Comforting My Crying Mother

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Big Tits

I had just gotten home from college when I walked right into a firestorm. My Mom and Dad were fighting again. I walked into the house when I saw my Dad.

“I’ll talk to you later,” he told me as he stormed out the door.

I dropped my bags and walked back to find my mother. She was sitting on the bed crying.

“I found out your father was cheating on me,” she said.

Mom said she had smelled perfume on my father and it wasn’t hers. She confronted him and that is when I saw him leaving the house. My mom was sitting on the edge of the bed with her nightie on. I walked over and knelt behind my Mom. I started to rub her shoulders, it was all I could think to do. Mom was sobbing as I looked over her shoulders. I could see her cleavage and I hate to say it, I was starting to get hard.

I stroked my Mom’s shoulders for a few minutes when my Mom turned around to look at me. I knew she was staring right at my crotch. Mom looked at my bulge and then up at my face. I don’t know what came over me. I got up from the bed and I stripped out of my clothes. You should have seen my Mom’s face. She was looking directly at my stiff cock. I knew I couldn’t let this chance pass. I came over to my Mom and I began to pull her nightie up over her head. My Mom didn’t stop me.

Once we were both naked my Mom reached out and took hold of my cock. She slowly started to stroke my shaft. I was so damn horny lately and this felt so good. I had to seize this opportunity. Gaziantep Gecelik Escort I pushed my mother onto her back and I crawled in between her legs. I lowered my face and I started licking up and down her slit. My Mom was so wet already. I used my tongue on my mother and then I reached up and began to pinch her big nipples.

My Mom’s breast were big and she had these saucer shaped pink nipples. I wish you could have heard the sounds coming from my mother’s mouth. She was moaning loudly as I was getting her worked up with my mouth and hands. I got to the point where I couldn’t bear it any longer. I got to my knees and I took hold of my dick. I rubbed the head of my dick across her pussy folds.

“No Scott, you can’t do that!” She pleaded with me.

I couldn’t stop myself. I inserted my cock head and I began to push into my mother’s hot pussy. My Mom quit pleading for me to stop. She actually wrapped her legs around my back and we began to fuck each other. My Mom was so tight. I figured she hadn’t had sex in quite awhile with my Dad. I pushed in the whole way and held my cock in place. Mom’s muscles had me in a tight hold. I pulled my dick out just leaving my mushroom in place and then I shoved my dick in as far as it would go.

“Oh Fuck!” My Mom cried out.

We got into it from there. Mom put her hands on my waist as I took her pussy with my bare cock. I couldn’t believe how good it felt fucking my mother. I wondered why my Dad didn’t want to have sex with my Mom any longer. I knew I could never give something like this up. My balls were hitting my Mom’s bottom. It was the only thing you could hear. That slapping noise was getting me close to letting go. I couldn’t bring myself to say anything to my Mom. I ended up blowing my load.

My Mom’s face said it all. My sticky cum was squirting deep into her belly. Mom’s pussy muscles were gripping me hard and she squeezed my hot load from my rod. I must have cum for close to ten minutes. When I finally felt empty I pulled my dick out. My baby seed came spilling out from my Mom’s pussy. I looked down to see it dripping down to her ass crack.

“You better let me up,” my Mom told me.

Mom got to her feet and I heard her go into the bathroom. A few minutes later I heard the toilet flush. When she got back she sat down next to me.

“Your father can never know about this,” she told me.

Just like that my Mom reached down and took hold of my spent cock. At least I thought I was done for now. Mom stroked me and I somehow managed to get hard again. Once I was erect, Mom got up over top of me. I felt her pussy lips touching the head of my cock and then she sunk down on me. Mom rode my hard cock. I reached up and took each of her tits in my hands. I was squeezing them as my Mom bobbed up and down my prick. I knew I was spent but this time was for my mother.

I could feel her pussy convulsing as she rode my dick. Mom threw her head back and slammed down hard onto my cock. I was sure she was having one orgasm after another. No, I didn’t cum again but it didn’t matter. My Mom’s body shook and then she fell onto my chest. My Dad did show back up but it was still frosty inside our house. My Dad did take off for long periods and that was when I continued to fuck my mother. One thing was for sure. Mom needed cock in the worst way.

I think we had sex virtually every day over my school break. Only a few days remained before I was to leave. My Mom was getting anxious. What was she going to do when I was gone. Mom told me she was on birth control still. I don’t know what got into to me. I told her she should stop taking her pills.

“What are you saying Scott?” She asked.

“When I get back on my next break I want to impregnate you Mom.”

My mother’s face had a look of confusion to it. She said that would cause a bunch of problems. My father would know any baby wouldn’t belong to him. Maybe it was time to divorce my Dad, I told her. Why keep staying together when all you do is fight, I said to her. The morning I was to head back I fucked my Mom one last time. I took her pussy hard and I gave her one finally load of my spunk. I told her that would be something to remind her of me.

I’m back at school now. I get text messages from my Mom. She told my Dad she was filing for divorce. He didn’t care or seem to be shocked. Maybe it was for the best. My dick is twitching in my pants right now. I need to get back home in a few months and give my Mom my sticky cum for good.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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