Cuffed , Stuffed

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He pulled into a parking spot and the little motel they had used last week. He had talked to her last night, and knew she would be ready to meet him again today at 10:00. He wanted to get the room so they wouldn’t have to waste any time. He walked up to the desk clerk who remembered him from last week. She said “Hello Mr. Smith, your room is ready, the other party is already here,” and handed him a key.

“There must be some mistake,” he said. “There’s not another member of my party.” The clerk just smiled at him, and handed him a small envelope. He went out to his car and opened the envelope, unsure of what was going on, and in his normal police officer mind frame, a little suspicious. He opened the envelope, and his truck was filled with her scent. The paper inside said simply “Hurry!! T.”

He took the steps two at a time, wondering, what in the world has this crazy lady done. He put the key in the door and it opened to glowing candlelight and the scent of Pleasures, her scent, but she was not there. He entered and closed the door behind him. As his eyes adjusted to the blaze of about 25 candles, he noticed that the bed was drawn back. The regular motel covers were gone from the bed, and had been replaced by black satin sheets and a white lacy comforter. Soft music from her favorite Chicago song, Color My World, was playing from some unseen source.

The bed had been turned back, and there was a note in the middle of it that said “Sit Down.” He sat down on the edge of the bed. On the night stand, there was a bottle of jasmine scented oil, and he saw the glint of metal. He looked, and saw a pair of handcuffs lying there. He thought “Hummm, this isn’t right, she said never, never would anybody put handcuffs on her.” As he thought, he placed his hand on his side where she had left her handprints and thought “I need to handcuff her so she don’t mark me up so bad,”, and chuckled under his breath.

Just then, he heard a soft sound behind him. He turned and she was standing there. She was wearing a black satin combing coat with a badge pinned on it. He could see a glimpse of white lace peeking out, and lots of deep, dark cleavage. He said “What’s up? How long have you been here?”

She said nothing, but placed her finger on her lips and went “ssssshhhhhh.” Her nails were well manicured with French tips, and her skin looked golden in the candle light.

He felt the compression of the bed behind him and tried to turn, but she said “Don’t Move.” I believe taksim escort you might be under arrest. He chuckled, amused at her active imagination, but somewhat puzzled because her normal chatter was missing. He felt her moving across the bed toward him, and felt her breath against his ear. He felt something poke him in the small of his back, and she said “Up against the wall.”

He moved slowly. He was not really sure what was going on, they had only known each other a short time and he really did not know whether she might be a nut or something, but he moved. She said “Spread em.” He put his arms against the wall and spread his legs. He felt her reach around him and rub his chest, arms and back. Then she reached back around and began unbuttoning this shirt. She worked silently, never saying anything. She stripped his shirt off and then her hands and fingers were exploring his upper body, her hot breath blowing on his back. He was intrigued to say the least. He tried to turn around but she said ” Not so fast, I haven’t finished frisking you yet, you might have a weapon, after all, I hardly know you.” So he stood there.

She knelt behind him and untied his shoes, one at a time, removing them and then each sock. Then, her hands traveled up his leg, rubbing and feeling, as if she was looking for something. She worked on each leg this way and then finally, reached his crotch. She said “Hummmm, just as I figured, you are carrying a concealed weapon.” Then, her fingers unbuckled his belt and she took off his pants and shorts. Her hands were back on his legs, up to his crotch, and she grabbed his cock, causing him to jump at first, then take a long deep breath.

Suddenly her hands were gone. she said “That’s it, you’re under arrest, put your hands on your head.” He put his hands on his head, and immediately felt the cold metal of the handcuffs just before she shut them. “Come with me.” she said, and she lead him to the bed and lay him down on his back. Then she removed the black combing coat and was standing there dressed in a white lace teddy, holding a vibrator in her hand. She turned her back on him and walked to the nightstand. He could see that the teddy had a thong back. She picked up the bottle of oil, and walked over to the bed. She rolled him over on his stomach, hands still cuffed over his head.

He said “What are you going to do?”

She said “Sssshhhhh, just relax, I won’t hurt you.”

He topkapı escort felt a drop of oil hit the small of his back. She knelt over him, her knees between his spread legs, and she blew on the oil, which caused it to warm. She began to rub the small of his back, spreading the warm fragrant oil over his back, massaging him in a sensual manner, slowly, starting in the small of his back and moving her hands all the way up to his neck and shoulders, kneading his muscles, feeling them flinch and quiver under her touch.

He said moaned softly and said, “That’s great.” She said nothing, but continued her work, until she felt all the tension leave his back and neck.

Then, he felt a drop of oil in the bend of each knee, she blew on each and warmed the oil. Then, she set at giving the same attention to both his legs as she had to his back. Starting at the foot, she progressed up each leg to the calf then back of thigh. He said, “You keep this up and I’ll be asleep.”

She said “No, you won’t, I promise.”

Just then, she turned her attention to the inside of his thighs and butt, each stroke getting her closer to his scrotum. She took the vibrator and turned it on. He said “Whoa, you’re not going to stick me with that, are you?” She just laughed, the next thing he felt was more warm oil on the space between his balls and anus, and then he felt the gentle touch of the vibrator against the underside of his scrotum, which was all that was exposed. “Oh, God”, he said, “That’s great.” With the other hand, she was massaging the cheeks of his butt with oil, and then he felt her lips in the small of his back. She was licking, kissing and nibbling while she applied the tip of the vibrator to his balls, her breasts pressed against his butt. He began to move and wiggle from side to side and said “I’m going to cum if you don’t stop that.”

She was gone. Her weight left the bed and her warmth was gone. He struggled and turned over. She was standing there, smiling. He looked down at himself and saw what she was looking at. His cock was standing erect, hard, throbbing for her touch. She placed some oil in her palm and blew on it warming it. She knelt straddle of him, took his cock in her warm oily hands, and began slowly pumping it. He said “God, that feels almost like a hot wet pussy, you’re killing me here.” She was staring at him, her eyes locked with his, and she took his balls in one hand. He closed his eyes and let tesettürlü escort his breath escape.

Then, she stood up and started slowly removing the white teddy she was wearing. She rid herself of it, and stood in front of him, rubbing warm oil on her breasts, teasing the nipples with one hand, while rubbing her stomach with the other. She spread the oil over her skin, and it shone in the candlelight. He lay there and watched, mesmerized by her bold actions, wondering what she was going to do next.

She reached down on the bed and picked up the vibrator she had used on his testicles, rubbing it up and down like it was his cock in her hand, covering it with the oil remaining on her hands. She said “Would you like me to do this to you?” He just smiled, she put the vibrator in her mouth, licking the tip of it, and then up and down the sides of it, and she said “Mm, I could taste you like this.” Then, she put one foot up on the bed next to him, and started fingering her clit, rubbing the vibrator between her oily breasts, he was so excited he was ready to burst. Then, she took the vibrator and started fucking her pussy with it, she said “Mm, yes, would you like to have your cock in my wet, hot pussy?”

He said, “No, I’m enjoying this show you’re giving me.” So, she withdrew the vibrator, and put it in her mouth, tasting herself there.

She said “I want you, now.” She walked over to the bed and straddled him. Then she reached up, unlocked the cuffs around his wrists, and let them fall to the bed. He grabbed her and rolled her over on her back, and thrust his hard cock into her, grabbed her hips and began to rock her, hard and fast, entirely filling her. She wrapped her legs around his waist, and started to put her hands on his butt to pull him closer, and found that he had slipped the handcuffs around her wrists.

He laughed and said “You said nobody would ever put cuffs on you.” She said, “Baby, you can cuff me any time, as long as you stuff me.”

He was pounding her hard now, thrusting furiously. He was pounding her so hard and deep that he had to stop and pull her back down the bed. Then he was back at her, pumping harder and harder, he said “Oh yes, I’m nearly there, are you ready for it?”

She said “Mm yes give it all to me now.” and at the exact moment her muscles contracted around him and he released his hot stream into her willing body.

He said “Oh, mm, you get it all, mm yes….. yes….. yes!”, as her cunt muscles milked him of every drop. He loosed the cuffs around her wrist and snuggled next to her, he was asleep in minutes, drained, tired and spent.

When he awoke, he was covered in the satin sheets and she was gone, the candles were put out, and a red rose was on the pillow next to him. He wondered when they could see each other again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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