Dani and her Magic Wand

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Dani I first met many years ago. Our husbands worked together and we quickly became fast friends. Neither of us had kids so we had quite a bit of free time on our hands. Dani and I spent a lot of time together and would often go shopping, to the movies, or just hang out and chat. We had a lot in common, the best thing being that we both loved sex! Dani and I would share details about our husbands and had many conversations about what we liked sexually and the different happenings in our bedrooms (or whatever room in the house we happened to be having sex in).

She was short and petite, with small A-cup breasts and long brown hair, and I always found her attractive. Her build was quite different from mine, which I think is one of the things that attracted me to her. I was tall, with an athletic build, and have DDD-cups. She would often comment on my breasts, telling me she would love to have ones their size, so it appeared we both admired each other.

During the summer of ’92 you could often find us in Dani’s back yard by her pool. We swam and worked on our tans, often sunbathing topless to avoid tan lines. All the time by the pool paid off because we both had golden tans that summer. One day when we were at the pool things got very hot…and I don’t mean the temperature outside.

While we waded around in the water I began telling Dani about the sexcapades with my husband the night before. We had gotten into a sixty-nine position and the sex got pretty intense. I love sucking cock, and deep throating him while he eats my pussy, and I was telling Dani how the closer I got to orgasm the faster and deeper I sucked my husband’s cock. He’s told me before that he loves it when I start moaning with his cock in my throat. He says the vibration of my tonsils against the head of his rod feels very good. That night he could tell from my moaning I was about ready to explode all over his tongue so he stuck his middle finger inside my pussy and found my g- spot. He started running his finger up and down my g-spot as he sucked on my clit and I came with an intensity I hadn’t experienced in a long time. I swallowed his entire cock as I moaned and screamed, my voice muffled by his meat, and when my lips met his sac he shot his load into my throat.

As I told Dani about the hot sex my husband and I had I began to get pretty horny. Dani had something to share from the previous evening as well. She told me her husband had brought up the subject of a threesome the night before and told her he had always fantasized about watching her with another woman. As we discussed it we found the idea of being with another woman wasn’t necessarily a turn-off, but the thought of eating pussy just didn’t seem enticing to either of us. “Unless it was you,” we said simultaneously, and we both laughed.

After we got out of the pool and went back to sunbathing I started thinking about the topic of our discussion and found I began getting even more turned-on. Images of Dani and I together played in my mind. I thought about what it would feel like to have her kiss me, touch my breasts, and even lick my pussy. I found my nipples tuzla ukraynalı escort getting hard and my pussy getting wetter the more I entertained these thoughts. I was lying on my back, topless as usual, and decided I needed a little more suntan oil on my tits so I sat up and grabbed the bottle of suntan oil. Dani was also lying on her back and she glanced over at me to see what I was doing. I poured a little oil on each of my breasts, set the bottle down, and then started rubbing the oil onto my round, soft tits. My nipples were already stiff and as I rubbed the oil over them they became as hard as diamonds. I could feel Dani watching me as I smeared the coconut-scented oil over my breasts. The warm, slick oil felt nice on my skin and I could feel my clit swelling in my bikini bottom.

When I was done applying the oil I looked over at Dani and she was smiling with a naughty little grin. She asked me if I was thirsty and I nodded so we got up, put on our bikini tops, and went inside her house. When we got inside we got something to drink and she told me about a porno movie her husband had brought home the night before. We decided to watch the movie and, as she put it in, she said it featured threesomes. That was obviously what prompted her husband to bring up the subject. Dani told me about one scene in particular that really turned her on. It featured two women masturbating in front of each other. They started out fingering themselves and then, when a man walked in, it progressed to a threesome.

As Dani played the movie I found the scene she liked was the first one. I could see why she liked it because it was quite steamy. After the guy walked in to find the two women masturbating he dove down between one of the women’s legs and started eating her pussy. He was lapping at her pussy while the other woman watched and continued playing with herself. As I watched the up-close shot of him eating her I began to fantasize it was my pussy being licked. He was naked, on his knees and elbows as he ate her, and with every flick of his tongue I could feel my sex becoming more wet.

Not satisfied with just masturbating, the other woman made her way over to the pair and moved underneath the guy, with her head between his knees. She reached up, grabbed his cock, and began stroking it. She then moved her head up and took his cock into her mouth and began sucking him. He began thrusting his hips and fucked her mouth as he continued to eat her friend’s pussy. I was really getting into it.

As the scene was playing out Dani paused the movie and said she wanted to change her clothes. It sounded like a good idea but I had forgotten to bring a change of clothes and only had my cover-up with me. I went into the bathroom, took off my bikini, and put on the sheer white cover-up. As I looked up in the mirror I could clearly see my nipples and my triangle-shaped patch of my pubes through the fabric. I felt a little awkward with it being so transparent, and me being completely naked underneath, but I figured, “What the hell?” and just grabbed my bikini and walked out of the bathroom.

When I got back to the living room Dani was sitting on the couch with one of her husband’s tuzla rus escort t-shirts on. She was sitting with her left leg up on the couch and I noticed she that wasn’t wearing anything underneath. I felt tingles travel up my spine when I saw this. We smiled at each other and she pointed to the other end of the couch and asked me to sit there. As we watched the movie I became more and more aroused. My nipples got hard and swollen as I watched the two women going down on each other while the guy watched them and stroked his cock. I could tell Dani was also getting excited because her stiff nipples very visible in the t-shirt she was wearing. The two girls eventually turn their attention to the guy, get on their knees in front of where he’s standing, and take turns sucking his dick. He moved if from one girl’s mouth to the other, each girl taking a turn sucking him a couple times, and then he announces he’s going to cum and he shoots his load out over their faces as he pumps his shaft.

As the next scene came on Dani started telling me about a massager she had bought the week before. She said it was a standard neck massager but when she put it up against her clit it was heavenly. Dani left the room for a minute and when she returned she had the massager in her hand. I don’t know if it was a Panasonic Magic Wand, or if they even made those back then, but it looked just like them and let me tell you, it was magical! I had a vibrator that was pretty much a small, plastic penis that ran on a couple C batteries but this thing was quite large and I assumed by its size that it was quite a bit more powerful than my little toy. She brought it over to me and told me to spread my legs. I slid up my cover-up and spread them, exposing my juicy, wet slit to her. When I looked up I saw Dani looking at my breasts. She could see my swollen nipples through my cover-up and seeing her looking at them with a hungry look in her eyes only served to turn me on more.

There were so many sensual aspects of that afternoon that only helped to make things hotter and hotter as it went on. One of them was that the feel of the sheer fabric against my nipples was tantalizing. Any movement at all had it grazing the stiff tips of my nipples and the sensation just added to all the other things that were happening. Dani told me she had always admired my boobs and wanted to know if she could touch them. I whispered, “Yes,” in response. Every nerve ending in my skin was turned on as I watched her hand move to my breast. It was like a shock of pure sexual electricity was going through me when I felt her hand touch my breast. It got my pussy even hotter and wetter. I could feel my clit swell with her every touch and I began to ache for release.

Dani then stood up, took off her t-shirt, and sat down at the other end of the couch. We were facing each other, with our legs spread, and she told me to turn the massager on at its lowest speed. The massager was sitting on the couch, resting against my outer thigh. When I turned it on the vibration against my skin made me gasp, which made Dani smile. As I picked up the massager I noticed Dani was touching her pussy with her middle finger. She was slowly moving it around escort bayan her clit in a circular motion, her brown eyes staring at me with such intensity I could practically feel them. I can only assume I was watching her with the same intensity as I told her to grab her tit with her other hand. As she did she let out a little moan and smiled at me again.

Watching my good friend masturbate in front of me got me extremely turned on and when our eyes met the heat was amazing! It was all more pleasurable than I even imagined it would be. Dani then told me to put the head of the massager on my pussy. I moved it between my legs and placed the round head of the massager against my clit. As it touched me another jolt of electric pleasure shot through my body. It momentarily took my breath away and then I started moaning. I didn’t feel self-conscious or embarrassed at all as I loudly moaned and panted while I quickly raced toward my peak. All of the erotic events of the day had me so turned on that I felt like I was ready to cum as soon as I touched myself with the massager. I threw my head back and the world went away for what seemed like an eternity as I came with a mind-blowing orgasm. All my senses were overcome with ecstasy as I my body shuddered and shook while I held the vibrating head of the massager against my engorged clit.

As I regained my senses my attention was drawn across the couch to Dani when I heard her moan. I looked over and saw her mouth open and her face filled with pleasure as she finger-fucked her pussy to orgasm. As she came back to earth we both looked at each other in amazement at what had just happened. Just then I recalled our previous conversations about our orgasms. We are both able to have multiple orgasms in one sex session and we would often compare how many orgasms we had the day before with our husbands and/or while alone. It was as if we both remembered this fact at the same time as I handed Dani the massager.

My juices were all over the head of it and I watched as she licked it to see what I tasted like. As she did she closed her eyes and moaned, “So sweet.” Then she told me to start fingering myself so she could have a turn with the massager while she watched me. My fingers instinctively went into my wet slit as my other hand found my breast and I began gently pinching my nipple as I fingered myself.

The sounds that filled the room as we watched each other pleasure ourselves added to the whole experience. There was the movie, with a woman purring, “Oh yeah, fuck me,” the sound of bodies smacking together as the guy was ramming his hard cock inside her, the hum of the massager Dani was holding against her pussy, and the sloshing sound of me frantically moving my fingers in and out of my pussy. I watched Dani’s face as another orgasm overtook her and it helped push me over the edge as I made myself cum again as well.

We spent the rest of that afternoon sharing the massager and masturbating in front of each other until we were completely worn out. I actually lost track of how many orgasms we had. That was the only time we ever did anything like that and I’ve never told anyone about it until now. A few months later Dani and her husband moved away but we’ll always share the memory of the events of that afternoon. Needless to say, after taking Dani’s for a “test drive,” I picked one of those massagers for myself. Reliving those events really got me going…think I’ll break it out again…(buzzzzzzzzzzzz………)

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