Daddy’s Hypnosis Help Pt. 05

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Many of you asked to have another chapter of this story and I’m willing, so here it is. It begins much like part 4, but don’t be confused, it’s all new.


I slept very well last night.

I rumble, feeling so relaxed.

The first thought on my mind is of Jane. She’s such a good girl.

Right behind the first thought is the memory of cumming on Janey’s plump lips. God it felt so good.

But, I’m curious.

What will she think of the cum dried to her face and hair?

I open my eyes with a smile. I think I’m going to rape her today. I might even wait a few days before I erase it from her mind. I groan with pleasure at the thought. So fucking wrong, but

I love it.

I push off the sheet and rub my wrists absent mindedly. I’ve got to see if Jane’s still asleep, covered in my cum. I want to see it dried on her cheeks and chin. I want to see it dried in her hair.

I pull on a t-shirt and sweats, then I walk softly out into the hall.

My breath speeds as I approach her door. It’s cracked open. I don’t even remember if I closed it behind me last night. I was so fucking pleased, I probably didn’t.

How will I take her? I mean, I want to be rough. I want to shock her. I want her to squeal and fight.

Oh, God, what have I turned into? My poor sweet girl…

But the regret doesn’t last long. Janey is sitting at her computer desk, clean and impeccably dressed. White today. White and pure in her round-collared button up and soft-looking sweater. Her white skirt reaches her ankles.

I almost gasp. I lick my lips when I notice her bare feet. She’s usually covered from toe to neck, but her feet are bare. Pale skin. Dainty little toes.

She’s humming a hymn as she clicks around on her computer.

I could take her now.

I could toss her down on the floor, rip off all of her white covers and dive face-first into her bare, pink pussy. What would my daughter think of that?

I want more than that, though.

I want her to fend me off in more than one way.

What did she think of the dried crust all over

her face this morning?

She’s a good girl, so she might not even know what cum looks like.

I grin. By the end of the morning, she’ll know.


My daughter spins and her green eyes peer up at me. “Morning, Daddy!”

“Hi, baby. Did you already have breakfast?”

She smiles. “Yes daddy. It was delicious.” She bites her plump bottom lip and I instantly remember how it felt to have my cockhead running along that lip.

“Oh, good, baby,” I murmur, staring lecherously at my daughter’s lips. My eyes drop to her white-covered tits.


No, I want to tease her first.

“Janey? How are things going at the convent?”

Her eyes darken and her recently-fucked lips frown. “Oh, I don’t know, daddy. I know you hypnotized me to get rid of some bad thoughts but others keep popping up.” Her eyes drop to the ground and her cheeks redden.

“What thoughts?” I utter thickly.

“Huh?” Her eyes snap to mine, her cheeks fully red.

I step closer. “What thoughts have you been having?

She swallows. “Oh, um, nevermind, daddy.”

“No,” I say gruffly. eryaman escort I step closer. “This is the second time you’ve brought it up, and this time, you’re going to tell me, Jane.”

Her green eyes look panicked. “No, I’m fine, really. Please don’t ask me to—”

My hand grips her shoulder. I’ve never forced a woman before. Never even thought about it until a few days ago. But now the thought won’t leave my head. It won’t do any permanent damage because I can erase it, and I’ve already fucked her pussy full of cum a few times. What’s the difference if I do it again?

Her mouth opens a bit and I hear her breath. “Dad?”

Her lips look so good and she’s mine for the taking.

I lean in and kiss her.

She jerks and squeaks, but I slide my hand behind her head and hold her in place. She doesn’t fight.

My chest heaves as I pull away from her. My dick is a rock. Was that the first time I kissed her?

Janey’s chest is heaving, too. Her eyes are closed, but as I watch, she opens them slowly. “Dad?” she repeats weakly.

She liked it. Fuck. She liked it. Oh, God. Is she already wet?

Will she protest if I grope her tits?

I loom over her in her desk chair. Her eyes watch me, so vulnerable and confused.

My hands slide up her sides and I stare right into her shocked eyes as my hands run over her heaving tits. Oh, God, Jane’s tits feel sublime.

“Daddy,” she whispers, her lids lowered, her breasts rising and falling in her white sweater. “What are you doing?”

I don’t answer. I’m too focused on running my hands back down her stomach and over her thighs. “Get in your bed.”


“I told you to get in your bed. Don’t make me tell you again.”

Her eyes snap open. She knows that tone. She gets up and moves to her bed. “Did I do something bad?”

“No. Never.” I follow right behind her.

Now! It has to be.

I grab the collar at the back of her shirt along with a fistful of hair.

She squeaks, startled. “Oh, Daddy. I’m sorry. Whatever I did…”

My cock throbs in my pants. With my chest against her back, I lean down and whisper. “I’m going to rape you.” I press my hard-on against her lower back.

Instantly, she starts trying to get away. I hold on tightly to her shirts. “No use,” I say calmly.

“Daddy, let me go!” she shrieks.

“I will, once I cum in your little pussy, Jane.”


“Yes,” I utter and wrestle her to the bed. She has no power to stop me. I love that. I climb up between her legs and push her skirt up with me. Her creamy legs slide into view. Then higher, her white panties have a spot of cream leaking through.

Panting hard, I push them aside. I run my finger along the soaking folds. “You’re wet for your own father, Janey.”

“No!” she shouts again, wriggling roughly. Her head flails around.

“Want me to lick you, baby?”

Her head stops flailing so she can stare at me in shock. “Daddy. Don’t. This isn’t you. I’m your baby. I’m Janey, your daughter.”

“Straight to the cock, then.”

I push down my sweats and I let my cock spring free. She spots it and squirms harder. “No. Daddy. Nuns have to be virgins! Please! Oh God, please!”

I eryaman escort bayan let her continue to shriek as I lean down. I feel her wet pussy on my tip. “Oh, yeah, baby. I’m about to fuck you.”

First, I swirl my wet tip around her clit and she moans, surprised. “Huh?”

“Yesss,” I hiss. “You’re dirty father is gonna force you to cum, Janey.”

She whimpers pathetically as I swirl around her clit again.

“Jaaane,” I groan. This wet sliding around on her clit and pussy feels too good.

“Daddy, oh, daddy. Oh!” She cries, jerking.

“Feels good, doesn’t it baby?”

“No!” she cries, shaking her head back and forth.

“You almost came, baby,” I grunt. I work my cockhead into her pussy just a bit. “Yeah. Just a bit.”

“No,” she whimpers. “Dad, not there. Not there. Not there.”

“Mmm,” I moan, sliding deeper.

“Please,” she pants. “Not there.”

“I’m already inside you, little one.” I emphasize my point by thrusting deep, bottoming out.

“Guh!” she grunts as I kiss the entrance to her womb.

“Yes, baby. Daddy’s in you. Daddy’s gonna cum in you. Mmm!” I almost talked myself into cumming!

“You can still stop, Daddy,” she whimpers. But her little hips are jerking.

I slide all the way out of her young cunt and swirl around her clit again. “You want me to stop?”

He mouth drops open as she pants at the pleasure she must feel. My wife always loved when I did this, though she was too prudish to admit it or ask for it. Janey’s no different. I swirl in the other direction, then drag my cockhead down the middle of her clit.

“Ah!” she halfway sits up. Then she crashes back to the bed.

I dip into her sloppy, wet pussy again, then pull out and swirl her clit. “Baby. Do you want me to stop?”

“Mmm!” she moans, squirming.

“I guess that’s a yes,” I say, pulling away from her swollen clit. I remain kneeling between her legs, my big dick proud and shiny with her pussy juice.

She gasps, her chest rising and falling, her hips twitching. She moans the sad sound of dissatisfaction. “Daddy…”

“Don’t worry, I’m stopping baby. I won’t plunge into your pussy again.”

She gasps again at my words. Her fingers squirm, running down her sweater, ever closer to her sex. “Um, Daddyy…”

“What is it baby?” I ask gently. My cock is pulsating with the need to fuck into her until I burst. “I’m sorry about before… I won’t rub my dick on your pussy again.”

She mewls needily. “Oh, Daddy…” Her fingers reach her pubic mound, inches from her clit. “Daddy… Please do what you did before! Oh, please! I want it!”

My breath pounds in and out of my chest, my nostrils flare like a bull. “What, Jane?” I growl, glaring into her eyes. She knows what I mean.

“Please!” her eyes close, her cheeks burn red. “I want your dick on my pussy. I want it! I want it in me. All over me. I want it, daddy! Please!”

I plunge into her tight hole and fuck her. I fuck the shit out of her, lifting her hips from the bed, slamming in deep. “Yes,” I utter. “You’re mine, Janey. Mine! I’m gonna fuck you until you die!”

She squeals and I don’t care if it hurts. I pump into her, her hips in the air like escort eryaman a little slut. Oh, God, I’m gonna cum. I find her slippery, fat clit with my fingers and squeeze it, knowing that it will hurt, but her mother loved this too.

Janey screams in ecstasy and her vagina clenches and spasms around my cock.

Her mouth is open wide in abandon, her hips thrust against mine. She loves it. She loves my fat dick. My daughter loves my fat, dirty-

I grunt and groan like an animal as I cum in her. “Jane! Jane! Oh fuck!”

“Daddy!” she cries happily.

I collapse on her sweater-covered titties. God, I never even got her out of her sweater. That just felt too goddamn good. I didn’t even force her as hard as I’d planned to. And now, I have to hypnotize her. I have to make her forget I did this.

I prop myself up and look down at her.

She watches me lovingly as ever. “Daddy.”

And that love, that acceptance makes me break.

“Oh, baby, I’m so sorry. I’ve done this to you. I’ve ruined you, Janey.”

Her hands run over my face. “You didn’t. I’ve dreamed of this, Dad.”

I swallow. This is what I’ve wanted to hear. But it’s different.

“I never could have asked you to be with me. But you…” She smiles happily. “You took me! You really did it, Daddy! I’m so happy!”

Maybe we can stay like this. For a little while. I don’t have to erase this one from her mind right away.

And since we’re like this, I wonder if I can get her to give me a titty fuck.

I wonder if my daughter will suck me off.

I mean, if she let me fuck her, what won’t she do?

My eyelids droop as I grimace lecherously at my little daughter.

I’m gonna make Janey a very bad girl.

As if she knows what I’m thinking, Jane giggles and bites her lip.

My fingers drop to the buttons on her sweater. “You’re mine now, Jane. So you know what that means?”

Her breath catches as she watches my fingers work from button to button. “No.”

Her sweater parts and I start on her shirt. “You have to please me.”

She inhales shakily. “Yes, Daddy.”

I lick my lips at the sight of the tops of her breasts. “You can’t be a nun anymore, baby.”

She frowns. “You’re right.”

“You have to worship me, now. You’ll have to think of a new way to please me every day.”

I think I see a flash of coyness in her eyes, but I must have imagined it. “What kind of ways?”

I grin down at her, parting her shirt. “You want examples?”

She nods, shyly.

I lean close to her ear, my perverted fingers clutching at her breasts in her bra. “I want you to please my cock, baby girl. With your fingers and your mouth and your tits.” I squeeze and she gasps. “With your pussy and your tight little asshole. And any other place on your body.”

“Like… my feet?”

I rumble my approval, smiling at her. “Yes, baby. Everything. Can you do it? Can you worship my cock?” My tongue hangs out and I lick her neck, my fingers digging under her bra.

“Oh, yes, daddy. I can do anything for you.”

My cock has hardened once more and I rub against her thigh. I want to lose myself in her little cunt again. I want to use her little body like I’ve done before, but now she’ll be awake.

My mind begins to piece together scenarios again. Plans form.

I suck on her neck. Twist her titties. Thrust against the soft flesh of her thigh and the side of her pussy.

I think I’ve found a new obsession.

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