Cousins Revealed

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I can see her coming over. I knew I would be seeing her today since she was invited, but I am still unprepared for the sight of her. I remember our childhood games. I remember that childhood innocence when we were so free. We were the same age, born only two months apart – she in January and I in March. We were hardly aware of the physical differences between us. We did everything together with no shame. But I also remember that moment when that stopped and we grew distant.

For years ever since I watched her play with her girl friends. I’ve watched her dating boys and be hurt by them. I’d comfort her, but I also resented her because she chose them. Then she left town for university. I thought I was cured of my infatuation with her.

So, now she is walking across the lawn behind the house towards me. I take a long drag of my cigarette just to calm myself

“I can’t stay in there any more, it’s so irritating, their conversations, their questions about when am I going to get married. What, like being 25 and single means I am a spinster?! Your sister is really screwing up my mood, how can she get married so young, you are still single, Tom!”

“I know how you feel, Sarah. They ask me the same questions.”

“So, why aren’t you married?” she asks softly, leaning on the fence.

“Well, for different reasons. I don’t want to talk about them. Why aren’t you?” I stare at her and there is a long silence. She doesn’t even try to answer my question. “Pull up a chair and join me. We don’t have to talk about it.”

She gets a chair and approaches the table, but she trips on nothing, like in childhood she is still the clumsiest person alive. As she tells go of the lawn chair and falls down, I jump out of my chair to help her up. As I come closer I notice her skirt has moved and I can see her gorgeous ass. At first I think she must be wearing a thong, but as I look closer I can see that she is not wearing any panties. She slowly turns around and she realizes I have seen her. She has a bit of grass on her face and I move to brush it off. My fingers linger and we look each other in the eyes.



“Why canlı bahis aren’t you wearing any panties?”

The blush spreads over her entire face, and she shies away from me. I turn her face around. I love that blush. I gently brush my fingers over her cheek and down toward her lips. When I touch her lips, she closes her eyes and gently kisses the tip of my finger. I can’t think for a moment, but then I spring into action. I decide that if this is going to be my only chance, then I’ll make the most of it. I lean in and kiss her, firmly on the lips. She doesn’t react at first, but then I can feel her kissing me back.

I feel her tongue seeking entrance to my mouth, and our tongues duel slowly, sensually at first. But soon, our kisses becomes frantic, teeth come into play. I want more, I want to consume her, taste her entire body. I push her down on the grass fully and settle myself between her legs. My large body covers her completely. For a moment I stay like that, pinning her to the ground, feeling her soft and small underneath. Then I raise myself a bit so I can continue my exploration of her.

My kisses travel down her neck and she moans as I suck harder at her pulse point. I can hear her mumble how this is wrong between her sighs, but I don’t stop, I can’t stop. Not now when I finally have what I have secretly wanted for years.

As I reach the buttons of her blouse I quickly unbutton the top few buttons, just enough to see that she is not wearing a bra either.

“There is no need for me to wear a bra, it’s not like I have any reason to put the bra on for.”

As I see her breasts for the first time in years I am stunned by how beautiful she is. Her tiny breast topped with light ping areolas and tiny nipples. “Hush, you look amazing!” I move to suck on her nipples as she mumbles something. She loses her train of thought as I bite lightly on her nipples. I can feel her hip rising, seeking friction with every light bite, so I continue. My fingers move to the other nipple so it doesn’t feel neglected.

I don’t unbutton her shirt all the way, I’m impatient. I go lower. I lift her skirt to look at her bare pussy. “So will you tell me now why you aren’t wearing any panties, cousin dear?”

“I bahis siteleri like the feeling of no constraint. And I like the rush, the adrenaline of it. It makes me ….”

“You are a naughty one, aren’t you? It makes you wet, doesn’t it? I’ll check.” My fingers brush her pussy lips gently and I can feel the wetness coating them. I push the fingers between the lips to her entrance. She is gushing with juices. I lift that finger to my mouth and taste her. She tastes better than any of the other girls I’ve tasted. Her juices are rich, tangy, and full of flavor.

She looks at me with a hungry look in her eyes, “What, you won’t share with me? Dear cousin, we always used to share everything.”

I scoop more of her juices and bring my fingers to her lips and she latches on like a woman starving. She sucks the fingers in her mouth, her tongue running over them, cleaning them. I take my fingers out of her mouth and she almost protests but then I replace my fingers with my tongue. To taste her on her lips, that is heaven.

As we kiss I can feel her hands gong over my body. When she reaches my trousers she quickly unbuttons and unzips them and lowers them to my thighs. She pushes my chest a bit so I rise up a bit. She looks at my already hard dick and whispers “I want to taste you too. “

We switch positions, me on my back now and she next to me, leaning over my crotch, getting closer and closer to my dick. I can feel her breath on my dick a moment before she gives it a short lick. I can hear her soft moan. She obviously likes the taste, because she immediately goes in for more. This time she envelops my dick in her warm mouth. I can feel her taking more and more of me in. she is almost at the hilt. I’m not too big, but she obviously has experience. I feel a moment of jealousy knowing that she had done these things with other men, but soon I’m brought back to the moment when I feel her hand reaching for my balls. It’s almost too much for me and I haven’t waited this long to cum in her mouth, I want it all.

“Stop, Sarah. No.”

She looks at me with a hurt look in her eyes, and she moves away from me, trying frantically to button up her shirt, all the while saying, “I’m sorry, Tom. bahis şirketleri It won’t happen again, I don’t know what came over me, you must think I’m such a sick slut.”

I reach for her quickly, and kiss her to stop her from saying anything else. “My whole life I’ve wanted you. I know that people think it’s sick. Believe me, I’ve punished myself so many times because of what I want. I’ve tried to fight it, but it is still here. I still want you, despite the fact that you’re my cousin. That might even be a part of that thrill.”

She kisses me passionately and climbs in my lap, my dick still out of my pants is now pressed against her wet pussy.

“My Tom. Please, please, take me. I need to feel you inside. I’ve waited so long.”

Those were the words she would say in my fantasies. I obey her wishes and lift her up a bit, settle my dick at her entrance and then slowly lower her on it. The feeling of actually being in her, however, is nothing like in my fantasies. It is a million times better. The wet, soft tightness that swallows my dick almost makes me black out for a moment. Then I feel the walls of her pussy clenching my dick and I am lost. I push in and at the same time press her harder against me. We continue that movement for a while, but soon we both want more. We settle so she is on the ground and I am on the top, pushing into her harder and harder.

Her hands are under my shirt, pulling me closer, scratching me, caressing my chest and pinching my nipples. This is too good and I am so very close to cuming, but I can’t cum without her. I move one of my hands to where we are connected. I can feel my dick plunging in and out of her pussy, but I look for her clit and start rubbing it. Her movements become even wilder now. She latches onto my shoulder and bites hard to stop herself from screaming. That bite was the last drop. I start cummig as I feel her pussy spasm around my dick.

I fill her pussy and she moans. “Yes, Tom. Yours, make me yours. Yes.” That is when I black out, I think.

When I am conscious again I realize my limp dick is still inside her and that I’m lying on top of her. I kiss her softly and apologize, “Sorry, I must be crushing you.”

“No, stay like that for just a moment longer. I need to feel you.”

As we stay connected I cannot help but wonder what is going to happen next. How can this have any future? And how am I going to forget her now that I know how good it can be.

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