Corner Room

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The taxi pulled up along side the ‘Rise and Shine’. I’ve been coming to this bed and breakfast for a number of years now and it never changes. At one point it was an actual residence, built back in the eighteen hundreds. It was a beautiful Victorian and was kept up and modernized as little as possible. It still had the same whitewash, same rose bushes in the garden, even the same red brick pathway to the entrance. It was quiet with only rooms enough for about a half a dozen people and it was right on its own private beach.

I paid the cabbie and got my duffle-bag out of the trunk. I was only in for a couple days and I hadn’t even bothered to make a reservation. It was late in the season; school had already started so all of the families were gone. And this place was pretty remote as is, so I was surprised to see a car parked alongside the house.

I walked in and Nancy, the owner, was behind the counter and smiled as she saw me.

“Hello Kevin, I was wondering if we were going to see you before the end of summer.” Leaning over we exchange brief kisses on the cheek.

“Oh, come on now Nancy, you know I can’t stay away from you.” She laughs and starts typing information into her computer.

“Well, I’m afraid I can’t give you your usual room… someone has already requested and rented it.” She looked at me over her librarian’s glasses, “I keep telling you to make reservations you know. One of these days you’re going to show up on my doorstep and I wont have any rooms for you.”

“Oh come on now Nancy, don’t tell me you’d leave me on the street.” I pull a hurt face and give her my best puppy dog eyes.

She just laughs and goes back to her computer, “Well, I suppose I’d let you stay in my room, if you don’t mind Mr. Rinwalds snoring… or the late night ass grabbing.” She winked.

“I suppose it would depend on who was grabbing my ass” I winked back at her as she handed me my room key. “So when are you going to leave your husband and run off with me anyway?”

Laughing she swiped my credit card and handed t back to me. “Honey when you find a man who can sing Sinatra like my Darrel, you never give him up. Besides,” she looked around conspiratorially and leaned closer to me “I have a feeling once you see the other tenant that took your room, you’ll forget all about me.”

“Nancy! How could you say that, you know you’re the only girl for me!” I laughed, thanked her for the key, and went to my room.

Not having my usual room was a minor setback, but one that made me curious. Nancy had said that someone had requested it. Now, there wasn’t a bad room in the house. The rooms that didn’t have a view of the ocean overlooked the estate gardens. My usual room was on the corner of second floor and was the only room with a view of both. It also had the added feature of being the only second story room where the porch had stairs leading down to the beach. Almost no one knew about it, and Nancy usually reserved it for her regulars.

My current room was still perfect. First floor, so I did have my own beach access. It was a great day too. Not a cloud in the sky, a nice breeze from the water and about eighty degrees. I unpacked my bag, which didn’t take long. I decided to leave all distractions back in the office where they belonged. I even unplugged the TV, just so I could resist the temptation.

Deciding to do some reading on the beach, I put on a light Hawaiian shirt, a pair of cargo shorts and headed out.

There were beach chairs folded up and available for use, so I grabbed one and started towards the water. I had only taken a few steps when I saw that there was someone else on the beach already. Since it was a private beach, this must be the other tenant Nancy had talked about. I headed in that direction to introduce myself and see if I can find out why they asked for my usual room.

There was a parasol blocking my view, so I couldn’t see who it was until I was around it. I leaned my head around the umbrella and said, “Hi, my name is…” and then I stopped.

She was beautiful. She had short auburn hair, and looked to be about five feet four inches tall. She was curvy in all the right places. She wore large sunglasses and was soaking up the sun.

She was also topless.

I thought about staying to show I wasn’t embarrassed, after all, this is what happens when you sunbathe topless. I also thought about running away, because I was embarrassed.

Seconds ticked by as I desperately scrambled to think of something to say. ANYTHING to say. My brain began to spout nonsense, ‘Damn it Kevin, say SOMETHING! Stop looking at her breasts! I KNOW they’re right there, but stop, oh no, she knows I’m looking! Of course she knows I’m looking, my mouth is still open… Oh God…’

She reached up and pulled her sunglasses down enough to look me in the eyes, as I wrenched my eyes off of her beautiful breasts. “Yes, I’m naked. Yes, these are breasts. And…” she glanced down briefly before returning her gaze to my eyes, “…I appreciate the compliment.” She had a French accent and spoke in melodic tones.

I merter escort risked a look down and saw that I had indeed raised a tent, so I quickly moved my book to cover and started to set-up the chair, thankful for the distraction. I couldn’t see her, mostly due to the fact that I was trying not to look, but I could feel her watching me. Hoping she couldn’t see me blushing, I finished setting up the chair and sat down, book still in my lap.

“So, uh… you took the corner room, huh?” I slowly turned my head and watched as she put her sunglasses back on. She lay back again and shifted back into her seat. I found myself watching her breathe, her chest moving up and down slowly… a light breeze whipped by and I saw her nipples start to grow erect.

“Yep. It’s the best room in the house. I always get it when I come here.”

“Oh really? I usually get that room when I come here too.”

She smiled lightly, “But not this time.”

“Well, no… I didn’t have the heart to have you kicked out just so I can have it.” I smiled to show that I was kidding, and then realized that she wasn’t looking at me. “Oh, I’m just kidding, I didn’t mean to say that I would have kicked you out… obviously I cant do that. I just like that room a lot. Not that I mind if you have it! It’s free to anyone who wants it. Well, not FREE, but…” My brain kicked in and I realized I was babbling.

The woman just laughed softly, which had an amazing effect on her chest. Then, she sat up and pulled her sunglasses off, “Wait, are you Kevin?”

I blinked in surprise, “Uh, yea? How did you know that?”

“You left a book in the room earlier this year. I asked Nancy to return it to you and she mentioned your name.”

“Oh! That was you? Well, thank you, yea, I came by a couple months a go and she gave it too me.”

“You also left some porn last year. But I kept that.” She put her sunglasses back on and laid back as I sat like an idiot with my mouth open.

Eventually, I realized that she had me and was taking a certain amusement from it. There wasn’t anything I could do about it but play along. Leaning back into my own chair, I opened my book with a feigned lack of interest. “So, which one was it?”

“Anal Pleasures 4”

I almost laughed at loud, but managed to remain calm. Her accent turned the movie title into something dirtier then it was originally. I made a mental note to try and find some French porn. “Oh, so that’s where it went to. I’ve had to settle with numbers one through three, but I always felt like I was missing the last Harry Potter book, you know?”

I heard her giggle and realized that I had won a minor victory. Taking advantage of this triumph, I decided to press my attack, “So, how many times have you watched it? And in all the time, didn’t you wonder how the pizza guy got their in the first place?”

More giggling came from over my left shoulder and I took a chance to glance and watched her breasts jiggle around with the motion. Her nipples were definitely erect now, and I was starting to match them. Now that the conversation was in my court, I tried to change the subject, “So, what do you do?”

“I’m a seductress”

I thought about that statement for a while. A question began to form in my head that I was sure was inappropriate, but I didn’t know what else to say. “You mean, a…” I coughed , “prostitute?”

This time she laughed so hard she sat up. She clutched her stomach which had the side-effect of her squeezing her breasts together. I suddenly had a desire to run my finger down her cleavage and tweak one of those beautiful nipples.

Once she had stopped laughing she wiped some tears from her eyes, “No Mr. Kevin, no. What I mean is, I find what I want, and then I go for it.” She lay back and relaxed again.

“Yes, but what do you do for a living?”

“Something else.”

Realizing that she didn’t want to talk about herself, I resigned myself to reading again. After a moment I heard her sigh and immediately I turned to watch, but I had missed it.

She was sitting up and removing her glasses. “I apologize Mr. Kevin. I am not trying to be rude. It is just that I have come out here to escape from work and stress, and I prefer to not even think about it if I can help it.” Smiling she leaned twords me, her breasts resting on her arm.

I leaned twords her as well, longing to be closer. “No worries.” I smiled, looking into her eyes. I could see a slight reflection of the ocean in them, and I wanted to swim in them. “I come here to escape from work as well, but I can never seem to ignore it completely”.

Her eyes narrowed briefly, and her smile changed into something warmer, as if she had made up her mind on something private. She leaned back a bit, her breasts now unsupported and said, “Mr. Kevin, if you are going to continue to stare at my breasts, I’m going to have to ask you to remove your shirt to make it even.”

“So, as long as I’m topless, I’m allowed to look?”

She didn’t say anything. She simply crossed her arms, mutlukent escort pushing her breasts together again, and leaned forward slightly.

Tearing off my shirt, I was somewhat embarrassed. It had been a stressful few months, and I had been neglecting my exercise. I considered myself to be in good health, but I had a slight belly from not eating properly combined with spending too many hours in my office. My shorts hung low, having not bothered with a belt, so my pelvic bones where just visible, and if my shorts inched down just a few more inches… well, best not to think about that right now.

I watched, as she looked me up and down, smiling and biting her lower lip lightly. Coming back up to my eyes, she winked and said, “There, now I think we’re even.” Giggling she leaned back and turned onto her belly, her head turned towards me, eyes closed.

Staring at her back, I watched her shoulders rise and fall, her arms folded under her head. Her hair was short, so I was able to see all of her back. Her shoulder blades, her spine, her lower back. Even the slightest suggestion of a crack before her bikini bottoms interfered with my view.

Eventually I went back to my book, leaning back and trying to keep my re-accruing erection under control. While trying to move my hard-on to a more comfortable position, I had my hand in my shorts, moving it. Hearing a light moan from next to me, I suddenly realized that I had lifted my waistband enough to give her a perfect view down my pants. When I looked though, her eyes were still closed, but she seemed to have a new smile.

Time passed and I continued to read. She switched positions again, lying on her back. At one point, she readjusted her bottoms, and I saw a quick glance of pubic hair, trimmed short and manicured. Looking back up, her eyes were on mine, and she winked. Grinning I went back to my book, realizing that she was returning the favor from earlier, and I found myself needing to readjust again.

Then she stood-up and began to fold her umbrella and chair up. Grabbing a small handbag, she turned toward me. “Well Mr. Kevin, it has been a pleasure talking with you.” She smiled and offered a free hand. “I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay”.

Taking her hand and shaking it, perhaps a bit longer then necessary, watching the flesh dance in front of my eyes, I replied “And thank you. It has truly been an experience”.

She smiled again and began to walk away.

Spinning around, I watched as she walked away, her butt swaying as she headed to the house. “Hey!” I shouted, suddenly realizing something.

She half turned, her breasts now profiled for me, delicious with erect nipples, waiting to be played with. “What’s your name?”



Smiling, she turned back around and walked up the stairs to the corner room.

My mind was racing and I went back to my book. But while I read the words on the page, I realized that all the words had transformed into wet lips, full breasts, a warm tongue and a beautiful ass.

Looking around, I realized that I had the beach to myself again. And it WAS a private beach, wasn’t it?

I slowly slid my shorts down, my erection springing out from its restraint. Laying my book on my leg, to be used as cover just in case, I gripped my throbbing erection with my right hand and slowly began pumping.

Endless thoughts flew through my mind as I stroked myself. Lips wrapping themselves around my member, languidly sliding up and down. An erect nipple in my mouth, with groans and gasps and I lick and bite it. A hand guiding me into a warm and wet entrance, enveloping me completely. My strokes came faster and faster as my imagination rode me, sucked me, stroked me.

My toes curled as I felt myself getting closer. My hand a blur as I masturbated faster and faster. Then, suddenly, my vision went blank briefly, and I came, warm jets landing on my chest and oozing down my hand.

Panting, I lay there for a moment, enjoying the post-climactic rush. My member twitching as it expelled the last of its energy and liquid.

Using my shirt to clean up, I tucked my half hard appendage back into my shorts, and began to pack up to go back inside.

As I walked to my room, I looked a the corner room, and thought I saw briefly a figure standing in the window… but the sun glare made it impossible to be sure.

I had only been in my room for a few minutes when there was a knock at my door. Opening it I saw Nancy standing in front of me, with a sly smile on her face.

“Yes Nancy?” I suddenly began to wonder if my self-pleasuring had been witnessed and what the consequences of them would be…

“I have a message for you, from the young lady in the other room”

“Oh, okay” relief washed through me and I smiled despite myself. “She asked me to give you this” She handed me an envelope, and winked as she walked away.

Opening the envelope, there was a key inside and a note saying simply ‘Thanks for the show. Want to have an encore?’.

I otele gelen escort looked at the key for a moment, mind racing with possibilities. I began to think of her breasts again, her accent whispering seductive words in my ear, my hands on her gorgeous ass. I went to grab a shirt, and then decided against it. I changed shorts quickly though, walked up the stairs, and headed to the door of the corner room.

I put the key into the lock, thinking briefly of lustful comparisons, and opened the door.

The lights were off, but the sun-set lit the room in a beautiful array of reds and oranges. Standing in front of me was Ophelia. She was wearing a red bra and panty combination, lacy with flower patterns. A linen sarong was tied loosley around her waist. She had one hand on her hip and she looked at me, smiling.

“Hello” she breathed, her accent playing with the word and turning it into more then just a simple salutation.

“Hello” I replied, my American accent sounding so crude and rough by comparison.

A few seconds passed neither one of us moving, both staring at each other until finally, leaning forward slightly, Ophelia said “Well?”

Animal instinct took over as I walked up to her, one hand sliding behind her neck, the other grabbing her waist. I tilted my head and placed my lips on hers, slightly parted. She responded by wrapping her arms around me, one around my back, the other on the back of my head, her lips opening with the tip of her tongue sliding into my mouth.

I pushed her back until the back of her legs were at the bed, and then laid her down onto the mattress. Breaking our kiss briefly, she swung her legs onto the bed, lying down on her back, pulling me onto her. I lay on top of her, one hand still on the back of her head, the other grabbing her left thigh, reaching under and lifting her leg up, stroking up and down.

Our lips became wet and slippery, my tongue sliding down into her open mouth, massaging her tongue. Moaning and grunting, she grabbed my waist and started moving underneath me, grinding into my now solid erection.

We continued dry humping for what seemed like hours, passionately kissing, stopping only long enough to take breaths and kiss each others necks, biting earlobes and licking ears.

Suddenly she reached over me, and pulled, flipping me onto my back and straddling me, grinning wickedly as she runs her fingernails down my chest. I grabbed her waist and continued to grind against her, the friction causing my erection to grow more.

Reaching down she kissed me again, and then slid off, standing on the floor. Grabbing my legs she swung me around so I was sitting on the edge of the bed. Reaching behind she unhooked her bra, letting it slowly drop to the floor, her breasts dangling in front of my face. I let my fingertips trail down, starting at her collarbone, and lightly sliding down the length of her breasts, moving around her nipple but still playing across her areola. Her eyes closed and I heard her sigh, her hands on the back of my neck. I cupped each breast in my hands, reveling in their slight weight and kneading them in my palms. Leaning forward I licked her left nipple, causing her to gasp and moan, before wrapping my lips around it. Licking and sucking, I began to pinch and rub her right nipple with my hand.

Looking up at her I gently bite the now solid flesh. She inhales sharply, but a smile form across her mouth and she bites her lower lip. I continue to play, bite, pinch and massage her breasts. Then she takes a step back and looking into my eyes, kneels in front of me.

Kissing my chest, she undoes my shorts, and kissing down, slides them off, tossing them aside. Pushing me back slightly, she continues to kiss down, taking playful bites of my pelvic bones and dragging her nails inside my thighs, only barely touching my scrotum with her fingers. I moan in appreciation when I feel a warm breath on my erection. Not touching, she just breathes. I close my eyes and let the feeling wash over me. She drags her fingertips around my scrotum, and her other hand gently wraps around me and lifts the head of my member up.

Light wet licks meet my throbbing head. Going underneath the ridge of my erection, she continues to lap and lick, causing me to grunt and moan. I try to enter the mouth that I know are only centimeters away, but she uses her arms to keep me pinned to the bed. Sensing my desire though, I feel a warmth on the tip of my head, and feel it slowly slide down the length, wet and warmth enveloping me.

Up and down, sliding and sucking her mouth works wonders, her hands filling in so there is no lack of sensation on any part of me. Sitting I watch her sucking me off, the top of her head occasionally bumping against my chest.

I reach down and massage her breasts again. Pulling and tweaking on the nipples, she moans, muffled by the flesh in her mouth. Her sharp inhale as I pinch both her nipples hard almost makes me come, but she stops and slowly slides off me, smiling and still stroking me with her hand.

Unable to stand having my erection in the cool air of the room, I stand up, taking her hands in mine, I playfully toss her onto the bed, climbing on top of her and pinning her hands over her head. Smiling she looks up at me and innocently says ‘Oh no, what are you going to do with me now?’ every syllable of her accent causing my hard-on to throb with desire.

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