Cummuters Pt. 04

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Part Four: Rashiv

True to his word, Simon rang one evening, suggesting we might make a three-day expedition around the coast the next holiday weekend, staying on board the boat. There was a flurry of ‘phone calls as Stephen’s parents and mine discussed the idea, but to our delight, they eventually agreed. The next few days seemed to crawl by, but eventually the day of the trip arrived. Simon had arranged to pick us up at some ungodly hour of the morning, so Stephen stayed at my house the night before. It’s funny, but we must have both been so excited that neither of us even gave a thought to giving each other a ‘quickie’ before going to sleep.

We were up and breakfasted long before Simon arrived and we wasted no time in stowing our gear in the back of his jeep. After a quick wave to my mother, standing anxiously in her dressing gown at the door, we were on our way—our voyage had begun! The journey was uneventful, although Stephen was suffering from a bout of shyness and sat quietly beside me, not joining in the conversation. I knew exactly how he felt: I had felt the same mixture of nervousness and anticipation before my first real meeting with Simon. In Stephen’s case, his anticipation seemed to be winning, for I noticed that he began to sport a prominent hard-on. I reached over and began to unbutton his shorts, but Simon called out from the front seat. “Hey, you guys, there’ll be plenty of time for that when we get there. You’re putting me off my driving!” I made a rude face at his reflection in the rear view mirror and carefully tucked Stephen away for later on. The episode did help to break the ice though, for Stephen suddenly lost his shyness and started to talk excitedly about the weekend ahead.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as we parked in the boatyard. Simon went off to collect the keys from the office, while Stephen and I looked along the neat lines of craft, wondering which one was to be our home for the next few days. We were soon to find out: Simon called to us and we followed him to a sleek cabin cruiser, moored at the end of a long wooden jetty.

“Enchantress II. What happened to Enchantress One?” I asked.

“Oh, I sank her when I was still learning.” came the cheerful reply. He said it so dryly that it took me a few moments to realise that he was only joking. For the next half hour or so, we were kept busy stowing our gear and provisions on board while Simon stripped the tarpaulin covers from Enchantress.

“She’s beautiful.” I said when her graceful lines were fully revealed.

“I call her ‘The Gin Palace'” Simon gave me a wry grin, but I could tell that he was pleased by my admiration. “My father uses her to wine and dine his business clients. I get a bit fed up ferrying them around all the time, so it’ll be nice to have the old girl to myself for a change.”

We went below to the saloon where Stephen had been busy brewing some tea for us in the spotless galley. As we drank, Simon outlined his plans for our trip, pointing out the route on a large chart. Just then a voice hailed us from the jetty and the boat rocked slightly as someone stepped aboard. Simon showed no surprise and climbed the companionway, returning with a slim young Asian man.

“This is Rashiv.” He announced. “He’ll be joining us for the weekend.”

I stared at the newcomer without enthusiasm. There goes the prospect of any fun, I thought gloomily, but when we shook hands, I wasn’t so sure. Rashiv had the most strikingly amber coloured eyes I had ever seen, and the long, appraising look they gave me made me think that he hadn’t just been invited for the ride, after all.

* * * * * * * * * *

Now that we had a full crew, we were keen to get underway. Simon called us to our respective duties with a cheerful “Come on then. Let’s go ? All hands on deck!”

“Aye, aye, Cap’n.” I said, tugging an imaginary forelock.

“Enough of that nonsense, or I’ll have you flogged.” He grinned. “Go and untie us.”

While Stephen and Rashiv fended us off from the neighbouring craft, I clambered onto the jetty and jumped gingerly back on board, clutching the mooring ropes. There was a throaty roar and the boat began to tremble as the big diesel engine cut in. Simon certainly knew how to handle her, for after steering us through the tight maze of moored craft, we were soon heading out of the crowded boatyard into the estuary. The ships we passed looked enormous and I cast an anxious eye at one coming up the river, loaded with huge stacks of timber. Simon seemed to be steering directly towards her, but it soon became apparent, even to my inexperienced eye, that we would easily pass astern of her. Enchantress rocked gently in the big ship’s wake and I waved up at two guys leaning on the stern rail. They didn’t respond, but I supposed that they weren’t enjoying their trip as much as I was.

As we steadied, Simon called me over and handed me the wheel. “Keep her in a straight line towards that headland. I’ll be back shortly.” Ankara escort I went cold all over and gripped the wheel for dear life.

“Relax. You’ll soon get the hang of it.” Simon advised cheerfully.

“Thanks a bunch!” I called, but he had already disappeared down the hatchway.

Once I had got over my initial panic, I began to enjoy myself: I was in sole charge of thousands of pounds of luxury cruiser! The engine throbbed gently under my feet, its exhaust making a deep burbling sound as it occasionally dipped under the water in the swell. It was still quite early, but the sea mist had cleared and it promised to be a real scorcher of a day. There was a patter of feet up the companionway and Rashiv appeared, dressed only in a pair of peacock blue Speedos. The skimpy garment hid little of his slim, brown body and I could see the shape of his genitals clearly outlined in the stretchy fabric. He gave me a shy smile and I watched him make his way along the cabin roof before stretching out on a towel to sunbathe.

“Watch your helm!” Said a voice behind me, adding softly. “You’re drooling.”

“Is it that obvious?” I asked.

“Sort of.” Simon gave me a slow grin. “But don’t worry. You’ve got all weekend to get to know each other, and ‘Rash’ is well worth the effort, believe me.”

His voice lost its joking manner and he said confidingly. “I invited him along as a special present for you, for letting me share Stephen—-I know he’s special to you.”

As if on cue, Stephen’s blond head appeared out of the forward hatch as he climbed out on deck. Like Rashiv, he had changed into his swimming trunks and I wondered if it had been at Simon’s suggestion. It would certainly explain his disappearance below and it would have been a good opportunity for them to be alone for the first time. Stephen leaned over the bow like a figurehead, enjoying Enchantress’s lively motion, before turning back to wave at us. Rashiv turned his head to watch him and Simon poked me gently in the ribs.

“No prizes for guessing what he’s thinking.” He whispered, pointing to Rashiv and I watched enthralled as the thin material of his swimmers strained to contain a pretty impressive erection.

“There’s a lot of meat in that sausage, for a little guy.” Simon observed with a grin.

We had reached the open sea and Simon steered us westward along the coast. Stephen joined us in the cockpit and his face showed the same mixture of panic and elation as mine had when he took the wheel for the first time. Simon returned and studied our wake for a few moments. “That’s good.” He said encouragingly to Stephen who beamed with pleasure. Leaving us both in charge, Simon disappeared down the hatchway once more and returned a little while later with some bottles of beer. It’s not my favourite drink, but the ice-cold feel of it running down my throat was electrifying. Bottle in hand, I sat down on the stern bench and gazed around me, hardly believing my luck—-this was the life!

We cruised on steadily for about an hour or so, until I heard the engine note change and I looked round to see that Simon was back at the helm. He switched on the echo sounder and I listened to its monotonous click as he studied the readout. “Aha.” He murmured in satisfaction as a hump started to appear on the tiny screen. He pulled down a stubby lever on the control panel and the engine fell silent. I had got so used to its steady note that the sudden stillness felt strange: All I could hear was the water slapping against the hull and the distant cries of seagulls as they swooped and wheeled over the waves. Simon stood up and walked sure-footedly along the narrow walkway towards the bow and a dull rumble broke the silence as he let go the anchor. Enchantress drifted on for a few moments before she pulled up with a slight jerk. Simon returned to the cockpit and grinned at Stephen and me. “Right! You two call yourselves anglers. There’s some good fishing on these sandbars, so you’d better get to work later on, if you want to eat tonight.”

He took a long look around him and studied the shoreline for a minute or two. Apart from a few sails in the distance, we seemed to have the sea to ourselves. “Well, I guess there’s no need for modesty any longer, is there?” He said as he casually stepped out of his shorts.

* * * * * * * * * *

Stephen and I stared at each other, astonished by Simon’s nonchalant manner. The lack of a tan line around his waist showed that this wasn’t the first time that he had sunbathed in the nude. Nevertheless, I marvelled at his self-control, for I couldn’t help noticing that his cock was still swinging loosely; He hadn’t even jacked up—-which was more than could be said for Stephen and me! I shed my tee shirt and made a start on my shorts, but Simon caught my eye and shook his head slightly, indicating that I hadn’t been invited to this particular party.

I slumped back onto the stern bench, trying hard to look unconcerned, but inwardly I was fighting hard to control my Ankara escort bayan frustration. This had obviously been pre-arranged; probably when Simon had gone below and left me alone at the wheel. Stephen looked over at me uncertainly, torn between his loyalty to me and the lure of Simon’s naked body, but I just shrugged my shoulders indifferently: He had made his choice and I was determined to play it cool and hide my humiliation.

Stephen’s fingers trembled as he fiddled with the drawstring of his trunks and he gave me a shamefaced look as he slid them down his legs. He looked strangely innocent, as he stood before us, naked and blushing heavily. The blonde fuzz of his pubic hair was almost invisible in the bright sunlight, so that his slim body appeared to be as smooth and hairless as a young boy’s. He reminded me of the naked first-formers I supervised in the school showers on sports days and despite my sour mood I smiled to myself at the comparison; Any junior sporting a cock of that size would be very popular with his pals—-not to mention me! The sight was clearly to Simon’s taste as well, for I saw his massive tool stir for the first time, beginning to swell and lift slowly from its thick nest of curly hair. Stephen noticed it as well and his shy smile slowly turned into a look of predatory lust as he knelt between Simon’s widespread legs. They hardly spared me a glance as I got up hurriedly and went forward to where Rashiv lay sprawled on the cabin roof; I was in need of some company.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The young Indian opened his eyes sleepily as my shadow fell over him and his white teeth gleamed as he smiled a greeting. “What’s happening?” He asked, looking around him.

The cabin roof hid his view of the cockpit, so it was left to me to explain as best I could.

“We’ve stopped to do some fishing.” I nodded towards the stern, adding tersely. “Only Simon wants to do a little fishing of his own first—-If you get my meaning.”

He sat up and noticed the sullen expression on my face.

“And he’s using your bait—-is that the problem?”

I nodded and said nothing, too full of resentment to speak. He got up and stood beside me, steadying himself on my shoulder as the boat rocked gently in the swell. From our higher vantage point, we could see Simon’s bare torso, but all we could see of Stephen was the top of his blonde head, bobbing rhythmically back and forth. Rashiv placed his hand over my shoulders and gave me a sympathetic squeeze.

“It seems like he’s got a bite already.” He remarked quietly.

I turned away, bewildered by the wild mixture of emotions running through me. Ever since our first encounter by the lake, I had become aware of a curious change in my friendship with Stephen. Just as our physical bond had grown, so had our affection for each other. We would never show it, of course—–that would be far too sloppy and sentimental for either of us to admit. Instead, we hid our true feelings behind a front of teasing banter and mild insults. I had found it hard to understand Stephen’s fierce jealousy until now, but seeing him with Simon had aroused the same feelings in me and I was finding it hard to cope with them.

Rashiv turned to look at me, his head cocked to one side like some exotic bird of prey. Although we had hardly spoken since his arrival, he seemed to be able to read my mood perfectly.

“You look like you need a little consolation.” He said softly and I felt his hand gently stroke my shoulder before moving sensuously down my naked back. Despite my lingering resentment, I felt my cock beginning to stir and thrust against the lining of my shorts.

“Yeah, why not?” I said ungraciously. “Why should they have all the fun?”

I glanced towards the cockpit and added quietly.

“Only, I don’t want to watch them. I’m not ready for that.”

He smiled understandingly.

“No problem: Come with me.”

He led me down the narrow companionway that Stephen had used earlier and I saw that we were in a small lobby flanked by lockers and two heavily varnished doors. He slid one of these open and we stepped into a spacious bedroom furnished with a large double bed.

“This is the ‘big boy’s room'” He explained. “You two boys have got the crews’ bunks up for’rard.” His teeth flashed in a wide grin as he added.

“That’s unless our Captain makes other arrangements during the voyage.”

* * * * * * * * * *

Rashiv slid open another door leading into a small bathroom and collected a large bath towel, which he spread out carefully on the bed. My eyes had grown accustomed to the gloom after the bright sunlight and I was able to take a closer look at my new companion. He noticed me staring at the bulge in his Speedos and grinned mischievously at me as he hooked his thumbs into the waistband and drew them down his legs without any sign of shyness or embarrassment. They were a close fit and he had quite a struggle Escort Ankara to work them over his prominent hip bones, but I couldn’t hold back my gasp of delight as his long, brown, penis flopped into view. He threw the skimpy garment aside and flung himself down on the bed, patting it and looking up at me invitingly.

The reflection of the sea outside cast long silver ripples over his nut-brown body and I smiled to myself as a strange thought came into my mind. With his cat-like, amber eyes and the thick mass of dark hair covering his thighs, he reminded me of a picture in my history book of the Greek god Pan. True, there were no horns on his forehead and he lacked cloven hooves, but it was still a good comparison: Pan was a god of sensual pleasure–the arch seducer.

Although I was keen to worship my handsome pagan god, something seemed to be holding me back. I undressed slowly, my imagination running wild as I pictured Simon alone with my best friend. Without warning, all of my jealous anger welled up in me and I flung myself down beside Rashiv, sobbing with frustration. He held me close while I recovered from my bout of teenage angst, but it was some time before I could bring myself to look at him.

“Sorry about that.” I muttered, ashamed of my weakness.

Much to my relief, there was no sign of embarrassment in his expression as he gave me an understanding smile.

“That’s OK. You needed to get that off your chest.” The expression sounded odd spoken in his lilting Indian accent and I smiled up at him weakly. My recent outburst had made me feel shy and I wasn’t sure what he expected of me, so I lay quietly by his side, waiting for him to make the first move. After a while, he turned to me and remarked casually.

“Have you ever tried a ‘Bombay Fuck’?”

Alarm bells rang in my head and I sat up quickly, ready to leap off the bed. That kind of sex was definitely not for me!

“No Rashiv! No way! I’m not into that sort of stuff…OK?”

Much to my surprise, he burst out laughing as he saw my startled expression.

“Don’t worry. It’s not what you think.”

The Indian lilt in his voice became even more pronounced as he added primly.

“And just for the record, I am not into ‘that sort of stuff’ either, if you must know.”

I calmed down as he went on to explain.

“Hindu girls are supposed to be virgins when they marry, but they like to keep their boyfriends happy, too. Many centuries ago, one of them came up with an idea how they could both have fun without the girl losing her virginity. Thankfully, the secret’s been passed down from mother to daughter ever since.” He grinned at me slyly. “It’s one of our better customs, I’ve always thought.”

He leant over and rummaged in his bag by the side of the bed and returned with a little foil packet, which he handed to me, smiling as I examined it dubiously.

“Sorry to scare you just now, but things might get a little messy, and we wouldn’t want to stain this nice bedcover, would we? Slip that on and you can ‘cum’ as much as you like, without worrying where it’s all going to.”

I took out the little rubber “O” and examined it curiously. Some of my friends at school carried them as a sort of status symbol, but this one was the first I had encountered at close quarters, so to speak. I placed it on the tip of my cock and tried to stretch it down, but it wouldn’t budge. “Try it this way.” Said Rashiv with a grin as he turned it over. He rolled it down my erect cock in one flowing movement, adding matter-of-factly.

“You’d better get some practice in before you find yourself a girlfriend.”

I glanced at him curiously.

“Have you got one? A girl friend, I mean.”

“Oh yes.” He answered calmly. “But she is still too young for us to have sex, so I have to make do with this, whenever I can.”

Seeing my puzzled expression he added.

“She was my parents choice for a bride, but I am quite happy. She is very pretty and will make me a good wife, I am sure.”

The tight constriction around my cock felt strange, but not unpleasant and I flicked the little rubber teat on the tip, wondering what Rashiv had in mind. He reached into his bag once more and produced a large blue tube, about twice the size of a tube of toothpaste. From it, he squeezed out a liberal amount of clear jelly and spread it between his thighs, before wiping the rest over my rubber-clad cock.

“Now, please. Come on top of me.” He breathed. His clipped accent sounding even more pronounced in his excitement.

Cautiously, I did as I was told, and he carefully guided my rigid cock into the tight space between the fleshy parts of his upper thighs. He brought his legs close together and I felt myself being squeezed in a slow insidious rhythm as he began to rock his body gently beneath me. Instinctively, I started to move my body in time with his, humping my back so that my cock was squeezed tightly against the firm ridge of cartilage beneath his balls. The thin rubber sheath around my cock stretched and released with every move, adding to the sensation and soon I was panting with excitement as I lifted and plunged my hips rhythmically. Rashiv opened his eyes and smiled lazily at my intense expression.

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