Darling Nikki Ch. 04

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Chapter Four: The Good Times Keep Rolling

Gods, she tasted good. After eating barbecue and drinking all night, somehow Bryce’s kiss tasted like strawberries.

I’m gonna eat this little vixen alive.

I could almost hear Meg whispering, “I’d join in if I could. Make that sexy tramp scream, baby.”

I broke off the kiss; Bryce reached up to pull me back into it but I didn’t let her move me, and when she started to lean forward I gently but firmly pushed her back, my hand in the center of her chest, right below her throat. The heel of my hand was resting just on the swell of her perfect tits.

Pouting, she submitted to my desire and stopped trying to lean forward. I smiled tenderly at her then lunged forward and locked my mouth and teeth on her neck like a starving vampire.

Her gasp and cry was loud enough to drown out the sounds of the other girls for a moment. All my attention was focused on her neck, on the velvet smoothness of her skin, the way the muscles in her throat were straining, the mild tang of her sweat.

She put a hand on the back of my head, holding on for dear life, her fingers tangled in my longish hair. Pretty much the way Keanu Reeves wore it at the end of Point Break, although I look nothing like him. Sadly. That’s one handsome man.

Oh, yeah. I haven’t described myself, have I? I’m six foot two inches tall, a solid 210 pounds. I’m not big and bulky, but I do have to say I’m fairly sturdy. My muscles are still pretty well defined, but I don’t have a full six pack like I used to when I was in High School and in the Corps.

I stopped working out when Meg got sick and just never got back into it. Chores and Handy-man work around the house suffice to keep me in good shape, but doesn’t do a lot to give my form that cut look like you see in big-budget movies.

Like many Texans, I’ve got mixed ancestry. My grandmother Wilhemena was Shawnee, descended from Captain Panther, a Texas Ranger in the late 1830’s.

My grandmother Sarah – on my momma’s side – was Comanche, descended from the famous – if you’re from Oklahoma or Texas – Comanche Chief, Quanah Parker. Quanah Parker? Don’t believe me? Google him.

Anyway, that double-dose of quarter-Native-American in my genetic makeup has to explain the way I look. I have a “classic European/Native” facial structure – that’s how Meg always described it. During the winter, my skin at base is fairly pale, but once spring rolls around and I start spending more time outside, my skin tans to that iconic Native-American bronze. My hair is, as I said, longish, and it’s black and wavy without a single gray strand so far. Also, I have little to no body hair. Which I love because I fucking hate having to shave. Takes me going a week without a razor to grow a “Five o’clock shadow.” I love it. And what little body hair I have naturally, I remove with Nair.

My eyes, though, are pure northern European, although a bit unusual. They’re light grey, and they’re probably my favorite thing about me.

I guess I have a pretty unusual look to me, and I’m pretty happy with myself, overall. My Native ancestry gave me a bit of grief, though. My nickname in the Corps was, of course, “Tonto.” That’s ok, though. The redneck prick who saddled me with that? I got him back. He was the reincarnation of Jim Neighbors so I stuck that son of a bitch with “Gomer Pyle.” You could see the steam coming out of his ears any time someone would call him that.

So anyway, that’s how I look. Not super handsome or anything, but I guess, considering the fact that I was apparently building a harem of wet, willing, drop-fucking-dead sexy barely-legal teens, I looked good enough to be getting on with.

Where was I?

Oh yeah. Kissing, licking, sucking, and biting on Bryce’s neck. That little girl was moaning so loud, and writhing so hard, I thought she might wiggle right off the deck-chair.

I mentally stepped back and gave a bow, a shit-eating grin on my face in my imagination, as Bryce suddenly cried out, every muscle in her body tensing up except her thighs. Those were shuddering like she’d stepped on an electric fence. Her left hand had made a fist in my hair and her right hand was digging into my shoulder so hard I was bleeding, I found out later. My little punk fuck fairie was coming!

Damn, I’m good!

My left hand was on her face and my right was on her waist. I hadn’t touched her breasts or her quim, or anywhere else. So that orgasm right there was just from my mouth on her neck. I’d never felt prouder of myself – or more of a man – than I did at that moment.

As Bryce shuddered through her release I looked behind me to discover that Beth apparently loved Yelena’s pussy. Yelena was on her back on the chair, legs in the air, with Beth’s mouth doing nice things to her clit while she fucked Yelena’s delectable little quim with three fingers. Her own legs were spread wide and I could see her trim pussy still bakırköy escort gaping open a bit and leaking in her excitement.

Chels, eyes rolled back in her head, was digging into her own titty so hard she wound up bruising it, and she was apparently trying to fist herself, but couldn’t get any further than down to her knuckles in her fantastic vagina.

Nikki – Holy shitballs! – Nikki had laid the deck-chair down flat and had Svetlana’s face buried between her legs, and Regina was sitting on Nikki’s face. The way they were arranged, I could see everything Regina had to show, and I could see Svetlana plunging two fingers in and out of her own pussy, but I couldn’t see much of Nikki since Svetlana had one big tit in her hand and Regina had the other in hers. And fuck! did I want to see more.

Stop that, asshole!

Turning my attention back to Bryce I decided she’d had enough of a break and orally assaulted her neck again. She gasped and her grip on my head and shoulder tightened even more and she screamed out, “Oh FUCK yes!”

Laughing, I didn’t stay at her neck long. I licked and sucked my way down to her right breast, licking, kissing, sucking, and teasing all over it, consciously avoiding her fat pink nipple. I shifted around so my chest was laying on her super-nova hot pussy, the liquid leaking from it slathering itself on my pecs. My right hand drifted down a bit, my fingertips lightly running over her hip and the outside of her upper thigh…right over her new tattoo.

I spent an endless time making oral love to her underboob, before taking my mouth to her left tit. Whereupon I treated it just the same as I had her right. I kept avoiding her areola and nipple.

Suddenly she grabbed two fistfuls of hair on either side of my head and yanked my face up to hers.

“I swear to GOD if you don’t get on my nipple I’ll squeeze your head between my thighs until it pops! I’m a cheerleader! Don’t fuck with me!”

I laughed, then shut her up with another passionate kiss. Breaking the kiss, I pulled back, staring into her deep blue eyes, and whispered, “As you wish.”

That little hellion, that little embodiment of strong female sexuality, started coming again.

And she’s a fan of the Princess Bride! If she wasn’t so fucking young I might marry this girl.

As her orgasm started to wind down I purposefully kissed my way down her chest between her breasts, pulled back to watch her expression change from one of slightly pissed-off ecstasy to one of confusion, then dove face-first into her nirvanic cunt.

I may have only bedded two women in my life before that night, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t spent a subjective century or two eating pussy. I like to think I’m damned good at it. And since Meg never lied to me in our lives, and she told me I am, I believed her. And I’m pretty sure Chelsea wasn’t faking, either. So when I shoved my tongue past Bryce’s small outer lips and into her center, tasting her divine taste –

Damn, even her pussy tastes like strawberries!

– my nose rubbing on her clit, her back arched, her arms stiffened, and her hips thrust forward so hard it popped her ass up off the chair.

I don’t know how long I spent worshiping at the Holy-of-Holies, but I don’t think I could ever get enough of her flavor. I could, all hyperbole aside, spend the rest of my life with my tongue inside my tiny fuck-goddess’ pussy.

I finally noticed that Bryce appeared to have gone limp. Regretfully I pulled my face out of her pussy and looked at her. Her eyes were rolled up into her head, she was drooling slightly, her left arm was dangling limp on the patio, her right arm was idly stroking her tit, and she was just moaning. One long, continual, monotone “Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh.”

Pleased with myself, I sat back and rested for a moment, stretching my neck out, then my shoulders, then my arms. I looked over to see that Yelena and Beth were wrapped up together on the chair, kissing gently, almost lovingly. Chels was looking at me, a dreamy smile on her face, running her fingertips over her trim belly.

Looking to the trio I saw Nikki, her back to me, tribbing furiously with Regina, sucking face with Svetlana, who had her pussy grinding on Regina’s face.

Junior, who was still a granite rod, twitched, jumped, and throbbed at the sight. I glanced back at Chelsea who looked where I was looking, then returned her attention to me. Her dreamy smile became one of amusement as she nodded at me.

I looked back at Bryce, still out of it, and then motioned to Chels. She slowly, languidly stood up and walked – a little unsteadily – over to me. I wrapped my arm around her waist and kissed her stomach, then reached up and pulled her down to give her a tender but very affectionate kiss.

After a few minutes of making out she gently broke off our kiss and said she’d be right back. My right hand stroked Bryce’s side from just beşiktaş escort below her armpit to her hips, watching as Chelsea disappeared into the house. Short moments later she returned, carrying a tall glass of ice water.

She leaned down and kissed me again, then handed me the water. “I don’t think Bryce is down with you yet. So you better rehydrate. Which is what I need to do, too. Then I think I’ll go to sleep and have some utterly wonderful dreams.”

She kissed me again, her hand sliding down my chest to my cock. Gripping it lightly she stroked it for a moment, then started beating Bryce’s clit with the center of my shaft.

Bryce shot bolt-upright, her eyes popping out of her head. “What the fuck?”

Chelsea laughed hard for a moment, still holding Junior, then released my cock and leaned over to Bryce. She gently kissed her, tongue and all, and said, “Mr. Crowley still wants to play, babe,” and then sashayed into the house.

Bryce returned her attention to me and stood up, pulling me up, too. She turned us around and guided me onto my back on the chair then knelt down next to me. Leaning forward her nose ring caught the light so sexily as she licked my cock from the base to the head, her eyes never leaving mine.

Grinning as I shuddered, she wrapped her lips around the head and starting tonguing it, lathering my cock head with her saliva, the tip of her tongue exploring the hole in the head, her eyes locked on mine the entire time.

Then she started bobbing up and down on my shaft, taking about a third of me into her before sliding back to the tip and starting all over. I’m not sure how long she kept that up, but suddenly she stood and threw her leg to my other side, standing directly over my cock.

Our gazes still locked, she said, “You don’t know how long I’ve hungered for your cock in my mouth…but right now, I need you inside me.” She squatted down, gripped my shaft and placed my head directly between her thin, wide-open outer lips.

She leaned forward and kissed me wildly, then shoved her pussy down on me. To the base, all in one go.

She threw her head back and screamed a wordless scream of pain, pleasure, and passion.

Me? I just lay there and reveled in the feeling of being buried completely inside this elven fuck goddess and drank in her beauty.

Eventually she stopped screaming – and a part of me noticed that everything had gone quiet. No sighs, moans, whimpers, cries, no sound of flesh against flesh, and I knew the other five girls were watching.

With no warning Bryce dropped her head, her blue-eyed gaze locking with mine again and started bouncing on my cock. Not gentle like a tiny girl getting used to a thick cock, but just jackhammering my cock into her. No warmup, no pausing, no hesitation. Just hard, fast, all the way to my base, fucking.

I grabbed her hips and started helping her go up and down, and started thrusting my hips up into her, matching her rhythm as best I could.

Grimacing, she said, “How does my pussy feel, Mr. Crowley? Do you love my eighteen year old cunt? Do you love feeling me take you all the way inside?” I don’t know how should talk so coherently with my cock slamming her cervix every time she dropped all the way down. But on and on and on she kept up the dirty questions, spurring herself to go faster and faster, never actually giving me a chance to answer her.

Eventually, though, her verbal spewing ended and she just hammered me into her over and over and over again. Some time later, as she was growing breathless, she panted, “Do you love my pussy, Mr. Crowley?”

I leaned up, still thrusting up into her, and took her fat left nipple into my mouth, making love to it with my lips and tongue. As she started groaning again I released it and said, “Yes, babydoll. I absolutely love your hot, tight, young pussy. And I fucking love your racing stripe!” I ran a finger along the thin strip. “I love it when a woman keeps some hair down there. Lets me know I’m with a woman and not a girl.”

Bryce giggled while she hammer-fucked me, gasped again, tossed her head back and screamed briefly, then snapped her gaze back to mine and kissed me. Breaking it off, her eyes never leaving mine, she hollered, “You hear that, sluts? He loves my trim job! You bald bitches gonna start growing your shit again?”

With that, she slammed herself down on me and stopped, every muscle in her body contracting as she came again. Her pussy clenched down on my cock, triggering my own orgasm.

Gritting my teeth and straining for all I was worth I gasped behind my clenched teeth and rictus-grin, “I’m gonna come, babydoll. Get off me!”

“NO!” she screamed. Then a whisper. “No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!” She leaned forward, her head on my shoulder, her lips tickling my neck, gripping me tight with her hands and her sex. “I’ve never felt so good before. Let me have it. Let me have it all. I want beylikdüzü escort your cum. Fill me up. Fill me completely! Blast your seed inside me. Leave it in me so I can go home with a little bit of you still inside.” She wrenched herself back upright and screamed, “Cum in me!”

And her pussy started contracting on my cock like it was milking me.

Yelling my ecstasy, I began shooting blast after blast of my seed deep inside her.

We both collapsed, her atop me, and held each other shakily, our breath hitching, our chests heaving.

I think it was at least a decade we lay there like that. I felt someone staring at me and turned my head slightly to my left. Svetlana, on her back, was biting the heel of her hand, her other hand wrapped in Regina’s hair as Regina kept licking her pussy. Svetlana’s right nipple – thin and almost obscenely long – reached for the sky as Nikki’s mouth sucked on the other one.

Nikki. Oh, my darling Nikki. Her eyes were laser focused on where Bryce and I were still joined. She was shuddering slightly and I somehow knew that she was coming. As she continued to shake, her eyes raised to my face and she looked deep into mine and shuddered even harder. The look in her eyes…I can’t describe it. I’ll never be able to describe it. I couldn’t read her expression, especially with her mouth full of Svetlana’s tit, but her eyes…fuck. The memory of that look still makes me shiver.

Her shoulder started moving up and down and I knew she was rubbing herself. Faster and faster and faster. Suddenly she started shuddering violently! Her ice-blue eyes rolled up, showing only the whites, as her mouth slowly opened, releasing Svetlana’s nipple. Her entire head rolled back, hanging limply from her shoulders, her mouth still open in a silent scream as her entire body tensed up and she stopped breathing.

Junior, who’d been softening, swelled back to full attention and I think I spurted out another couple of shots of jizz into Bryce. She whimpered and had a mini-orgasm.

Nikki finally started breathing again, her head fell forward in exhaustion, and she rolled down onto the patio. After a few moments she weakly got onto her hands and knees and started crawling into the house. As her ass slowly began coming into view from behind the chair I forced myself to close my eyes and roll my head back, snuggling into Bryce’s hair.

What have I done? Oh gods, oh MEG! What have I done?

Bryce luckily chose that moment to shift around a bit, bringing her lips up to mine. Her hand rose and lightly caressed my cheek as she gently pressed her tongue past my lips and kissed me softly, tenderly…lovingly?

Shit, I honestly didn’t know she could be tender after the evening we’d just had. I guess I reckoned her physicality was either set to “Off”, or to “Wild, crazy, flying monkey fuck.” But oh how I enjoyed that tender kiss. I hadn’t felt this alive since the first time Meg and I made love. On our Wedding night.

Oh, we’d fooled around before that, experimented with masturbating – both in front of each other and masturbating each other – and gotten pretty good at orally pleasing each other. But we didn’t have any kind of below the waist penetration until the night we’d said our vows. And it was indescribable.

I didn’t know it was possible for me to feel that alive again. But this little pixie had proved me wrong. I knew right then I could easily become addicted to this tiny punk-rock bombshell.

She tenderly ended our kiss and nuzzled on my neck for a few minutes. Then she raised back up and kissed me tenderly all over my face. She kissed her way to my ear and said softly, with no particular inflection, “I tell no lies, and I don’t exaggerate. That was the best sex I’ve ever had, Mr. Crowley. Don’t ever stop fucking me. Ever.”

She kissed her way over to my other ear and said, in the same pleasant, matter-of-fact tone, “And if you ever tell anyone I said something so dippy, sappy, needy, and romantic as when you were about to cum, I’ll cut your dick off and eat it.”

Then she kissed me oh-so-lovingly again.

What the fuck? I’m definitely going to get addicted to this girl.

* * *

Some time later Bryce noticed the water I’d forgotten. She leaned over, causing Junior to pop out of her, and sat back up with the sweating glass. She drank down half of it then offered it to me. As I finished the rest she straightened her legs, grimacing in pain and muttering “Ouch,” and “Damn it,” occasionally.

Finally, her feet flat on the patio, she stretched her arms above her head and arched her back. Unable to resist, I quickly leaned up and took her right nipple in my mouth, loving the feeling of her fat nipple under my tongue.

She laughed, still stretching, then playfully slapped the back of my head. “Enough, Mr. Crowley. I’m too goddamned sensitive to do anything else right now.”

Still straddling me, she twisted to her right, then to her left, and then looked over to Yelena and Beth, cuddled comfortably on the patio chair, arms and legs entangled with each other, eyes closed and breathing softly.

“Hey bitches!” They jumped – Regina, being eaten by Svetlana now – just opened her eyes languidly and looked at Bryce.

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