Cuckoo Calling Ch. 03: The Denver Kid

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(Ding dong)

Mrs. Wilson opened the door just as a second door bell rang.

A tall, young man stood on the top step, leaning against the wooden doorframe.

“Hey,” Mrs. Wilson said. “You must be Kyle,”

He gave a non-committal sound of affirmation.

She observed him intently, taking in the unmistakable scent of an Azzaro Chrome which wafted from the boy’s frame.

Janet Wilson had landed herself the lucrative job offer of a data analyst and so, unbeknownst to herself, had a shrewd vision for everything.

Her observant nature took in Kyle’s expensive leather jacket, the Walter Steiger loafers, the fact that underneath he’d worn a Playboy tee. Even his sharp jawline and athletic physique didn’t go amiss.

Janet placed her finger on the unmistakable air of arrogance that the boy carried about him. She wasn’t surprised about that either, considering an almost inequitable leverage boys with good looks had.

Running a hand through his jet-black hair, he pushed his sheened bangs backwards whilst staring down at his dangling loafer. Kyle looked as though he’d be anywhere in the world but here.

“You’d called?”

“Yes.” Mrs Wilson said firmly. “Yes, I did call. Do come in!” She said, opening the door further and showing the 19 year old in.

She ushered him into the living room.

“So… Kyle,” She said slowly, once they’d reached the family room. “We’ve got some talking to do haven’t we?”

Kyle merely nodded.

“Please, sit down! What would you have? Coffee? Maybe orange juice?”

Whatever the circumstances, Mrs Janet Wilson always had a penchant for hospitality.

Kyle was evidently taken aback by this unexpected convivial approach, quite in contrast to the situation at hand.

“Uh.. Just juice would be fine,” He muttered.

He watched Mrs Wilson walk off to the kitchen.Taking out his smartphone from his back pocket, he began to text his friend, Ryan.

‘Can’t believe this shit’s happening. That kid’s such a wimp, crying to his mom. Wait for Monday, the whole college’ll get to know this lol’

Hitting the send button, he leant back on the sofa and sighed, taking in the surroundings.

The Wilson family room consisted of 2 sofas with a large television embedded in the opposite wall.

He gazed at the light blue interiors, adorned with family photos.

There was slenderman Jimmy, with his parents and his elder sister. Kyle gaped at the girl in the photo.

‘Woah…hot’ he thought to himself.

It was quite true. Jenny or Jennifer Wilson, Jimmy’s elder sister was in her senior most year at Welmonte High and had already gained recognition for her beauty.

She’d been a cheerleader for the Tigers this year and Kyle had heard she was heading for a great modelling career.

He resisted getting a boner. Jenny Wilson certainly was a looker. She had perfectly shaped breasts and her dark brown hair sported casually chic, lustrous lock spiralling down to her contoured bust. Add that to her sex-appealing figure and luscious lips and Jenny looked pretty much like a model already.

Kyle’s eye caught a large portrait of Mr and Mrs Wilson, taken somewhere along the Florida coast he thought (judging by the background). What had caught his eye wasn’t Florida, but Mrs Wilson.

‘Damn, he thought to himself. ‘Guess I know where she gets her looks from’.

Janet Wilson had worn a bright red tight-fit with marine-blue yoga pants in contrast, accentuating her shapely curves even greater.

Her brunette hair curled elegantly just under her shoulders, it’s voluminous bangs falling forwards, giving off a silk-like shine under the sun.

He gaped at another family photo, but just the women. Jennifer had worn a black spiral ruffle dress which had a curved descent to her cleavage. She’d worn heels and was standing with her hands on hips, jutting out these amazingly contoured buttocks whilst Güngören escort bayan her mother stood at her side, wearing a rather controversial purple Carolina Herrera garment (revealing slightly more than what was intended).

Her shiny, luxuriously- straightened brunette hair gleamed once more in the camera light. By now, Kyle had grudgingly accepted the fact that the mother of the scrawny kid that he took great pleasure in bullying at high school indeed had an element of attraction.

“Here you are,” Kyle was jolted from his silent scrutiny of the family’s ladies by Mrs. Wilson herself.

She’d come in with a glass of orange juice and a cup of coffee for herself.

Handing over the glass of juice to Kyle she made herself comfortable in the square-arm sofa opposite him.

“So what do you do, Kyle?” Mrs. Wilson asked casually, whilst sipping on her coffee.

Her tone mimicked the sort one would have during a family sit-down with newly-shifted next door neighbors.

She took another sip.

“What do I… do?” Kyle asked, rather surprised.

“Yeah!” She said. “Like, do you work anywhere apart from college or do you have a part-time job or something?”

Kyle couldn’t see where this conversation was heading but he realized his best bet was to play along smoothly and get the hell out of here as quick as he could.

“Well.. I work at my dad’s old barn,” He murmered.

“Oh, how nice!” Mrs. Wilson, taking another sip of her coffee. She was eyeing him very closely, behind the rim of her cup.

Kyle was less than pleased at her enthusiastic tone.

“And how often do you work there?” She asked. “At the barn, I mean,”

“Dunno… whenever he wants me to I guess,” He replied.

“I see,” Janet said and placed her coffee cup on the table beside her.

“Well, Kyle. I’m not so sure about how things work around your end of the line, but we don’t seem to be on the same page here,”

Kyle stayed silent, merely staring at his feet. He took another sip of juice.

Mrs. Wilson observed the boy with a sweet smile plastered on her face. She continued.

“I hear you’ve been giving my son a hard time at high school, Kyle.” She spoke with that same tenderness, yet endowed with stern firmity which was often marvelled at by her co-workers.

Kyle continued to stare down at his feet, his expression however, passive.

“He comes home everyday,” She continued, “Everyday and says he’s been made fun of, pushed around, had his lunch money taken. And for what purpose?”

Kyle remained silent, staring at the ground.

“This has been a problem before as well, I’m sure you remember.” Janet continued.

Kyle sighed and tossed his head back.

“Alright, I’m sorry. Okay? It was just a bit of fun. Anyway, Jimmy never had a problem with it -“

“Oh, he had a problem with it alright,” Janet cut in. “He just tried to stifle it out, hoping it’ll pass? I don’t know.”

She heaved a sigh. “What do you get from this?”

Kyle looked at her and took a few more sips of orange juice.

“What do you get from making another’s life harder in college? You may think it’s ‘fun’, young man but my son certainly isn’t enjoying it.” Her voice was a little firm now.

The boy continued staring at the wall paintings behind her.

As Janet locked her eyes on his, she noticed something deeper than just his obvious handsome features. His eyes told another story. And Janet had quite some experience in the Public Relations sector to understand why people do what they do.

It wasn’t rocket science – just crude psychology.

“Is everything alright at home, Kyle?” She asked, all firmness gone now. She could see that she’d latched onto something.

Kyle looked at her suddenly.


“Yeah, home. Is everything.. . . alright?” She said as softly as possible.

“Why Escort İnnovia are you asking me all this?” Kyle said, suddenly annoyed.

He just wanted to get out of here and go fuck Lisa at some cheap motel downtown. This was just ridiculous.

“Look, I apologized alright? It won’t happen again.” He drained the last of his orange juice and set the glass on the table beside him.

“Kyle, Kyle… please. Don’t get all, you know , jumped up,” she laughed awkwardly “But, just consider what I’m telling you.”

Kyle mimicked falling asleep. He looked at her through his drooping eyelids.

“What?” He said.

The skies had turned grey now and a low rumble of thunder filled the air.

Janet placed her mug of coffee down.

“It has always been my understanding,” She began, “that a bully never wants to what he or she does,”

When she saw Kyle looking at her as if she were ludicrous, she hastily continued.

“Well, consider this Kyle…it seems to me that you obviously have problems going on at home and that – that your umm.. actions, (she emphasised) are merely your way of retaliation.”

Kyle stared at her. The only sound to interrupt the awkward silence was the backdrop of thundering.

“How are you getting along?” Janet said, finally. “At home, I mean,”

“I’m alright, ” he mumbled. “I don’t wanna do this,” He said, finally getting up to leave.

“Kyle, please!” Jimmy’s mother said, exasperated. “Sit down,”

Kyle sat back down, his eyes fixed on Janet with a reproachful gaze. His cock throbbed once more looking at her pretty features.

“Does your dad treat you alright?” She asked. “Now, Kyle be honest…”

Kyle stared out of the window; it was a dull view now that the clouds had cast a grey shadow over the street.

“He beats my mom,” He said quietly. “When he’s drunk or when he’s like, really angry.”

Janet nodded her head. “I thought so, dear,” She said kindly.

“I don’t want to get involved into internal matters, Kyle but, I really think I oughta do something about this.”

“What?” Kyle asked, glaring at her.

“I cannot sit put and listen to how another woman is being beaten about by her man!”

“I’ve tried stopping it, but.. he beats me too at times,” Kyle said.

Kyle felt ashamed, though there was no need to be. He’d said too much.

“Listen, it’s alright,” Janet said sweetly. “You can talk to me! Hey, I’m no therapist, but if you need a helping hand I’m always there to help,”

Kyle slumped back into an armchair.

“Consider me a friend, alright?” Janet said.

As Mrs. Wilson emphasised on the last sentence, she leaned forward as though to ensure Kyle understood her compassionate concerns.

Now in her workplace, this was a fairly common gesture which she’d undertake during conferences and board meetings to put forth a point on which she wanted to stress. Moreover, her Marengo trouser suit did well to cover up any ‘loose ends’.

In the current situation however, all her loose-fitting turquoise slip achieved, was to give Kyle a flagrant view of her sizeable bust partitioned gracefully by a deep-set cleavage. Her well-kempt mane fell forwards ever so slightly, bringing a chocolate-brown fringe over her forehead.

“Uhh.. Yeah. Yeah Mrs. Wilson. Totally got your point!” He said quickly. Kyle stole his chance when she looked up at the wall-clock on her right.

Kyle’s eyes flickered rapidly from Janet’s kind-natured face to her jiggling bosom.

“Now,” Mrs. Wilson said suddenly, jolting Kyle to fix his eyes back on hers, “I’m sorry to have taken up much of your time, Kyle,”

She’d resumed her usual businesslike tone.

“And I hope I won’t hear anymore about Jimmy being troubled by you, okay?”

“Yes, Mrs. Wilson,” He murmured, as Janet led him out the door.


Barely a minute had gone by as Janet Kağıthane escort plunged into her favourite square-arm sofa when the door bell rang again.. .

“Kyle,” she seemed surprised, “Oh no, you’re all wet,”

True enough, Kyle had scarcely hit the kerb to Fourth Street when lightning had flashed, accompanied by a steadily increasing downpour.

“Sorry to bother you again, but d’you mind if I borrow a towel or something? I mean, I’m soaked,” He said. Kyle Denver would have been a sight for sore eyes to the average teenage girl;

His black hair was plastered to his forehead, and his playboy t-shirt clung to his husky frame.

“Of course!” Janet smiled ushering him inside.

“Though I don’t reckon they’ll dry anytime soon,” She said pointing to his wet clothes and trousers.

“Tell you what, I’m sure I can find some of Jimmy’s spare clothes that you can wear for the time being,”

A while later, Janet had led Kyle to a spare room to change.

“You dry yourself now while I go look for those spares, alright?” She said handing him a towel.

Kyle headed inside, drying his hair;

The room was Jenny’s old bedroom and so there were still remnants of her now-non functional memorabilia from her teenage days. It had been converted into a spare room for either guests or just to hoard old items.

“Tch, stupid door,” Kyle said trying to shut it. The door lock was missing a spindle and so wouldn’t shut completely. He kicked a footstool to jam it.

Janet returned from rummaging around in Jimmy’s closet to find a set of spare clothes and found that Kyle had shut the door… . or not. It was very slightly ajar.

Do I knock? She thought.

Despite herself, Mrs. Wilson peeped in.. . .

As Janet scanned a naked (and wet) Kyle from top to bottom, she was mildly impressed.

She could definitely sense Jennifer’s appeal in him… he had this beautifully toned body, it was almost perfect. Not too scraggy, nor too buff. Just the right amount of muscle.

Definitely not the sort you’d see on those hot lifeguards on the old Baywatch serial, but then again the boy’s frame hinted at an athletic background.

Kyle stood straight, back facing the door, admiring himself in a wall mirror. He ran his hand through his jet black hair, pushing back those long, sleek bangs.

His ‘back-combing’ game was good, Janet thought, admiring his thick tuft of dark hair. A pleasant throwback to the days when her own Stan didn’t have a balding patch …

Besides, this Denver boy certainly exuded confidence, Janet observed. Arms on hips, Kyle’s finely-honed physique gave him an attractive posture.

It was so different…

Such a refreshing change, she thought, from the slouched shoulders and protruding stomach her husband possessed.

And definitely an upgrade from her son’s knobbly knees coupled with skinny arms.

It was how all boys should be, Mrs. Wilson mused, surveying Kyle’s torso. Maybe she’ll encourage Jimmy to hit the gym once in a while, she thought.

In a jolt, embarrassment flooded over her as Kyle pulled on Jimmy’s T-shirt and jeans, and Mrs. Wilson was staggeringly reminded that it was a 19 year old kid who she’d stood spying on. What more, one who’d been bullying her own son.

Shaking her head, she pretended to not notice and left the spare clothes on the clothes-stand just outside.

Moments later, Kyle emerged from the room wearing Jimmy’s spare clothes. Janet managed hard not to stare at him in those tight clothes; she couldn’t help but notice how his chest bulged out in prominence, accentuating the tautness of the shirt he wore.

It was warranted however, considering Jimmy was a foot shorter- and less built.

The downpour had thankfully been fleeting, and it had now receded to a mere drizzling.

Kyle mumbled a “thanks” to Janet and proceeded to the front door.

“Kyle,” Mrs. Wilson began. He looked back.

“I don’t want to hear you’re bullying my son again alright?”

He nodded, turning to open the door and took off from the Wilson’s residence.

Jimmy’s mother watched the boy through the living room window, walking away till the junction to Fourth Street.


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