Dancing In The Dark

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Naomi Henderson was counting the days and now the hours before she would board the jumbo jet that would fly her from Saint Paul Minnesota to Miami Florida and then on to the Bahamas to take her on a long overdue cruise. She had been widowed for five years now, and just recently settled the Estate of her late Mother. Between her late husband and mother’s affluence she wanted for very little by the way of the nicer things of life.

The only things Naomi wanted for so long she hid within the duties of caring for her loved ones. She denied herself of any personal pleasures other than her private solo sessions with her 10-inch vibrator that were few and far between because the grueling demands of a terminally-ill spouse and later a sick parent left her with little to no desire for sex. A combined seven years of unselfish devotion merited some time for Naomi to again make a new life for herself and she hoped this cruise would prove to be the start of this very thing.

Naomi was a 51 year old and very shapely 40-28-42 and she always thought she was a bit too fat, but her 5’10” frame complimented her curves perfectly. She also thought about dyeing her salt & pepper hair a deep auburn or chestnut, and her stylish suggested some gold highlights to compliment the deep auburn she later chose for her new look. The blend was perfect and gave Naomi’s short thick tapered hairdo an even fresher, sexier look and gave her deep expressive large brown eyes a flirty backdrop.

The flight to Miami was near perfect as the 767 Airbus has crystal clear blue skies to escort Naomi to the Miami International Airport. Just as the jet landed, one of the stewardesses began speaking, “May I have your attention please? The connecting flight’s aircraft for Flight

951 to the Bahamas has blown an engine. Fortunately this happened right after the plane’s landing. A larger aircraft is being prepared to accommodate the additional Passengers also connecting from Houston Texas who were delayed due to stormy weather in Georgia. There will be an additional one hour lay-over, but once the plane is prepared, First Class Premium Passengers will be able to board immediately. Please go to gate number 56B and show your ID & Ticket to the Boarding Crew. Thanks for flying Americana Airlines.”

Naomi breathed a sigh of relief, thinking at first the flight would be cancelled or delayed a day or two. She did not want anything keeping her from this long-awaited vacation. She walked to Gate 56B and straight to her First Class seat 2B-a window seat.

The Stewardess offered her a pre-flight beverage, and just as she walked away, the Passenger for seat 2A arrived. Naomi noticed the expression of disgust on this stunningly beautiful and very tall 6’1″ blonde, who appeared to be in her 50’s. She was wearing a cream-color Capri set and the lime green blouse-type halter top that fully outlined her mammoth braless 48DDD boobs. Her plunging neckline exposed her full cleavage and her huge nipples protruded through the gauge-like material that stared Naomi in the face as she arranged her carry-on luggage in the overhead bin.

“Ma’am, I can do that for you,” the young Stewardess offered. The tall blonde beauty sat her big curvy wide ass into her aisle seat and as she fastened her seatbelt uttered a soft but firm “Dammit!”

“I hope everything’s alright,” Naomi said in a soft, soothing tone.

“Oh, I’m sorry-excuse my bad manners,” and as she extending her perfectly manicured right hand for a handshake, she introduced herself. “My name is Rose Woods—and you?” As she introduced herself, her piercing blue eyes locked into Naomi’s deep brown eyes, catching her off-guard for a few seconds before she replied.

“Oh, um-my name is Naomi Henderson.” Her French-manicured tipped nails reached back to shake Rose’s hand.

“My husband was supposed to be on this flight with me, but he had an emergency meeting with our Stockholders and may not make this trip. We are in the process of purchasing some international conglomerates in France & Italy, and have been so busy with business-related matters. This was supposed to be a second honeymoon for us.” Rose explained, turning her full bosomed cleavage and braless torso towards Naomi as she talked. “Well, that’s enough about my life, how about you? Are you married?”

“I’m widowed” Naomi answered as her eyes now dropped in a bit of sadness. “I just settled my Mother’s Estate, and I took this trip as a fresh start—”

Rose interrupted Naomi, taking her hand as she talked and felt plenty guilty for going on about her living husband of whom she would return to after this cruse, “Oh Naomi, I am sorry for going on and on when you have been through so much.”

Again their eyes locked into a trance of which Naomi’s sadness was quickly replaced by an undeniable and strange attraction to Rose as they held hands. She could feel her own very sensitive soft peach-pink nipples hardening, and she quickly darted her hand back into her own lap, feeling guilty for feeling such attraction to another woman.

“I’ll bursa escort bayan be alright Rose,” Naomi replied, now turning toward the window and reaching for a tissue from her purse. Rose now felt really terrible thinking she made Naomi cry, and she reached over for Naomi.

“Honey, there’s no need for you to cry and hug the window—let me at least hold you—I feel so bad for making you cry.” Rose offered as Naomi now fell into her soft bare cleavage, tears flowing from her deep brown eyes.

Unknown to Naomi, Rose found herself attracted to women at her age of now 56 and had been secretly been watching mature lesbian flicks while her husband traveled for business. She knew she loved her husband dearly, but found she had explosive orgasms whenever she indulged in this lusciously secret pleasure. Her husband rarely made her cum, and she liked the slow-paced lovemaking women made and how they licked and sucked as long as needed until they both drank from the flowing fountains of cum land. She genuinely wanted to comfort Naomi, but knew she was also attracted to her and liked the feel of Naomi’s soft wet cheeks against her open cleavage.

Rose’s grip tightened as Naomi’s tear-glistened cheek was pressed against her mammoth left boob. She nearly jumped out of her seat as she opened her eyes from crying and had full view of Rose’s swollen right nipple that became visible due to her close range. She thought she should pull away, but the warmth of Rose’s golden tanned skinned boobs was very comforting. Naomi also felt her long neglected mature pussy moistening, but this time she gently released herself from Rose’s firm but comforting grip.

“Thanks, Rose-I do feel better. I guess I needed that cry after all!” Naomi said as she nervously laughed, wiped her eyes and reached for her compact to make up her face again. As Naomi applied her pressed powder, Rose watched, noting how very attractive Naomi was as well. Naomi’s emotional vulnerability mixed with the silent undercurrents of their mutual attractions was setting the stage for Rose to offer her friendship as the plane now landed in the Bahamas.

“Naomi, why don’t we keep each other company? You really should not be alone right now, and I think we can become great shipmates on this cruise.” Rose said to Naomi with a softened look in her blue eyes.

“Yes, I think you are probably right Rose,” Naomi replied. They de-planed and were taken to the Port of Departure for their four day cruise.

Naomi requested a single cabin and found her accommodations very satisfactory. She unpacked, and took her 10-inch vibrator out of her luggage. She was still so moist with pussy dew from her comforting embraces from Rose and was about to take full advantage of her sensuous moistness and what she was feeling. She removed her soft satin wet-crotched pink panties and just as she was about to recline on her bed and spread her moist mature vulva lips, there was a knock on the door.

‘Hi Naomi,” Rose stood at the door, drenched head to toe in her turquoise one-piece swimsuit, swollen nipples in full view through the wet suit. ‘Honey, come on out of that stuffy cabin! There’s way too much to do, and you need a swim to relax yourself!” Rose invited Naomi as she eyed her lusciously curvy frame donned in only a long t-shirt type lounger.

“Oh, please, not right now—I really need a nap after the long flight. I would love to join you for dinner tonight, however.” Naomi begged off, but felt her cunt moistening further at the sight of Rose’s nipples again staring at her.

“That would be even better. It’s Captain’s Night @ Dinner, and Captain Tate already invited me and my husband as his Guests. You can take my hubby’s place—how about that?”

“Sounds like a date to me-see you this evening!” Naomi answered as she shut the door.

Naomi could feel her inner thighs becoming stickier and stickier as the pussy juices that masked her hairy pussy now glistened on her soft peachy skin. She kept trying to convince herself that Rose was just trying to be-friend her, but her undeniable lust for Rose made her body warm all over.

She began touching and squeezing her own ample tits through the silky-soft T-Lounger, bouncing them and teasing her stiff nipples with the tips of her nails. Her fingers were all the instruments she needed as she stroked her fully drenched vulva lips and tried to stifle her intense moan while releasing her sexual tensions, having multiple orgasms before taking her nap.

After her nap, she stepped in the shower and opened her ass cheeks so the hot water could hit her already drenched vulva and found herself taking a few firm strokes of her stiffened clitoris and thinking about Rose’s hard nipples as she washed… she again was at her climatic pinnacle and also lost her balance as she again had cum flow mixed with the fragrant ocean blue shower gel she used.

The first night dinner was formal, so Naomi wore a royal blue halter gown that complimented her new hair color and the large görükle escort dangling crystal-diamond earrings twinkled in the moonlight. Before she fastened the clasp to the top that would sensuously display her own ample cleavage, she completely lavished her lovely firm 40C honey globes and still erect nipples with Chanel Body Cream and glowed at the thought of seeing Rose tonight and being her special guest at the Captain’s table. She also wore silky thigh-high stockings and silver strapped heels. Before pulling up her silver-satin thong of which her bare-assed cheeks would sway against the luxurious material of her gown, she constantly dabbed her still drenched pussy hoping her telltale signs of personal pleasures would not tell on her at dinner until the moment was just right. Her makeup was airbrush perfect, and as she grabbed her silver evening bag, there was another knock on the door.

Naomi took a deep breath and walked to the door. It was one of the Captain’s Crew who had come to escort her to the Captain’s Private Dining Galley. At first she thought it was Rose, but the Purser assured her who sent him.

“Good Evening Mrs. Henderson. I am here by the request of Captain Tate and Mrs. Woods to escort you to the Captain’s Dining Galley. Are you ready to go, Ma’am?”

“Yes I am,” Naomi answered as she thought under her breath, “go and CUM!!”

As Naomi and the Purser entered the Galley, the Captain stood up to greet her. Rose stood with him, donned in a deep cranberry halter-top evening gown that displayed the full depth of her full succulent boobs. Captain Tate took Naomi’s hand and lightly kissed it, and walked her to the chair next to Rose.

“Oh, Naomi—you are delectably GORGEOUS tonight!” Rose said. She reached out to embrace Naomi, and as their bodies met to embrace, their large melons and nipples met perfectly. Both of them softly moaned simultaneously before their arms reluctantly dropped and their bodies parted. Two pursers were waiting to hold their chairs for them and they both sat side by side.

Captain Tate was a gracious Host and he did a quick introduction of the twelve dinner guests he had at his table for that evening. One lady in particular looked very familiar to Naomi, and the Captain confirmed her identity. It was the jazz singer Diana Krall who had come to do a special Performance later for all the Passengers, but at the Captain’s request would do a song before dinner.

She walked to the piano and accompanied herself as she sang, “Dancing In The Dark”. As she sang, Naomi felt a warm soft hand gently touching her knee underneath the linen tablecloth. She was afraid at first to look, but when she did, the inviting deep blue eyes of Rose looked deep into her large brown eyes and she found herself parting her soft thighs so Rose could have access to her. Rose took full advantage of the center split in Naomi’s gorgeous gown and quietly worked her hand into the satiny top of Naomi’s thong, and both gals moaned intensely in a low voice as Rose’s berry red fingertips fondled Naomi’s diamond-hard clitty and she worked her way further into Naomi’s vulva moistness, dipping her long fingers in and out of Naomi’s moistness. Rose’s own mature pussy was wet with luscious desire as her fingers became covered by Naomi’s liquid cunt treasures. She cupped her hand, removed it from beneath the table and her full lips licked and sucked Naomi’s juices into her warm mouth very slowly as Naomi watched. Just as Naomi was about to return the favor, Diana finished the song and courtesy dictated applause. They applauded, but it was not Diana’s performance that was being appreciated as their eyes locked into a lustful stare.

The Prime Rib & Lobster feast was delicious, and while Rose enjoyed her main course she had no doubts in her mind that Naomi’s sweet mature pussy was just as tender, warm and juicy as the prime rib she savored and that this would be the night of her many lusty dreams for her to find out firsthand.

Captain Tate stood up after the Bananas Foster was served and announced, “Please join me on the Main Deck in the Captain’s Reserved Seating area so we can continue to enjoy the talents of Ms. Diana Krall.”

As the guests were heading to the Deck, Rose’s cell phone rang and she answered it. As she answered it, Naomi’s bare ass cheeks smoothly glided in the material of her evening gown as she walked in front of her, and Rose could no longer wait. She grabbed Naomi by the shoulder and paused for a moment to wait for everyone to walk before them. She stood directly behind Naomi and while moving her hand from her shoulder to her firm right boob and aroused stiff nipple she lightly squeezed between her long fingers and softly whispered directly into Naomi’s ear so she could feel the warmth of her inviting breath, ‘Come with me, honey…”

The crotch of Naomi’s satiny thong was soaking wet, and she needed no invitation as she was hoping their path would be diverted somehow during the evening. Rose took Naomi’s hand and they walked bursa escort bayan to Rose’s executive suite cabin.

Although Naomi was more than ready for this exploration of sexual pleasure, she was a little nervous too. She had not been with anyone sexually since her husband died, and had never been with a woman. As Rose closed the door to her cabin, her high arousal level dropped a few notches and she could feel the nervousness deep in her stomach. She was greatly concerned whether or not she would be able to satisfy Rose’s apparent insatiable hunger for some hot female fucking.

“Oh Rose—this is my first time…” Naomi started explaining to Rose who took both evening bags and put them on the plush sofa.

“Naomi—mine too, honey,” Rose replied, as she slowly wrapped her arms around Naomi so that their honey globes and tall torsos were completely matched and she sensuously whispered, “Honey, I want us to take our sweet time—nice and slow…we will go all night if need be, but I want to make you cum over and over again, and I’ll do whatever it takes…see, honey, my mom always told me when it comes to sex, men are like matches and women are like crock pots. Strike the match and a man is hot and fired up, but a woman, like a crock pot gets plenty hot-it just takes a little more time.”

When Naomi heard this, she lunged toward Rose and gave her a full mouthed, soft wet kiss. Naomi’s late husband was always so impatient with her during sex and wanted everything quick and in a hurry. Now that she knew Rose would not pressure her into a hot quick-assed performance, she relaxed again and was totally ready for her first lovemaking experience with Rose.

Rose’s silky wet mouth welcomed Naomi’s and their tongues prodded each other as their mouths opened wider and wider for their intoxicating kisses. Rose’s hands that had been intensely caressing Naomi’s soft skin began tugging and raising Naomi’s silky gown until she had her hands on Naomi’s bare ass. She kneaded her firm ass cheeks ferociously as their kisses intensified even more.

Naomi was ready for more…while they kissed, Naomi reached for Rose’s halter clasp and unfastened it, setting free Rose’s gargantuan peachy-tanned boobs. She took one huge boob into both her hands and mercilessly licked & sucked Rose’s stiff nipples as Rose cooed with lusty delight.

Naomi kissed Rose once more before Rose slowly unclasped Naomi’s evening gown, but now she pulled until it landed on the floor. Naomi stood wearing only her wet-crotched thong, silk stockings and silver strap heels. The coolness of Rose’s cabin further hardened Naomi’s nipples that begged for Rose’s oral attentions immediately. Rose embraced Naomi so their bare boobs and nipples would touch as she helped Naomi recline on the plush sofa. She used the tip of her tongue to flick Naomi’s nipples, and tried to take in as much of Naomi’s breast meat as her mouth would allow, almost swallowing Naomi’s hot tits full into her throat.

Rose sucked, licked and nursed Naomi’s delicious boobs for seemingly hours before raising Naomi’s full thighs in the air and removing her wet silky thong, tossing it across the room. She opened Naomi’s legs as wide as she could and began her female feast of Naomi’s tender wet cunt meat.

Although she had only enjoyed female oral sex vicariously via her collection of gal/gal flicks, she had no problems adapting herself and began teasing Naomi’s stiff clitty with the tip of her tongue, and then moved her tongue vertically from her clit to her fuck-fragrant pussy that was already flowing with fuck nectar.

Naomi’s moans became louder as Rose opened her mouth wide and took in her full sweet vulva and tongue-fucked her. It was not long before Naomi howled with luscious delight, climaxing and filling Rose’s mouth with her spewing cum.

Rose gave Naomi a taste of her cunt juices with another full-mouthed kiss, and then whispered to Naomi, “now it’s your turn, my sweet honey fuck-doll.”

Naomi had never been with a woman, let alone had any cunt lapping experience, but Rose’s warmth and understanding helped Naomi toss away any inhibitions she had almost as quickly as Rose tossed away her cunt juice drenched-thongs earlier that evening.

Rose removed her own evening gown and had worn no panties or thong that evening. Her black lace garter belt and cranberry silk stockings spread wide open to reveal her clean-shaven mature pussy that was also wet and glistening and ready for Naomi to take her first plunge.

“I’ve never seen another woman’s pussy before,” Naomi commented as she allowed her eyes to take in the beauty of Rose’s firm and soft vulva folds. She slowly opened the firm lips of Rose’s sweet vulva and allowed her fingers to caress the silkiness of Rose’s saturated pussy. She loved the smell of Rose’s fuck petals and lowered her head and began to slowly and softly lick every female crevice her eyes and fingers explored moments earlier.

“That’s it, honey—take it nice and easy baby…ahhhhhhhh!” Rose moaned and cooed while Naomi now began sucking on Rose’s large peach-toned clitty, lingering for several moments to Rose’s lusty delight. Naomi’s explorations intensified as she opened Rose’s soft ample ass cheeks and stiffened her tongue to probe into Rose’s wide asshole, going from her asshole to her over flowingly wet cunt .

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