Coworkers Gone Wild

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Big Tits

At one of my first jobs out of school one of my co-workers was a lovely young lady named Linda. We got along really well and there was always a bit of harmless flirting but she had a boyfriend when we first met so we became friends. Between that and the fact that we worked together I figured nothing would happen between us, even after she and her boyfriend broke up.

Then one day I was suddenly asked to accompany Linda to a conference in Florida. This came at the last minute because the woman she was supposed to go with became sick—so naturally I agreed to go.

The first few days of were nothing special, just the usual conference stuff although I was having a great time hanging out with Linda and getting to see her all dressed up for the dinners we had to go to. The conference would’ve been pretty dull but Linda made it fun and we were both amused by guys making fools of themselves trying to hit on her. To make things more interesting we made a $100 bet that I managed to win.

The conference ended at noon on a Saturday so that afternoon Linda and I hit the beach. We weren’t flying back until Sunday.

She looked spectacular as she removed her cover up to reveal a very tight bikini. Her body was as impressive as I had imagined, very slender with a nice ass and gravity-defying breasts. I was glad I was wearing sunglasses and tried to be nonchalant as I checked her out.

This became more difficult when she asked me to put suntan lotion on her back. She untied the back of her bikini and let it dangle while I worked the lotion into her skin and down the small of her back. Linda offered to return the favor and she didn’t seem to notice that I was pitching a tent underneath my suit while she ran her hands over my shoulders and back.

Linda lay on her back while I sat with my knees up to my chest, waiting for things to settle back down again between my legs. It wasn’t easy as it was around spring break time. While this wasn’t a key “spring break” area there were some very impressive young ladies on the beach.

I knew I had to cool things down and made a dash for the water. When I came back Linda was on her stomach with her bikini top untied. I tossed a handful of water onto her back and she sprang up, startled, then turned around and covered her chest with her hands and bikini top.

“You bastard,” Linda said with a laugh as she put her top into place and secured it. “You trying to get a look at my tits or something?”

“No, there’s plenty of time for that later,” I said with a laugh.

Linda just rolled her eyes, more amused than annoyed, and decided to hit the water as well. I really enjoyed the view as she came out of the surf, her nipples poking through her top.

Then down the beach a couple of lovely young ladies came, handing out fliers. I grabbed one—it was for a wet t-shirt contest at a local bar that night. I took one and showed the flier to Linda.

“Interested?” I asked, laughing.

She read it and smirked.

“In your dreams,” she replied.

“I thought you were competitive,” I chided, because she was.

Linda sat up and looked down at her breasts. They were about medium sized but perfect for her slender frame.

“Those contests aren’t for us all natural girls,” Linda said. “I bet they prefer silicone.”

“You’d be surprised,” I said. “I’ve never ümraniye escort been to one but fake boobs just don’t appeal to me. They’ve gotta be well-proportioned and the fake ones just don’t move right.”

“You consider yourself an expert?” Linda asked.

“Well, I am a guy,” I replied.

She laughed and that was it—for now. We had plans to go out to a nice restaurant that night. Even though we had reservations, the place was packed so we had a few drinks at the bar while waiting.

More drinks followed with dinner and the conversation just flowed, we were really getting to know each other on a different level and without the other conference goers getting in the way. It was good to relax.

As we neared the end of dinner I asked Linda if she wouldn’t mind going to the contest with me as I’d never been to one and didn’t want to go alone. Linda insisted she had no intention of competing but I told her it wasn’t about that, besides I really did enjoy hanging out with her. Linda admitted she was curious about what happened at those things.

“Look, you can point out all the fake boobs to me, it’ll be fun,” I pleaded.

Linda laughed and said ok. We changed into more casual clothes at the hotel and Linda looked spectacular with a tiny denim skirt and a tight-fitting top. She got a lot of attention when we arrived at the bar. The contest wasn’t going to be for at least another hour so we had time for more drinks and got a really good buzz going.

As we drank and talked Linda was asked several times if she was entering the contest but said no. An attractive top-heavy blonde approached with a form for Linda to fill out and was disappointed when Linda said no.

“You’ve got a great body honey, you should enter the contest. Seriously, you can make some money and I bet your boyfriend here wouldn’t mind, would you?” the woman asked.

I said no, I wouldn’t mind while Linda told the woman that we were just friends.

“Well, in that case what’ve you got to lose?” the woman said. “You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of honey, you look like you work out a lot.”

Linda said she wasn’t ashamed, she was just there on my account. She did work out a lot and it showed.

“Well, if you don’t think you’ve got the body for it, I understand honey,” the woman said as she handed me a form. “Here, this is in case she changes her mind.”

The woman left and Linda started to fume.

“Just because I’m not going up on a stage she thinks I’m ashamed of my body? I’m not ashamed of my body I just don’t feel like showing it off to a bunch of strangers,” Linda said.

“Well they are strangers, there’s nobody you know here other than me,” I said. “Hell, I’d do it if I looked like you.”

“Seriously?” Linda asked.

“Ok I might be drunk…. no I’m definitely drunk, but Linda your body is amazing. That bikini of yours…..” I stopped myself from saying more.

“Hmmmm…. what about my bikini?” Linda asked. “Were you checking me out?”

I stammered and probably blushed.

“You were, weren’t you? I knew it!” Linda said with a smile. “I could tell you were watching me when I came out of the water.”

I thought over my response for a bit and told Linda that since she was proud of her figure there was no reason not to enter the contest. She just shook her head. I then pendik escort remembered the bet we had made. I told Linda that if she entered the contest she wouldn’t have to pay me the $100. She seemed to think it over.

“All you have to do is enter it,” I said. “Just get up there, they throw some water on you. As long as you just enter the contest and appear on stage you don’t have to cover the bet. Keep your shirt on if you like.”

I could tell Linda was thinking about it. A lovely brunette came walking by and I stopped to ask if she was competing. Her name was Kelly and I told her that I was trying to encourage Linda to enter the contest. Kelly looked Linda over before answering.

“You should do it, you should totally do it,” Kelly said to Linda. “The guys here like big tits but yours are nice enough.”

Kelly left but her comments really pissed off Linda. She stood there fuming over the words “nice enough.”

The DJ made an announcement that it was time for contestants to go backstage. As a dozen or so young ladies made their way to the back, I thought Linda was probably on the fence. I took the drink out of her hand and pointed backstage.

“This will be our little secret Linda, I won’t tell a soul,” I said. “Your body would put theirs to shame and I’d love to see you put them in their place.”

Linda thought it over for a few seconds, then gave me a peck on the check and nervously went backstage. I managed to get up close enough to the stage so I had a good enough view and held my spot. It seemed like forever before the contest finally began.

The ladies were all pretty impressive as each of them strutted onstage in a tiny white t-shirt provided by the bar. They were each doused with pitchers of ice cold water and danced to the music. When Linda’s turn came, she strutted out wearing her skirt and a t-shirt that she had trimmed down to expose her midriff and part of her breasts. She was obviously drunk.

As Linda danced she received a good reaction from the crowd, which made her smile. She really knew how to move and started to get into it, shaking her breasts for everyone. She beamed as the guys cheered even louder.

That was it for round one and I thought maybe Linda might call it quits after that, but it seemed her competitive side took over as she stuck around for round two. The first few girls danced for a bit before tearing away their t-shirts.

Thankfully, Linda was no exception and I finally got a look at the breasts I had dreamed about for a long time. They were perfect, well proportioned for her body and very perky. Her nipples were rock hard. The crowd went wild and so did I, watching my half-naked coworker strutting around the stage and shaking her tits for all to see. Linda walked to the center of the stage, bent over the crowd and shook her breasts. I looked up at those dangling mammaries and was dying to get my face between them.

Round three came and Linda came back onstage wearing only a g-string, having removed her skirt. The crowd cheered and I knew what would happen next, for she discarded the thing altogether and flung it to the crowd. There she was in all her glory, naked for the world to see.

Her inhibitions were completely gone now and she twirled around, giving everyone a good look before striking a pose so everyone could see her neatly bostancı escort trimmed pussy. The crowd went wild.

Linda managed to place third and got a nice handful of cash. She and the other ladies entered the bar, this time fully clothed, and the guys cheered again. Linda found me and I pulled her through the bar to the door as the guys around us made all kinds of cheers, catcalls and lewd comments.

We got into a cab and quickly embraced, for Linda was as turned on as I was, if not more so. I ran my hand under her skirt and started fingering her while she pawed at my crotch. Linda let out a slight moan and gasped as I kissed her and nibbled on her neck.

When we got to the hotel I threw the cab driver some money and we raced for Linda’s room. The door had barely closed before our clothes were on the floor and I threw her onto the bed. We kissed briefly before I sucked on her breasts then went down on her in a frenzy. It wasn’t long before she came.

I lay next to her as she caught her breath for a few minutes before she reached out and started stroking my dick. She soon wrapped her mouth around me and I propped my head up on a pillow so I could enjoy the view. Linda wasn’t the only one who was worked up and the fact that she was throating me like a madwoman meant I soon shot my load and she swallowed it all down.

We held each other, quietly for a few minutes. Linda then told me that she had originally planned to just go through round one of the contest as a way of settling the bet and teasing me, but somewhere between all the alcohol and the comments from the other contestants her competitive side took over. She also got much more of a rush from the crowd’s reaction than she had expected.

I sat up on an elbow and started playing with her breasts, telling her how amazing she looked up there. I played and sucked on them for a while Linda played with my dick. I soon started fingering her pussy and we got into a 69. The images of Linda up on that stage filled my mind as her mouth worked to revive me. She got me hard again and mounted me.

We were less frenetic now and Linda took her time, sliding my full length inside her and grinding our pubic bones together. She lowered her breasts to my mouth and I sucked on them while I grabbed her ass and pulled her even tighter against me. Our bodies ground together as she rubbed her breasts against my chest and I ground my dick inside her.

Linda then slowly rode up and down my shaft as I took in the magnificent sight of this woman, who only moments before had been dancing completely naked in front of myself and a group of total strangers. We both came and Linda collapsed onto me. I kissed her passionately, then pulled the sheets up over us and wrapped my arms around her before we both fell asleep.

Luckily we had a late flight out the next day so we slept in. Linda was embarrassed at what had happened but I assured her I wouldn’t tell anyone about it. I also told her she had a spectacular body and how amazing she looked up on that stage. She gave me a peck on the cheek and headed for the shower—where I soon joined her.

We made sure each other’s bodies were good and clean as I soaped up her breasts and she did the same for my dick and balls. Naturally we had to go at it one more time before getting a bite to eat and heading for the airport.

On the way to the airport Linda told me that she thought dating someone from work was a bad idea, which really bummed me out, although I did enjoy a few booty calls and some late-night “work” at the office for a while before she took another job.

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