Consoling Simone

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Simone and Dean had been seeing each other for a little over two months. Things were serious, talk about moving in together had been on the agenda lately. On Tuesday night, they were embracing and kissing on her bed, tongues hungrily entwining when Dean pulled away and asked Simone what one of her fantasies were. Simone was head over heels in love with Dean and felt she could confide anything to him.

“C’mon baby,” Dean egged her on, “I want to know your deepest darkest fantasies.”

“Okay.” She pecked him on the lips and laid her head back on the pillow. “Well, I’ve often fantasised of a threesome, me with two other guys. While one is fucking me, I would be sucking the other one off, my body getting attention from four hands other than my own, and mainly on my tits. You know how horny they get, baby,” she said as she shot him a look that would melt ice.

“Yes, I do,” Dean sneered. “So tell me, do you have any two particular guys in mind?”

Simone sensing Dean wasn’t over-thrilled with her admission decided to answer this as diplomatically as she could. “Well, er, not really. Two faceless guys, I guess.”

“What the fuck?” Dean’s tone stunned Simone as he pulled back from her. “You mean to tell me, you want to be fucked in the pussy by one guy and fucked in the mouth by another at the same time and you don’t give a fuck who they are? Why don’t you just go for the trifecta and get your arse fucked as well! Fuck me, you didn’t even say I would be one of them.”

“No, no, I didn’t mean it like that. I just meant that I had nobody in particular in mind. I’ve had this fantasy long before we got together.” Simone was trying desperately to defend herself but she knew she was losing control of the conversation. “Of course you’d be one of them. Please baby, you’re getting it all wrong!”

“Seems pretty clear-cut to me. You want to be a fucking whore! How could I possibly move in with a slut? No correction: How could I possibly be even dating a slut?” Dean’s words cut right at Simone. “I gotta get outta here, I need some time to think.”

“Are you serious?” Simone couldn’t believe it. Her shock was turning into annoyance. “You ask me my deepest darkest fantasies and then you want out? It’s just a fantasy, something that will probably never ever happen! Jeez, don’t you have those?”

“Yeah, I was going to tell you, too. It was a one-on-one fantasy. One I wanted to act out…with you! See ya later, you two-bit slut!”

Dean raced down the stairs and headed for the front door of her one bedroom townhouse.

“Dean!” Simone yelled out.

It was too late, the front door had slammed shut. She lied back on the bed dumbfounded. She felt cheap and vowed she would never confide another fantasy to a lover again.


It was Friday afternoon and still no word from Dean. Simone’s heart felt heavy but knew it was not her place to make first contact. She resorted to the fact she had been dumped and it was time to seek out some company; after all, Friday night was a night prone to more moping. She rang up one of her closest friends.

“Hello?” a voice asked.

“Oh hi, Mr. B,” Simone said, “is Jules about?”

“Well hi there, princess. Yes she is, and hey where’s my rent?” Julie’s father asked playfully.

This was an ongoing joke between them because Simone spent a fair bit of time over at Julie’s house that she shared with her father and brother.

She let a giggle out into the phone and said, “Well, I haven’t been there all week.”

“Ah okay, guess I’ll let you off then. That boyfriend of yours must be keeping you busy. See you later, beautiful. I’ll get Julie for you.” And with that Simone heard him call out to Julie before she even had a chance to respond.

Ray Bennett was right. Simone is beautiful. The nineteen year-old could’ve easily been a model with her 5’7″ height and slender, tanned figure. With a perky C cup breast size and an angelic face that is crowned by a long blonde wavy mane that almost reaches the small of her back, Simone herself wondered what any children bore with Dean would have looked like as he was 6′ tall with a solid muscular build, a mop of dark curly hair and deep brown eyes. Simone’s eyes are blue but the wonder of any offspring’s appearance now seemed pointless.

“Thanks Daddy.”

Simone heard Julie say that as he passed her the phone. Simone loved her friend dearly but the way she called her father “Daddy” made Simone cringe sometimes. She was nineteen, as well for godsakes, a little old to be calling him that still, Simone thought.

“Hi babe, where’ve ya been?” asked Julie.

“Hi, yeah sorry, been a bad week. Dean and I broke up on Tuesday.”

“Oh my god, why? And why didn’t you call me? Get your ass over here, girl,” Julie demanded, “and lets go out! Luke told me about a hot band playing at Images tonight. Come along, it’ll do you good.”

Luke, Julie’s twenty-one year-old brother always made Simone feel a little uncomfortable. Not because of any attention nişantaşı escort he gave her, in fact the opposite, he hardly acknowledged her existence, which Simone wasn’t used to from the opposite sex. She felt compensated, though, as Julie’s father certainly noticed Simone. She caught ‘Mr. B’ leering at her quite a few times.

Ray Bennett’s wife had left him about three years ago. Simone never asked why, didn’t seem her business, but she did enjoy provoking this forty-four year-old man’s gazes. After all he was fit, handsome and charismatic, quite a hunk for his age. His tan was evident, too, which he acquired probably as the greenskeeper at the local golf club. He also has been the focus of many a masturbation session for Simone and she often thought Julie’s mother must have been nuts to leave the man.

“Aw, no thanks, Jules. I’m not in the mood for partying tonight, plus Alicia asked me to help out at the salon early in the morning. Fussy bride and her four bridesmaids coming in. You go ahead, though, and have a good time.”

“No way,” said Julie. “Well, just come over and hang with me then. I wasn’t all that fussed on going out. I just thought it might be what you needed. Come on, come over. It’ll just be Daddy and me home and he’ll probably just be parked in front of the TV most of the night anyway.”

“Okay then, if you’re sure?”

“Yes, I’m freeking sure. Get yourself over here!”

“Okay, I’ll just take a quick bath first, been on my feet all day, they’re aching like hell. Plus, I feel hot and sticky, what a scorcher!” Simone said after a long day as an apprentice hairdresser.

“Tell me about it, this kinda heat is unbearable. Okay babe, no hurry but you better come,” urged Julie.

“I will, I promise. Thanks Jules.”

“No probs babe, later.”



The heat hadn’t subsided by dusk. Simone opted for her sky blue hugging mini hiding a white g~string with a white, tight-fitting crop top that had a plunging keyhole. This gave a generous view to her braless cleavage. She slipped on a pair of flat sandals that showed off her red toe nail polish to match her fingernails. Her toes were also adorned with toe rings while keeping other accessories and make-up brief. She looked in the mirror as she sprayed a light fragrance all around her, not forgetting her cleavage, and gave herself a sexy nod of approval. She couldn’t help but think about ‘Mr B’ as she checked herself out. Not overly done she thought, just right.

Julie heard Simone’s car pull up and met her at the front door. Julie had a more voluptuous build than Simone and was about two inches shorter. Her red hair was also shorter than Julie’s, although still went just past her shoulders. She, too, had a glowing tan and was wearing very short, hipster denim shorts exposing her diamond belly-piercing and a faded mauve bikini top, barely covering her D cup breasts.

“Hi babe! You look gorgeous, Simmy. Come in, I bought us a present.” Julie was her usual bubbly self.

“Thanks Jules, you’re looking pretty summery yourself. To be honest, I feel like crap but presents always cheer me up. Does it sparkle?” she asked playfully as she followed Julie’s quick steps into the kitchen.

“Well, depends how many you have, I guess,” she giggled as she pulled a bottle of bourbon out of a brown paper bottle take-away bag.

“Oh cool,” Simone said, “but remember, I gotta work in the morning.”

“It’s okay, we’ll get started early so we can finish early,” Julie said with a wink.

“Well hi there, princess,” Ray said as he bent over from behind Simone and gave her a kiss on the back of her head while she was perched on a kitchen stool after slipping off her sandals. Ray lingered as this gave him the perfect view of her deliciously tanned melons.

“Mmmm, I smell gardenia, my favourite flower,” Ray breathed in. Simone felt her breasts rise and her nipples stiffen.

“Oh, hiya Mr B, hi Luke,” Simone said as Luke walked in right behind his father, jingling his car keys in his hand.

“See ya’s later,” Luke said as he grabbed his mobile phone off the bench top, once again not even acknowledging Simone’s greeting, much to her disappointment. What’s with that guy? she thought.

As if Julie was reading Simone’s thoughts, she said, “Don’t worry ’bout him, babe, he’s a prick. Most guys are selfish arseholes, I’m sure.”

“Hey, that’s enough of that language and the bullshit,” Ray said winking at Simone.

“Well they are, Daddy. I mean take Dean…he must be totally tapped to have dumped Simmy.”

“Okay,” said Ray opening the refrigerator, “that’s my cue to grab a beer and leave you two to it for a while, but for what it’s worth,” Ray looked Simone right in the eye then down slowly, pausing on her breasts, perusing her hips then breathing in heavy while he studied her long, smooth, shiny legs, “Jules is right…that’s boy’s a fuckwit to let you go.” He finally breathed back out and his eyes darted back up to her eyes. Simone blushed, kağıthane escort feeling like she had just been eye-fucked.

With that, Ray left and went into the next room.


Simone told Julie she appreciated her thinking that her ex-boyfriend was an idiot for dumping her and that she was better off without him, but that comment didn’t really help her right now and suggested they make a deal to not talk about Dean tonight. She just needed to escape it all for a while.

After quite a few drinks and giggles, Julie demanded Simone stay the night. She would instantly lose her license if the police were to breathalise her.

“Come on, let’s go to my room and finish this baby off. I’ll bring some ice for the cola. That way we don’t have to keep coming out here,” said Julie.

“Night night, Daddy, we’re off to bed.”

Julie bent down and kissed Ray on the forehead.

“Goodnight girls, don’t keep me awake all night with the giggling.”

Simone swore she caught him give his own daughter a sexy wink when he said that or was she just feeling heady? Nonetheless, Simone let out a giggle and felt her breasts jiggle as she said goodnight to Mr. B. She did feel disappointed he hadn’t been a bigger part of their evening. She craved more attention from him, especially after being dumped so easily by Dean.

Julie touched her bedside lamp to the dullest setting rather than put the light on and left her bedroom door open just a bit. Simone started to give their glasses a refill including adding some ice.

“Oh, it’s still so fucking hot! I need to cool down, gimme some of that ice, Simmy.”

Instead of waiting for her friend to hand her some, Julie grabbed a couple of cubes herself and ran them down her neck, down her cleavage and then inside her bikini top. Simone sat on the side of the bed and her eyes were fixed on Julie.

“Ooh yeah, that feels so good, you should do it,” Julie said as she rubbed the ice all over her nipples, which were still inside her bikini top, although it was becoming more and more saturated now in parts. Her erect nipples looked sexy as hell, Simone thought.

“Yeah I, uh, I am kinda hot,” Simone stammered as she too grabbed some ice and skipped running it down her neck and just went straight for her white crop top. These two friends had never been intimate with each other before but as Simone’s white top was becoming more like a sheer second skin revealing her deep pink areolas and erect nipples, Julie found herself licking her lips.

“You sure are,” Julie giggled. “Here, lie down and let me help you cool down some more.”

Julie grabbed some more ice. She put some of the ice in her own mouth and put a cube in Simone’s mouth and then trailed another cube from just under Simone’s chin slowly down her neck and cautiously approached her wonderful breasts. Simone felt giddy and confused. She was so horny and craved the pending intimacy with one of her best friends.

Simone had another fantasy she probably would’ve been better off confessing to Dean. She had fantasised about being with another female many times but was wondering now if her alcohol intoxication was making her use wrong judgement? She decided the answer to that was no, that she needed some tender loving care and thought fuck it, this feels good, I’m going with it.

As if Julie was reading her mind again, she said “Relax Simmy, I’m just trying to make you feel good, you deserve it.”

As Julie moved toward Simone’s hard nipple with the ice, she moved her face in toward Simone’s. Still with ice in her mouth, she softly brushed her lips on Simone’s. Julie noticed Simone had closed her eyes so she decided to make the kiss a little more open and passionate. Simone responded, her back was arching and they were now exchanging ice into each other’s mouths.

It only escalated from there. Julie was now cupping Simone’s breast as much as her small hand could hold. Their kiss melted the ice between them but their tongues swirled in the wettest and hottest kiss Simone had ever experienced. All this while, Julie’s hand was now giving both of Simone’s tits attention.

“Mmmm, oh Julie, you are making me feel so good. I want to make you feel good, too,” Simone said as she tucked a lock of Julie’s hair behind her ear. “This ice is making me feel so hot,” she giggled.

And with that, Simone nibbled on Julie’s ear then began kissing down her neck and chest. She felt amazed how soft and supple Julie’s skin felt. It felt beautiful. Julie assisted by moving the small and now wet, mauve triangular material covering her erect nipples to either side of her breasts. Her nipples were much larger and a little browner in colour than Simone’s. Julie threw her head back, giving Simone the green light to nibble and suck at her beautiful tits. Simone kissed open-mouthed all over one breast then traced her tongue around Julie’s areola before she started to suck gently on her nipple.

“Oh fuck Simmy, that feels beautiful.”

“Mmmm osmanbey escort looks beautiful and tastes beautiful, too, Jules.”

“I want to taste you, Simmy. Let me taste you, please?” Julie begged.

“You mean?”

“Yes Simmy, I want to taste your pussy.”

“Oh God, yes Julie, I’d love that. Let me just give these luscious tits some more attention first.”

“Mmmm, sure, I love it,” Julie said as she slightly lifted her bum off the bed to remove her unzipped shorts, revealing she had not been wearing any underwear.

Simone looked down while still sucking Julie’s nipple to see a totally waxed pussy then back up to Julie and smiled with her tongue still on the nipple. Simone suspected Julie had planned this and not only that, that she was experienced with girl-on-girl action. After just a little more sucking and licking, Julie leaned on one elbow.

“C’mon Simmy, let’s get you more comfortable,” Julie said tenderly as she reached around with one hand behind Simone and unclasped the button of Simone’s skirt and proceeded to unzip it.

Julie gently tugged on the skirt and Simone cooperated by lifting her hip off the bed, allowing Julie to drag the skirt down Simone’s long legs and remove it completely, discarding it on the floor behind her, not taking her eyes off Simone’s sensational figure.

“Oh my god, babe…nice lacy g.”

“Thanks,” she responded. What else could she say?

Julie crouched over Simone while on all fours and gently caressed one of Simone’s breasts still in the transparent crop top then slowly moved her hands down the side of Simone’s body, enjoying the indentation of her waist, running one hand across Simone’s taut tummy then running both hands over her hips, complimenting her friend’s sexy curves in a soft voice that was seducing and exciting Simone even more so. Julie then gently pulled down the sides of Simone’s g~string, as if waiting for some argument but Simone cooperated again by lifting her legs in the air, bent at the knees. Julie was thrilled to see that Simone also took great care of her pussy, sporting a neatly trimmed Brazilian.

Simone watched Julie stare intently at her pussy. Their eyes met for one second.

“I know what you need, babe,” Julie finally said.

Julie parted Simone’s legs and gracefully started kissing her stomach, licking around her belly button, and slowly trailed down around her pussy lips and finally daring her tongue to lick along Simone’s slit. Simone couldn’t control the anxiety she was feeling and with arched back and head thrown back was letting out quick, high-pitched gasps.

Julie then started to make them long slow licks up and down her wet slit. Her tongue made entry seeking Simone’s cherry, unplucked by another female.

“Oh fuck, Simmy, you are so succulent, mmmm.”

“Oh my fucking god Jules, lick my clit babe, tongue fuck me.”

So Julie’s tongue gave Simone’s clitoris quick licks and flicks driving Simone wild, her gasps turning into louder moans, her clit swollen now and begging to be tongue-poked and sucked.

Just then a creaking noise made Simone and Julie look up. It was the bedroom door opening even more so.

“And what are my two princesses getting up to, huh?”

Ray’s voice felt like a clap of thunder to Simone.

Simone gasped in horror. She froze and felt like she had sobered up with a jolt. She shot Julie a look to see her reaction and hoping she would handle the situation.

“Oh hi Daddy, we were just having some playtime,” Julie said with a giggle.

Simone couldn’t believe what she just heard. Julie wasn’t worried her dad just busted them together? That her dad had just found her 99.9% naked? What the fuck was going on around here? Simone wondered.

“It’s okay, Simmy, Daddy doesn’t mind if I play with dolls, do you Daddy?”

“No, in fact, I fucking love it, and you are one hot doll, Mona.” He was referring to Simone. “How ’bout giving Daddy a little bit of playtime, too?” Ray asked as he slowly strode toward Julie and ran his hand along the top of her head.

“That okay with you, Simmy?” Julie asked.

“Oh, uh sure, I guess,” she answered, still feeling a bit dazed. Then, “Do you mean with me or with you?” Simone asked Julie, who in turn looked up at her father.

“How about we all play? Julie’s my little girl, but tonight I’d like to adopt you as a second daughter, Mona,” Ray said.

Simone couldn’t believe it but this incestuous scene was overwhelming her with desire, making her even more wet than she was before. The forbidden aspect of it combined with the thought that she might get screwed by Mr. B was exhilarating.

“Uh huh, okay,” was all Simone could manage to say.

Ray bent down and kissed Simone on the lips, slipping his tongue in and out.

“You been teasing me for awhile now, baby doll. How would you like to see what you do to me every time you visit?” he asked Simone.

Simone didn’t answer right away but she watched as he slipped off his boxer shorts exposing a hard, seven-inch cock. He held it with his right hand.

“How would you like to taste what you do to me, baby doll?”

Simone looked at his erection with hunger. What a perfect cock, she thought, and she couldn’t wait to feast on it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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