Corrupting Amber Ch. 04

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As I lay next to Amber in our Holiday Inn bed, I searched my mind for an easy answer. Amber’s almost irrational desire to please me was beginning to actually worry me. Sure, the sex was great, and I had never been so aroused, but her health was really in danger.

After we checked in Amber had vomited herself into exhaustion. Now, passed out next to me, the less appealing, and more serious lifestyle of a bad girl was on full display.

The permanence of this way of life could have lasting effects on our relationship. Even more disturbing was how quickly her corruption was escalating, and how addictive it was to both of us.

I needed to stop the pattern before we were both too addicted to quit. When Amber awoke, I would explain to her that my fantasy had been fulfilled and she could stop ‘playing’ a bad girl.

I only had to wait about half an hour before she started to shift herself restlessly about the bed. I gently ran my fingers along her flawless skin until she squinted at me through bloodshot eyes.

She smiled at me as we lay on our sides staring into each others eyes. I continued running my fingers lightly along her arm as we lay motionless. Eventually she snuggled up to me and pulled me close.

I grabbed her tight as she buried her face into my chest and began playing with my hair.

“Are you feeling better?” I asked concerned.

“Yeah, but my mouth is really dry, and I don’t think I have ever been this thirsty in my life.” Came her muffled reply.

“Do you want some water?” I asked.

“Yes, please, and maybe some aspirin. I have a throbbing headache.” She croaked.

I kissed her softly on the cheek and headed towards the front office. Once there I noticed a small shop selling T-shirts, hats, candy, and other overpriced items in it. After spending nearly $7 on a bottle of Aquafina and some Tylenol I started back to our room.

When I returned she still hadn’t moved an inch. I handed her the water and she had it open almost instantly.

“Don’t drink it all yet, you need to take an aspirin still.” I urged.

She stopped drinking with about a quarter of the bottle left. I handed her two red and white pills and she swallowed them in one gulp, along with the rest of the water.

“Better?” I asked.

“Yes, thank you sweetie.” She cooed.

I started towards the bed and before I could lie down she stopped me.

“Wait, Matt, do you think you could run out to your car and grab me a cigarette. I think it would really help me right now.” I resisted the urge and swallowed hard.

“Actually, that’s taksim esc kind of what I wanted to talk to you about.” I replied.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you have done everything I have asked you to do. You’ve made nearly all my dreams come true. Before, I was thinking with my….other head. But yesterday made me realize how selfish I have been.”

“No you-” She started to defend me, but I interjected.

“Yes, Amber, I have. Instead of taking into account how many problems this could create, I have just been thinking of how to get off. You could have died yesterday Amber. There is no way I could have forgiven myself if that happened.” I inhaled deeply and continued.

“I want you to be yourself. You, not a bad girl, but the girl I fell in love with four years ago. I only hope you can forgive my childish selfishness and give me another chance at loving you for who you really are.” I wanted to look into her eyes but I couldn’t lift my gaze from the cheap comforter on the bed.

After a few seconds I felt Amber’s hand grab my shoulders and pull me forward. She embraced me tightly and I could feel her body tremble as she tried not to cry. My eyes stung and I choked back tears also while I held her.

“There’s nothing to forgive. I love you, and I know you love me too. Trust me, I can handle this. I know I got out of hand yesterday, but I am in complete control. I know my limits, and I can stop myself from breaking them.” She assured.

Our embrace broke and we stared into each other’s eyes. My face felt hot and I could feel tears roll down my cheeks. She reached out with her finger and wiped them away. I smiled weakly and she followed suit.

“I guess-” I started, but this time she stopped me by putting a finger up to my lips.

“Bad girl or not, I really want a cigarette. Maybe I’m getting addicted, but I don’t care right now. I want to smoke. I do. It’s my choice.” She smiled and kissed me softly, her lips moist and divine.

“I’ll be right back.”

And with that I headed back out the door to my car. I grabbed the pack and started walking to the room when I remembered I needed to get her a lighter. I ran over to the Gift shop and bought a yellow Bic, her favorite color.

When I opened the door she was in the bathroom brushing her teeth with the complimentary brush and toothpaste.

“Put them on the bed and I’ll be right there.” She instructed.

I set the pack of Marlboro 100’s down and sat on the edge of the bed. She finished washing out her mouth and looked down at the bed. Her eyes lit up when she saw çapa esc the lighter and she hugged me enthusiastically.

“Yellow, my favorite. Thanks sweetie.”

“Anything for my girl.” I joked.

She smiled and climbed on top of me, wrapping her legs around my waist. She put her arms around my head and kissed me tenderly. Her tongue snaking out of her mouth only momentarily before finishing the kiss and repeating the process.

Finally we stopped and she reached next to us and picked up the cigarettes and lighter. She handed me the lighter and shook out a cork tipped Marlboro and placed it between her pouty lips.

She made a sad, pleading look like a little girl, with her eyes wide and lips pursed. Her long brown hair framing her perfect ivory skin while her eyebrows curved upwards in an innocent fashion.

The cigarette looked positively out of place between the lips of this perfect little angel, who looked like she could float off to heaven at any moment.

“Got a light?” She asked in the softest little girl voice she could muster.

My jeans tightened as the scene appeared almost too good to be true. I brought the lighter up as our faces were only a few inches away. She pursed her lips and leaned back slightly as I clicked the flame to life.

Her eyes stared intently into the flame while she guided the tip of the cigarette into it hands free. Her cheeks hollowed slightly as she applied a little pressure to the filter. The end began to smoke a little and she puffed a little bit of smoke out of the side of her mouth.

She sucked a few more times slowly while puffing the smoke out of the side of her mouth, having it float inches from my face. Finally she leaned out of the flame and I let the lighter go out.

Her eyes still focused on the cigarette she took a medium sized drag and arched her back to accommodate the smoke entering her lungs. Her eyes fluttered as the smoke traveled through her chest and deep into her young body.

A look of relief and pure bliss washed over her face as she held the thick, full-flavored smoke inside of her. After a few moments the blew the smoke out of her mouth slowly and steadily.

It was a beautiful sight seeing the fully inhaled smoke cascade over her red wine lips and into our hotel room. After several seconds she finally looked down into my eyes and smiled.

“I think I want to do this a lot more often.” She grinned.

My dick was now rock-hard as she took another more luxurious drag off the cork filter and inhaled deeply. I was close enough to her that kağıthane esc I could hear the air being sucked far into the deepest regions of her healthy lungs.

She moved her face close to mine and slowly propelled the smoke from her lips all over my face. She blew it onto my lips and cheeks and forehead. She finished by giving me a deep smoke flavored kiss.

“I want to have sex before I finish this cigarette.” She said, and stood up.

She placed the Marlboro between her lips and took off her skin tight jeans. I yanked off my jeans and boxers in one quick motion. I tossed them to the floor as she finished taking off her blue and pink hearted panties.

She took an enormous drag before taking the cigarette out of her mouth and straddling my dick. As she impaled herself onto me she let out a throaty moan and smoked billowed out of her mouth in a thick cloud.

She began to rock back and forth as we timed our thrusts perfectly. My dick sliding in out of her tight little vagina with soft slurping noises. She was really wet and I could feel her juices leaking out all over my balls and inner thighs.

She continued taking gigantic pulls on her Marlboro and inhaling them to her toes. She would keep the smoke in her lungs for what seemed like minutes before exhaling a thin stream of smoke that took an equally long time to expel.

Smoke was constantly coming out of her mouth and nose as she continued riding me to our climax. As she began to come she grabbed me tightly and buried her face into my shoulder. With her arms and legs now clenching me I reached around her and grabbed her ass cheeks.

I began pumping myself into her as she rode out her orgasm, shaking wildly. I came hard into her and could feel long thick jets of cum rocket out of my prick and into her air tight vagina.

She bit my shoulder as we both slowed our pace and I fell back with my legs dangling off the bed, and Amber trembling on top of me. The cigarette was now burnt past the filter and was crunched up between Amber’s index and forefinger.

“That was the most intense orgasm I have ever had Matt.” She heaved.

“Me too.” I said truthfully.

“The truth is, ever since we started this role-playing thing, I have been more turned on than ever.” She said.

“What are you saying?” I asked, both fearful and excited for her answer.

“I really don’t want to stop. Your not being selfish, I want to do this for me, just as much as for you.” She replied.

I let this statement sink into me for a moment, and thought about the possibilities of this venture. This would both clear my conscience, and allow for further corruption. Maybe my mind was clouded by the incredible sex, and maybe I was making a mistake, but I couldn’t resist.

“Then I guess there’s no reason to stop.”

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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