Date Night for Her

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The wife’s side of a conversation with her husband as she gets ready to go out on a date with her boyfriend.

~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~

“Honey, can you come here please?

“I just can’t decide. Help me will you? Red, white, or black?

“My choice? Honey, you know I can’t make a decision. Besides, I want your help. I want you to help me decide which is best for Mike. Red, white, or black?

“Oh, come on. I know you care. You care what Mike thinks. You want him to want me from the moment we get together. You want him to think that dinner and dancing are just a formality to what we’re really hooking up to do. You want him to want to just ravish me and, as you’ve said in the past, ‘The packaging matters’. So, red, white, or black?

“Black! Good choice. It does look sexier, doesn’t it? The black contrasts with my pale skin quite well I think. Black basically means, ‘I’m ready for action but if it doesn’t happen then it’s okay because I still look sexy’. It’s not as trashy as red nor as shy as white. Right down the middle. I’m free to make a choice. Does Mike get any of this good stuff tonight or not? Am, I ready or not? But, you know? When it comes to date night with Mike, I’m always ready.

“Look at these panties, will you? They ride my hips just perfectly. You helped me pick them out, remember? You don’t? Come on. We were at Victoria’s Secret and I asked you right in front of the sales lady, ‘Do you think my boyfriend will like these?’. You turned beet red and she just looked at us and smirked. I think she was more amused than anything.

“Tonight it’s just panties and bra. What? Oh, relax, would you. And a dress of course. I’m not going out naked. Mike’s taking me to dinner and dancing. It’s a date, remember? We’re dating! This is what couples who are in love do. They date. They flirt. They canlı bahis fondle. They tease. They fuck. All those fun things that we did twenty years ago. Aren’t you lucky? I get to do them all over again and then come home to you. Your sexy wife is in love all over again. She’s dating and just horny as hell.

“Now, I want to make sure I look the part. You know? For a girl, she wants her man to be in constant desire. Constant arousal. That way, he’s thinking about me all the time. All I have to do is bat my eyes or give him a little wink and he’s just putty in my hand. Looking sexy and being desired. That’s the game. And I love to play it with Mike. Just teasing him all night. Making him look but no touch. Touch but no feel. Feel but just for me. Oh, how I love his hands.

“Now, just sit there and watch will you. No! Not on the bed! Sit on the floor. Better yet, kneel. Get down there so your nose is crotch-height. Yes. That’s perfect. I love you in that position. That’s how you usually welcome me back frommy dates and I…just…love…it.

“Let’s test the height, shall we? Perfect. Your nose is just the perfect height for me. Oh, breath a little deeper. Just through your nose. Not your mouth. Just your nose. Oh. Make those lungs work to get me aroused. That’s why you run isn’t it? You want to have strong lungs for when your mouth is otherwise preoccupied. Lovely. Put your hands behind your back and just use your breath. Just breath in. I love that. Take it all in. That’s my scent. My arousal. My sex. And I have it all because of you. I am so turned on and it’s all because of you. Don’t you love it? I know you do.

“I know I do.

“Oh shoot! It looks like I’m going to need some clean panties and it’s all your fault. Don’t you love it?

“Of course you do. You asked for this. You said you wanted to be teased, bahis siteleri didn’t you? You didn’t want to get any release. You wanted me to keep you on the edge of desire for me and then always deny you. Keep breathing. Keep that arousal flowing through your senses.

“You also wanted me to get my ‘cookies’ elsewhere. You wanted me to find a boyfriend and just go and enjoy myself. ‘Learn something new’ you said. You knew who my teacher was going to be, didn’t you?

“Of course a man. But what kind of man?

“Yes. A lover. A better lover. A better lover than who?

“Yes. You! Someone who could entice all the naughtiness out of me. Someone who could find my Little Vixen and get her to come out and play. Mike did that, you know? Mike found her. She was hiding and it just took a little enticing for her to come out and play.

“Oh, the things we do. I know you won’t blush but, trust me, they’re naughty. All the naughty little things you wish I would do with you. Take a break a moment. What naughty things do you wish I would do with you?

“Tell me. Remind me. Then, Mike and I can do them tonight while you wait here at home. What are they? How naughty do you want me to be with him tonight?

“Ah, fellatio? Of course! He taught me how to do it, remember? How many times have I gone down on you?

“None. Yeah, that sounds about right. None. But, Mike on the other hand. He got me to try it and boy, oh, boy did I ever take to it. Every date night. Every date night I’ve got his cock in my mouth. I don’t always let him cum by the way. Sometimes I just use it to get him all riled up. Do you remember the first time I did it? It was early on. I came home and we just started making out on the sofa. You were so hot knowing that I had had a date. I told you I wasn’t going all the way that night but you were all over bahis şirketleri me like a horny teenager. Did it upset you?

“When I told you that I had gone down on him. Did it upset you?

“A ‘little bit’! You know the one rule we have! The one rule! What is it?

“That’s right! You’re not allowed to be jealous. You asked for this. You told me exactly what you wanted and I am doing it. I’m doing it for you. You’re not allowed to be jealous! You told me you wanted me to go down on him and then you were jealous!

“(giggle) I’m not really mad. I remember. You were jealous and I knew you would be. That’s why I asked. But, boy, once you realized what had been in my mouth that night, you couldn’t get your tongue out of there. You must have been checking every filling I had ever gotten.

“I know you were jealous. You still are. You wish it was you who was in my bed. You wish that I was able to do all the naughty things that I do with Mike with you. I know. But you also know that it can’t be you. I can’t do those things with you. You’re my husband. You’re the father of my children. You’re the man I introduced to my parents and my friends. You’re the perfect husband. You’re the man ‘of’ my dreams. But, you’re not the man ‘in’ my dreams.

“You’re not the man who makes me scream out in ecstacy. You’re not the man who gets me wet just thinking about running my hands over your chest. You’re not the man I want to throw down and just get all primal. That’s not who you are and I cannot tell you how happy I am that we have this relationship.

“I get the best of every world. I get the man ‘of’ my dreams and the man ‘in’ my dreams. I am eternally grateful to you. Thank you for giving me the best life and I promise to always come home to you. Afterall, I have to share what my teacher has taught me.

“Oh my! Look at the time! Mike will be here any minute and I haven’t finished. You need to get out now and let me finish here. When Mike gets here, please offer him a drink and tell him that I’ll be right out. Be a dear, won’t you?”

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