Coming Home for Christmas

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I quite nearly had put the invitations in the mail for the annual Christmas party. I was not twenty feet from the mailbox, close enough to see the ice crystals that had formed over its surface that afternoon. My phone rang which prompted my first thought and that was to rush to the box and shove in the fifty invitations to our Christmas party so that I could answer the phone.

The ice on the sidewalk caused me to put that thought aside and at least see who was calling before I busted my ass to answer it. I tucked the box under my arm and looked at the phone. My breath fogged over the phone display when I lifted it to look at it, it showed Jamie, my sister was calling.

“Hey sis.” I said trying to suppress my shivering voice.

“Hey Greg.” She said with a hint of stress. It wasn’t the stress that tipped me off though, it was the fact that she called me Greg. Jamie usually addressed me as ‘little brother’. Funny since I was roughly the same age as her and certainly not ‘little’ in comparison.

“What’s up Jamie?” I asked with a tone that told her to spit it out.

“I don’t know how to say this…” she paused “…are you sitting down?”

“I’m outside at the mailbox freezing my ass off sis, what’s up?”

“Okay.” She said. “I’m at Bakers right now…”

Baker’s is a trendy lunch spot that the downtown execs called their second office around lunch time.

“Honey, I’m sorry to tell you this, this way but I’m looking at Susan right now getting very friendly at a back booth with that slimy divorce attorney that’s on television all the time — what’s his name — Marty McCall.”

I couldn’t speak. I nearly found a place to sit right there on the sidewalk.

“Greg, I didn’t know you and Susan were having problems.”

“I didn’t either.” I said. “What do you mean friendly?”

Jamie paused.

“What do you mean friendly Jamie?” I tried to say without shouting.

“He’s got his hand up her skirt.”

What Jamie wasn’t saying was that she was the only person in the place that could see what they were up to. They didn’t pay any attention to her because she was sitting partially behind a divider and had her face behind a laptop computer. Jamie also omitted the fact that this slime-ball was fucking my wife with some object.

“Should I do something?” Jamie asked in a voice that was strained even more.

My mind was trying to digest what I was hearing.

“Show me!” I said as if answering the thousand dollar bonus question on a game show.


“Show me. Your phone has video. Send me as much video as you can get. Do it!” With that I hung up.

The box slipped out from under my arm and landed in the frozen grass next to the sidewalk just as a trash truck eased by on the street. I picked up the package and launched it between the two men riding on the back of the truck and into the pile of filthy rubbish. Gold foil lettering, red ribbon and all. Party cancelled.

That was one year ago. Jamie sent me the video that day we talked. I shake my head every time I hear her words in my head ‘getting friendly’. She was trying to protect me. Marty was fucking Susan two ways to Tuesday with a dildo in a secluded quiet corner of the restaurant. Since Marty had face recognition from being on t.v., he was a local celebrity. No doubt his entrance that day went something like this:

“Good day Mr. McCall.” The manager would say.

“A very fine day it is Curtis and happy holidays.” He would say with a broad smile. “I’d like a nice quiet table in the back for me and my guest today.”

With that, Marty McCall would extend a warm handshake to Curtis. That one handshake would make Curtis richer by a hundred bucks and ensure Mr. McCall and his guest had no one else seated near them.

My sister Jamie had a similar deal. She was an executive vice president for a corporate development company that owned a good chunk of the city. It also happened to own the building that this particular restaurant was in. It didn’t cost her anything to get seated in her quiet place in the back. Anything she ordered was put onto a tab and picked up by the company. Susan was oblivious to this. She was a self absorbed type of person. She saw Jamie once a year at the Christmas party, and didn’t really pay attention even then.

Since the Christmas party a year ago, Jamie had gone on a fitness binge for stress relief and had the girls worked over by a top rate surgeon. If Susan even saw her she would have just written her off as an aspiring suit trying to climb the ladder. Not a thirty something from the top of the ladder.

Jamie is my half sister. We were born literally days apart. Our father was President of Eaton Enterprises, a large import company for heavy machinery. While at home, father got friendly with mother and conceived yours truly. Days after while traversing the globe in the company jet, Jamie was conceived when father fucked his mistress/personal assistant Cassandra at thirty six thousand feet over Beijing. I have no doubt ataşehir escort father would have provided well for Cassandra and the baby, but as fate would have it, Cassandra died in childbirth.

I cannot imagine the conversation that took place between my mother and father but my mother stuck by him and they took Jamie as their own. Jamie was born first and then I came two days later. Jamie wasn’t told of her mother until she was eighteen but she hugged mother and thanked her for being her mom. We have one older brother, Stan and one younger sister Gale. Eighteen months difference on both sides. They both live in other cities but we stay in contact as much as possible. I was looking forward to seeing them at Christmas.

Father provided well for all of us. He stressed the importance of a good education and wrote the checks to back it up. Father was a smart and shrewd man. Jamie did well for herself in business and business law at Harvard as did I. Where Jamie is more into business, My job as executive council for a defense contractor focuses on international and government law. Stan the man became a CEO himself like father and little Gale is a surgeon.

For some reason, only us boys married. Both married, both divorced.

I don’t mean to prattle on about family but it puts everything into perspective. It tore my heart out to walk away from them.

After I received the video from Jamie I was floored. I guess I was naïve but I had no idea what you could actually accomplish sexually in a restaurant. Marty was fucking Susan good and plenty with a dildo right there in the booth. Drinks on the table, garlic bread in a little basket and my wife, skirt up to her waist by the time it was over, looking like a porn star getting her pussy stretched and rammed with a large silicone cock and enjoying every minute of it.

Marty slipped the ram rod into his briefcase after she came and then shared a kiss as if they had made passionate love. Jamie did me one better besides getting a good amount of video that ended up clearly showing Susan’s gaping pussy. She scanned the camera around until you could see where the action took place and all of the oblivious patrons having lunch.

Marty McCall in my book was a sleazy ambulance chaser. He did well for himself but really didn’t know where the real power was. He thought that driving the right car and smiling on television made him powerful. He made Susan believe that she could get the house, the car and a fat alimony check in addition to sharing his ‘glamorous’ lifestyle. Hell, they might even get married… with a pre-nup of course.

Fucking a man’s wife is one thing. Trying to turn around and fuck him too puts it into a different spectrum altogether. Marty assumed popularity was power. I was going to provide Marty an education to correct this misconception.

I had heard of my wayward wife’s plan to extort everything from me and heard Marty instructing her how to do so. I even had genuine digital audio as proof. It was time that Marty and Susan continue their lives elsewhere without any of my holdings to tide them over.

I received a call from a certain porter at a certain hotel alerting me to the fact that the couple had checked in for an afternoon romp. Room service was dispatched to deliver the lovers a bottle of wine and a pitcher of water and glasses.

The timing was good because about the time they had undressed each other for a titillating fuck they both passed out on the bed. Marty had succeeded in getting his rubber cock onto Susan before they passed out but didn’t get it out of her before clocking out.

Had the situation not been so crappy, it would have been humorous. Susan splayed spread eagle on the bed with a cock shaft sticking out of her pussy, Marty passed out on his face next to her. It looked like a fuck to the death scene out of a movie. ‘Local attorney fucks until cock breaks off. Court awards broken cock to mistress in settelment.’

Each one received a shot in the ass to revive them. Mr. McCall received an additional shot. He’d be able to shoot a whole porn movie in one scene before his dick even thought about getting soft. ‘This is real power Mr. McCall.’ I thought. The ride was just beginning.

“Good afternoon folks.” I said. Their eyes were trying to adjust while their brains tried to catch up to the moment.

Marty sat up and covered his erection with the sheet. “Ah, it’s you. Listen here son…”

Marty was trying to establish control in the situation. He was in his mid forties and a powerful legend in his own mind. Marty was getting ready to get educated.

Marty continued. “…you need to turn around and walk your ass straight out of here. I will sue you so fast and so hard I’ll own your soul when I’m done.”

“Mr. McCall…” I said cutting him off mid speech. “You confuse your popularity with power. Purchasing television time and purchasing power are two different transactions. You are an ambulance chaser, nothing more. You can have Susan if she wants you.”

“That’s avcılar escort right son, she wants a real man…” Marty said with a sneer.

“Shut up Marty.” I said with a cool sharpness. “You’re a fool. For better or worse you and Susan deserve each other.” I pulled a chair to the foot of the bed. “I’m a business man Marty.”

“If you’re a business man then you must realize that you’ve lost and should get the fuck out of this room!”

“Sorry Marty…” I looked at my wife.

“Mr. McCall has advised you poorly Susan. I’m afraid that you are not going to receive alimony and you are definitely not going to get the house and the car or anything else besides the clothes on your back…” I paused and looked at the clothes strewn across the room and then back to my naked wife. She understood what I meant.

“Sorry guys, this Christmas is in fact going to suck for you.”

“Don’t listen to him Susan.” Marty blurted out. “He’s trying to intimidate you. You can clean him out and he knows it.”

I turned to Marty and fixed my gaze on his eyes. “You committed adultery with my wife, that’s fine. You planned to attack me financially and professionally…” I paused to let it sink in. “You planned your attack and failed. I will now return in kind.”

The look on Marty’s face softened and became unsure.

I snapped my fingers. Two individuals appeared from the other room. One went to the bedside table and picked up a small bottle and handed it to me.

“This Mr. McCall is 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine I assume?”

Marty and Susan glanced at each other and back at me.

“Come on Marty.” I asked. “Is it?”

Marty shook his head and glanced back at Susan. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

I stood up and looked down at Marty and back at the bottle. “Come on Marty, you’re a smart man 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine? E, X, Rolls, Beans, Adam….” Marty shook his head. “…Ecstasy Marty! The drug of choice besides coke that provides a one hour orgasm, the fuck of fucks.

I tossed the bottle to Marty. “You planned on taking it so take it.” Marty shook his head. “Susan…” I said looking at her. “Do you two take this once in a while for a good time?”

Susan nodded her head slowly.

“Did you plan on taking it here today?”

Susan nodded once again.

“You’ve already lost Marty, the best thing for you to do is go ahead with your plans, take your pills and fuck.”

One of my assistants poured a cold glass of water and handed it to Mr. McCall. He took his pill and Susan followed suit.

“I’m not making you do anything you didn’t plan to do in the first place right?”

Marty shook his head no.

“Do you and your wife take pills and fuck Marty?”

Marty shook his head again.

I could see that the chemicals were entering their bloodstream. They were physically relaxing and their guard was lowering.

I got the attention of my assistant and whispered into his ear. He nodded his head and disappeared into the other room. Cameras were preparing to roll.

“Look at the size of your cock Marty. It’s huge. Looks like someone is going to get a good fuck by the cocksmith Marty McCall.

Guys like Marty couldn’t resist letting a compliment go to their head. Dumbass.

Marty smiled crookedly. “You bet your fucking ass son. Susan here is the only bitch that can handle my huge cock, she loves it…” He looked over at her. “…don’t you baby?”

Susan nodded to the affirmative with a ‘fuck me’ look on her face.

My assistant returned with a striking young lady of twenty-four that didn’t look a day over thirteen. No crime in looking young.

“Marty, Susan, this gorgeous little tart would like to join in on the fun… any objections?”

Susan spoke first. “I don’t mind.” Then Marty. “Look at this cock baby. There’s enough for you too. He exposed his very average dick to her “

The young tart was named Nancy. She was a college student that was paying her way through college turning tricks with the college boys in another state. This little gig would be her last trick. For her services and silence her total college bill would be paid in full. A small price to pay for me.

“You kids have fun I said. I have a plane to catch.

With that, I left the hotel and boarded the company jet and flew to my company’s office in Europe. That is where I remained for a full year. I didn’t contact my family other than to tell them I’d be gone on business.

I missed Christmas with the family that year and it hurt me deeply. We were all busy people but the holidays were the one time we totally ignored business and enjoyed one another.

Marty, Susan and Nancy fucked until they passed out. The room was cleaned by the assistants I hired. Nancy was cleaned up, dressed and flown back to her home state. She was happy to never have to turn a trick again.

Marty and Susan came to that evening and dressed. They really didn’t remember much. They just knew they had ataşehir escort bayan screwed hard. Marty’s balls hurt and Susan’s pussy was a little sore. She even had a slight taste of pussy on her tongue.

A week later, Marty and Susan found themselves in a meeting in a quiet booth in the back of their little restaurant. They reeled in fear as the implications of their actions were revealed to them. They were watching a video on a portable player that had everything from their fuckfest in Bakers restaurant to having group sex with an apparent minor in a hotel room (they couldn’t tell she was well above consenting age nor did they need to know.) and evidence of them taking what was obviously an illegal substance.

“I have a check here Ma’am for you to agree to an uncontested divorce and walk away with nothing… and leave the state. Mr. McCall, you will leave this state permanently. Before you argue I should tell you that the people you are dealing with are prepared to destroy you professionally. Multiple copies of this information exist. Copies of this will be sent to every friend and family member we can locate. We will send it to clients. We will send it to every local media outlet. We will sent it to the bar association. I assure you that the man you referred to as ‘son’ will make you wish you were dead. You will be disbarred, lose your career and lose your family. “Walk away Mr. McCall, and ma’am, if you don’t accept this check and vanish, the same goes for you.”

That was the end of Marty McCall in that fair city. A month later he was gone. He made a brief statement for the media that while he loved his career it had come at a price to his family. It was time for him to slow down and enjoy the family he was blessed with. He thanked the wonderful people of the city for being such wonderful friends. The last anyone heard of Marty McCall he was living in Wyoming or South Dakota out of the spotlight with his wife and kids. He left Susan and never looked back. She was just a fuck anyway.

Susan vanished back to her home town. The money that I gave to her went into an interest bearing account and allowed her to be a socialite in a small town. She’d score another ambulance chaser.

With what happened concerning counselor McCall and Susan last year I missed Christmas. As soon as I threw the box of invitations into that trash truck I knew the holiday season for me was a wash. Being good at power doesn’t mean it never hurts… or is never humiliating. I didn’t want to face my family and work was a good excuse.

I also couldn’t be sure that Marty McCall wouldn’t do something stupid. Men have pride, especially men like Marty. It’s tough to just walk away. Sometimes the better choice seems to be being destroyed on the process of destroying your enemy. In certain instances I would even make that choice.

Susan was another issue as well. Women can be hardheaded and stubborn. I couldn’t be certain that Susan saw the light and would simply walk away from the lifestyle she had grown accustomed to. For this reason I needed to be out of the country. If they got together and attacked me in the media or attempted to subpoena me for the hotel incident I could simply explain that I was out of the country. Showing my arrival into Germany a day prior to the hotel incident wouldn’t have been that hard to do. As a matter of fact that’s what I did.

It was Thanksgiving now again and I was eating roast goose with liver pate. The Germans loved it and it was good but I was longing for a juicy delicious American turkey with breaded stuffing. My mind even floated back to Susan and her southern ways. She introduced us to corn pudding. I would have traded the liver pate for Susan’s corn pudding. I wanted to be home for Christmas. The thought of eating braised pork and horseradish sauce on Christmas didn’t appeal to me. I hadn’t seen man family for almost a year.

Jamie sent emails to me regularly. She even enquired about my prowess with the German women. ‘Is that what’s keeping you over there?’ She would ask jokingly. She suspected that I had found some fraulein that was occupying my time.

‘It’s all work and no play for little brother Greg sis.’ I didn’t tell her that I missed companionship but I certainly was not at a point where I desired any relationships with which to satisfy my carnal urges.

Christmas was nearing. I wasn’t sure about going back to the states though. I was free to do so but while I missed things there, there were things I didn’t want to see. I really didn’t want to see the house. Jamie had gone to the house though soon after Susan left and boxed all of her clothes up. There were literally thousands — tens of thousands of dollars of clothes that she hadn’t even worn. Jamie even commented on the number of shoes Susan had amassed, something in excess of a hundred pairs. Many of which still had tags on them.

There were bums in the city mission that were wearing clothes that cost more than they made in a year. Hell, maybe in their whole life. Jamie donated all of Susan’s wardrobe to the city mission. I’m sure the workers pilfered most of it for themselves but the thought that a drug addict prostitute was turning tricks wearing Susan’s Louis Vuitton boots gave me a small sense of vindication.

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