Controlling My Boyfriend Ch. 05

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We are at her apartment and she is not happy with the idea of moving all of her things to my house, but it isn’t as if she has any real choice in the matter. Trash bags are used for her clothing and she has plenty of boxes for everything else. Once you subtract the clothing, she doesn’t have many items and it’s nice to know she travels light.

We both got a few looks as we pulled in, but more so in my direction. It is difficult not to notice the dark stains on my knees and tits, which does draw the eyes. She gets flushed when someone stares at her tits, or any part of her body, but that will change in time. Chase was the same way at first and that turned out rather well.

The apartment manager has an angry look in his eyes as he watches with the knowledge that a lease is about to be broken. He’s an older man with bronze skin and a bit of a gut. I wonder how long it has been since he got laid. I know he’s married and his wife lives with him, which makes finding opportunities a little difficult.

Chase is placing the last box in the car and we are waiting in her apartment for him to return. Samantha has no idea what I have planned, but her nervous look tells me she is pretty close to being right. He enters and stares at his sister’s body with lust in his blue eyes and there is no hiding his erection.

I smile warmly as I command Samantha with very firm wording. “Lay on the bed and spread your legs for your brother.”

She shakes her head and her face flushes a wonderful shade of red as she says, “Please not here.”

I grin and ask, “Why wait for your brother to fuck you?”

There is a little tremble in her voice as she says, “Someone might catch us.”

My fingers caress her hard nipples through her shirt as I playfully say, “I know and I don’t care. Get on the fucking bed, or I’ll have your brother bend you over the car and fuck you out there.”

Daggers glare into my body, but she does not say anything. She pulls away from my touch and enters her bedroom, well what was her bedroom. Chase is entering the apartment after carrying the last box to the car and his eyes are locked on her cheeks as she slowly walks towards the stripped bed. He has left the front door open in anticipation for curious eyes to be called by the sound of sex that is about to start.

I look at him and say, “Go fuck your sister, hon.”

He grins and says, “About fucking time, babe.”

I laugh as I follow behind him and he drops his pants in the process of going to his sister. I watch their faces as he places his hips between her spread legs and love the way her face looks as he slowly enters her pink hole. Her fingers caress his back as she starts to moan softly from the slow rhythm of his hips as he starts to fuck her.

I turn away from the sight as I go to the front door and search out for someone to make this a little more interesting. There he is, the apartment manager that is now standing next to his wife and she is whispering angry things into his ears. They are both upset over this and he is starting to walk towards me.

It is a short walk and so far he is unaware of the soft moans coming from the bedroom. In the sunlight, his bronze skin glistens and I can overlook his belly. I smile at him and am met by a nasty glare, but that will change soon enough.

The moans are starting to get louder as he enters and demands, “Where is she?”

I smile warmly as I say, “Getting laid in the bedroom.”

His ears prick up at the sound of moans that are getting louder and says, “When she’s done, have her come over. She isn’t breaking the lease.”

I press my body to his and my hand caresses his dick. “Yes, she is, but we’ll make it worth your while.”

His dick is starting to harden and I know Gaziantep Eve Gelen Escort it isn’t particularly large as he says, “I’m married.”

I give a lecherous look and say, “That means you aren’t getting any. Why don’t you drop your pants and stay a while.”

He tries to pull away as he says, “Forget it. My wife will kill me.”

I start to undo his pants and say, “Only if she finds out. Has she ever sucked your dick?”

He is getting flustered as he asks, “What does that have to do with anything?”

I continue the slow release of his pants as her moaning is starting to get louder and say, “I’ll take that as a no. We will.”

His dark eyes widen and mutters, “We.”

I feel his dick release into my hands and say, “Me and Samantha. Once she’s done fucking, we’ll get on our knees and suck your dick.”

He shakes his head and is oblivious to the open door behind him. “I don’t know.”

I hold his gaze and press down on his pants and underwear as I say, “That’s a yes and it sounds like they’re just about finished in there.”

I take his hand and he waddles towards the bedroom at a complete loss for words. The only thing that’s on his mind is the pleasure he is about to receive from two women at the same time. Every guy wants to experience that and I have no problem sharing her.

Chase is just pulling out of his sister’s pussy as we enter and he roles onto his back. His dick is slick with his sister’s pussy and her hole is very visible. I can see some white on the pink and smile at the knowledge that it is her brother’s cum. My smile turns into a grin as I think about all of his cum deep inside of her pussy.

The apartment manager mumbles out, “Isn’t that her…”

I finish for him. “Brother. Fucking hot, right.”

Her blue eyes open at our words and they get very wide at the sight of her apartment manager staring between her spread legs. She looks terrified that she has been caught fucking her brother and knows there is no way to explain this away. I just wish it would have taken a little quicker to convince him to follow me into the bedroom, which means we could have watched a little more of the action.

My eyes move from the pink of her pussy to the blue of her eyes and say, “No time to rest. We’re both going to suck his dick.”

The shock has worn off and she snarls out, “How dare you bring him in here!”

My face is very steady as I say, “So he caught you fucking your brother. Get over it and get on your knees, Samantha.”

She scowls as she asks, “What the fuck is wrong with you?”

I smile slightly and say, “I’m a bitch, remember. It doesn’t matter that he caught you in the act. No one’s going to believe him and he didn’t bring his phone. No evidence. The only way to break the lease is if we suck his dick. Get your ass out of bed and onto your fucking knees.”

Reluctantly, Samantha gets out of the bed and moves down to her knees. I join her and find myself staring at a decent sized dick pointed at our faces under the bulge in his gut. My eyes move to his and he can’t decide which of us to settle on.

I open my lips and feel the head of his dick press against my tongue and close my mouth around his shaft. He lets out some soft moans as I start to move my head back and forth over his bronze shaft. Just as I am starting to build a rhythm, I release his dick to prevent him from cumming too quickly.

Her lips part and I watch as she picks up where I left off. Compared to her brother’s shaft, this is easy and there is hardly any stretching at all. She starts to gag herself on his dick and she is picking up the pace, which is something I do not want. When he cums, it will be in my mouth.

I pull her hair back and his dick withdraws from between her lips. My mouth takes him a little deeper and my speed increases. His moans are changing to grunts and I hold his head between my lips. My hands move up and down his shaft to bring my tongue to taste fresh cum.

I feel the first shot hit the roof of my mouth and soon taste the slimy wonder. It is a little saltier than I am used to, but that just adds to the pleasure I am receiving. More cum fills my mouth and I love that it is pressing against my lips in some attempt at escape.

The last of him shoots in and I am happy that it is over. One more shot of cum and it would have been impossible to hold it all in. I carefully pull my lips off of his head and feel a little escape, which cannot be helped. My lips close tightly and I look up to wait for his eyes to open.

Once he is staring at us again, I press my lips to hers and start to dribble cum into her open mouth. Samantha resists the moment, but it does not take long for her to accept the situation. Our kiss becomes very passionate and I know she is oblivious that she has an audience. Time is lost to us in the passion of the moment and I am starting to lose his taste.

I pull away, despite her best effort to keep the moment going and look up to see a wonderful look in his eyes. He has never seen anything like what he just witnessed, except in porn and I am glad to give the old man something special. There is no way he is going to be hard again any time soon and I wish we could do something else with him.

As I am getting off of the floor, he looks at Chase and says, “Lucky bastard.”

Chase smiles warmly as he says, “No argument from me. Nothing like having two women that suck and swallow.”

The old man grins and his bronze skin glistens in the light as he said, “I’d settle for one. What’s it like to fuck your sister?”

Chase’s smile turns to a grin as he says, “Nothing like it in the world. You should try it.”

He scowls and says, “My sister’s a fat bitch. Ain’t no way I’m fucking her. Guess I’m shit out of luck.”

Chase’s grin turns lecherous as he says, “Your daughter isn’t.”

He grins and clearly has no problem with the idea. “No she isn’t.”

We are driving away and I can feel the cum starting to dry on my lips. Samantha is very quiet and I am content to let her remain that way. My eyes are searching for opportunity as we make our way to the store and it is very frustrating to not find a single man to have some fun with. There are a few potentials that pop up as we drive, but nothing to make me want Chase to stop the car.

We are pulling into the lot and there are several cars around, which causes my eyes to continue to search out opportunity. There are a few people walking towards the store and a couple that are just leaving, but they are all women. I doubt men would have a problem with shopping if they knew someone like me was around. Now there’s an idea for any struggling store, offer handjobs and blowjobs if men come in and spend their money.

We enter the store without a single opportunity for me to have some fun and it’s very frustrating. I have been shopping here for years and know exactly where to take Samantha. I get a few looks from the marks on my knees and tits, but nothing I can use. I don’t bother with the dressing room, since I am using my eyes as I hold the clothing up to her body and quickly pick out a new wardrobe of white. She has not said anything about me choosing her clothes and I don’t bother to ask her opinion.

We are leaving as I spot the potential for fun between a couple of cars and hand the bags to Chase as I say, “Follow me, Samantha.”

Her face flushes as she follows my eyes and her voice sounds nervous. “Why?”

I grin as I say, “We’re about to end up on our knees again.”

I grab hold of her hand to ensure she does not pull away and start to move towards the small group of young men. The eight of them are a wonderful mix of colors that range from chocolate to ebony and we are about to make their day. All of them are staring at us as I wink at them and they cannot miss the signals that I am sending.

My eyes move across the wonderful selection as I ask, “You want to party with us?”

They nod as I pull her close to me and they all give me the answers I want to hear. Their eyes have tremendous lust in them as they all look at our tits. My hand lifts up my shirt to show them my hard nipples and then force Samantha’s up without giving her the choice. She tenses at the action, but doesn’t do anything to pull her shirt back down.

One of them asks, “Where’s the party?”

My grin widens a little more as I say, “Right here. We’re going to get on our knees and jerk off all of you.”

They are all grinning at the idea of what I have offered and guide Samantha to her knees. My owns knees hit the ground and our backs are pressed against each other. Not one of them is shy as they surround us and I see wonderfully erect dicks in front of my face.

My hands reach out for the first two and I love to see the contrast in colors between my pale flesh and their darker shafts. There are moans coming from above and behind as we both start to work our hands back. I enjoy the sensation of their hard flesh in my hands and always marvel at the sensation.

My brown eyes are moving across their faces and enjoy what my touch does. Their hard flesh feels wonderful in my hand as I stroke them both faster with all the intent of finishing them as quickly as possible. It is not about their waiting friends, but about my desire to feel fresh cum on my flesh.

The grunts are being heard from half of them as we work their dicks and I know Samantha is doing what I want. Their cum hits me on opposite sides of my cheeks and I move my head down to ensure my hair gets a proper coating from the remainder of their orgasms. Fresh cum feels wonderful as it drips down from my hair onto my face.

As soon as they are finished, their friends force them out of their way and I have two more dicks in my hand. I can only assume the same is happening behind me, since the moans are wonderfully in sync. The best was saved for last, since both hard dicks are very dark against my pale hands, though neither are as dark as what I had earlier.

I want to take my time with them, but my desire to feel more cum is too overwhelming. My grip tightens as I start to move my hands for all they’re worth and I can hear the tone changing. They grunt out as more cum hits my face and turn towards the darkest of the group to allow my lips to feel his powerful shots. I can feel the slimy substance dripping down my chin and it is hitting my tits.

Once I have no more hard dicks, my eyes hold theirs as my hands start to rub their cum against my face. There is plenty for a good coating and my hands move to ensure my nipples are completely covered. All of them still have their dicks out and not one can turn away from the show.

I stand and pull Samantha up once I am standing. Her face turns to mine and I love what I see. Their cum has not been spread around and her pale flesh has globs of white that are dripping down to her still revealed tits.

I pull her face to mine and there is no hesitation this time. Her lips part and my hands move to her firm cheeks. We slowly turn for the audience and they can all see the absence of her panties. Despite the passion of the kiss, my eyes stay open and I watch the faces of those we just pleasured. Seeing as how they were all good sports about playing along, I don’t believe my audience deserves any less than a long kiss between two women with faces covered in their cum.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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