Coming Home Ch. 03

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It was Paul’s last day with his mother, and John had invited him out for the evening. There wasn’t much to do in the village, but John had mentioned a film club that they could go to.

“It’s for men-only,” John had said. “They put on a film for the boys.”

That sounded alright to Paul, and that evening he made his way to John’s house. His mother was already there, and she and John’s wife, Julie, were going to have a girl’s night in. From what had happened the day before, Paul could imagine what that meant. The two women would probably lick each other out all evening. The thought of it excited him. But he wasn’t going to be there; he’d be watching a movie. His mood sank a little.

“Hi Paul,” said John, opening the door and letting him in. “You ready to go?”

Paul said he was.

“Jake’s coming too. We thought we’d leave the two ladies alone to make their own fun.” He smiled a wicked grin and Paul grinned back.

Jake joined them and the three men left the house and walked up the road.

Paul was curious about something. He wondered how straight John and Jake really were. After all, John had fucked him in the ass twice now, and Jake had sucked his cock as well as taken Paul’s cock in his own ass. John was married to Julie, so he had to be pretty straight, but Paul didn’t know much about Jake.

“How long have you two been enjoying other men?” asked Paul. “And how did it start?”

“I was wondering when you were going to ask that,” said John, as the three of them made their way through the village. “You know I’m not gay or bi,” he continued, “but there are some things only men know how to do together.”

Paul smiled. John had said this before, and he had accepted it. It was what had allowed John’s thick tool all the way into his asshole that first time, with only a little resistance.

“My first time was on a camping trip, about ten years ago. I was with an old school buddy. We had a bit to drink, we started wrestling and suddenly we were kissing, and one thing led to another. He sucked me off, then fucked me in the ass. After that, I knew I wanted more of it. And when I told Julie, it turned her on. She’s quite happy with my behaviour along as I indulge her taste for women.”

Paul’s eyes were wide with excitement as he heard the story.

“As for me,” said Jake, “Dad caught me jerking off when I was 18. He took over the stroking, then just as I was about to come, he told me about the pleasures that men could enjoy together; and how a father was best placed to teach his son about these things. Then he took my virgin asshole, which made me come straight away. He came in my ass. After that he sucked me off. It was so good that first time, and since then I’ve enjoyed being with other men. And my girlfriend’s ok with it.”

Paul’s cock was straining in his pants at the eroticism of the scenario. The thought of Jake being seduced into man on man sex by his own father was turning him on something rotten.

“And we know about your first time,” said John. “Jake knows about your mother.”

“I love letting Mum suck me off,” said Jake. “She’s almost as good as Dad.”

“Here we are,” said John suddenly. They had reached the club, at one end of the village. It looked like someone’s house, and they went in, following the signs to the right room. When they entered, they could see a large projector screen at the front of the room, and about twenty chairs lined up for a good view. There were about ten other men already there, milling around and chatting. John smiled at a few he obviously knew and Paul and Jake began to mingle too. Neither Paul nor Jake were from the area, so they knew nobody, but everyone seemed very friendly. Paul wondered what film they would be watching that night.

“It’s kept under wraps,” said one man. “Only the club president knows.”

Suddenly the lights were dimmed a little. This was obviously a sign, and everybody took a seat. Paul sat away from John and Jake, with Brian and Pete, two men he’d been chatting with.

Then the club president entered. Heading for the double doors at the back of the room where everyone had entered, he chained and padlocked them. Paul thought this was a little odd, but he said nothing. Obviously they didn’t want to be disturbed. Then the projector was switched on, and everyone settled back to watch.

The credits rolled. It was not a film Paul had heard of: the title didn’t mean anything to him. The show started. Two well built men entered the set. To Paul’s surprise, they started to kiss, passionately, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths. They quickly undressed each other until they were completely naked, and their cocks stood out in front of them, semi-hard. Paul had seen plenty of porn before, but never man-on-man. He expected a hot woman to enter the scene any minute and suck the two guys gaziantep escort off. But as Paul continued to watch, she didn’t. One of the men on screen knelt on the floor and took the other man’s shaft into his mouth and began sucking, licking and slurping.

Paul’s cock was already hard under his trousers, and a new kind of excitement began to fill him. He looked around. The men he was sitting with also had bulges in their trousers, and several were rubbing them through the fabric. Clearly this was a different kind of film night, one where men could enjoy themselves and indulge in a bit of stroking. Paul returned to the screen. The man standing had grabbed the other man’s head and was fucking his mouth, pumping his meat in and out of him. Paul had to admit that he found the men on screen hot, with their toned muscular bodies and thick cocks. This was the first time he had thought such a thing. He continued watching the blowjob, enjoying it.

Then Brian reached across and began to rub his hard on through his pants.

“Hey, let me suck you.” Clearly this club was about more than jerking off to a porno. A great deal more in fact. Remember that the door was bolted shut. These men were free to enjoy each other in any way they pleased.

Paul was in no mood to refuse the offer, and he quickly undid his belt and trousers, sliding them and his underwear down his legs. Brian leaned over and took Paul’s cockhead between his lips. Paul gasped and threw his head back, closing his eyes. Brian was good, swirling his tongue around the head, dipping his tongue in the piss-slit, before sliding all the way down the shaft, and back up again.

“Ohhhh, mmmmm, yesssss,” Paul moaned.

“Hey Paul, you want me to fuck your ass?”

Pete was moving quickly, but as Paul glanced back at the projector screen, he could see the two hot men were already in a delicious ass fuck, one on his hands and knees as the other slooshed in and out of him with his thick tool. Paul was happy to follow their example. Stripping off the rest of his clothes, he slid his cock from Brian’s mouth and presented his ass to Pete, who was already naked, and sitting stroking his erection. Paul spat on his hands and lubed up his ass, sliding one then two fingers inside himself, stretching his hole a little. Then he removed them and placed his puckered fuckhole over Pete’s cockhead. Reaching round to grip Pete’s shaft, he slowly lowered himself down.


The thick shaft stretched him a little, but it felt good. It filled him up with its heat and thickness as he slid down onto Pete’s lap. He paused, then raised himself up again, sliding up on the prick until only the tip rested at Paul’s entrance. Lowering himself once more, he began to work up a slow and delicious rhythm. As he continued, he felt a warm mouth on his cock. Brian clearly wanted more and sucked hard, even as Paul rode Pete’s prick.

“Oh yeeaaah, suck me as I get ass fucked,” cried out Paul. He was getting close. Then he came, shooting a hot, milky load into Brian’s mouth, who swallowed it all down. But Pete, buried deep inside his ass, still had some way to go. Paul pulled off him and stood up, bending over, to help Brian undress, releasing another rock hard dick, which he eagerly took into his mouth, sucking and slurping, and taking it to the back of his throat.

Brian groaned and began to thrust his hips towards Paul, face fucking him. At the same time, Paul’s anal intruder entered him once again, and continued to fuck him. There he was, with one cock in his ass and one in his mouth, being fucked at both ends for the first time, and enjoying it like nothing else. He admitted that this was hotter than being with a woman. Now he knew what it was like to be full of hot thick manmeat. Suddenly he felt a warm mouth on his cock. He looked down to see a third man take him in. Paul sucked harder and more urgently on the cock in his own mouth. He could feel Pete’s cock getting harder, and then Pete cried out as he came in Paul, spraying liquid fuck juices into the depths of his bowels, over and over. Paul loved the feel of a man coming in his ass, and in response, he took the cock in his mouth a little deeper, sucking a little harder. He was rewarded by a sudden burst of cum in his mouth, then another and another. He swallowed the load right down, revelling in the taste of it. Now he was free to concentrate on the man sucking his dick. Pete and Brian slid out of his ass and mouth, and he began to thrust his hips towards the man’s mouth, quicker and harder. The man responded too by grabbing Paul’s balls and fondling them gently, squeezing them. This sent Paul over the edge.

“Graaaaagh. Unnnngh,” he grunted.

He grabbed the man’s head, and held it tight, as a jet of semen shot from the end of his cock and into the man’s mouth. Spurt after spurt followed, until he was spent.

Paul stood up and took in the scene around him for the first time. Everywhere he looked he could see naked bodies, sucking and fucking. He caught sight of John, who was having his own ass fucked by a muscular and thick set black man. Jake was on the other side of the room, in a 69 position, sucking prick as he was sucked. On the screen, there was a new movie playing. This time it was an orgy, matching that in the room in intensity and perversity. The groans and moans emanating from the movie echoed those in the room.

As Paul soaked up the horny atmosphere, he was already getting hard again. His new found friends, Pete and Brian, came towards him and embraced him together, Pete sticking his tongue into Paul’s mouth and Brian working his lips down Paul’s neck. Pete stroked Paul’s chest and then put his arms around Paul, continuing to kiss him. Paul responded and his tongue met Pete’s. The two men ground their groins together, their stiffening pricks rubbing against each other. Paul settled into this. It was his first time kissing another man, and he was enjoying it. It was so intimate, moreso in a strange way than all the fucking they had already partaken in. Passion overtook Paul, and he pulled Pete to the ground, raising Pete’s legs over his shoulders and exposing his tight ass. Paul inserted one saliva-coated finger into Pete and worked it in and out. Then he withdrew and placed the tip of his rock hard manmeat against Pete’s hole, and pushed gently in. Pete moaned.


Paul slid into Pete’s fuck tunnel slowly until his balls were resting against Pete’s ass. Then the two men kissed again, tongues meeting, swirling around each other, and playing together. Paul withdrew his cock slowly from Pete until just the tip was resting inside. Then he pushed back in, a little more urgently. Once more, he pulled out, and pushed in again, beginning to get into a steady rhythm.

“Unnnngh. Unnngh. Unnngh,” moaned the two men in unison. They were locked together in the most intimate and dirty way, kissing passionately, fucking, and loving every stroke.

They continued fucking like this for a while, the sound of Paul’s cock sliding in and out of Pete’s shithole adding to the moans and groans that surrounded them. After some time locked in this passionate frenzy, Paul froze, his cock stiffened and hot and sticky cum shot into Pete’s rectum, filling it up. Pete loved the feeling.

“That’s it Paul. Come in me. Fill me with your load,” he cried.

As Paul finished spraying his juices inside Pete, he pulled his now softening tool out of his lover. Just then, he felt a firm hand on his waist. He looked round and saw the familiar face of John, smiling at him.

“Why don’t you lick him out,” suggested John.

Paul leaned forward and slipped his tongue into Pete’s anus, lapping at his own cum and cleaning Pete up. He held the cum in his mouth, and then rose to meet John in a hot wet kiss, sharing his man juice with his mother’s neighbour. Both of them swallowed their shares of Paul’s cum, enjoying the taste.

John noticed that Pete’s asshole was still dribbling cum, and he reached down and scooped some of it up. Returning to Paul, John lubed up his asscrack, then held Paul’s waist while he fed his 8 inches of smooth thick manmeat up Paul’s love tunnel. Paul gasped and moaned.

“Ahhhh, ohhhhh yesss.” Although he had enjoyed John’s cock inside him twice before, he couldn’t get used to how full it made him feel. But the fullness was just right, and John’s cock was a delicious fit.

“Take me,” cried Paul.

“You still think you’re straight?” asked John, laughing.

“Mmmm, yesss,” replied Paul, “but I love your cock up my ass.”

John laughed again, and began to stroke in and out of Paul, his hips thrusting urgently back and forth, as he held onto Paul’s asscheeks. Paul’s asshole was wet with cum from his previous fucking, and there was a squelch every time John’s cock slid over Paul’s fuck ring.

“That’s right. You love my cock in you,” moaned John. “Take all of me inside you.”

Squelch, squelch: Paul was well lubricated and John had no problem taking him to the brink of anal ecstasy. His hole was more relaxed than ever, and that was a key in these situations! Paul was learning new lessons all the time.

It wasn’t long before John was cumming deep inside Paul for the third time in three days, adding to the mixture of juices inside his rectum. John pulled out and watched the cum running down Paul’s balls and thighs. It was warm and wet, and Paul liked the feeling this gave him.

By then of course, lovers new to one another, and some not so new, had formed all combinations of depravity. As Paul recovered from John’s onslaught, he watched Brian fuck Pete in the ass. Jake had by then met them both, and he was feeding Pete’s mouth with his thick shaft, making sure that this man was well filled up with cock. Pete was clearly enjoying it, even though this had been his own first time at the film club. He had taken men inside him before, but never more than one at a time. He too was learning these new ways of making love, and fast.

Paul looked around again, the need for sex in him still strong. He spotted the tall, muscular black man standing against a wall, watching the action in the room. He walked over and grabbed the man’s cock, stroking and fondling it.

“I’m Paul,” he said.

“Scott,” said the man. Scott’s manhood was growing under Paul’s touch, thickening in his hand. A drop of pre-cum oozed from the tip, and he bent down to lick it off, before taking the head in his mouth.

“Ahhhhh,” sighed Scott as Paul slid as much of the shaft as he could over his tongue to the back of his throat. Scott tasted good, and the velvety feel of his still-hardening member gave Paul a real thrill. He sucked harder, and bobbed his head up and down on the oozing lovestick. But Paul wanted something else, and before Scott could spray his load down his new lover’s hungry throat, Paul had spun him around. Scott felt Paul’s tongue on his asshole, licking around the rim, before plunging in to taste more. Paul tongue fucked Scott, enjoying the dirtyness of it. Then he withdrew, stood up and placed his hard cock at Scott’s entrance. Hugging Scott from behind and stroking his smooth hard chest and stomach, he leaned forward and spoke into Scott’s ear:

“You want my cock in you?”

“Ohhh yesss. Push it in,” moaned back Scott.

Paul willingly obliged, sliding his thick tool past Scott’s tight hole, and into the depths of the man’s rectum, slowly filling him with a delicious warmth. Then he withdrew, before plunging back in again. As Paul found a good rhythm, he and Scott groaned and squirmed in pleasure as they humped each other. Scott pushed his hips back while Paul plunged in, making this particular fucking a really deep one; one they both appreciated fully.

“Uuunnnngh. Unnngh. Unnngh. Yeaahhh,” moaned Scott.

Paul reached around to grab Scott’s cock and began to pump it in his fist. He wanted Scott to come while he was still inside him, to feel Scott’s anus contracting around his prick. Paul quickened his stroking action, and then Scott cried out as he unleashed his load, spraying it across the room. His asshole clamped down on Paul’s cock, then released, before clamping down again. Paul groaned in ecstasy and continued to fuck Scott’s tight asshole. Then he was coming too, shooting load after load of warm creamy spunk up into Scott’s behind. Scott loved the feeling of another man coming inside him. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the sensation of warmth that was filling his rectum. By now Scott had finished his orgasm and was basking in the afterglow, his body sticky with sweat and filled with cum. Paul pulled out of him with a plop and warm juices ran down between Scott’s thighs.

“That was fantastic,” he said.

Paul reached to scoop up some of his own cum from Scott and used it to lube up his ass. Turning around to show his wet hole to Scott, he was an inviting target, particularly for one with Scott’s inclinations! But Scott was not yet hard, and was still recovering. He rubbed the head of his soft cock against Paul’s soggy asshole, back and forth across the opening. Paul wriggled in delight at this new feeling, and Scott’s member began to slowly stiffen. Fully erect once more, Scott pushed quickly into Paul’s ass and began to fuck him rapidly.

“Unngh. Unngh. Unngh. Ohhh,” grunted Paul. He pushed his hips back to meet his invader, allowing Scott to plow him even more deeply with every thrust. Paul’s asshole was so well lubricated with his own cum, that he could feel only pleasure from Scott’s stiff prick. They fucked like this for a while before Scott gave a final grunt and came forcefully inside Paul’s already soaking ass. This was Scott’s third load of the night, and it wasn’t so large this time, but it was no less pleasurable to release it inside Paul. Scott pulled out and the two of them shared a passionate kiss, their tongues duelling and twisting together, as they sat down to recover.

As Paul, John and Jake left the club a little later, all three of them well-satisfied, they shared their experiences. Paul’s asshole felt all opened up, and still full of cum; John had made some new lovers; and Jake had a slightly salty taste in his mouth. They wondered how Julie and Paul’s mother had got on with each other back home. The answer to that would have to wait.


I have yet to experience man-on-man sex. But most of my fantasies are about having a hard cock up my ass, taking another man’s asshole, or sucking a thick cock. I don’t need to think for long about these things to get a hard-on. Maybe I need some guidance. I’ll always be willing to experience new pleasures.

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