Controlled Release

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You arrive home after a long week of incessant work. The weekend has finally come. The tasks of the day are still fresh in your mind as you try to distract yourself with some music. All week you have tended to the whims of others, constantly addressing the issues of superiors and peers in the workplace. Always having to maintain the façade of an alpha, dictating the course of your workday. Your shoes are kicked toward the door and you silently wish for someone to take control of you, to own your mind, and give you the sweet release you crave. You relish in the idea of having your release be controlled by the will of another.

The splatter of a hot shower snaps you out of your dream state as you stare at your reflection in the mirror. You peel off your outfit and appreciate the way your underwear hugs your developed body. Countless hours at the gym have toned and shaped your torso and hips. Your soft hands caress your sides and graze the front of your panties, lingering oh so slightly over your pantie clad pleasure points. Steam begins to cloud the mirror as the shower heats up and you slip off your bra and panties, revealing your rock hard nipples and clean-shaven mound. You can already feel the moisture building in your pussy as you anticipate the pleasure that is to come.

Hot water caresses your face and body, cascading down your breasts and legs. You carefully wash your hair then begin to soap your body. Your slippery hands wander to your pert nipples and you slowly knead and twist them both, sending shocks straight to your pussy. You can feel little spasms between your legs as your ministrations become more aggressive, pinching them with more force. Pinch, release, twist, release, massage and knead. Soon you find yourself squeezing your thighs together unconsciously, your pussy yearning for attention. The soap has all but rinsed off and your nipples can feel the creases of your fingers as they continue their sweet torture. The heat of the water has sensitized your skin, causing your nipples to tingle and your pussy to swell. Your swollen clit pushes its way between your lips, forming a little nub at the apex of your pussy. A single finger slides between your lower lips and confirms the slipperiness of your arousal. You run your finger over your tongue and savor your own nectar. It has been a while since you have let your mind explore the pleasures of not being in control.

Your finger rubs back and forth along your slit slowly, lightly grazing your hungry clit. Teasing you in the way that you know your body enjoys. Soon your pleasure will be out of your control. This excites you to no end. You begin to slowly grind your hips as you feel the familiar heat build, but you will not cum yet. That will be saved for later. You let the stream of the shower head tease your nipples and clit as you soap a washcloth. The drumming of the stream nearly distracts tuzla escort you but you regain focus. Using the washcloth, you roughly scrub your nipples and pussy, sensitizing those areas for the next step in your night of stress relief. Once nice and sensitive, you rinse your delicate body and towel dry. You head to your bed with slightly damp hair, taking a final glance at your well-formed ass in the mirror. You know that when you reach your bed, you will hand over the reins of control and assume the obedience of a well-behaved girl.

As your roll onto your back on your comforter clad bed, you allow your mind to become free of inhibitions. Your psyche is now one that is no longer in control, released from the constraints of your work and of society. Your focus is now solely on that of being obedient and earning the orgasm you crave.

You will lie on your back on top of your comforter, uncovered, and exposed. Knees up and apart, with feet flat to the bed. Your open sex will point to the door, a reminder that you are vulnerable and not in control. Self-discipline is key as this will not be easy without it. You pride yourself on this ideal. Your limits of self-control will be tested today.

Your knees are to remain apart at all times. The apprehension of what is to come causes your juices to leak from your slit and slowly trail their way over your rear hole and into your crack. Enjoy the tickling sensation. Savor it. Own your sexuality. Turn your attention to your breasts and nipples. Run your fingernails lightly around the areola and nipple of your left breast. Watch your skin dimple as you carefully tickle the tip of your nipple with your nail. Squeeze your nipple and give it a twist. Now give your right nipple a twist. Pull it from your body, stretch it a little, and then return it to your body as you slowly massage your entire breast. Continue this as you enjoy the sensations it brings to your sex. Alternate rough and gentle stimulation. Keep your body guessing. After a few minutes, dip a single finger into your dripping slit and get each nipple covered in your juices. Let your fingers slide over them as you massage your arousal into your tits. Enjoy the feeling of the friction caused by your fingers. Coat your fingers in your fluid once again and bring them to your mouth. Run your fingers across your lips and tongue. Good girl. Stick two fingers into your mouth and clean them, swirling your tongue around them. Enjoy the feeling of your tongue on your fingers and imagine a tongue doing the same to your clit. Suck them clean like your life depended on it. Your pulse increases as you feel that familiar fire within. You understand that this loss of control is part of the thrill, freeing you of everyday responsibility and of judgment.

Now it is time to give some attention to your hungry slit. Slowly trail your fingers along your inner thighs, inching pendik escort slowly toward your warm hole. Tease along each side of your pussy, slowly spreading your juices across the front of your pussy. Make a mess with your nectar. Your pussy is just a tool for you to achieve orgasm. No penetration yet. You have not earned it. Feel the trail of slippery fluid that leads over your puckered back door. Follow that trail from your pussy down over your ass, crossing over your rear hole ever so lightly, teasing it gently with slight pressure. The taboo of it makes you shiver. You finally reach your crack where your juices have formed a nice wet spot on your bed. Its coolness can remind you of how horny you have been all week. Imagine a tongue servicing your pussy as you bring your fingers forward. Tease your lips apart, gently dipping in, testing the tightness of your opening, the wetness of your arousal. Stroke across your opening, think about how badly you need this release.

Once you are unable to handle any more teasing, slide two fingers deep. Coat your fingers in your fluids and get ready to tease your clit. Give yourself several slow deliberate thrusts, feeling the walls of your pussy stretch to accommodate the invasion. Your pussy clamps reflexively around your fingers. This is what you have been obediently waiting for. Slowly rub circles around your clit until you cannot help but to moan, and let your pussy squeeze to show its approval. Your skin flushes and warms, your breathing becomes more ragged. When you feel the pleasure building, switch to rubbing your fingers forward and back over top of your clit, moving with an increasing pace and pressure as your orgasm grows within you. Each stroke sends jolts of pleasure to your core. Your pussy begins to clench as your orgasms near. Your hips start to gyrate as they lift off the bed, yearning for the friction that brings release. Feel your breath quicken and your heartbeat pound in your chest as you get close. Continue to stroke yourself to within seconds of orgasm. As you near the precipice, stop all stimulation. Do ot cum. Hands up and off your pussy. Let your hips fuck the air as you try to find that final contact to push you over the edge. It is ok to beg, plead, and ask for permission out loud. You bask in the vulnerability. Let the lust overwhelm you. Slow your breathing. Come down from the edge. You did great.

Your poor pussy is now swollen and throbbing. Twitches cause your body and legs to move uncontrollably as you recall how close you were. Your sweet juices are now running freely over your ass into your crack. You have wanted this for a long time, but know you have more to do before you earn your release. You are willing to do anything it takes to get permission to cum, as you know this is your favorite way to relieve your stress.

One hand will return to slowly rubbing your sensitive aydınlı escort clit, back and forth, front to back, gradually increasing pressure over your love button. Little pleasure spikes occur with each pass, drawing your orgasm back to the edge. Now is time to test your self-discipline. You have always been hesitant when it comes to your ass. You will tease your ass with your other hand, slowly rimming yourself, occasionally dipping into the opening. Focus on these sensations. Gradually add pressure to both fingers, until you get closer to orgasm but continue to maintain control. You will earn your orgasm. Dip the tip of your finger into your ass, feeling the stretch of your muscle around your digit. Gently thrust the tip into your ass, fucking yourself slowly as you continue to massage your clit. Feel your ring stretch with each thrust. Speak aloud about how badly you need to cum. How your pussy is hot, wet, and wanting more. Offer your mouth, pussy, and ass as tribute to be allowed to cum. Let the room hear your lust and desire. Now beg to cum, plead. Let it all out. Tease yourself as though someone were holding your orgasm hostage. Slow down on your clit if you get too close, but keep playing with your ass. Keep yourself teetering near the edge. You are doing well, almost there.

You will say thank you repeatedly when your pussy is allowed to cum. You will continue to repeat this throughout the spasms and tremors of your orgasm until your body is wrung dry of all the pleasure it has to offer. Repeat the instruction out loud. Now begin your final task. Keep those knees apart and begin to bring yourself closer to the edge of orgasm. Feel your skin warm and heart pound. Let the spasms come, welcome them. Get yourself to the point that you are willing to do anything to be allowed release. Plead and beg aloud. 10 seconds. Keep begging. Let the world hear how badly your pussy needs it.











Cum. Keep rubbing your clit and ass. Rip another orgasm out of your wet pussy. Feel your back arch as your ass lifts off the bed and you cum to the core of your being. You earned it and you deserve it. Become consumed by the sensations. Continue the stimulation until you are begging for it to end.

Say thank you until your body is reduced to a continuous spasm. Your pussy and ass will clench as you cum but you will fight to keep your knees apart. The completeness of your orgasm overwhelms you. Your nakedness, position, and vulnerability amaze you. Never have you enjoyed your ass being teased during play, but you are an example of obedience. You have been duly rewarded as such. Slowly stroke your clit as you come down. Allow your orgasm to slowly subside as your breathing returns to normal.

When you are ready, you will return to the bathroom for another hot shower, taking care to appreciate your beauty and independence. You are recharged and ready to assume the role of a person who is in control, looking forward to the next time you get to surrender your mind and body to sweet release.

Good girl.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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