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Mike was fifty, just short of six feet tall and slightly over two hundred pounds. He was good looking with a mustache and a hairy chest. He was married for over thirty years but in the last few years he found himself fantasizing about being with men when he masturbated. He wasn’t really sure if he wanted to have sex with a man, but neither could he say he didn’t.

Being technologically challenged he happened to stumble across a series of chat rooms. One of the rooms just happened to be for bi guys from his state. Mike wasn’t sure what to do, so he just typed in the word “curious.” Then hit the return button.

Nothing happened for a while and then suddenly he got a PM from a man named Rick. He was ten years Mike’s senior and was actively bi. The two men talked for quite a while with Mike asking lots of questions and Rick answering. Being with a guy did not make you gay, it was just another option said Rick. There were some advantages of being with a guy, foremost among them that they guy had the same equipment and knew what felt good.

The two men talked for several days and finally one day Rick invited Mike over to his house. His wife would be gone for three days and they could visit face to face and Rick would answer any more questions that Mike had.

When the time came Mike got in his car. He circled the house five times before he got up enough courage to park and ring the bell. After all, he didn’t have to do anything but talk. Easy enough. Spend half an hour, ask few lame questions, and get the hell out of there.

As Mike was thinking the door opened. Rick was a bit taller and thinner with silver hair. Rick greeted Mike warmly and invited him in. The two sat and chatted for a while about sports, politics, gaziantep escort and current events. Mike became more relaxed but was still one edge. Rick took Mike on a tour of his house saving the bedroom until the end.

The two walked into the bedroom and looked around. Rick could see the apprehension in Mike’s face. Just relax said Rick and Mike tried. Rick sat on the foot of the bed and patted a spot next to him. Mike almost refused but then realized it was rude, so he sat down.

Now the conversation came back to man to man sex. Rick talked in a very calm, soothing, non-pressuring voice. Mike just listened. Mike felt comfortable but he didn’t know how comfortable, It was in the midst of this indecision that Rick reached out and put his hand on Mike’s shoulder. Mike just looked down. He was ready to blot when Rick lightly caressed Mike’s neck. It began. Mike’s inhibitions began to melt. Rick ran his hand up and down Mike’s arms and then across his chest. Through his shirt Rick lightly caressed Mike’s nipples. His resistance was wearing down.

Slowly Rick began to unbutton Mike’s shirt. As if in a trance Mike let him. All the time he unbuttoned with one hand the other made light caresses across Mike’s nipples. His shirt opened all the way, Rick pulled it off his shoulders, but not off his body. Not that he wanted to but Mike couldn’t move his arms with ease.

Now Rick began to circle Mike’s bare nipples and Mike moaned. At that moment Rick leaned in and kissed Mike on the lips. Mike froze for a second but he didn’t more. Between the circling fingers and the soft lips Mike was relaxing.

Lips parted and tongues touched. Rick kissed with more passion and Mike responded. Mike’s nipples were like tiny pebbles and Rick’s work on them was having the desired erotic effect. With some slight pressure Rick leaned back taking Mike with him. The two men were now lying on the bed. Mike felt an uncomfortableness and then looking down saw his erection pushing against his pants.

Mike could not move and then Rick lowered his head and began to kiss and lick Mike’s nipples. As Rick did that he brushed across the front of Mike’s pants. The younger man moaned and Rick slid the zipper down. The belt was loosened along with the button on the top of his pants. Mike felt the cool air of the room on his still imprisoned erection.

As Rick licked and kissed Mike’s nipples he reached inside of Mike’s briefs and for the first time another man held Mike’s cock. He let out an audible gasp. Rick then slowly slid Mike’s pants and briefs down and off his legs. As Rick did that Mike took his shirt off. Now he lay naked in front of this man. His cock was hard and standing tall but he felt no guilt or shame. Only a certain comfort that he had never experienced before.

Rick undressed and then lay down next to Mike. The two men turned to face each other and they kissed. They began to caress each other and kiss each other. Soon each man was stroking the other. Mike was surprised at how warm and hard Rick’s cock was. It felt good in his hand. Very good.

The two men kept kissing and stroking. Then Rick kissed his way down Mike’s body. As he did he swung the lower half of his body around. Now Mike was getting an up close and personal look at a man’s cock and balls. It was thrilling. As Rick closed his mouth around Mike’s cock, Mike move so he could accept Rick’s cock into his.

It felt good in his mouth and he began to suck on it, just the way he liked it. His tongue came out and licked on the underside of Rick’s cock just where the foreskin met the head. Rick shuddered and did the same thing to Mike.

They licked each other’s balls and sucked on each other’s cocks. As the time went on Mike felt better and better about it. Both men were gaining in intensity and pleasure. As Mike sucked he never dreamed he would be doing this and he also never dreamed he would have to make another decision. Should he let Rick cum in his mouth.

Mike kept sucking and then felt Rick break contact. He looked at Mike and said, “If you want to cum in my mouth it’s fine. If you would rather I didn’t cum in your mouth its ok too.” Rick laughed and continued, “Just let me know before I cum.”

He lowered his head and went back to sucking Mike off. Mike had eaten his wife out many times after he had cum in her and he kind of enjoyed the taste. He decided that both men would cum this way.

The men sucked furiously as their orgasms built and then suddenly Rick stiffened and moaned around Mike’s cock. Mike kept moving his head and hand and in a moment the first splash of Rick’s cum washed over Mike’s lips. As he tasted Rick’s cum he came was well.

Both men filled each other’s mouths and they continued sucking until they had to stop. Rick turned around, cradled Mike in his arms and kissed him. Mike responded eagerly. The two lay their enjoying some kisses, caresses and a bit of pillow talk.

Finally it was time to get cleaned up and head for home. As Mike got to the door he thanked Rick and Rick replied, “I hope you enjoyed it because there is much more, if you’d like.”

Mike looked at him and said, “Id like.” As Mike walked to his car he turned and said he would call in a day or two. That was not a fill line to break the silence, it was the truth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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