the way as he bent down lower so his mouth was directly below Tyler’s balls. Dale opened his mouth and sucked in Tyler’s left nut. Dale gently sucked on each of Tyler’s balls, going back and forth between the two. He felt a bit more confident and opened his mouth wider and was able to fit in both of Tyler’s balls at once. Dale checked with Tyler everyone in a while to see how he was doing and Tyler almost immediately made him go back to sucking his meat.

Dale went back to Tyler’s cock and began to bob on his cock. While Dale was sucking, he was also holding on and jerking the base of Tyler’s cock. Dale used his free hand to jerk off his own cock. This blowjob was making him extremely hot and his cock wanted attention too. Tyler grabbed the back of Dale’s head and was lightly thrusting his hips forward. Dale was able to suck in more of Tyler’s cock than he started and felt every throb while it was in his mouth. Dale had reached his own breaking point and although he tried to stop, he shot a load of cum between Tyler’s legs.

Tyler was getting close to cumming and Dale knew it. He could feel Tyler’s cock becoming more tense. Tyler started to moan and he took Tyler’s cock out of his mouth and jerked it as his cum spurted out over his shoulder. Tyler let out a decent load but not at much as Dale had been producing lately.

Dale blew his load earlier than he wanted to but he felt his cock start to rise again after Tyler blew his load. He wanted to keep the fun going.

Dale stood up and Tyler immediately got to his knees. He wanted Tyler’s hot wet mouth around his cock. Tyler leaned forward and swallowed the entire semi hard cock. Tyler clearly had a talent for cock sucking. It didn’t take long for Dale to regain his hard-on. Tyler was able to completely deep throat Dale’s cock even at its biggest. Tyler was excelling at blowing and was doing a much better job than the surfer had. Fearing that he would blow his second load too soon, Dale had Tyler stop.

Dale wanted to try fucking Tyler. He wasn’t sure about it at the start, but he was certain now. He handed Tyler the soap and put some on his ass. Tyler sat down, put a glob of soap on his hand and worked up a thick lather. Tyler leaned back and worked his fingers around his ass. Dale was surprised to see Tyler going a step further and fingering his own ass hole with his soapy fingers. Tyler had been able to finger himself with three fingers before Dale had him stop.

Dale had Tyler turn around and get on all fours. He knelt down behind Tyler and put soap on his own cock and working up a lather. Dale took hold of his soapy cock, parted Tyler’s ass and slowly pushed his cock in until the head was completely in. Tyler let out a soft moan and told him to keep going. He pushed further until a fourth, half, three quarters, and then all of his cock was in. Tyler’s ass was tight and gripped Dale’s cock. He pulled out, applied more soap and pushed back in. It was easier and Tyler moaned less. Dale knew that he would have to take it slow at first. After a few times in and out, he started to pick up the speed.

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