Dancing on The Edge

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The Beauty of The Edge is that it is so delicate, yet so Firm. It is like it dangles in mid-air… taunting, teasing Us to dance to it. Once one is there… at that Edge, that precipice of euphoria, we cannot breathe for we fear a single breath will alter that pure moment that suspends in eternity. It knows. The Edge Knows that euphoria is within us and that is why it taunts us and teases Us to come hither.

Once there, it takes our breath away, literally. It will charm by granting us purified oxygen, so pure our human minds have no word nor definition to it, granting to our meager system and tempting us to inhale more. More of this so-called oxygen that us beings think we’ve truly experienced. Yet it programs our brains, circulates our blood, transforming our neuropath.

We, us greedy ones, so hungry for this constant euphoria, inhale as if our life depends on it. Inhaling at The Edge… tippy toes, grasping for more. We realize… that our Life truly Does depend on that euphoria. We dance, mesmerized with what has been found.

. . . The ecstasy beyond reason . . .

. . . Engulfing us . . .

~charmed beyond dizziness~

We are then, suspended within The Edge.

To capture that one moment where time stands still, we are no longer tempted and we become drunk on that bliss. Then it becomes torturous because we actually believe we have enough control to summon more 1864 izle of this euphoria on The Edge. Not The Edge of Euphoria… but THE Edge. But, we do not have that much control and that is where The Edge then comes to own us. A Master may take their charge To that place. A spiritual slave may find that place, but to feel one owns that control Alone… hence, there is no control at all. For… To Control, One must have one to control… even if it is One Self. Alas, Self begins to form Itself and there lies another problem while Dancing upon this Blessed Edge.

THE Edge past euphoria, past erotic ecstasy… for The Edge holds all of that and more that we cannot experience alone. To be Only Of Self, is simply that… Selfish. Yet, all along… The Edge remains, suspended for us. Beckoning… Taunting… Reminding… And past taunting, past teasing, past tempting and believing we have such a control, the breathing in inhalation almost chokes us and we turn frantically with an almost expectation that another is to give us that anxious breath we need. Yet that purified intoxication we think is called merely oxygen remains, engulfing us and we can almost feel life-like fingers enfolding us. To breathe, we must inhale… then exhale. Inhale… exhale… Inhale deeply… exhaling quickly so we may yet again… inhale. Panting and almost demanding. Commanding. Therefore, we cannot even 1899 izle begin to grasp the concept of constantly being on THE Edge. Therein, lies the Beauty. Purified, intoxicating… You feel it don’t you? …Almost.

That special air that is shared between two most lucky beings. When we find each other there, at The Edge, and truly acknowledge We are Both there, We begin to Master the Edge… that euphoria. We. When it is realized that We are Both dancing upon that Edge… The Edge almost seems to become envious.

Yet, that is what a foolish mind will think. For it is in the Soul that we are permitted to Experience The Edge. It knows. IT Knows. It has captured Both and sees the greed, the intoxication and It insists to remind Us that We are to be there not as two separates, but as One Whole. So… It releases us. So we think. It releases Us unto Itself. Therefore, in Unison with Us. The blood rushes as we grasp for more air, more exhaling, more…

As the Dance Rises In Crescendo…

We then… Release Ourselves unto Eachother.

. . . . . Totally Unified . . . . .

No, it reminds us… that we were capable to get to that Edge only because of that hunger, that True Hunger to Live and Experience Completely. But, we cannot Experience that hunger and nourishment alone and we are then reminded of our humanity. That sleep must come, that our humble human 28 korkunç gün izle forms cannot even begin to fathom the Beauty and Awe that the True Edge really is.

Yet, we dive. We dive, whether eyes are open or they are shut. We either dive alone because we slip from the Edge, or because we can no longer handle nor Experience Life on the other side of the Edge. We may dive because we are almost expectant that the Abyss will capture us and save us. Yet, surely nothing will do such a thing when our simple mind becomes expectant. We may dive with an open free-fall because we already know…

We know we are simply without control.

Yet the only way to Feel Alive again is to take the only control we have… The control to dive~ Nothing more… nothing less. The Edge, it sometimes will strangle and seem to suffocate us and we are then intoxicated by it… Hence, Erotic Asphyxiation. What remains after The Edge has given us simply a taste is only our sanity. Like a tranquil neurosis or stabilized insanity only which is shared between Us. ‘Tis truly insane to not attempt that Edge every so often. After all… Do We truly wish everything merely… stable? So… We dance. We dance to The Edge… We dance on that Edge. Sometimes we can go higher and Experience The Edge and sometimes… we sleep. Yet, to sleep is to forget.

~ The pain becomes a shelter while sleeping ~

Alas, We Dance higher, Experiencing… Eachother.

Then… We may blissfully… Rest… Together.


Quote: “Without music, Life would be a mistake… i would only believe in a God who knew how to dance.” ~* Friedrich Nietzsche *~

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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