Conversion Therapy

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After a long and exhaustive search, I have finally found the perfect boy to make my wife.

He is as pretty as any girl I’ve seen, with unblemished, milky-white flesh, pouty lips, and a round, little bubble-butt that gets me hard whenever I picture bending him over and ramming home my seven-incher. I just know he’ll take to my cock like a fish to water.

He is painfully shy to the extent he has difficulties meeting girls his age. He lives alone, rarely dates, and has a mild, submissive temperament. I am positive that once properly trained, he will bring me years of companionship and an infinite number of orgasms.

At the moment, he is unaware he is gay and of course, if he knew of my plans for him, he would most certainly flee this city and state, perhaps even the country, and hide somewhere I could never find him.

Ronnie works for me, and with only ten other employees, we have frequent contact. We speak every day, and I have gained his full trust and respect.

Most of my workers sit at desks all day staring at computer screens, and are accustomed to me standing behind them, giving them shoulder and neck massages to keep them relaxed, and focused on their jobs.

Ronnie, at first, was tense when I placed my hands on him; he was self-conscious of my attention. But when he observed me performing the same service for everyone else, he readily accepted my daily massages as part of his job.

Of course, what he doesn’t know is that everyone he works with is gay, and they are required to not only acquiesce to my massages but to also perform ‘extra-curricular activities’ with me as a routine part of their employment contracts.

Which makes me happy Ronnie came along when he did; I have grown tired and bored of casual sex with a number of young men. I am fond of Ronnie, and have developed an emotional attachment to him. In a few short days, he will have one with me, too.

I am currently finalizing plans for his two-weeks of what I like to call ‘Conversion Therapy,’ and immediately thereafter we will be married and he will forever belong to me.

You may ask: “How can you be so confident of taking a completely straight boy, and turning him gay?” and I would respond:

“Over the years, I have perfected my training methods and have had great success with several boys and young men…Johnny, Tommy, Timmy, Freddy-just to name a few…none of them understood their true sexuality until they went on a fishing trip with me to my cabin in the woods.”

Those boys took less than a week to turn, which will be true this time, as well, but since I have chosen Ronnie to be my bride, I will go into more detail and train him in the subtleties and nuances of becoming the best wife he can be.

Bradley returned from his assignment Thursday afternoon and assured me everything at the cabin was the way I had requested.

He is my second-in-command, and has been with the company longest of anyone. He is capable and deserving of taking over the reins when I leave.

“I’ve never seen you like this,” he said. “You really like this boy, don’t you?”

I laughed and said, “Yes…we will live happily ever after!”

“I’m a little nervous about becoming the boss here,” he said.

“Don’t be silly-you do more work around here than me,” I said. “The employees respect you-they will work hard for you…besides, you know how to reach me if you have any questions.”

I approached Bradley, smiled, and slowly ran my fingertip over his lips. He dropped to his knees and worked on opening my slacks.

“I can’t believe I won’t be doing this for you anymore,” he said as he pulled down my slacks and boxers, exposing my erection and balls to his view.

I chuckled and said, “Don’t worry-you’ll be coming over to the house for briefings and meetings…you’ll certainly be on your knees many, many times…maybe, I’ll even have my wife reciprocate for you.”

“That would be nice-he does have a pretty mouth,” said Bradley just before he slid his lips over my cockhead.

I slowly backed-up so I could rest against the desk and enjoy Bradley’s lips and tongue. He shuffled forward on his knees never losing my hardness from his mouth.

“By the way,” I said, “have you any applicants for his job?”

“Mmm-huh,” he mumbled.

“And don’t forget to move everything out of his apartment-he won’t be returning there,” I said before his sucking caused me to close my eyes and give in to his wonderful mouth.

“Mmm—huh,” he responded.

“M-M-Mister Harwood, you want ME to go on a fishing trip with YOU?” the cute boy asked with wide-eyed amazement.

“I feel bad about missing your birthday celebration last week…” I lied. “Turning twenty-one is a big day and I’m sorry I wasn’t there!”

“B-But you don’t have to do this for me, I mean, a whole week? You’re an important man-they’ll miss you around here!” he said in all seriousness.

“Bradley is more than competent to run this place when I’m not here…besides, I haven’t had a vacation in over a year, and I would consider it Casibom a personal favor if you joined me!” I said trying to sound as sincere as possible.

When I saw the redness flush over his face my heart melted. I wanted him more than ever. My penis became semi-erect inside my boxers.

“Tonight, pack a bag with whatever you’ll need, and bring it with you tomorrow-okay?” I said forcefully. I wanted him to understand that a request from his boss was more than a request.

“OH…uh, yeah, okay,” he said. “OH, thanks…uh, fishing with you will be fun-thank you for the invitation!”

I smiled at him and nodded and thought: the only fishing you’ll be doing son will be with your hand inside my pants!

When the boy left to return to work I briefly entertained the notion of either using Bradley’s mouth again, or have him drop his trousers and bend over, but decided I better preserve my strength for what was to come.

Ronnie has a strong work ethic, and is very predictable. I was waiting in my car at 7:45 the next morning, and true to form, he was 15 minutes early for work.

“Oh-uh, Hi Mister Harwood,” he said when he saw me.

“It’s such a beautiful day let’s leave now,” I said to him.

He blushed and said,” Are you sure-won’t they miss me inside?”

“They’ll have to make do without you-you’re all mine now!” I said, meaning every word of it.

I helped him load his bag in the trunk then took his keys and cell phone from him.

“We’ll keep these here,” I said. “We wouldn’t want to lose them in the lake, would we?”

“Uh, no…I guess not,” he replied.

On cue, Bradley came out the entrance and I gave him the keys and cell phone.

“Have fun,” he winked at me.

In a voice only he could hear, I said, “The next time you see me I’ll be a married man!”

He giggled and a broad smile spread across his face as he watched us drive away.

I always try to schedule my ‘fishing trips’ in the middle of July. The weather is hot, and the humidity is oppressive. It rains every day and to make matters worse, the air is thick with gnats and mosquitos. It is the perfect combination of NOT wanting to go outside.

An hour later I stopped at my usual diner for breakfast. Ronnie was still nervous about being alone with his boss; he had been clenching and unclenching his small fists the whole ride. I’m sure he was struggling to understand why suddenly, he, the newest employee in the company, was selected to accompany me.

We finished our meals and I handed him a dollar and said, “Go to the counter and get a newspaper, okay?”

“Oh-uh, yes, sir,” he replied.

When he left, I reached into my pocket for the vial of liquid, unscrewed the cap and poured the two-ounces of clear fluid into his half-full water glass. I had just returned the vial to my pocket when he returned.

“Okay, let’s get going,” I said cheerfully. “We only have an hour to go and we’ll be there…oh, Ronnie-drink your water-in this heat you must stay hydrated at all times!”

“Uh, yes, sir,” he said and dutifully drained every drop from the glass.

We made small-talk in the car. I praised his performance and told him he was a real asset to the company. I watched his face turn red from my gushing compliments. I patiently waited for the tell-tale signs the concoction I’d given him was taking effect.

About a half-hour later I heard him sigh, and watched him relax in the seat for the first time. His nervous ticks and twitches were gone. A slight, dreamy-smile formed on his pouty lips.

“You know, Ronnie,” I said. “I think you have a bright future with the company…if you apply yourself, and follow my advice-you have what it takes to become a leader…will you follow my advice, Ronnie?”

His face was flush; his eyes wide-open with a glazed expression.

“Oh, yes sir-I listen to everything you tell me-you are the smartest man I know!” he said will all due sincerity.

I felt my prick begin to harden. I reminded myself I had to take my time with him-to nurture and bring him along slowly. I didn’t want to spook or scare him…once we began having sex, I wanted him to believe it was consensual, maybe even his idea.

My cabin really is in ‘the middle of nowhere.’ I had to take many twists and turns thru the forest of tall trees before the lake came into view. I chuckled at the thought of Ronnie trying to find his way back to the main road, if he decided to try and leave me.

I heard his voice catch when the cabin came into view.

“Oh my, sir, it’s beautiful!” he exclaimed.

“And the best thing is the privacy…the nearest neighbor is two-miles away!” I impressed on him.

The Gods were smiling on me…just as we retrieved our bags from the trunk the heavens opened up and soaked us with a drenching rain. By the time we made it inside the cabin our clothes were thoroughly wet.

I quickly found two bath towels and said to him, “C’mon, get out of those clothes-we need to put on some dry things!”

He watched in wide-eyed amazement as Casibom Giriş I began stripping off my wet clothes.

“Uh, Mister Harwood, I, dunno-“

“RONNIE-you’re all wet and I don’t want you to get sick!” I said.

“B-But Mister Harwood-I mean…”

“RONNIE-QUIT BEING SO IMMATURE! DON’T MAKE ME REGRET BRINGING YOU HERE!” I scolded him. It had the desired effect, he immediately began undressing.

“I, uh-I’m sorry Mister Harwood, it’s just that I…uh…”

“You’ve never been naked with another man?” I finished his sentence for him.

His face went from red to a deep crimson.

“Well, uh, no…” he said softly.

When he was nude, I wrapped him in a towel and rubbed dry his deliciously taut and smooth young body.

His body stiffened when I pressed the towel to his crotch and dried his groin, but he didn’t protest or try to pull away from me.

When we were dry, I tossed him a pair of yellow, nylon gym shorts. I stepped into black boxers.

He looked at the shorts with incredulity, then to me, and hesitantly pulled the gym shorts up his slender legs. He had a bewildered look on his face when he discovered just how small the shorts were, but I acted as though nothing was wrong.

I wondered how long it would take for him to get an erection from the smooth material of the nylon firmly rubbing against his naked flesh.

He reached into his bag and pulled out a tee shirt. I stopped him before he put it on.

“Ronnie, it’s hotter than Hades in here, and the air conditioner wasn’t made for this kind of heat…we’ll be cooler without shirts,” I said.

“Oh…okay,” he said disappointedly.

I loved his sad expression…his wide-eyed innocence.

I saw him staring at the chess set on the table. Next to it was a stack of porno magazines Bradley set-out when he had prepared the cabin for our visit.

“Well, it looks like fishing is out for today-have you ever played chess?” I asked.

His eyes brightened and he eagerly replied, “Yes-I like playing chess!”

I directed him to sit on the sofa. He was somewhat surprised when I sat directly beside him, but he didn’t say a word. He quickly became accustomed to my bulk close to him.

We began playing, and I had a difficult time concentrating. I kept sneaking glances at his crotch waiting for the ED potion I’d given him to take effect. The potion is actually a mixture of an Erectile Dysfunction drug, and a strong muscle relaxer…it works every time.

I decided to help matters along by occasionally stroking his back and shoulders. He was already used to me doing it at work so he only flinched once when I first touched him.

It didn’t take long for a small, but noticeable bulge to form in his crotch. Every so often I placed my hand on his thigh and squeezed. He now wore a permanent flush on his face; his breathing intensified; and a thin sheen of perspiration covered his soft and creamy skin.

After I won two games, I said, “Ronnie, you seem tense…are you alright?”

He coughed and mumbled something I didn’t understand. Then I saw the wet stain on his shorts. He prick was oozing pre-cum.

“You know what might help you-a massage! See the table over there? C’mon, you’ll love it!”

He feebly protested when I took his hand. I chuckled as he tried to cover his excitement as I led him to the massage table.

“Lay down on your stomach,” I instructed him.

I helped him onto the table and positioned him for full advantage. I began slowly, on his neck and shoulders then moved down his back; kneading his girly-soft flesh. My own cock began to leak pre-cum.

I lightly brushed his buttocks then proceeded to his legs. By now he was totally relaxed. He imperceptibly began grinding his hard-on against the table. I figured I’d better make my move before he shot his load inside the shorts.

In one swift move, I took the waistband of his shorts in my hands and swiftly tugged them down his legs.

“M-M-Mister Harwood-what are you doing?” he cried out in a high-pitched squeal.

I peeled the shorts off his legs and tossed them on the floor. I had to place a hand on the small of his back to keep him from leaping off the table.

“I need to get at your sciatic nerve…relax, Ronnie, I think you’ll enjoy this,” I said. “Take a deep breath and close your eyes…”

My cock throbbed in my shorts as I squeezed, stroked and kneaded his tender buttocks. I forced his legs apart and thoroughly massaged his inner asscheeks.

At one point I couldn’t help myself: I pried apart his buttocks and stared at his virgin rosebud…soon to belong to me.

“Ohhhhh-ahhhhh…oh my, Mister Harwood, that feels so gooood!” he groaned.

I gave his butt a playful slap and said, “Time to turn over, son-let me do your front.”

He choked and coughed then I heard the panic in his voice.

“OH-NO-THAT’S-OKAY…I’m feeling a lot better now, thank you!”

“RONNIE-turn over-I’m not going to see anything I haven’t seen before!” I forcefully said to Casibom Güncel Giriş him.


“RONNIE-WE ARE GROWN MEN-ACT LIKE IT, DAMMIT-TURN-OVER RIGHT NOW!” I ordered, and emphasized my words with a hard spank to his butt.

He whimpered and began to roll over on his back. I smiled to myself in conquest when his small, hard pecker came into view.

What a cute little thing! I thought. Can’t even be four-inches long.

When my hands massaged his chest he closed his eyes. And when I began kneading his breasts and pinching and rolling his hardened nipples, he moaned and placed his arm over his eyes.

I worked his flat belly then moved to his legs; all the while staring at his cute little dick. By now it was emitting a steady drool of pre-cum. I pushed his legs further apart and heard him groan.

I saw his hairless scrotum and tiny nuts. I almost came right then and there.

When I gently took his scrotum in my hand he tried to sit upright, but I firmly pushed him back down.



I began gently rolling his balls in my hand then firmly grasped the shaft of his pecker.

“Oh God, Mister Harwood…pleeeezzzz…” he whimpered.

“How do you want me to hold it for you, Ronnie-squeeze it harder or lighter?” I asked in a calm voice.

His head rolled side-to-side while he mumbled, “Oh-my-God-oh-my-God-oh-my-God…”

I squeezed his dick hard, he cried out and said, “Oh-God-oh-God-oh-God…softer, please-not that hard.”

I smiled in triumph as I stroked his little dick. My hand was a blur on his sensitive flesh. My plan was to finish him off fast, and by his squirming and the thrusting of his hips I knew it wouldn’t take very long.

I could feel his balls expanding in my hand then he cried-out, “YES-YES-YES-YESSSSSSSSSS…”

He flailed about the table like a fish out of water. I stared at his slit as stream-after-stream of cum shot into the air. His prick was alive in my hand; he was almost crying for joy. From his words and actions, I figured this was the best orgasm he’d ever had in his young life.

By the time he stopped spurting, my hand was coated with semen. Most of it fell on his belly and thighs, and I was impressed at the amount of cum he had in those tiny balls.

I let him rest a few seconds then said, “Now what do you think? Did I do a nice favor for you or not?”

He was in uncharted territory and I knew it. He wasn’t sure if he should be grateful, or angry. His eyes were searching for something to say.

Finally he said, “Uhhh…yes…that was a nice favor-thank you.”

“See?” I said. “This is what good friends do for each other-they help each other out in times of need.”

Then he watched me push my shorts to the floor and my hard cock and large ball sac popped into his view. The shocked expression on his face was priceless.

“Alright,” I announced. “It’s my turn-you can return the favor for me now!”

He was groggy. He mumbled something as I helped him off the table. I climbed on the table and lay on my back; my throbbing cock pointing straight-up.

He reached for the gym shorts on the floor and I said, “Leave them off-we’ll take a shower after you finish me off.”

I lay with my hands locked behind my neck waiting; watching the uncertainty and distress play over his bewildered face. His eyes fixated on my cock. I was sure he’d never seen a grown man’s erect penis before; his reaction amused me.

“I don’t need a full body massage-this time…just do exactly what I did for you, okay?” I asked.

He didn’t say anything; the wheels in his head were turning; he was trembling; fearful of the thought of touching a man’s cock.

“OKAY?” I repeated loudly.

The color drained from his face as a barely audible “Okay” escaped his lips.

He took a deep breath then reached for my cock. Just before he took it in his hand he closed his eyes. It was the most precious thing I’d ever seen!

He began stroking me as fast as he could; herky-jerky movements. I wondered if this was the way he did it for himself.

“Slow down, I want it to last longer,” I said. “And squeeze it harder…you like a light touch-I like it harder…oh, and open your eyes and look at my cock so you can make sure you’re doing it right!”

He whimpered. His face was beet red. I saw him staring at my cock. He applied the pressure I liked and slowly stroked it up-and-down.

I lay there with an impish grin on my face. This boy is perfect-very submissive, and naturally obedient and eager to please. I revised my timetable: I figured I’d have Ronnie turned within three-four days.

“Don’t forget my balls,” I said. “Cradle them in your hand and gently roll them with your fingers.”

Another whimper. I saw tears form in his eyes, but he never stopped looking on my cock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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