Crazy Fun at Bike Week

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Chapter 1

The annual bike week rally is something my husband Eric and I look forward to every year. So when our usual location got cancelled, we were in a bit of a pickle. When our straight friend Mike, who lives in a different city, invited us to come to theirs, we decided to give it a try. Being gay bikers, we were use to staying in our comfort zone, but we already took off work and Mike assured us it would be a good time.

It was a smaller event, but we admittedly enjoyed ourselves. We even convinced some of our other gay biker friends to come along, another couple and our friend Jeremy, a younger bear that we have had some three-way fun with in the past. It was the last night, and we were sitting in a hotel bar drinking after attending a concert.

“Want another beer Tom?” Mike offered, and of course I said yes. Everyone was having a great time. Mike was one of my oldest friends, and he was with his wife Donna. Being in their early 40s like myself, they were avid bikers, and were even more so since their son moved out to go to college.

“I have to admit Mike, this was almost as fun as “MountainView.” Thanks for inviting us!” “No problem. Coming to these events have been a nice escape from the sorrow Donna keeps feeling since Maury left for school. She’s got the empty nest hard.” I thought for a moment. Jokingly, I said “Well, I guess you could always try for another kid!” Mike then reminded me of his vasectomy, and I felt like an ass. “I just let her cut loose and forget about the world for a bit. Being here gives us an excuse to.”

We had been talking for several minutes, and suddenly wondered where Donna was. “If you don’t mind my asking, where is she?” Mike pointed to a pool table. “She’s with Jeremy.”

My eyes gazed to my younger friend Jeremy, looking as sexy as ever in skin tight jeans and a black leather vest. His V-cut t-shirt clung to his chest beautifully and he had some hair poking out at the top. Jeremy was 6ft 2 and 200 pounds of walking testosterone. But he was also a sweetheart and a very close friend to Eric and I, and someone we definitely wanted in our lives even after the orgasms with him had stopped.

Donna was tipsy, and flirting heavily with Jeremy, who seemed oblivious ist esc to a woman’s advances. “Um, she knows he’s gay, right?” I said to Mike, and his reply was “Well It wouldn’t be the first gay boy she’s seduced.” And he winked at me. I never knew of them to have an open marriage, and not that I was one to judge, but I knew Jeremy. He definitely had never been with a woman, or even had any inclination that he would be interested. I admittedly have experienced pussy, but Jeremy was a gold star gay. But then I realized that Jeremy was the youngest guy there, (26) and probably the most handsome, with his neatly trimmed beard, baby blue eyes, masculine jaw, and nice arms.

At that point Eric came over to me with the other couple we were there with, saying they heard of a gay leather bar across town and wanted to go. I wasn’t really feeling it, but I told them to go and have a good time. “I’ll call you when we are on our way back,” Eric said, and kissed me goodbye and left.

I suddenly had to piss and in the bathroom I ran into Jeremy. “Tom!” The look in his eyes was priceless. “You’re friend Donna is a firecracker! I assumed she was a flirt, but she just grabbed my crotch! In front of her husband!” I whipped my dick out and started to feel the heavenly bliss of relieving a full bladder. “They have an open marriage. And I think she wants to sleep with you.” I gave him a sheepish grin.

“Well, surprisingly I got hard. It took me a while to realize she was seducing me at the pool table!” “Well, didn’t you say you wanted to try pussy? I guess this is your chance.” I was only half serious, thinking he wouldn’t give it a second thought, but he surprised me when he said, “Well, she has nice boobs!.”

Chapter 2

Sometime later, Mike, Donna, Jeremy, and I were in an elevator. I had pulled out Jeremy’s dick and was tugging at it while him and Donna made out. She had his hands on her plump breasts where he was clumsily fumbling with them. “Dude, this is so hot,” Mike said. “I guess we are gonna give you a show tonight Mike,” I said and winked at him.

We went to their room, which was on the top floor. Luckily no one else got in the elevator during our lift, but at bike week, I guess anything is possible. We made it fatih esc to their room, and suddenly Donna took charge. “Tom, I wanna see you suck him.” Now granted I was a little drunk and horny, and these were my friends, but something felt oddly comfortable about this whole setup. It didn’t feel weird at all.

We did as we were told and I stripped Jeremy bare as I fell to me knees to let him face fuck me, wrapping my hands around his beautiful round furry ass. Mike made himself comfortable in a chair, and Donna started to undress herself. Donna was around 5’7 with a beautiful hour glass figure. Her hair was in a blonde pixie cut, and her body was decorated in colorful (but tasteful) tattoos.

“Ok, my turn,” she said, and instructed Jeremy to lay down. “Ever tasted pussy?” She said, and before he could answer, she got on top of him in a 69 position. “Use your tongue, there that’s it” She said, and she went down on his 8 inch cock. I played with his balls while she worked his shaft, and judging by the fact that he didn’t lose wood and from the moaning, I was pretty sure he was enjoying himself. Mike was practically salivating in the chair, when he spoke up “I want you to ride him honey!”

“Condoms?” Jeremy was able to speak after she removed her pussy from his face. “Are you clean?” Donna simply asked, which I knew the answer, Jeremy was a nurse and always played safe, and got tested regularly. “Yes, but” he croaked, but Donna chimed in “I am too, don’t worry babe,” as she lowered herself onto his dick, facing him. I had to admit, it was a sexy sight to see, witnessing my gay friend take pussy for the first time.

“This really is your first time?” Donna asked, moving at a slow rhythm, looking down on him. “Y…yes, man you are so hot!” Jeremy said, and Donna looked like she was blushing. I remained standing by the bed, I assumed for providing moral support of my friend losing his gold star status but also liking the view. Jeremy had a nice sized cock, and was thick. This didn’t seem to faze Donna, as she rode the whole length of him balls deep, and he played with her boobs. A few minutes in and Donna came, convulsing herself on Jeremy’s dick, and he let out a moan. He apparently had pinched her nipples. ataköy esc “That makes her gush for sure,” Mike pipped in.

“Where do you want me to come? Jeremy asked, as Donna turned herself around to ride him reverse cowgirl. “In her,” Mike said, and that was that. As I watched Jeremy’s beautiful dick getting hugged by Donna’s cunt, I noticed it getting harder and his urethra bulging and getting more prominent. I couldn’t help it, so I started massaging his balls, just as Donna started riding him full throttle. He suddenly gasped “coming!” and probably spurt ten big squirts of jizz up her cunt. Jeremy was the heaviest cummer I had ever seen, so I wasn’t surprised. Donna stayed propped up on his dick for a while, while I saw some of his cream leak out of her pussy and onto his balls.

“Wow!” he said, and she got off and put on a robe. His dick plopped on his belly, with some cum spilling out, but it seemed that most of it was still in Donna. I pulled Jeremy up and gave him a pat on the back. “That was the hottest thing I’ve been since you fucked my husband while giving me head.” We all started laughing, and Jeremy and I soon left to go to our own room, but not before Donna leaned in and kissed him and said, “Thanks hon, I needed that.”


Three months later, my dear friend Jeremy took a job as a traveling nurse, and moved away. We never really talked about what happened at bike week again, but I could tell that Donna’s pussy, although clearly a nut buster, didn’t sway Jeremy at all. He loved dick too much, but I had my doubts that Donna would be his last.

A week after Jeremy left, Eric called me into his home office to look at his computer at a profile picture on a social media page. “Look! Apparently Donna’s pregnant. You don’t think?” I sat down to put the pieces together from the encounter at bike week, and I was speechless. “Well, I guess they aren’t empty nesters anymore! Clearly people are gonna think they got a donor” And we both shook our heads. “Maybe they talked it over with Jeremy?” Eric asked, and I told him I seriously doubted it. Up until that night I didn’t even know they had an open marriage. “I guess there’s no proof, but either way, that was a hot and crazy night!” Eric rebuffed, “I made out with a drag queen, and you may have helped our friend impregnate another friend. Yeah, I would call that a crazy night!” And even though it sounded ludicrous and unreal, we just had to laugh. Crazy fun at bike week indeed.

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