Cuckold CEO Ch. 03

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The love affair with my wife has continued. Our relationship has is not a traditional one. As a CEO of a major corporation, I live my public life as an Alpha Male. My wife is highly educated and no longer works outside the home. In public, she plays the part of a submissive house wife. In private, my wife sexually dominates me and controls my sexual releases. In fact, I have assumed the role of the submissive cuckold husband and she, the hot wife.

Although it may be hard to understand for most people, my job is incredibly stressful and there are times where I just do not want to be in charge. During the day, it is no stop leading, doing and decision making. When I come home, I just want to be told what to do. I want someone to make decisions for me, I need an escape. Luckily, my lovely wife loves to assume the role of decision maker at home. In fact, she loves nothing more than to have total control of our private life. As I have said before, she is the most sexual person I have ever met. She is constantly thinking about how she will have her next orgasm. You could say she is a sex addict. I am ok with that as I get to feed her addiction and we get to share her sexual adventures together.

Over the last year, I have been working on a major purchase of our largest competitor. We have finally closed the deal and I am able to stay in town for a change. My wife thought that we should take a week or two and get away and decompress, now that I didn’t have to travel to the west coast anymore. I asked her where she wanted to go and she said Kauai. I love the island and agreed quickly. We made the arrangements and got out of town quickly. Before we left, she locked my cage on my cock and promised that if I was good, she would release me and we would play. I smiled like a little kid getting candy. Our flight was a long eight hours but we had the lay flat seats in first class, so it wasn’t too bad.

We arrived at our condo on the north shore of the island after dark and got settled in. We went to bed quickly. She had me rub her clit and finger her until she had an orgasm, the we fell asleep. We got up early and walked the beach from Tunnels Beach to Ke’e and back. As we walked, I caught my wife checking out men. Occasionally, I would ask her what she thought about the men she had seen. She was always open with me and would tell me what excited her. She had obviously seen something she like because she wanted to head back toward Ke’e a second time. I asked her if she wanted to walk alone and she said yes. I let go of her hand. She turned and told me to go back to the condo and go to the spare bedroom. She turned and walked away back towards Ke’e.

I watched her for a while. She moved swiftly down the beach toward a group of men who had been surfing. She beelined to one in a pair of blue board shorts. He was probably 25 years old and had the body of a Greek God. His skin appeared to be the color of bronze. It didn’t take long for him to hone in on her tight body and bubble butt. Within seconds, she was flirting with him, touching his arm and giggling. Damn, she was so good at getting Escort İstanbul what she wanted. Once I knew she had made her mark, I left for the condo. I made my way up to the spare bedroom and waited. It didn’t take long before I heard her voice. She was talking to someone and assumed it was him.

My wife got them both a drink and they sat on the couch together. The only thing he had on was his board shorts. She was only wearing her bikini top and her thong bathing suit bottom. Needless to say, there was little left to the imagination. There started and a normal level, then became quieter then ceased. I crawled out of the bedroom and peaked out around the corner. They were kissing and touching each other. He was very buff and obviously worked out a bunch. I am sure this is why she picked him. Her “type” for sex is the tall, muscular, handsome, Greek God. He checked all the boxes.

Soon there kissing turned heavy petting. When it looked like it was going to get serious, my wife stopped him and took his hand and told him that she didn’t want to do it down here. She told him to come with her. I slipped back into the spare bedroom just as they walked by and up the stairs to our bed. Once they had reached our bedroom, I slinked up the stairs behind them and slipped into the master bathroom. Our master had two doors, one to the hallway and one to our room. I stood back from the door and watched them through the mirror. They embrace as they stood by the bed. She rubbed his cock through his shorts, signaling that he was about to get the golden ticket. Then she kissed him and told him to get undressed and get into bed. As he did, she said she needed to use the bathroom and she would be right back.

My wife entered the bathroom and placed her finger on her mouth to signal me to be quiet. She opened the drawer in the bathroom and took out the key to my cage and unlocked it. My soldier immediately stood at attention. She then put her mouth to my ear and told me to sit on the toilet. I did. She then told me to watch her fuck him and that it was ok for me to jerk off while I did. I was worried he would see me but she told me not to worry, she had it handled. I sat there naked and erect and she left the bathroom door wide open. I could see everything. He was laying flat on his back and could not see me. My wife got on top of him and straddled his body. All I could see were his legs, and her back, long flowing hair and amazing ass. She propped herself up and bit and slipped his cock into her. I couldn’t see how big he was but she moaned loudly in appreciation of its size.

She began to slowly bounce up and down on his cock. I watched as his hands seemed to work my wife’s perky tits. The more she bounced, with more his hands played with her body. I could tell he was enjoying the ride as he started telling her how hot she was and how good of a fuck she was. This encouraged her to pump on his cock harder. I soon found myself stroking my cock as I watched the show. I began slowly as I wanted to last as long as possible. Once again, it appeared as though he was ready to pop. İstanbul Escort Bayan My wife, once again, slowed her pace down and then whispered something to him and he agreed. She bent towards him flipped her legs around and found herself now riding him in a reverse cowgirl position. My wife made eye contact with me, then looked down to my hand caressing my cock. She smiled broadly, and mouthed the words “good boy”.

Her lover professed his love and amazement at the beauty of her ass. He grabbed both cheeks and massaged them roughly. She giggled and then told him she was going to bury his cock deep inside her. She began to ride his cock roughly as she reached between her legs and grabbed his balls. His body jumped and she squeezed them. She told him that she was going to squeeze his cum out of his balls and into her. He protested a bit but then taunted her with the comment that he would like to see her do it. This was all she needed to hear. She slapped his balls hard. He screamed in protest. She did it again, all the while looking at me and smiling. He screamed again and called her a bitch. She pushed her pussy as deeply as she could on his cock and squeezed his balls hard. He let out a “Fuck you bitch” and threw her onto the bed and mounted her. He grabbed her arms and pulled them above her head. He then began to fuck her violently, almost to the point of raping her.

She yelled at him and asked him if he was man enough to fuck a beautiful woman like her. He seemed to lose his mind and just pounded the shit out of her. With each thrust she howled and slapped his face and chest. Her protests only produced more rage. As much as I thought I should intervene, I was actually absolutely enthralled with what I was seeing. My hand was now stroking at a furious rate. Watching him take my wife so violently was actually exciting me. In my heart, I knew that she was taunting him to fuck her hard. This was her favorite sexual fantasy. She wanted to tease her man, then reject him and then have him forcefully take what was his. She was playing him like a fiddle.

All of a sudden, she grabbed his long blond hair and yanked his face down to hers. She buried her tongue deep inside his mouth. This was her tell tale signal she was going to cum. She always needed to be kissing her lover when she had an orgasm. A deep, passionate kiss after a rough fuck always set her off. This time was no different. Without warning, she wrapped her legs tightly around his waist and locked her ankles. Her arms locked tightly around his neck. A muffled scream signaled the beginning of her orgasm. I watched as her ass cheeks tightened and then begin to quiver. The sensation of her orgasm on his cock was too much for her young god. He too growled into her mouth.

From my vantage point all I could see were his tight ball sack and his ass. As he let out a moan, his ass cheeks tighten. The spot between his ass and his balls began to spasm. In less than a second, his balls sack picked up the rhythmic pulsing too. He slammed deep into her, then did it again. It was clear that he was placing a Anadolu Yakası Escort deposit deep inside her. The question was how much and how long would he cum. He appeared to pump about ten shots into her before she released his neck and her lips. He gasped for air as he threw his head back. My wife was also breathing heavily. They had both had quite a workout. Once he caught his breath, he laid back down on top of her. They kissed passionately for about ten minutes before his cock slipped from between her legs. She closed her legs tightly to keep his warm jism inside her.

Her lover then rolled off her and sat up on the edge of the bed. She thanked him and handed him his short and told him she would see him later. He kissed her again and walked past the bathroom door without noticing me.

She waited till she heard him leave and then told me to come to bed. I was within seconds of cumming. She told me she wanted me to fuck her. I hopped on top of her and quickly slid my hard cock into her slippery pussy. The deeper I pushed, the wetter she was and soon my cock found itself covered with another mans seed. She stopped me from pumping may cock and asked me how it felt to get sloppy seconds. I told her it was amazing. She the began to tease me. She told me how big he was and how good he felt inside her. I again tried to pump my cock. She stopped me again and continued her tease. My wife them told me that she wanted him to fuck her ass and to cum deep inside her ass too. This was something I had asked her to do for years. She had always told me no. It was one of my biggest turn ons. I loved her ass. It made me hard just looking at it. I had always wanted to fuck her from behind as I watched my cock slip between her bubble butt cheeks. WTF, why was she wanting him to have what I couldn’t? Why did he deserve to fuck her beautiful ass?

It was all too much. I began to shake. The thought of him putting his young massive tool into her tight ass set me over the edge. A quick flash came over me as I had an explosive orgasm. She wrapped her legs around me and began to kiss me. My body spasmed out of control. I was having an orgasm like I had never had before. It continued much longer than my usual orgasm as all I could imagine was him inside her. I could actually visualize it and it made me crazy.

Finally, my orgasm subsided. My wife giggled and said that she had never seen me have an orgasm like that before. It took me a moment to realize that I had actually done it without fucking her. She had actually made me cum buy fucking with my mind and forcing me to have her lovers cum on my cock. It was a whole different level of sexual release. I loved it. Once I calmed down, she told me I still had a job to do and pushed my head down to her dripping hole. I slipped between her legs and willingly cleaned her red, puffy lips and clit. She then held my head tight against her, which was my signal to suck his cum from her, and mine too. It was also he way of humiliating me, her way of taking control. She wanted me to be on the receiving end of power. It was important that I realized that there was someone else who could be the Alpha. In this case the Alpha Female. I could not agree more. The feeling of release that I get from being her cuckold is amazing. I want her to own my sexuality. I want her to put me in my place. I want her to own my release. I love her so much.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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