Confessions Ch. 26 – Laurie

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Thank you Chitranna for editing this writing.


I believe that as a woman I can flirt with both men and women and its fine. I mean how many women do you know that do not enjoy flirting a little with their female friends? It’s an innocent little fun thing to do. It isn’t like I am trying to get into their panties or anything. I am not a lesbian or even bi-sexual, but I do flirt, and I do enjoy it. Hell, sometimes it is fun to flirt with a friend when their husband is near just to make him think that his fantasy of having his wife and another woman at the same time could come true.

With all that said, I must tell you about the adventure that I took a few months back. It was an innocent beginning to something extraordinary.

I was on my way to visit Sandi and her husband Roy who have been my friends for many, many years. I went to the door, knocked twice and walked inside. It was quiet and it seemed that they were not home, which made me uneasy knowing the door was unlocked. Roy always locked the doors, sometimes even if he was inside and it was midday, he was obsessed with it.

I called out a “hello” and slowly stepped further into the house, hoping that everything was okay.

As I moved deeper inside I heard Sandi call from the bathroom area, “Laurie, is that you?”

I took in a deep breath in relief and responded, “Yes Sandi, is everything okay”

I heard her laugh before she answered me, “Of course. I am in the tub. Come on in and talk to me.”

I made my way to her, I had seen her many times in the tub, this was nothing strange, in fact we often picked on Roy saying we were washing and drying each other just to get him all worked up.

I stepped into the bathroom and sat on the toilet across from the tub with a hello. The water was steaming, bubbles floated lazily around her, and the aroma was of roses, “Oh that looks cozy.”

She winked at me with a grin, “Want to jump in with me?”

We both shared a laugh, much like usual when either of us were in a tub. I stood up and acted as if I were about to take off my clothes and jump in and laughed some more, “Wouldn’t that be a sight?”

Sandi smiled, “I think so, but really feel free to put an arm in, it’s very relaxing.”

I nodded, “That actually sounds pretty good, and I like swirling bubbles.”

I rolled up the sleeves of my shirt and knelt beside her tub. I let a hand skim the top of the water, bursting many bubbles as I went, “This is really nice. I need a tub like this.”

She giggled as the water rippled up over her, “Don’t move too much around, might get me excited,” she joked.

I knew it was a joke, but something stirred inside of me, something I had never even thought about, what if it did excite her? What would she do if I continued? Would she let me know how excited she got? I found myself continuing to move my hands, letting the water move over her. I tried to act as if I wasn’t curious about such things though, I didn’t want her to be angry, “Like that, oh I’m sorry.”

She smiled, “You know the first time I took a bath with Roy, he did that and I almost raped him, I had no idea it would do that to me.”

I was taken back a bit by the confession. We had talked about sex, like all women do. But she always seemed like a slow lover, and never spoke of things like how hot or horny she had gotten. I couldn’t believe how excited I was getting. I truly was thinking of seeing if I could make her cum with just the water. I knew I had to play it cool. Still, it wasn’t like I could actually play with my friend, but I had to play off still as bursa yabancı escort me, “So are you going to rape me?”

She giggled and splashed a little water at me, “In your dreams!”

I mocked astonishment, “You mean you don’t want me Sandi? Am I not pretty enough for you?” I moved my hand again, and watched the water lap at her.

Her eyes widened, just for a second, “You are plenty pretty, but I am a married, straight woman. If I was a lesbian and you were doing this, I would already be on you.”

I tried to contain myself, but really I felt the heat in my pants, I suddenly wanted her to jump on me, I wanted to feel her flesh against my own, I wanted her to taste me. I swallowed hard, not knowing what to do. Should I stop? Should I test myself? What would I do if she did jump on me? Would I be consumed with desire?

I licked my lips and decided I would test her more, to see what she was willing to do. I rippled more water against her, but let my hand move further up so the tips of my nails just grazed against her nipples under the bubbles.

Her quick intake of breath told me that she was not kidding, this really did excite her. I found my free hand moving to my own thigh, and I lightly caressed myself. Was I really getting this hot over her? Over another woman? Sandi was beautiful, dark hair, deep brown eyes and a wonderful body. Had I been a man, I would want her. But I am a woman, I had no idea she could make me so hot.

My desire to tease her grew, the feel of her hardened nipple under my nail, and the quick breath coaxed me further. I bladed my hand, rested the tips of my nails between her breasts, then slowly drew a line down her body, stopping just above her waistline, “You okay, Sandi?”

She shifted ever so slightly, “Yeah Laurie, I’m good. But, you might want to stop doing that, for both of us.”

I smiled and moved my hand in a small circle over her stomach, “Will something bad happen?”

Her whole body seemed to shudder in her own excitement, “Let’s just say, you would be the first woman I touched, and I would completely ravage you. And that is not good, that is bad.”

Although she told me to stop, she made no sign of wanting me to. Whether from desire or complete confusion, I wasn’t sure. But, my hand was so close to my own crotch I could feel my heat upon it, and my other moved just a bit lower on her soft body.

I looked to her as I pressed my hand fully upon her skin, her eyes sparkled in the light, and her lips were full, her breathing shallow. I decided if I was ever going to be daring enough to enjoy another woman this would be it. I shifted, releasing my own pussy, and slid that hand over her cheek, following slowly with my lips, kissing her soft skin.

I felt her lips kissing at my own cheek before her hand slid from the water to my face and ever so slowly she moved my lips to her own. Time stood still for me as I took her kiss in, it was like a magical device that I always wanted and never knew about. When she offered her tongue I took it without hesitation, and for several moments our lips and tongues remained entwined.

As we parted from each other our hands lingered on the cheeks of one another, like a slow motion movie. She moved my hand off her body and moved herself to rest upon her knees in the tub. Her breasts were magnificent. She wasn’t large by any means, but perfectly round and supple. Her nipples peeked out at me from the bubbles in front of them. The water cascaded down her midsection exposing her fit belly, and the top of her trimmed bush.

She slid her hand bursa sınırsız escort behind my head and moved toward me, her lips passed my own and kissed at my ear, her voice was soft, and seductive to me, “I’ve never wanted a woman before, never thought of it until now. It is so wrong.”

It was wrong, we were both married women, both happy with our lives, but the sheer ecstasy between us was unbreakable. I kissed at her as I replied, “Yes Sandi, but I can’t leave without having you.”

Her lips closed on the lobe of my ear and her hands moved to my blouse, her fingers stealthily unfastening the buttons, opening up the front of my shirt. The air was warm on my skin and I could feel my nipples hard beneath the silk cloth of my bra. Sandi traced a line on my sides as her hands went around me and she skillfully unfastened my bra. Goosebumps cursed through me as the flimsy fabric left my body and she pressed her wet breasts against my own.

Slowly we managed to stand locked in one another’s arms, both mouths kissing at each other’s ears.

She pulled back and looked at me, her beautiful eyes locked on mine, her breath heavy, and the water dripping from her tight body. What a view! She lifted her hand and traced my lips with her thumb and whispered, “Follow me to my bed.”

I nodded, resisting my urge to kiss her soft lips and watched her step out of the tub. Her movements where like a goddess as she walked in front to me, her hand in mine. I let my eyes take her in, her dark wet hair stopping at her mid back, the shape of her spine down to her lovely ass. Her legs toned and slim, her little feet leaving wet footprints to our destination. How sexy she was as she walked, how I wanted to grab a hold of her and caress her.

As we entered the bedroom she waited for me to walk past her then closed the door behind us. The cooler air touched our bodies and we looked to one another to warm it. I moved my hand to the back of her neck and pulled her to me, caressing her lips with my own, our breasts tight against one another.

I let my mouth fall to her chin then her neck tasting every inch of her I could. Slowly I released her and began to work my way behind her, letting my hands move under her ample breasts as I pressed my chest against her back, her wet hair dipping down my body.

I moved us back, closer to the bed as I suckled on her earlobe, my fingers moving down her smooth stomach and lightly touching her soft mound. I moved us further back and fell upon the bed, my lips being removed from her body. I brought them back to her, kissing at her lower back, tracing her spine with my tongue.

I held her hips and pulled myself further on to the bed, spreading my legs for her to nestle between them, my fingertips swirling her pubic hair as we positioned ourselves, her legs spreading wide and hooking over mine. Her words were almost silent, “Please.”

I knew what she wanted and I was not going to hesitate to give it to her. I slid my hand to her neck, holding her head on my shoulder and let a finger slide between her folds, slowly sliding it up and down to tap against her clit. She cooed and I slipped my finger deep inside her hot box, then added another and pressed my thumb tight against her clit.

Her hips began to rock against me and I moved my fingers faster, pumping her love hole and tapping her button rapidly. I held her close to me as she cried out, her sweetness running over my fingers. Oh god it was a wonderful feeling! The way her box squeezed on my fingers, the way her chest heaved, the sound of her moans, it drove görükle escort me wild knowing I was giving her such pleasure.

Her hand dropped down on mine and she held it tight against her sex, her head turning back to meet my lips and we kissed deeply. When she broke free from my lips she whispered, “Lay back for me.”

I smiled as I released her from my grip and laid my body upon the soft bed. Sandi stood, walked around the bed, and then knelt on the bed close to my side. Her face flush, her chest still moving rapidly, “I want you so bad.” Her fingertip circled one nipple then the other. Her eyes stayed upon mine as she ran the fingertip down my stomach and then flicked the button of my pants releasing it. The sound of my zipper unclicking was almost torture as it moved slowly down my pants. Her fingers hooked my waist band and I lifted myself for her to remove them from my body. I bit my lip as her eyes moved from mine down my body to my pink panties.

Sandi leaned down and kissed my thigh, then began to move her lips up toward my wet pussy, I could feel how hot I was, how wet I was and I knew she could see it through my panties. Her mouth moved between my legs and pressed against my box through the fabric. The hot air of her breath made my legs spread further and a moan escaped my lips.

She blew on me through the cotton a few times then slid her fingers under the waistband and slid them down my legs. I didn’t even think of resisting in any way, allowing my legs to close just enough for the panties to slide down them then spreading myself for her as soon as I could when they left my feet.

Sandi’s mouth moved back to my love box and she slowly kissed my smooth shaved skin. I ran a finger along her back and she kissed at me causing my hips to move toward her. Then her tongue flicked over my folds and I let the loud moan of ecstasy be heard.

I could hear her giggle at my reaction and she lifted a leg over my head, setting her knees on each side of me. Just as my finger moved up to caress her little ass her mouth closed on my box. My hips bucked up to meet her, rotating against her as her tongue dipped into my pussy. I lifted my head to taste her, I wanted to taste her like she was tasting me. Damn she was sweet, so sweet and tangy! I licked at her pussy like a mad woman as I held her ass tight.

What a great feeling it was to be there with my friend, out bodies entwined, hands holding each other’s asses, breath hot, bodies wet and wiggling as we tongue fucked one another. I couldn’t get enough of her, my tongue flicked and dipped then swirled over her clit before slipping it back inside her love hole. Her moans vibrated off my folds, her mouth kissed and sucked on me, her tongue darted inside me and I began to buck against her face. I could feel my stomach beginning to clench and in a loud gasp I released on her tongue. My pussy squeezed and released several times and my body shook. She cried out as I came and her nectar flowed over my lips and into my waiting mouth, her ass clenching against my fingers as we orgasmed together. What a wonderful and explosive delight having her cum with me, feeling her orgasm as my own body released upon her.

I had to drop my head to the pillow and I felt hers fall to my thigh. We laid there for some time lightly caressing one another, our breathing heavy against each other. Then she unsaddled me and crawled up to face me. She kissed my lips and smiled, “That, was amazing.” She kissed me again and we held each other for some time.

I will never forget the first time we touched and I doubt any time after has reached that excitement, the thrill of finally being together even though we never thought we wanted to. Our urges to touch one another are still very powerful and we greatly enjoy the time we have together. Perhaps someday we will let our spouses know what we do when we are alone, but not yet.

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