Daddy’s Little Schoolgirl

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*author’s note: this piece has been co-authored with Grey Timber

* * * * *

There’s a party planned for tonight…it’s been dubbed the “politically incorrect” party. The invitation bears only these instructions: “Dress inappropriately.”

She has chosen her costume with great care. Crisp, white button-down shirt, khaki skirt, white knee socks, and brown Mary Janes. Her chin-length hair has been pulled neatly into a set of impossibly perky pigtails. She’s wearing very little makeup – most notably the slick roll-on lip gloss she remembers from high school. She’s 20, almost 21, but in this outfit she could easily pass for 15. She checks herself in the mirror, smoothes down a stray lock of hair, and heads for the party.

The door is answered by a guy she vaguely knows. He’s dressed as the jizz mopper from Clerks. She gives him her coat and heads for the first floor room where her friends will be.

“You’re a schoolgirl? Very cute,” says a girl she doesn’t recognize.

Her best guy friend emerges from his room to find her in the hallway. “No way – you aren’t nearly naughty enough,” he says. “You look way too innocent. It’s a PI party, after all.” He begins to unbutton her shirt, leaving only one button fastened, right in the middle of her chest. “Roll up your skirt.”

She rolls the waistband once, bringing the skirt up about an inch. “Again,” he demands, the vigilant costumer. Another roll in the waistband brings the skirt up again. “Now turn around and bend forward.” She does, and he smiles in appreciation at the hint of white panties. Lipstick borrowed from a woman in the hall adds the flush of sex to her smooth cheeks, and he presses a drink into her hand, sending her upstairs to the party with satisfaction.

Conversation stops as she hits the second floor. The guys have never seen her this way, and the hints of nudity stir them to a near frenzy. She works the floor, stopping to chat with everyone she knows, a dynamic, naughty little girl confident in the attention she’s receiving.

It is later. The party has moved to the third floor, darkened and noisy with music from several rooms. She finds herself surrounded by a grotesque circus of drunken revelers, including a Holocaust survivor, a dead baby, an abortion doctor, Fidel Castro, a dominatrix, and a guy who appears to be emulating Hugh Hefner.

Later still. The flush on her cheeks is now real, borne of alcohol, heat, and lust. Desire is palpable in the air, and she’s becoming a more brazen tease as the night wears on.

One of her guy friends, dressed in a tuxedo jacket and a pair of black underwear, has her pressed against the wall, hands on her hips as he mock-fucks her from behind. People are watching, laughing…it’s all in fun. He’s already said that he’s clearly dressed as a pervert. Someone tries to get his attention and he declines, saying, “In a minute…I’m busy taking this schoolgirl up the ass right now.” It’s a great joke, they think.

They have no idea how badly she wants that – how hot it’s making her to feel strong hands on her hips, her cheek pressed against the coolness of the wall, the grinding of his cock against her ass, the slick wetness in her panties.

They can see those panties as the skirt rides up during their lewd display. They cannot, however, see what she feels – that his cock is actually hard from this little game. It’s driving her insane. If only he knew…in her current state, she’d fuck him right here in this hallway, in front of all these people.

Someone finally pulls him away, laughing. She’s giggling, disheveled – flushed cheeks, locks of hair beginning to slip from the pigtails, one knee sock slipping down her leg. She has no idea how many of those in attendance are fantasizing about fucking her right now.

You are among them. She doesn’t know you, hasn’t noticed you – you’re unobtrusive in the dim light of the hallway, standing back from the more exuberant partygoers. You have seen her desire glowing in her eyes.

She stumbles from the center of the crowd. She needs to find a bathroom. The ones on the third floor are occupied, and someone sends her downstairs, to the deserted second floor. You head down a back staircase to meet her.

When she emerges from the restroom a few minutes later, you are waiting for her by the door. Her judgment is off…she is taken completely by surprise as you grab her from behind, covering her mouth.

Within instants she is pressed against the wall again, in an imitation of the panorama she presented upstairs. Only this time, it is you restraining her, and you’re not playing a game.

She is scared – you can feel her trembling in your grip – but she makes no attempt to escape you. When you’re satisfied that she won’t fight, won’t scream, your hand leaves her mouth and ventures down, under the skirt, over the panties. You can feel her moisture soaking through the smooth satin.

She is completely shaven. Somehow this doesn’t surprise you. You don’t speak as you tease her pussy with Mecidiyeköy Escort your fingertips, exploring her swollen clit, the heat of her sex. You can’t believe how wet she is, how she’s already pushing back toward you, silently begging for your fingers to fill her cunt. Your fingers caress, torment…and finally, thrust inside her. She arches against you with a power you weren’t expecting, a long, soft moan escaping her lips.

You have to have her. You flip her little skirt up over her ass, pull her panties to the side, and enter her in one smooth motion. She’s tight, her pussy clenching at you already, even during this initial penetration, and she’s trying desperately to be quiet with very little success. Her wetness coats her inner thighs as you repeatedly thrust into her, gradually picking up speed until she’s writhing in your powerful grip, biting her lip, trying not to scream.

And then, you pull out, and she whimpers in frustration. She was so close…

Are you going to fuck her ass now?


In his mind are those darker desires, those fantasies he’s been cherishing so long, those perverted desires of wanting to be a thirty year old superintendent, handsome and respected, yet living a secret life, fucking the young girls of his school, or darker still, to be a father, taking the sexual education of his daughter into his own incestuous hands.

One hand encircles your waist, rising up under your shirt, casting outward against the only button still fastened. It pops off, leaving your shirt cast open. He clutches a full breast, kneading it under strong hands, finding a nipple through the white lace bra and pinching it sharply so that your breath sucks in.

He searches deep inside his mind, finding the rage of a father who has just caught his daughter indecently teasing a boy amongst a crowd of people, grasping her by her arm and propelling her to the car, racing home and storming inside with her then spinning her around in anger, assuring her that he is going to show her what happens when she dresses like this, when she lets boys fondle her in public. You know nothing of the struggle in his mind. You cannot fathom the lust that you have instilled in him.

His left hand continues molesting your breast while his right slides down your waist, feeling the arch of your back, tracing the line of your ass as you thrust it against him. His fingers slip behind you and underneath, cupping your pussy, feeling the come still oozing from you, thrusting two and then three fingers into your quivering cunt, still contracting in disappointment at the sudden exit of his cock. His fingers draw your come from you, cupping and carrying the slippery fluid upward into the deep crease of your ass, rubbing firmly into you, a finger slipping easily and instantly into your anus.

He has always wanted this opportunity. He’s finally found himself in the position to teach his daughter while giving in to the lust he has for his own little girl. Your sweet, tight little pussy felt so good on his incestuous cock. His fingers leave your ass and dive underneath again to your dripping cunt. He strokes your lips softly, groaning in pleasure at their smooth, hairless texture. Two and then three fingers again thrust into you and you cry out and fuck back against his hand.

He is aware that you don’t know his thoughts, that you don’t realize that in his mind, you are his daughter. He decides to change that. His fingers leave your quivering sex and again slide up into your ass, feeling the flesh pinch his fingers inward, thrusting into you. You gasp in shock as not one but two fingers, slippery smooth with your come, pop into your tightly clenching anus. He strokes them in and out of you, happy with the ease with which your darkened orifice takes his fingers. Then he leans into you, his breath hot on your ear.

“Daddy’s gonna fuck your tender young ass now, sweetheart.”

He wonders what this statement does to you. He wonders if it sends fear through you, perhaps disgust at the role that he has taken. But perhaps, just perhaps, you are further excited by the incestuous taboo and the knowledge that you are about to take your daddy’s cock deep inside your tightly clenching anus.

He pulls his fingers out and is deeply pleased to hear your disappointed moan. He smiles and in his mind he knows you won’t have to wait long.

His hand, slippery wet with come and the faintest heady aroma of your ass, clutches his cock, sliding up and down over its length, lubricating it further. Then he positions the swollen head at your tightly clenched anus, grasps your throat with his free hand, tilting your head back, squeezing just enough to remind you that you are under his control, and leans into you.

His slippery cock head pops instantly into your anus and he holds it there and you scream. You cry out and tell him that it’s too much, but he doesn’t believe you. He holds it there, letting it pulse with pumping blood inside your Mecidiyeköy Escort Bayan anus. His hand on your throat pulls your head back further, arching your body against his invading cock. His lips are at your ear again.

“Haven’t you always dreamed of what it would be like for daddy to fuck you, little one?”

He inches his cock slowly into your anal chute, opening you up, leaving you breathless even to scream. Time stands still for you as his cock seems to continue to swell inside you, stretching your tightly clenched anus further than it has ever been opened. The pressure seems as if it will explode inside you and you began crying out in earnest.

Then you feel it, the unmistakable touch of his stomach against the flesh of your ass. Your hand reaches underneath your body, brushing against your thighs, dripping wet with come from your quivering pussy. Your fingertips brush his testicles, tight with excitement and pressed against your pussy. He is seated fully inside your ass. You feel as if you are about to burst. Deep inside you, there is a growing awe. It seems impossible that you could be so full, that you could take a man’s cock deep into your ass, so deep that it felt as if he were fucking into your very stomach, and yet this is exactly what you have done.

Suddenly, his hand covers yours. He urges your fingers to your dripping cunt and guides them over your hairless sex, urging them to toy with your throbbing clit. The pleasure begins to override the pain and you begin to moan again, your soft, young, sensuous voice rising into the hallway.

He slides his cock slowly out, stopping just short of retreating fully, leaving his cockhead inside your anus, continuing to stretch your sphincter. You feel empty and you thrust back against him, your fingers circling your clit furiously. With one powerful thrust, he seats himself in your ass again and you scream, but this time the scream is pure pleasure. And he begins to fuck your ass in earnest now, the speed picking up, the simultaneous feeling of emptiness and explosive fullness building into a crescendo inside your ass.

At some point in the oblivion, he stops and you cry out. In one long pull, he removes his cock completely from your ass, staring down at your molested orifice. It no longer clenches shut but remains gaping open, having adjusted itself to his girth. He imagines pumping incestuous come deep inside your anus. He imagines what it would look like with his come dripping from its distended rim. The thought makes him lick his lips and he toys briefly with the desire to kneel behind you and thrust his tongue as deep into your gaping anus as he can force it. But he isn’t done with controlling you. He wants your surrender. So he lays his pulsing cock along the fleshy valley of your ass and leans into you again…whispering.

“Are you upset with daddy, baby girl?” he asks. “Or do you like daddy’s cock thrusting into your ass?”

“Do you want your daddy to keep fucking you?”

“Tell me… Tell me what you want.”


Her questions overwhelm her. How did you know what she wanted? How could you have guessed? Why were you, the only one who could really have controlled her, the one to follow her downstairs?

She wonders if you noticed her shudder of delight when you whispered in her ear that you were her daddy, that you were going to fuck her little ass. She craves the diminutives you use – sweetheart, little one, baby girl. She wants to be good for you, to do what you want and make you happy.

She is out of control. Thoughts are hurtling through her mind at breakneck speed, and she’s trying as hard as she can to focus on something, anything…

…but right now all she can seem to concentrate on is the gaping void where your cock has left her open, unsatisfied. She’s almost uncomfortably aware of her drenched pussy and legs, the heat of your cock pressing against her ass.

She’s trying to push back against it, but you won’t let her. The need for release is overpowering. She slips a hand back to her pussy, to rub her swollen clit – but you catch her, snatch her hand away.

“No, Daddy, please,” she begs instantly, trying to pull her arm free. The words are out before she thinks. She panics, wondering if it was inappropriate, the wrong thing to say.

A loud exhale tells her otherwise, as she feels your hot breath against her neck again. She realizes that you’ve been holding your breath, waiting to see how she’d respond. Your fingers rubbing her clit surprise her, and she knows that she has passed a test, somehow.

She tries to think of the next question.

“…daddy…” she ventures, carefully, “will you…will you put your fingers inside me again? In my pussy? Or in my ass? Please?”

You instantly thrust two fingers deep inside her cunt, so suddenly that she cries out. She fucks against your hand, hard. She’s so close…it’ll only take her moments to be pushed over the edge. You’re aware of Escort Mecidiyeköy this – you can feel her muscles tightening and trembling in preparation. After only a second or two, you slip your fingers out, back to stroking through her slit. She nearly screams in frustration.

“Dammit…you’re teasing…why won’t you make me come?” she demands, petulant. It’s the wrong “answer.” You’re suddenly rougher, pushing her against the wall again as your fingers leave her pussy entirely.

“I’m sorry,” she whispers, cheek tight against the wall. “I’m sorry, daddy…will you fuck me again? It makes me feel so good, daddy…please?”

You’re holding her hands behind her as you tease her inflamed pussy with your cockhead. She tries to push back, as usual, but you’re much stronger than she is. You slide your cock higher to press against her anus, teasing there too. The unspoken question becomes clear to her: where does she want it?

“My ass,” she decides. “Please, daddy…fuck my ass? I want to feel you come inside me…fuck your little girl’s ass?”

Your cock pierces her ass, still tender despite the lubrication from before. It’s fast enough, hard enough to make her scream again in shock, but even as she screams, she’s pushing back toward you, trying to take more inside her.

She’s delirious with lust as you piston into her tight ass…hoping against hope that you won’t stop this time, that you’ll finally let her come for you. She feels victorious for figuring out your tests – ask the right questions, and be rewarded.

She wonders what you’ll show her next.


Finally you have given him the words he wanted to hear. How quickly you succumbed to his desires in your need to be filled. His mind races with sheer perverted pleasures as he replays your words in his mind. The way that you begged him to fuck his little girl’s ass. The way that you called him daddy, so quickly accepting his lead into an incestuous theme. He can feel his cock pulsing and he knows that he is moments away.

He is grasping your hips firmly now, grunting in his own lust as he fucks his cock deep inside your ass. You feel his balls, heavy with boiling come, slapping against your tender pussy and you slip your fingers underneath to caress his flesh, trailing your touch over your sex as you begin to toy quickly with your clit.

He is seating his cock deeply into you, pounding it hard into your ass. The pleasures are overwhelming to you, the stimulation of your electric clit, mixed with the frenzied pleasure of his cock thick and forceful, stretching your tight sphincter as he saws it deeply into you. There is the distinct sound of slapping flesh as his thighs pound into yours, driving his cock as deep as he can into your bowels.

In the dim light of the hallway, he’s staring down at you, his eyes watching his cock thrusting into your anus, your clenching muscle being rolled inward with each thrust, then sucking back out against his cock as he withdraws, only to ram his cock back deep into your anus again.

Your skirt is cast high around your waist, and your ass clenches with each thrust, and you cry out repeatedly, begging your daddy to fuck his cock into your asshole. Your words become more foul with each thrust, matching the soiled nature of your sexual desire. Your shirt has been shoved up your back and your breasts hang under your arched body, still clamped within their confining bra.

A hand finds the nape of your neck and then entangles in your hair, clenching fist grasping your blonde tresses and pulling back sharply against your scalp. Your head casts back and you cry out in ecstasy, coming in a wave as your daddy’s cock pounds into your tender young ass… The rough nature of his fucking is exquisite as you strum your clit with your dripping fingers. The pleasure seems to explode beyond all that you had imagined, further stimulated by your daddy’s cock rubbing against your sphincter, and filling your anal chute to the point of exploding. Your knees go weak and you begin to tremble, but your young flesh is impaled upon daddy’s strange cock, still lancing furiously into you.

You are screaming for daddy to come, to fill your asshole with his incestuous sperm, to fuck your ass harder, deeper, to squirt his hot seed deep into your bowels. And he does, driving deep and then seating himself, yanking your head still further back, gripping your body as his cock pulses, sending jet after jet of come into your ass…and then he’s fucking again, ramming his cock in and out of you, without rhythm, pumping more hot seed into you anus.

Finally, he is still, his cock still throbbing inside your ass…with a sharp intake of breath, he pulls his sensitive member from your anus, looking down to see the pasty fluid that covers its length. He watches the head slip from your anus and sees the dark, gaping hole left open from the width of his cock. Your sphincter twitches slowly, but it will be a long while until it returns to its virginal tightness.

He is stroking you tenderly now, his hands caressing your body slowly. As he stares down at the gaping hole left by his cock, he sees a pearl of come appear at the stretched rim. Its pure white color is tainted the slightest gray, a condition no doubt caused from running down the length of your anal chute.

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