Cuddling with Mommy Ch. 03

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*Decided to come back to this story and write another chapter, as requested.*


After our shower, I wrapped a towel around my waist and walked to my room to get dressed as mom took her shower. I threw on some basketball shorts and my usual black cutoff shirt. I always went commando at home and I wasn’t going to change that now. I was looking at myself in the mirror thinking about my last twelve hours when I heard mom call for me.

“Sweetheart, come to my room, I need your help with something.”

My cock twitched and my imagination ran wild as I walked to her room.

When I opened her door, she was standing there smiling at me wearing her pink robe. To my delight it was tied loosely so i could see part of her nipples. Her hair was in a bun and her hands were on her hips. With her head tilted she asked me,

“Sam, sweetie, can you please rub lotion on me? I was going to do it myself but I thought maybe it’d be something fun we can do together.”

Trying not to just stare at just her tits, I smiled and said,

“Of course mom. You know I love touching you.”

“Okay great sweetie. Will you massage it into me?”

“Even better.”

I walked up to her and untied her robe. She was looking deep into my eyes and I looked into hers. I kissed her and removed the robe from her shoulders and took a handful of her ass. She gently pushed me away and laughed,

“Okay baby, massage time please.”

She said, laying down on the bed.

I looked at her bubble butt and gave it a spanking and a kiss.

“Mmm that’s nice too baby but please, i need lotion to keep my skin soft for you.”

Standing at the edge of the bed, I squirted some lotion from the nightstand into my hands and started with her upper back. I lathered it in slowly as she cooed.

Next I moved to her sides but I struggled to get her far side, so I got up on the bed and sat on her ass with the tent in my shorts pointing between her ass cheeks.

I did both of her sides simultaneously and had to squeeze both of her big tits. My mom giggled and pretended to be stern with me.

“Hey Mister! Lotion me first. We can play later.”

“Ya ya okay mom.”

I then scooted down and got more lotion in my hands.

I did her arms slowly and got more lotion for her ass.

I started kneading her ass cheeks as I fantasized what I would do to them later. As my hands got closer to between her legs, her breathing got heavier and heavier.

At this point i was hard as a rock so i wanted to keep moving down her beautiful body.

I got to her left calf and she asked me to massage it well. I did as she asked and her right foot found my dick.

“Mmm my baby’s hard from touching hiltonbet yeni giriş his mommy huh?”

“Of course mom. I get hard from looking at you, let alone touching you.”

Reluctantly, i pulled her right foot off my shorts and massaged her calf.

After about a minute she pulled away and rolled over, showing me a full frontal view. Her tits were perfect and her pussy had short red hair around it. I was amazed by her beauty and was just soaking her in until she tried covering her tits with one arm and her pussy with the other.

“This isn’t fair baby. You can see my body but I can’t see yours.”

She said with a frown on her face.

“Okay mom you’re right.”

So I took my shirt off.

“Is that better?”

“No baby it’s not… Well it is a little better. But take your shorts off too.”

Smiling, i did as i was told and she uncovered her pussy.

I got more lotion and began massaging her feet.

“Yes sweetie, take your time with my feet please.”

I loved her little feet and her red toe nails were sexy. I was planning on taking my time anyway as this was something I’ve dreamed of for years.

“Mmm baby this feels so good. You should do this more often.”

“Of course mom, I’ve wanted to do this for a while to be honest. Your feet turn me on.”

We both laughed.

She pulled her feet away and put them both around my dick.

“Ooo fuck mom that feels so good.”

“Get some more lotion honey.”

I lathered up between her feet more and grabbed them and began to fuck them slowly.

“Mmm who knew mommy’s dirty little boy had a foot fetish?”

“I think I just have a ‘You’ fetish.”

Smiling with her arms reaching out to the sides of the bed, my mom said,

“You’re too sweet to me baby. Come give your mommy a kiss.”

As I was still holding her feet against my dick, I spread her legs and got between them. I slowly fell on her, running my hands from her waist to her tits with one hand going back down to her ass. My dick landed on her lower stomach as my shaft felt the wetness and warmth of her pussy. I gave her a deep kiss and she opened her mouth as our tongues found each others. I squeezed her tit as I pulled her ass against my dick. We were both breathing heavily as we rubbed ourselves against each other. Mom broke the kiss and said,

“Please, baby, finish with my lotion first.”

Knowing I had her tits left, I pushed myself up and reached for the lotion. I put a squirt directly on both of her tits and began massaging it in as my dick lay against her pussy.

“Mmm you’re the best, baby.”

My mom moaned as I tweaked on her big nipples.

I pushed her boobs around in opposite hiltonbet giriş directions, making sure to use up the rest of the lotion. Then I tried to wipe the rest of the lotion on her stomach and sides as my hands went to her sides.

“Are you done baby? There’s no more lotion on me right?”

“No, mom.”

“Thank you Sam. You know what to do now right, baby? I’m so horny.”

As she said that she grabbed my dick and lifted her legs in the air. She looked deep into my eyes and put the head into her pussy.

“Fuck me Sam. I need you so bad.”

I pushed the rest of my shaft in and grabbed her ankles.

“Fuck mom, your pussy’s so wet for me.”

“And your dicks so hard for me baby. Grab my tits.”

I brought both hands to her nipples, pinching them as I slowly fucked her.

“Mmm my baby feels so good. Fuck me faster.”

She said staring into my eyes. Since she asked I took my right hand off her tits and put it around her neck. Her eyes opened wide and she looked at me almost in disbelief. As I grabbed the sides of her throat, she closed her eyes and bit her bottom lip as her loving pussy squeezed my dick.

Her face went red so I loosened my grip and as soon as I did, her green eyes opened and she said

“Tighter baby. Don’t stop. Just like that. You’re gonna make mommy cum.”

So I tightened my grip again and her eyes opened wide before closing again. I leaned down to give her a kiss and felt her body start to shake as she gripped my ass with her nails, holding me inside her.

I loosened my grip and she yelled out at me,

“Don’t move!”

Her body convulsed for maybe 10 seconds more and she said,

“Wow baby. You made mommy cum again this morning.”

And she put her hand on my neck and pulled me in for a kiss.

“I’m almost there too mom. Rollover.”

She did as I told her and laid on her stomach as I leaned up. I pulled her up by her hips and aimed my dick at her pussy. She grabbed me again and lead me to her hole. I pushed in and grabbed her hips. As i pulled her back and forth on me I laughed to myself. This is exactly what I was dreaming about as I massaged her ass.

I was awoken from my day dream as mom screamed out at me,

“Mmm fuck your mommy baby. Fuck me.”

At this point i wasn’t doing anything beside trying not to cum as she controlled the rhythm.

“Fuck mom, I’m gonna cum.”

I said as I put my hands on her shoulders and then grabbed as much of her ginger hair as I could.

“Good baby, thats it. You can cum deep in mommy’s p–Ugh fuck.”

She moaned as I leaned back, pulling her hair and spanking her ass. I was really riding my mom now as she threw her ass hiltonbet güvenilirmi back as hard and as fast as she could without my cock slipping out. She screamed,

“Oh baby! I’m cumming!”

“Me too mom!”

And just as i felt her pussy walls contract around my dick, I came as hard as I’ve ever came before. I pulled her hair back even more as her head cocked back and I filled her pussy with my cum.

It felt unreal as I was bottomed out in her, shooting rope after rope of my cum in her warm pussy.

After emptying myself in her, i let go of her hair, pulled out and leaned back, resting against the bed frame.

Mom, still on her hands and knees, turned back and looked at me in a loving way only your freshly fucked mom can after incestous sex. Dizzy from my orgasm, I admired her as she slowly rocked her hips back and forth. She looked so happy as I watched my cum ooze out of her.

“I haven’t been fucked like that before ever sweetie. That was incredible.”

She turned and crawled toward me.

“Come here baby. Come to mommy. Are you okay?”

Laughing, I said,

“I’m great mom.”

I grabbed her face, kissed her passionately and added,

“That just took a lot of me”

Holding her, I laid back down onto the bed.

Mom grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

“We can’t go back to sleep already baby. We just got up. Let me make you breakfast and let’s start our day. “

As she said that she got up off the bed and walked towards her master bathroom. Suddenly, she turned around under the doorway and with a naughty, lusty look on her face said,

“Hmm i was going to pee but I think I’d rather feel my son’s cum drip between my legs as i cook him breakfast.”

I just smiled and agreed to her good idea as I closed my eyes.

“Hey, c’mon baby. Get up. You have to move your stuff in my room today. You’ve slept and cuddled with me in my room long enough. After today, this is our room baby.”

In response I smiled at her and got up. I pulled her naked body against mine and kissed her. I wanted to fuck her again but i just didn’t have it in me.

“I love you so much mom.”

“I love you too baby. You truly are the man of the house now. Let’s cover the windows and walk around naked. You can use me whenever you want as long as I can use you whenever I want.”

“If you want to get fucked every morning and night mom why don’t you just say that?”

I said laughing before spanking her ass again and adding,

“But fuck the windows. We leave them uncovered. I don’t care what the neighbors see. Besides, they don’t know we’re mom and son anyway. I just look like a lucky guy with a milf.”

Mom laughed and I gave her another kiss.

“Whatever you say baby. You know all I care about is you.”

We embraced once more before mom turned around and strutted into the kitchen with my cum running down her leg. She happily accepted her mission to replenish her son to fuck her again and again.

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