Daddy and James Partner Up Ch. 02

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It was weeks before we were confident enough to set our plan in motion. Both James and I knew that if we executed this poorly, we risked not only losing Aubrey, but jail time as well. Yet we were confident that we could make this happen. Aubrey was so pure and innocent that it seemed she had no definition of sex yet, and if we could only show her how wonderfully we would treat her, then our girl would be ours in more ways than one.

Almost every night, long after Aubrey was asleep, James and I would meet in my room to plan. Often our talks would dissolve, as they did that first day, into lurid accounts of what could happen. Every night my son and I would masturbate together, sharing imaginative details of my baby girl’s body. At first James was more forthcoming than me – I would listen in fascinated silence, exulted at hearing my fantasies spoken aloud. Perhaps since he was her peer he did not feel the same guilt as I did. For I was battling not only my guilt that she was my daughter, but also that I was fifty-one and she was only eighteen.

“I just want my tongue on that little pussy,” James said. “Make our sweet girl moan my name…”

Our jerk sessions became more frequent. Aubrey often came down for breakfast in just a big t-shirt and panties, though sometimes I wondered if she was even wearing those. James was in school for psychology and was in class mostly in the afternoons and evenings. After she left for high school, we began to sit at the breakfast table.

After a few weeks of cumming to the thought of my daughter twice a day, my guilt began to wear away. Soon it didn’t seem wrong to desire her, but natural. And sooner still it seemed natural that she should relent to me. I was her father, after all, and had given her everything. My babygirl lived in this house, taunting her brother and I, and had never shown us the respect we deserve.

One morning, she came down in pink bikini panties and a white tshirt. I could see her tiny areolas through the cotton. In the cool morning air, they poked out. My mouth watered.

“Morning daddy,” she said.

She passed me and began to make cereal. Her little buttcheeks, fuller than most white girls, were exposed by her insufficient undergarments. I watched her tight young flesh wiggle while she walked. It was a shame she was no longer a child, and not yet mine to fuck; I longed to slap her flesh until it was red.

When she sat at the table, she absently rested her right leg on my lap and ate her cereal. I was marveling at the way her hair, messy from sleep and escaping from her ponytail, formed a little blonde halo around her head. When James came downstairs, she looked up from her cereal and gave him a little smile. He neglected breakfast and sat at the table. Under the table, he nudged my leg. I caught his eye and saw what he was referring to.

The way Aubrey’s legs were splayed allowed both of us a clear view of her pussy. Her panties clung to her mound, even dug into the little cleft between her lips. Unaware of our stares, Aubrey ate her cereal. A bit of milk dribbled down her chin, and before she wiped it off, I found myself imagining my cum dribbling out of my baby girl’s mouth.

I was so close to my little girl’s pussy. Just a bit of cotton between me and the sweetest place I could imagine. It was tiny, I could see. The lips were each hardly bigger than my thumbs. The whole thing would fit perfectly into my palm, and my tongue would cover the sweetness in one lick. My cock was rock hard in my pants; I was a big man, as was my son. Seven inches, but quite large around. My own hand barely could fit around my girth. I pictured my baby’s tiny hands. She’d have to use two. I thought of her big blue eyes, two hands wrapped around my cock, cum on her chin, and had to breathe in rapidly to avoid cumming in my pants.

I then thought of myself buried in that tiny pussy, stretching it wide. She’d need to part her legs obscenely to take me in. It would hurt her, poor little thing.

“Ow, daddy,” she moaned in my head. “Gentle, daddy!”

That only turned me on more.

When she finished her cereal, she scampered upstairs. James and I exchanged a glance, and then counted the minutes until she left for school so we could be alone and get rid of the massive hard-ons our little girl had caused. She came down wearing a much more modest ensemble – Aubrey always dressed in knee-length dresses or pants, and high-cut blouses – and kissed each of us goodbye. I watched my son’s hands linger on my baby’s waist, and noticed the tent in his sweatpants.

“Bye, sweetheart,” he said.

“Bye James. Bye daddy.”

She waved to us and then left. As soon as we heard the car pull out of the driveway, James had retrieved his thick cock from his sweatpants, and I’d unzipped my jeans.

“She is a little fucking tease, isn’t she?” I asked James, thwacking my hard cock with new fervency. “Parading her little cunt around this kitchen.”

“She acts so pure but I bet she’s a little slut on the inside,” James said. “Did you see how tiny her Esenyurt Escort little cunt is?”

“She’ll be our little slut,” I said. “Daddy’s little whore.”

“Yeah she is. I’m gonna cum on her little face,” James said, “to punish her for every time she teased us.”

“I wanna see my baby soaked in cum,” I said, feeling a surge in my cock at the mental picture.

“She’ll be begging us every day soon.”

“We’ll make her suck our cocks every morning,” I said. “Fuck her over the kitchen table.”

“God dad she’ll love it…”

We came in unison. Ropes of our cum settled onto the chair where she’d just put her cute little ass. Afterward, James leaned back with a sigh.

“Dad, I can’t handle this anymore.”

I knew it was true. It was getting difficult to hide, too. At dinner, we stared at her while she ate. When we watched movies, James and I battled to be the lap she rested her little head on. She was bound to notice soon.

“Dad, I know I said you could have her virginity, but if you aren’t man enough to do it, I can’t wait much longer.”

His words revved up my protective instincts again. No man, not even my own son, was going to possess her before me.

“No, I’ll do it,” I said.

“When, dad? You know, even though she’s so innocent, she’s going to find someone soon who’ll move faster. And she’s horny, even if she doesn’t know it. Why do you think her panties are always soaked?”

“She barely looks at porn,” I said, confessing to searching her computer. “She doesn’t delete the history, either. I found a few searches for pictures of naked men, nothing else.”

“We’ll teach her everything she needs to know,” James said. “But we have to do it soon.”

“I’ll do it,” I said. “Tonight.”

James raised his eyebrows. “Really?”


“I want to be there. We’ll do it together.”

I didn’t like the idea of sharing her, but I did like the idea of being able to watch Aubrey suck cock while I fucked her.

“As long as I’m the first,” I said.

He threw up his hands. “On my honor.”

I looked at our cum, drying on her seat. “We haven’t got much of that anymore, son.”

“I’ll be home at nine-thirty. Don’t start without me.”

I was more nervous than I’d ever been in my life. But James and I had a plan. Before Aubrey got home, I put the DVD in the player and set it up. After dinner, I suggested we go and watch some television. James was due home soon.

We found a show on that Aubrey liked, but I couldn’t tell you a single thing that happened. She lay on the couch, feet in my lap, while my heart was beating incredibly loud in my chest. My skin was on fire, and I’d had a hard-on nearly all day. I could think of nothing but my fear and my arousal. My baby girl was right there, and if things went right, I could cum inside her pussy that night.

She was dressed in her regular school clothes still, a skirt and a tshirt. This did nothing to alleviate my desires, not since having had such a good look at her pussy today. Not to mention her breasts, full and young, still pulled on the cotton. I imagined how they would bounce when I slammed her with my cock. Bouncing tits on a young girl – I hadn’t seen that in so long.

I pictured her on her back, under me, whimpering while her tits moved obscenely in rhythm with my trusts. Daddy, she’d whimper.

Fuck. I’m gonna fuck my daughter tonight.

I was about to set the plan in motion without him when the door opened, and James came home. His eyes were a bit wild when they met mine.

“Hey there,” he said. I was a bit jealous when he sat down beside Aubrey and she laid her head on his lap. I knew my son was incredibly aware of my daughter’s proximity to his cock. Just last night I’d felt the pleasant pressure of her head on my manhood, and knew how incredible it was. But tonight, I would be the real winner, so I put the thought from my mind.

We watched her television show for a bit longer, so she wouldn’t be suspicious. After a few minutes, James caught my eye. I nodded.

He rested a hand on Aubrey’s head.

“Hey, sweetheart,” he said.


“You know who loves you most in the world?” he asked.

“You and daddy,” she said. Her voice was so cute when it was sleepy; all high and whispery.

“Mmm, that’s right baby girl,” I said. I began to caress her leg.

“Daddy and I just want to show you something,” James said. “You’re almost a woman now, but not quite, and we want to make sure we’re taking care of you in every way.”

She sat up. James and I moved closer so that the three of us were all seated beside each other, sides touching sides.

“What do you mean?” She looked at me with her big blue eyes and, to my relief, was curious but not suspicious. I touched her blonde hair.

“I mean things there are things that women get to do that little girls don’t,” I said. “And James and I want to make sure you understand them.”

She blushed deeply. “Daddy, I’m not sure –”

“Don’t Esenyurt Escort Bayan get me wrong,” I said, running a thumb over her bright cheek. “You’ll always be my little girl.”

“Daddy and I just want to make sure that when you discover all this, it’s with men who really love you,” James said.

She was still brilliantly red – her embarrassment was only entrancing to us. It was difficult to tamper my excitement. I longed to throw her onto the ground and lift up that skirt and take my baby’s virginity right there, but if I wanted to be able to have her tomorrow and the next day and the next, I knew we had to do this right.

“Ok,” James said. He moved towards the remote. “I’m just gonna change it to a little movie. You can just watch for a few minutes. Don’t be embarrassed, sweetheart, just watch it with daddy and I.”

Aubrey nodded, no longer looking at us. James changed the input to DVD, and then selected the movie. It was a porn we’d selected specifically. The girl resembled Aubrey, but she was also one of the better girls in porn. She was having an amazing time on screen, it was clear. The film drove us crazy because of how much she looked like our little Aubrey, but we knew it would be good for her to see a woman moaning that way and begging for more.

As the film began, Aubrey’s face stayed brilliantly red. I had never been one to ignore a naked woman, but I couldn’t care less about the porn in that moment. My eyes were glued to my daughter, and hers were glued to the screen.

She gasped when they began to take off their clothes.

“Daddy, I –”

She moved to get up, but a placed a strong hand on her knee.

“Just watch, baby. Just watch.”

James put an arm around her. His eyes were also fixed on my baby. She covered her face when the actors began to touch each other, but peeped out a bit when the man put his head between the woman’s legs. On screen, she let out a high whimper.

“Yeah, yeah, right there,” she whimpered in that high, desperate way women do when they’re aroused. “Oh yeah, please, please…”

Aubrey never moved her gaze from the screen as we watched the man’s tongue flit about the woman’s pussy, flicking over her clit. I noticed the flesh on Aubrey’s arms and neck began to flush, and then blotch – I knew from her mother that this was a sign of arousal.

If my cock had been hard before, it was painful now. Baby girl was aroused, right between her brother and me.

We’d cut this version to exclude the blow job – though we had no intention of forgoing this act with Aubrey, we knew it was important to turn her on to the idea of a woman being fucked. We’d introduce her to our pleasure later. It was more important to turn her on right now.

The scene cut to the man over the woman, about the penetrate her.

We watched them fuck. As the woman’s screams and moans penetrated the room, Aubrey dropped her hands from her face. She was breathing harder than normal, out of her mouth.

I took it as my cue to begin. With my hand still on her sweet little knee, I started to run it in circles over the pretty flesh there. James brushed his hand up and down his sister’s side.

“It’s ok if you like it, baby girl,” I whispered. “It’s perfectly normal. That’s what men and women do together. That’s what men do for the girls they love.”

She didn’t answer me, but didn’t move away either.

“It’s nice isn’t it, Aubs?” James whispered.

“I feel…” She licked her lips, unsure.

“Tell us, honey,” I whispered. This was the single most erotic experience of my life, and it had barely begun.

“I feel funny,” she said. “Like I want…”

“It’s ok to want it,” James said. “It’s ok, sweetie.”

“That’s what you get to do when you’re a woman,” I whispered. I reached further under her skirt and began to touch her sweet, creamy thighs. Without meaning to, it seemed, she parted them a bit.

It took all of my self control not to go straight for her pussy, but I restrained myself and brushed over my baby girl’s thighs in a way that was decidedly not fatherly.

“You’ve been such a good girl,” James said. He reached his other hand to her stomach and stroked her there. After a few moments of this, he reached under her blouse and continued to touch her on her skin. “Oh, Aubrey… Daddy and I just love you so much.”

Her breathing was completely ragged. She lay between us, legs fallen open, flushed, completely without resistance. I nodded to James, and he paused the movie.

Aubrey didn’t even move, save a whimper of protest when James moved his hands away.

“You like it when we touch you?” I whispered.

“Daddy, should we…? It’s wrong…”

“Hush now,” I said. “We’re gonna take such good care of you.”

“Will you let us make you a woman, Aubrey, sweetie?” James whispered. I could tell his mouth was dry.

She didn’t answer, but she did not say no. She unclasped her hands and let them fall open, then turned and smiled at me.

“Stand up, baby girl,” Escort Esenyurt I whispered. She did as she was told. “Turn towards your brother.”

She faced James, and I stood behind her. While her brother watched, leaning back onto the couch, I undressed my daughter. I slipped her sweater over her head and listened to my son gasp and smile when he saw my daughter in her bra. I didn’t look yet, but I knew from the look on her face that her breasts must be amazing.

I slipped her skirt from her waist, and then cupped my hands over her hips. The skin was searingly hot. I squeezed, and then pressed myself into my babygirl. My cock leveled with the middle of her back.

“You’re so perfect, Aubrey,” James said.

She looked up at me, her sweet face asking for permission. I didn’t know what for, but I nodded; she could have done anything in that moment and it would have only aroused us more.

With shaking hands, she unclasped her bra.

James moaned. “Oh, dear God…”

I couldn’t help it. In an effort to shield them from his eyes, I covered her breasts with my hands.

I didn’t expect them to be so firm, or her nipples to be so hard. The flesh was so hot under my hands, and I couldn’t help it. I kneaded her big tit, and felt my daughter tilt her head back and rest it on my head. She moaned.

“That’s it baby girl,” I said.

James moved my hand roughly away. I understand. He wanted to see. So did I.

I sat back on the couch and pulled Aubrey into my lap, directing her into a straddling position. My cock was standing straight up – I wore shorts that would allow it full extension – and felt it brush against her panties.

Now right level with my face, I saw how incredible my baby girl’s breasts were. They were spheres of creamy white, with pink nipples in the middle like rose petals. And they were so firm and large, sticking out of her tiny ribcage like they were almost too big. I squeezed them together, and then watched them fall and swing.

“Daddy,” she whispered.

“Yes, I’m your daddy,” I said, my voice just a sex moan now. “I’m your daddy honey and I’m gonna take your virginity.”

She moaned and began to grind herself on me.

“Yes, sweetheart,” James said. I had forgotten he was there, but then he was right next to me. I watched my son reach his hand up and began to lightly diddle his sister’s nipple.

She threw her head back and moaned.

“Yes, baby girl,” I said. “Let us love you.”

James moved in and latched his mouth onto her sweet nipple, suckling it and pulling it away from her body. She began to make her tiny whimpers, the ones we’d dreamed about, and I moved in on the second breast.

Her nipple was tight and hard, and tasted amazing. I ran my tongue over it and suckled my baby girl, then tapping it with my tongue fast and quick. She let out a lusty moan and laid a hand on both of our heads, her father and brother, suckling her tits.

She had begun to hump me wildly. I removed my head from her breast. James took my place with his hand, now enjoying both of her breasts, and placed his face in between them. He twisted her nipples lewdly. I was worried he was doing it too hard when she screamed out a lusty call.

My hands knew what to do. I reached down and touched her panties. They were soaked through.

“Is my baby girl wet for her daddy?” I whispered.

She looked down and gave me a look that reminded me exactly of when she was a baby. She was helpless and needed me.

“Please daddy,” she whispered, grinding herself into my finger. “I don’t know what to do. Please help me daddy.”

“Daddy’s going to help you,” I assured her.

She gripped James’ head, still latched on her breast desperately, while I slipped my fingers under my father’s panties.

God. It was paradise in there. So hot and soaking wet. I haven’t felt a pussy this wet in years. After enjoying the general feel for a bit, I honed in on her clit and circled lightly.


“Yes, baby, that’s your clit. Daddy’s got your clit and he’s gonna make this all better now.”

I rubbed with my thumb while Aubrey went to piece before me, enjoying the show taking place on my lap. I looked and noticed James had unbuttoned his pants and was jerking himself beneath his underwear.

It was impossible to resist any longer. I inserted one finger into her opening.

“Daddy!” she cried out in astonishment.

“Oh you’re so tight babygirl.” Barely one finger fit. I nearly came imagining the paradise of fucking her.

“Daddy’s inside you baby?” James asked. “You like having daddy finger you?”

“Yeah…” Her voice was saturated with desire.

James went back to my baby’s tits, licking them maniacally now, until they were shining with my son’s saliva. She began to ride my hand. It was soaked in her juices now, and her tits bounced like I had always dreamed they could.

“That’s right sweetie,” James whispered. “Fuck daddy’s hand Aubrey…”

I couldn’t take it anymore. I removed my hand from her panties, causing her to cry out.

“No, daddy—”

“Don’t worry baby daddy’s gonna do better than finger you,” I said. “Stand up.”

She stood, positively shaking with desire. James was staring between her thighs, where they were soaked with her juices.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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