Dad’s Sad Dilemma

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Dad Explains His Dilemma

Part One

There had been something of a difficult atmosphere at home recently, no arguments or anything; I did not know what the problem was, my Dad seemed so quiet and stressed, not his usual chirpy self, he had recently been ill with some heart problem, and he appeared to be ok now and was on medication. Mum also seemed affected she was putting on a happy face and trying to be cheerful and act as normal as possible. It was normally such a happy home; I loved them both and hated to see them in this sort of mood. It was getting to me so I had decided to go out with a few friends, nowhere special just a movie and a pizza.

We live in a small village in Essex where everybody knows everybody else and of course each other’s business so we had gone to the local town for our night out. I got home at around eleven thirty and was surprised to see my Dad in the living room on his own drinking, which was quite unusual he was not a big drinker, although he did have an occasional tipple and always with Mum. However, this time she had gone to bed, he had had a couple, although he was far from drunk and was quite lucid.

“Hi Dad you ok?” I asked him.

“Oh hi Jon, I’m fine thanks, grab a beer from the fridge and join me.”

Well that was unusual, although I did have and a beer with him sometimes, it was not usual at this time of night. I sat on the sofa opposite Dad and took a sip of my beer. He was quiet for a couple of seconds, I waited for him to speak, and he was fidgeting with his glass and obviously had something on his mind.

“Jon I am sure you have noticed a little tension just recently, I apologise for that.”

“No worries Dad” I answered interrupting him.

He smiled at me weakly, “you’re a good lad Jon, but there are worries, you are twenty one now and man enough to hear what I have got to tell you,”

He took another sip of his whisky, took a deep breath and continued.

“Since my illness there are certain things I cannot do any more,”

“Dad I will do all I can, to help you know that,” I said interrupting him.

“That’s kind of what I was hoping,” he chuckled, “but please hear me out this is going to be very hard for me.”

He looked into his glass and was obviously searching for the right words.

“I have not been able to get an erection for quite some time now,” he blurted out. “I am not sure if the medication is affecting me or that my illness has had an adverse and unexpected side effect.”

I was pleased that he found me man enough to talk to, but I was embarrassed at what I had been told and swallowed hard.

“Your Mother has been very understanding and has very loving and patient,” he pointed out. “But I know she misses sex badly.”

Dad was now blushing and was finding this confession hard work.”

I thought about what he had said and tried to reassure him, but I was also embarrassed at his confession and what he had said about Mum.

“I am sure it will all come good just be patient and try not to worry.” I said trying to reassure him.

He waved his hand in a gesture of defeat,

“The doctor said that he was not sure about my recovery and that it probably never will recover at all.”

He looked thoughtfully into his glass again as if hoping to find an answer to his problem there.

“I know that a son should not hear things like this about his Mother, but life and people go on the same, even after they have had children.”

He paused and looked at me, “Your Mother is a very sexual person she really loves making love, she will do it at the drop of a hat, or should that be trousers,” he chuckled.

“She would never refuse me at all, she really likes sex, more than that she adores it and although I try to satisfy her in other ways it is not the same for her, I have even brought her a dildo. I know she misses the feel of,”

He looked away for a second this was becoming very difficult for him, he was a proud man and this admission was hurting him.

“I know she misses the feel of a stiff penis,” he said, “oh fuck lets say it as it is after all we are both grown men, she misses a good hard cock.” He stressed.

I was shocked into silence as Dad described Mums personal habits and thoughts of her getting fucked came into my mind I tried to ignore them. I had always acknowledged that she is a good-looking woman for fortyish, very slim with a nice figure, but I have never looked on her in any way sexual before.

“I am embarrassed Dad” I replied.

“I know Jon,” he answered softly, “this must be difficult for you, but we have always been mates and you are the only sensible one and logically the only person that can really help.”

I lifted my eyebrows in surprise; I had no idea at all what I could do to help them in this situation.

“Do you find your Mother attractive, or is she repulsive to you?” he asked.

I was taken aback by the suddenness of the question “That’s a strange question to ask,”

I paused and considered casino oyna my words, she is a very”, “pretty lady, and she has a nice looking body,”

I answered going red with shame at speaking about her in those terms. Dad smiled at me.

“Yes she is isn’t she, and she could pull any man in this village if she wanted to.”

I nodded agreement, my eyes downcast and not looking at him.

“I want you to know that I love her dearly and she loves me, it’s for that reason that I am talking to you now.” He explained quietly.

“I want your Mother to get what she has been missing, she needs to be satisfied.”

I jerked my head up and looked at him with surprise, “you want Mum to take a lover, is that what you are telling me?” my voice sounded sharp and angry.

“Well sort of, but please hear me out before you form any rash opinions of me.” He said.

“This village is so small that if she was to do that it would soon get about and I would hate that, for her to get a bad reputation and sully the family’s good name.”

He shifted to the edge of his seat, “it has to be someone who is totally discreet, a person that loves her and can give her the affection she seeks.”

He shifted his eyes back to his empty glass and poured himself another small shot; I took a slug of my beer.

“Let me tell you a secret, your Mother has always had a fantasy, and that is to be sexually dominated by a man, perhaps even more than it may be a real desire. She would want to be his sort of slave to be at his beck and call and do his bidding.”

I sat open mouthed as dad continued to talk about mum like this.

“I was never able to totally fulfil that for her in that way, so it has to be someone that can be like that for her, someone who can grow into the role, but to do it with the love he feels for her.”

“Christ Dad where do you hope to find some one like that.” I asked him with a touch of anger still in my voice.

He sat back in his chair, “there is only one person that has all those qualities,” he answered looking me in the eye, “There is only one person who can help me and more importantly help your Mother,” he answered in a whisper.

Then a little louder with confidence in his voice, “That person is you.”

I sprang to my feet in total surprise looking down at him; he was sitting impassively in his chair watching me. I was red; perhaps with a touch of anger, but certainly in surprise and shock. Did my Dad just ask me to take Mum as my lover, I asked myself. I paced around the room trying to get my head around this weird conversation it was incredulous more like a dream than reality.

“I could not do that Dad, you know I couldn’t she is my Mother for Christ sake, it’s illegal as well it would be incest.” I stressed. “Anyhow Mum might baulk at the idea of her son fucking her.” I ranted on not knowing what to say.

She is a gorgeous woman no doubt about that, I thought, but I had never entertained thoughts like that before.

“Sit down Jon,” he told me.

I sat back down and looked at him “Before you judge me hear me out. I know that you love her already and that she trusts and loves you as well; it’s just because of your love of the family.”

“I know that you would certainly be discreet and I know your Mother will love it once she has considered it and weighed all the options, being cared for and loved by a man who she knows already loves her. She would see the romance in her hansom son coming to her in her time of crisis”

Again he was silent for a second then said quietly. “Especially once you have made her yours and taken control of her and her body.”

I was amazed and could not believe we were having this conversation he went on to say.

“She would still be my wife and I know we would still love each other, only in a different way. I would accept that she would be your woman and if you treat her the way I have suggested, she will never refuse you. As you can see she has a great body but so have you and I know your mum has spotted it.”

“You have the youthful energy to please her and the personality to take charge of her; it is the perfect solution. We would, sort of share her, with you being the major shareholder, believe me you will make me very happy and I promise you that she will be extremely happy as well.”

He looked at me seriously, “It may even save the marriage. I do not think she would leave me, but you never know what she might do as she grows more desperate.”

With a tinge of sadness in his voice he said, “It has been about many months since we had proper sex and she is already getting nervy and irritable. Please Jon just think about it.”

He asked his voice sort of pleading. “If you do this for us it would always need to be our secret, it would always stay within these walls nobody would ever need to find out.”

“What or where would you be in all of this?” I asked pointedly.

“I would be a part of a truly loving family, more loving than most in fact. I would be just as I am now only canlı casino happier, knowing that Susie is happily fulfilled and that my son is taking care of her.” He answered seriously.

I was starting to settle down now and was thinking straight again.

“Dad, this is very important tell me how would you feel about me fucking my Mother, your wife are you sure that you could cope with that?”

Then with concern in my voice I said. “You could get very jealous it will be a very emotional time for you both, I do not want to cause any pain to either of you.”

Dad looked seriously at me and replied.

“Thank you for showing the concern. Of course I would be mad with envy and jealousy if it was anybody else but you. I think and I hope that I have considered all the problems and possible scenarios.”

“You are the only man I could ever trust to treat her right, believe me Jon when I say that your Mum needs you believe me.”

Dad looked at me his eyes seemed to be trying to read my mind for an answer.

“Once you have taken her and dominated her you may at times need to tell me to do things, sort of order me about and speak to me in ways that you would not dream of now, this would impress upon her that you are now in control and that she is now your woman.”

“It will be necessary at times and I know I will be her and your cuckold, I also know neither of you will be cruel. I will not be offended or hurt I promise, I just want her happiness. I do not want to lose her, but am happy to surrender her and all my rights to you in order to make her happy.”

He paused and appeared deep in thought. “I have given this lots and lots of thought Jon and it is what I would really like, it would solve our dilemma nicely.” He whispered.

I was sitting back in the chair still recovering from the shock and thinking about what Dad had asked me to do, the more I thought about it the more I could see Dads point of view. We, the family including Mum I suspect certainly didn’t want her to get a bad name in the village, but if she is as sex mad as Dad has suggested the poor woman needs someone to cater for her needs, I could see what he was saying and could understand where he thought their may be a problem.

However her being my Mum still gave me serious doubts about me being able to fuck her and the success of Dads idea may then be in the balance, but I could also see why he thinks it would solve his problem and Mums problem I guess.

“Have you spoken about this with Mum,” I asked.

He shook his head, “no, I wanted to approach you first and see what you think, I didn’t want to raise her hopes.” He leaned forward in his chair and spoke earnestly.

“You do see my problem and I hope understand my thinking. It will still be in the family, her body and her desires will be yours, solely yours for your pleasure and more importantly hers.” Then he said sadly, “I would still like the occasional intimate moments with her though.

“Look dad cant you try another doctor or some alternative therapy, there must be another way.” I urged.

He smiled weakly at me “I knew you were a good lad and would do all you could to try to talk me out of it. The truth is however that I have had a second opinion and tried alternative medicine, but things were just the same.”

“Believe me,” he stressed, “I tried everything I could before taking this course of action. You may be a last resort for me Jon, but you are the best option by far. I love and trust you; I would not have asked you to do this for us if I thought otherwise.”

I was feeling sorry for my old man, I knew that this was extremely hard for him; it would be for any man.

“Christ Dad I don’t know what to say, it’s a bit of a shock, but we must consider Mums feelings first and foremost we can’t just dole out her body and emotions like this, she may be totally disgusted at the thought of me,” I paused with embarrassment, “well, you know,” I stammered.

Dad chuckled at my embarrassment “you are right, but I know her well, eventually she will see you as the answer to a prayer, her son who loves her and would be the epitome of discretion she could let herself go with confidence.”

He grinned, “she may well come around to the idea given time and temptation, you know the sort of thing letting her accidentally on purpose see you naked, letting her see you with a hard on. Even maybe let her see you wanking at a time that you know she will catch you, just tease her in any way you can.”

He went on enthusiastically, “you can even get a little more touchy and feely with her, sort of put yourself in the shop window, and then when she has seen you enough like that I am sure she will start getting hotter for you.”

“We can then, or I can if you prefer tell her of my plans for her happiness.”

I started to think of my Mother in ways I never had before and in truth should not be now. However, I had often enough ogled women of her age and on the odd time even tried to chat them up and in truth; my Mum was better kaçak casino looking than most of those women.

“I am still not sure Dad, I would be pleased to help, Mum is gorgeous and I would normally take an offer like this with open arms, but, well you know, it’s Mum.” I tried to explain.

“I do understand your problem, honest I do,” he replied. “But that makes it all so perfect, she loves you already, just not on that physical level yet, but she will I assure you.” He promised.

“Jon,” he went on quietly, “often I let your mother go up to bed before me so that she can satisfy herself, I think she gets a little shy about it and does not want me to know that she masturbates so often, I think she feels it would be bad for my ego and do me even more harm.”

He nodded towards the bedroom upstairs, “I left the door slightly open tonight, go upstairs very quietly, and look through the gap, the dressing table mirror will give you a bird’s eye view of the bed. Go and see what I mean about her needs, just see how beautiful she is naked, check her out Jon, but for Gods sake don’t let her hear you.”

I could not believe that Dad was inviting me to spy on my Mum as she used a dildo on herself it was a totally weird conversation.

“Go on Jon, go and see what I mean.” He encouraged me.

I stood slowly up, nodded at him kicked my shoes off and crept very silently upstairs, I could not resist the opportunity any longer to see her like that. I made my way to the bedroom door, which as Dad had said was open a few inches, I peered cautiously into the room and there reflected in the mirror was my mother, knees raised and spread wide.

She was furiously fucking herself with a large dildo it was moving easily in and out of her cunt, her eyes were clamped shut and she was pushing up on her feet raising herself up to meet its thrusts, she was moaning quietly. Her body looked fabulous with the light film of perspiration making it shine in the light, she had a near perfect figure, and her tits were not over large, just beautiful.

My cock stiffened quickly as I watched her and for the first time I was having incestuous thought of my Mother. I stayed and watched for a while as she unknowingly displayed her body for me. I crept just as quietly downstairs and back to the living room Dad was all smiles,

“Well I can see that you saw her and that you liked it,” he said with a grin nodding towards my tenting trousers.

I went beetroot red with embarrassment. “Oh sorry Dad” I mumbled.

“Don’t apologise,” he smiled “it’s what I was hoping would happen, it means you find her attractive in ways you never did before and that this plan has a chance of working.”

Then with some shyness he said, “It looks like you have a reasonable package there, may I ask you how big you are.”

Now it was my turn to be shy and ill at ease I coughed,

“About seven and a half or eight inches” I replied quietly,

Dad grinned, “Believe me son she will love it that’s such a good size, about an inch or so more than me.”

He opened a drawer in the cabinet and pulled out an envelope.

“Well what do you think, are you up for it?”

He looked at the package in his hands and was thoughtful,

“I don’t want to sound pushy or disrespectful to your Mum, but this really is important to me, and it will be to your Mum when she is yours.”

I nodded at him and toasted him with my beer.

“You must be the most loving and caring husband there is, to think of her needs above your own, to put your pride to one side like you have and ask me to do this for you must have taken a lot of courage. Now I know why I love and respect you, I hope I grow into half the man you are.” I whispered not being used to giving such compliments to my Dad.

We hugged and shook hands it was an emotional moment.

Still unbelieving of what had been said and happened I was still a little confused by the suddenness of it all.

In a pensive tone I whispered. “Dad Mum is gorgeous and as much as I would love to have her as you suggest, but I need to think about it a little more.”

He smiled at me, “that’s the sort of answer I expected from you, not taking advantage of the situation. Just thinking about what’s right. Of course you need to think it through.”

Passing me the envelope he added, “These are for you to look through to help you decide. I opened the package and there were about a dozen photos of Mum naked and in some very naughty poses, I looked him in the eye and he smiled at me, I returned his smile,

“Thanks Dad, she is beautiful.” He grinned “Yes son she is.” He mumbled.

“Tell you what lets test the water tonight, see how she reacts to seeing you near naked” he said enthusiastically.

“Why don’t you take your trousers off and pretend to be asleep on the sofa, leave the table light on.” He added, “I will ask your Mother to fetch me a glass of water, but will warn her that you had a couple of beers and fell asleep and I hope that looking at those pictures may make you stiff.”

“There is a good chance that she will see your cock and if its stiff so much the better. I will let you know in the morning how she reacted. That may help you in your decision making.”

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