Dad’s Birthday Party

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Several weeks ago, on Sunday 12/14, was my dad’s 50th birthday. My mom, Betsy, and older sister Wendy, decided that dad deserved some special reward for being a great sex slave these past few months. While keeping up his daily over-the-knee bare ass spankings from the three of us, we denied him the opportunity to cum. So, needless to say, he was extremely horny by the time his birthday came around.

We also did some research and located a young, attractive female family physician in solo practice with a young, sexy nurse. We scheduled dad for a full physical for the day after his birthday, Monday the 15th of December. We knew that he’d be totally embarrassed to go to a female physician and exposing his tiny manhood and severely tanned ass.

Early on the morning of his birthday, mom woke him up at 5am by playing with his balls and cock. They had a good two hours of foreplay before mom put a stop to it, denying dad a chance to get off. Meanwhile, she made sure he had spent at least of an hour of that time licking her to multiple orgasms. Something he does well, due to his many hours of training and experience. And something they both enjoy immensely. Especially since dad doesn’t have a cock big enough to satisfy mom during intercourse.

The day long party began when Wendy and I started welcoming our girlfriends, and other coeds over to our house to partake in a day long birthday party for our dad. The only other two men in the house were Wendy and my boyfriends. casino oyna

The party began by each of us ladies, all 20 of us – one by one, taking 15 minutes each, with dad over our laps and paddling his bare ass. Each and every one of us were stark naked, just as was dad. While Wendy and I were not personally spanking dad, we were in the room, with our respective boyfriends, over our laps getting their asses paddled.

Mom was purposely chosen to be the last to spank dad, so they’d be in bed together when all was done. By this time, it was just past 2pm, and mom and dad went at it for about 45 minutes. Finally, at 3pm, with dad begging for a chance to cum, mom just ordered him to sit in a chair along side the bed.

Wendy, mom and I securely tied him to the chair. Then, Wendy and I both then started making love to our respective boyfriends. Dad was forced to watch as we made love to them. Now, Wendy and I had remained virgins up to this day. We had decided we were going to finally give our boyfriends a chance to take away our virginity right there in front of mom and dad and a load of other young ladies.

Dad must have been enjoying the show, as he developed an erection. But at points, he couldn’t watch. Especially when we were, each for the first time, being penetrating by our boyfriends manly cocks. Every time he’d look away, or beg to leave the show, mom would squeeze his tiny little balls. And he’d scream in severe pain, and go back to watching the show.

Still, canlı casino we wouldn’t let him cum. For he had the physical planned for the following morning, and we wanted him to be able to cum if he needed to do so. Finally, everybody left, leaving our family a chance to get cleaned up and go out for dinner. Our little sister Sarah, nearly 16 years old, had spent Saturday night and all day Sunday with a friend as she is still several years too young to partake in the fun of working over dad.

We met her for dinner, and we all got a kick how dad couldn’t sit down on his sore ass to eat dinner.

On Monday morning, mom, Wendy and I took dad to the doctor’s office for his physical exam. He fought us, in the car on the drive over there and on the way up to the office, but one of us would just grab his tiny manhood through his pants and make him scream in pain. Then, for a little while, he’d behave.

Once in the doctor’s office, we waited for him in the waiting room while he was being examined. The doctor called mom into her office to go over her initial findings the two of them. Two of the subjects that came up were his tanned ass and their sex life. Mom admitted to the doctor that she has never been satisfied with intercourse with dad due to his size. The doctor told them that she’d never seen such a small cock and pair of balls in her live. And that they seemed totally fine, except they were too small to satisfy any woman’s needs. Although the doctor kaçak casino said she thought they were beautiful, just too small to be satisfying.

Mom told Wendy and I about how dad just about died during these discussions. And each day since, we both have detailed discussions with dad about his examination in the doctor’s office and those discussions between mom and the doctor in dad’s presence.

One of the funniest things that apparently occurred during dad’s exam was that he developed an absolutely huge erection (for him, an erect 6 inches) when the doctor began testing his tiny balls for a hernia. And then again when the nurse examined him for an enlarged prostate.

Finally on the night of the exam, mom and dad had a tremendous night of sexual relations, with mom finally permitting dad to cum inside of her vagina. Wendy and I got to watch them having sex. At times, we got to be in bed with them, while they were getting it on, and played with dad’s ass and his balls.

After mom and dad were done having sex, as he was tempted to roll over and fall asleep on mom, Wendy and I inserted an enema into dad’s ass and filled him up. He begged for relief, but we denied him for over an hour.

During that hour, we invited our boyfriends into the room and made love to them, right there on the bed on either side of mom and dad. Finally we provided dad with the release he needed and made him lick us both to multiple orgasms. He really enjoys giving women oral satisfaction, but he still has to learn to get the same enjoyment from doing it to his own daughters as he does to other women. Furthermore, he doesn’t seem to enjoy doing it when it means drinking down another man’s cum.

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