Coming Home Party

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In 1982, I left home for a job I was offered out in Wichita for a three-year stint. After that, I was transferred to Colorado to begin a surveying position and construction for a new golf course. I spent another three years there. It had been 6 years since I had been home. At the end of that period, I heard there was a problem regarding my mom’s health in 1988.

I was 27 then and had experiences that no one normally could have had that early in their life, going to clubs or bars. All were life long learning sessions, I’d never forget. The people, especially the women I had met, were super friendly.

I was hit on, all the time, by women older then me, who were around forty or once in a great while over forty even. All of them were attractive women. They were usually single mom’s looking for ‘love’ and it felt great, to me, that they found me as a someone they’d like to spend ‘quality’ time around.

I always played along if not more then that and I benefited from it all and have great sex with these women. They always knew what to do, how to do it, and where to do it too. I was taught many things by them, especially the art of foreplay.

Also, they’d buy my drinks more often then not and saved me money all the time. Likewise, there were other chicks about my age, or better yet, younger ones around nineteen or twenty sometimes, hitting on me. Those made things even more of a thrill for me. It was like the Wild, Wild West, only in the eighties, and I was the handsome gunslinger who rode into town on his magnificent horse; I tried to behave like a traditionalist so that no one really knew me.

The older women, with their sex drives were great and it was a different world to me. They could fuck wonderfully and the looks they brought after no sex for a year or longer brought a wonderful thrill to me and even a greater one to them! The younger ones, they fucked ferociously then the older women; I learned to sustain new adventurous levels of sexual power from both ends of the spectrum.

My cock never seemed to become spent, as every couple of evenings I would be doing either the same woman or a newer young chick that wandered into a club. It wasn’t as if I was this popular person in town, but I thought possibly that I was someone they saw as an attractive, friendly, personable, and sociable guy.

Hence, I felt like one confidant dude and they all created that for me. I was popular in both towns. All of them, especially the older women in Wichita, knew I was there for public consumption, but I never planned it. I let myself get that way without regret.

One night I received a call from my oldest sister, Erica, who was concerned about our mom who had got into a horrid accident that sent her to the hospital. She was in serious condition and I decided to take a family leave of absence from work.

My dad accidentally hit her head on in a rush to get home because he was late catching a plane out of town. It was a freaky situation. It happened to be a complete accident and she sustained a fractured skull as a result. None of us was clear on it all, but I returned home regardless.

My youngest sister, Sheila, now grown up at the age of 20, had become a true and beautiful woman. She had two boyfriends she dated, but none serious enough that she wouldn’t go out with someone different.

Since it was my birthday the week before and a homecoming of sorts for me, my sisters welcomed me home with open arms and wanted to throw a party, if mom was in better shape. It was a good idea to throw a party me, so that the stress of the week could be relieved.

Erica lived three doors down from my parents, where I stayed. It actually felt wonderful to be back home. I didn’t realize how much I missed the area. In honor of me coming home, after we all visited my mom, Erica made plans for the party, holding it at an area party plaza.

This great location could hold up to about 150 people. They were calling for a severe thunderstorm the day of the party. It didn’t matter to us, we were all ready to go out and party out brains out with or without a storm.

I did my thing traveling the country, developing golf courses, and living the life. So this was a great party to top things off. All kinds of people were coming. Old friends, ex-girlfriends and guys I hung with from high school, other neighborhood friends, my sister’s friends, and various other people who might be friends of whomever. I decided to be in a mischievous mood that night.

Everyone was excited about the party. All day long though, it stormed and stormed with lightening and thunder all over the area. The whole area in our town practically, lost power. We only had about 2 hours of daylight that evening at the party, but everyone showed up promptly.

As it turned out, about 75 people showed up. Two old girlfriends of mine, one that was married and divorced with in two years came to the party, and her ex-husband, who was a friend of mine even, came.

The party was underway, Gaziantep Escort Numaraları everything was rocking, and the music was great. It became darker and darker. Everyone drank all kinds of stuff. The usual beer, marguerites, strawberry daiquiris, brandy slushes, and even some coolers were consumed. No one brought anything in preparation for the dark evening. My sisters didn’t have any flashlights or candles. No one thought to check cars for any flashlights, but Tommy, an old friend and me. I had one, but the batteries were low in power and went out soon.

Standing around, everyone was had a great time, joking about past relationships, who had been with who, who did who, and would so and so still do you know who, if given a chance. Laughing at all the responses, lightened up the whole room, even if there was tension among ex’s involved in the conversations.

I knew I’d hook up with Jenny “Irish” Jones. I always wanted to get back together with her. She was from a strong Irish family and her mom married Bernard Jones, an African American. I took a liking to ‘Irish’ my freshman year. She didn’t feel the same way, but I pursued her until finally I developed a more muscular body and some ‘character’.

Her mom and dad said I didn’t have enough character. That might have been true. I proved myself when I started wrestling late in my sophomore year. They took a liking to me then, hence that opened the door for me, and so she opened up also allowing me to try getting a date with her.

It paid off our junior year. Irish finally said yes and we instantly were a hot item. We dated nonstop, until we graduated. Until I took the job, we remained close friends.

Nevertheless, the party got crazier as we got drunker. No lights worked and it became impossible to see. Everyone was hammered. The atmosphere was one of a flirting lust. Everyone was looking for someone to be with that night, including me, and many had already hooked up by the time it was pitch black. Not me, I wasn’t as lucky, early on.

People were tucked away in corners now, and I didn’t know who was who. I didn’t really care either; they were kissing heavily with one another or even more then that. I had no idea who Jenny, my youngest sister, and Erica were with or what they were doing. I assumed Erica was with her husband, but that night, who knew for sure

All of us were drunk. The music got louder because someone brought in a battery operated stereo; there still wasn’t light on as the evening got later. You couldn’t even see bodies dancing or hugging one another in corners hardly. I didn’t know who was who. I hadn’t seen my sisters, but one guy said either he saw them go outside or one went upstairs to a loft. It all seemed fun, I thought.

I continued to stay drunk and everyone else was feeling the same. It was becoming a lust fest and I thought why not; “When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

I saw one chick standing around and I couldn’t recognize her. It was pitch black. I could barely see faces clearly. My eyes adjusted barely enough what her body looked like as I saw the chicks bigger tits and what seemed like a great figure.

That was enough for me. “Hi, how’s it going”, I asked without regard for who it could be. She quickly turned to face the sound of my voice. I didn’t even know if she had a smile on her or not. I didn’t know if she was butt ugly or not. I started to see a shape and it looked good to me. Big tits, nice swoon of a figure heading down to her hips, and what appeared to be a decent ass, but I absolutely could be wrong on her correct proportions.

Not wanting to be discovered for my real identity, due to the nature of the evening and in a playful mood, I gave her a fake name. I introduced myself as Shane. She replied by saying she was Lisa. I didn’t know any Lisa, but it didn’t matter, I felt left out and I wanted to feel as if I was having fun. Everyone else was occupied with someone. So I asked, “Are you like me and feeling out of place all of a sudden?”

“Uhh, yes, she replied, I don’t know anyone around here right now.” I didn’t even recognize her voice for that matter.

“Umm, well, me neither.”

“Really, as her voiced perked up. Umm, wanna dance or something and see what happens?”

I thought to myself, I don’t even know you. “You sure, I responded, we don’t really know one another.”

“So, who cares, it’s a party, right? What is a party for, to have fun, real crazy fun, right?”

She laughed and I laughed too. So not knowing how pretty or ugly she was, we started dancing slowly. It felt great dancing with a girl again. I hadn’t done that for a several weeks.

Oh my god, she was all into me. We began kissing out of nowhere. She was making me hornier then I expected. She really could kiss well. Now, I’ve kissed a helluva lot of women over the last six years but she was all over me and I began getting all over her too. We didn’t stop and question a thing. We just pursued one another, naturally and we both seemed to enjoy the natural progression.

Her hands were shifting up and down me as I began doing the same to her. We still danced as we kissed and felt one another up. I was groping her ass and eventually I felt up her tits; she began moaning as I groped them. They were nice sizable tits but not too large. All of a sudden, I felt the backsides of her hands against my chest. I pulled away and strained to see what she was doing. She was undoing her blouse, completely!

“Mmmm, I said, wanna slide your…, mmmm, slide your hands down my pants? If ya want to, I tried to say as we kissed, feel free to go inside my pants! I opened my eyes again and it was still pitch black. Why it was so dark still, I couldn’t figure out. I thought our eyes would adjust or the lights would come back on by now. They didn’t come on, but she went right down my stomach, down inside my pants, and calmly grabbed my cock. Damn, she had soft hands.

“Mmmmm, ooooohhhh, that’s ummm, a nice you know what, she said, oooohh” as I heard her say softly again.

“Yeah, ya think so? I’ve heard that a couple of times a while ago, thanks”.

She said, “Really, like you mean, other girls? You’ve done it with other girls?”

“Ummm, yep, yep, but only a couple of times, it isn’t like I did that a lot or anything”, lying to her.

“Oh cool, so you haven’t had sex often”, she asked as she caressed my dick. “Wow…wow… you’re ummm… ummm… you are getting big, hehehe!” She liked the size of my cock and that was a turn on to me.

“Yeah it feels awesome that you are holding it and massaging it too. Are you, umm, like, umm feeling the same way I’m feeling?”

“Hehehe, kind of, she said without fully acknowledging how that made her feel. Umm, you wanna feel me anywhere”, she asked.

“Sure, why not. I’d love to feel many, uhhh, places. I’d like to feel your boobs”, I said.

“Hold on, she replied and she must have undone her bra because her hand reached around for mine and lifted it up; I could feel her tits and not her shirt. Do you like my tits?”

“Oh yeah, I said, Lisa, right”, asking her name again. She didn’t answer. She continued to hold my hand, assisting me and pressing it against her tits. Oh my god, that was a turn-on!

Next, I heard her say “Wanna go fool around more somewhere? You know, get naked and well play around? I don’t know, whatever, if you want to”, she added.

I’m thinking to myself, hell yes. God, this girl’s made me horny, so why not, I thought. I’d love to get in her pant that’s for sure. Plus she smells great too. “What’s that perfume you’re wearing”, I asked.

She started to tell me, but I didn’t catch it because all the noise and music. We started to head down a hallway, bumping into walls and furniture in the party room. We would find a room, but someone was in it, from the sounds we heard. We’d laugh and laugh as we held hands. We kept walking, feeling the walls and doorways as we went. We came across what seemed to be a storage room that was down a couple of hallways. Another couple was in there, but at the very far end of it. We took the other end. Lisa and I started back up with each other, kissing, copping feels and caressing. I began to undo my belt, but her hands did the rest for me.

Then I decided I would undo the rest of her clothes. She was on that too. Both of us in our underwear with no light available went at each other, just by feeling the body itself. For some reason, the atmosphere, with no lights available, made the whole experience more stimulating to say the very least!

My boner resurfaced. “Oh, god, oh man, geez!”

“What’s wrong, Shane, what’s wrong?” Lisa thought something bad happened.

“I’m as horny as horny gets Lisa.”

“Really, she replied, really, so am I”, she replied with a desperate tone of voice. That’s when both of us, horny as hell now after 15 minutes of copping feels and kissing away at the other, tried getting some kind of view of the other. Still we couldn’t see each other’s faces or expressions.

She and I lay there with one another, feeling each other’s bodies. This girl was mature, physically. She was fine and I found her sexy as hell!

My boner intensified! My desires increased and questions filled my head; what if this sprouts into something I don’t want long term. What would happen…? My mind was running rampant as I began feeling as if I was attracted to Lisa. She was sexy, stunning and she put all the right moves on me. What is a horny guy going to do, go for it, yes!

I felt her boobs, licked them, sucked them off, and now I experienced all of those feelings a guy experiences when he’s doing it; what a great feeling! I wanted my dick in her mouth, between her tits, or even in her pussy! God was I horny as ever; I was so turned on by her and I wanted to do foreplay as I was taught!

“Lisa, have you ever given head before? Have you ever thought about doing it even, or would you even consider giving head?”

“Oh my god, oh my god… you really mean it? I was gonna ask you to, umm to go down on me, she said, and well you know what I mean, right, right?”

“Yep, I sure do know what ya mean. You don’t want me to pluck ya then, only muff your pleasure palace of a pussy, right?”

“Hehehe, hehehe, she giggled and said, ‘yep, that’s right Shane! Lick me and suck me big time, I am like horny as ever and, yep, I’d love that, please?”

“Okay, but I get to give you a titty fuck, okay, and also I get a blow job, alright?”

“Hehehe, hell yes, I think that’s fair enough, hehehe!”

I slid my callused hands down her, but she didn’t seem to care. Sliding them over her soft flat stomach, I removed her undies. Then my hands went inside of her thighs, trying to be gentle caressing them. She cooed as I did that. Not being able to see her face and any expression, I asked her, “Lisa, are you enjoying all this?”

“Yes, oh yes Shane, keep going, please, I wanna orgasm badly.”

That made me fucking horny as all get out!

I dove into a tight trimmed pussy. I could feel the freshness of the layers within her cunt. Licking away at it, Lisa squirmed and squirmed, moaning while I ate her out. I was hard as a rock and hornier then a mating bull! I dug away at her pussy, swirling my tongue and sucking her viscously! She’d moan even louder and squirm even more as I did it.

I stopped only for a second to ask, “Is this good, is it Lisa? Am I making you hornier, you sexy thang you?”

“Oh yes, oh yes, ohhh yesss, she exclaimed much louder then I expected! Keep that up, that’s perfect Shane, its perfect, ohhh god, ohh myyy god, yess Shane, yes, yes, yes!”

I began massaging her tits and twirling around on Lisa nipples, but they were already rock hard! I didn’t care, I was turned on by them and that only helped to sustain my hard cock and my horny pursuit of a great orgasm for the two of us.

Her nice full boobs were cupped by my hands while I sucked away at her pussy, falling off only when her thighs began squeezing my head. I’d become even more increasingly horny. Sucking away, Lisa finally convulsed and almost shattered my head or it felt like that.

Her pelvis lifted up off the floor, as a woman’s body does when I eat them out. Regardless, I absolutely loved doing it to Lisa!

I couldn’t get enough of that sensation of her thighs squeezing against my head as my mouth created a vacuum like effect against her swollen pussy. Sucking and digging heavily into her deep cavernous wonder, I loved the layered textures I felt against my tongue.

Her pussy felt incredible. I wanted to continue, but she was unaccustomed to the rigors of this kind of oral sex! I brought her to an intense orgasm that riveted through out her body! Screams filled the storage room; they must have been loud enough to rumble down the hallways into the main area. Lisa had screamed so loud, that even she made me feel proud that I was able to make her this elated and satisfied. She was so spent now; I wanted my due, as was agreed.

She didn’t have as much energy as I wanted her to have, but I figured out a way to get my monster satisfied as I got her sexy ogre to let loose its spectacular climatic adventure!

“Ohhhh… and she paused trying to catch her breath, but she pulled me down on her naked body. I felt her supple tits against my chest and I wished that I could feel those hard nipples too, but I couldn’t. Ohhhh, you were awesome Shane! I’ve never ever been, ummm, uhhh… and she paused again, I’ve never ever had oral sex, Shane. That was the first time ever anyone has given me oral.”

“Really, wow, I said, I loved it when your legs collapsed on the sides of my head. That made me so much hornier; it was crazy. It was awesome, Lisa. You have an awesome, umm, uhh, well… and he didn’t want to say it crudely, you have a beautiful garden that just tasted incredible. You especially were arousing to me and made me want to fuck your brains out; sorry I said it that way, but it gets my point across. It is a compliment, okay?”

“Hehehe, okay and I will accept that as a compliment.”

She hugged me tighter and she kissed me my lips. I began giving her tongue then. She offered her tongue and we pleased each other with our kissing styles!

My cock, still hard and getting longer and stronger, urged me to be spent; I pulled back and sat up over her soft tummy. I tried again to see her face, but nothing appeared through the pitch-black surroundings.

Only the feel of her body and the sound of her voice, allowed me to know her and her personality. I never caught on to her identity other then I liked this girl. Lisa was horny, she was young, and she had a wild appetite for sex!

She and I didn’t know each other from Adam. As I began to sit up on top, she instinctively held on to my elongated equipment. When she first held it, I seemed to believe she was a little hesitant.

“Don’t hesitate Lisa, I’ll do my part and you push your boobs together, okay? Let me slide my cock in between those beautiful breasts of yours. You will love the feeling of of it between them, alright?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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