Dave’s Surprise Ch. 02

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During the ride home I realized I was both excited and a bit confused, but I also had an intense desire to experiment more with Dave. My cock was trapped in my jeans but was semi hard and practically begging to cum. All I could think about was how awesome it felt to suck Dave’s big cock and I wanted more, today! I even considered having Kevin and Mike join us for a four man mini orgy and perhaps enjoying all three cocks in any way they want me to please them.

We were almost home when Dave motioned to pull over into the next rest area. We parked the bikes and headed into the men’s restroom. I was ready for anything but really needed to pee, so did Dave. We walked up to the urinal, unzipped and drained our bladders. As we did Dave was really staring at my semi-hard cock, smiling and licking his lips. My cock swelled immediately and Dave reached over and held and stroked it. I was really hoping for a quick release but Dave stopped when his cell phone started ringing. He zipped up and headed outside to talk to Rachel. I followed and waited so we could proceed home and hopefully continue my “education.”

After he finished the call I had yet another surprise, Dave said Rachel told him she and my babe, Marie, wanted to spend the rest of the day “hanging out and playing.” Marie is 30, 5′ 3″, 125; small breasts, narrow waist, and unreal round hips and ass…perfect body! Marie grew up with Rachel and knew she was very bi, but Marie had never expressed a desire to me that she may want to try lesbian sex, although I really hoped she would try it and love it. Now my mind was really racing and I wanted to get home and clean up. It could play out to be a really interesting evening!

We mounted the Harleys and soon we Ankara escort were approaching my place. As we got closer I noticed Rachel’s car was parked near my home. We parked the bikes in my garage and Dave said, “Surprised? The girls have decided to play here, and we can play too!” I immediately thought Dave may have told Rachel about our encounter. Turns out, he had. I was so apprehensive I did not even want to enter my own home. What if Rachel told Marie? My cock had been semi-hard all day until now, I wished I could turn back the clock and erase the events preceding this moment.

Dave sensed my dread. I was frozen then he said, “Neal, so far everything today has progressed as we planned, don’t fuck it up by going chicken on us now!”

“We?” I asked. “Just who are we? Was this a set up all along?”

He then told me Marie wanted Rachel to help her realize her all time favorite fantasy, to watch and, maybe help, two or more men have sex with each other, “no holds barred.” Apparently Marie and Rachel had been a lot closer than I knew and she was apprehensive about me knowing because she thought it might harm our relationship.

Marie and I love sex and frequently watch all kinds of porn, and she always melted when we watched flicks that had guys doing guys. I calmed down and decided to embrace the situation. Dave dropped to his knees and unzipped me (we were still in the garage) but I stopped him and told him I wanted to face the girls and get that out of the way before anything else happened that I might regret. We entered my home and proceeded to my living room that has a picture window view of the outside patio and my hot tub. Rachel was sitting on the edge of the hot tub, her head thrown back, Marie’s Ankara escort bayan face buried between Rachel’s shapely legs and Marie was vigorously massaging Rachel’s ample breasts…wow too hot! Dave looked at me and rubbed my cock through my jeans…I was again hard as a rock!

The scene mesmerized me, and now Dave had slipped my jeans off and had me nude from the waist down. His hot mouth sucked me like I’d never been sucked before. I stopped him and peeled the rest of my clothes off, and his too. We moved into a hot 69 position and thrashed around sucking and fingering each other like crazy right there on the living room carpet. It was really wild and I completely let myself go. Knowing the girls were a mere 20 feet away was like adding fuel to a smoldering fire! I glanced toward the window and could see our reflection. Now the girls were sitting there watching us. Marie was recording the hot scene with her camcorder! What a turn on!

I was so involved with what was going on and concentrating on Dave’s hard cock and pleasing his ass that it didn’t occur to me how sore my mouth and jaw were and that I still had not cum yet. I really did not want it to end! I thought I heard the front door open, but, at this point, I really did not care. I was on top ravishing Dave’s hard cock and balls, and occasionally rimming him again when I felt Dave withdraw his finger from my ass and apply some lube. I opened my eyes and there were Kevin and Mike nude, hard and ready for action!

Kevin moved behind me and worked two slippery fingers into me, I pushed back to get them deeper inside. I stopped sucking Dave just long enough to say, “Fuck me Kevin!” I felt his smooth cock head at my entrance; the next moment he had Escort Ankara all 8 inches buried deep inside me. I gasped not out of pain but from pure lust – it felt fucking awesome! I felt his smooth cock head at my entrance pushing in. I could feel the swollen head, the slippery shaft and every pulsing vein! Before I could return to sucking Dave, Mike thrust his hard, dripping cock into my mouth. I almost passed out from the excitement! Kevin was hitting the “spot” on every thrust and I could hold back no longer.

Dave sensed it was coming and sucked me harder while Kevin held his cock still applying pressure to my prostrate. I literally burst with orgasmic intensity. I felt like I shot a quart of hot cum into Dave’s throat and at the same moment Kevin came in my ass while Mike shot his load down my throat. Wow!

We untangled ourselves and were all breathing hard, naked, sweating and smiling. Dave suggested we join the girls in the tub, I agreed and was now proud of what happened instead of embarrassed. I explored another aspect of my sexuality, and, after the initial adjustment, I loved every second of it. I satisfied a fantasy of Marie’s as she did mine by indulging with Rachel. We walked outside and the girls were smiling from ear to ear. Marie had a lusty look I had never seen before but couldn’t wait to explore with her. We climbed into the tub and sipped on the martinis the girls had prepared for us and relaxed.

After thirty minutes or so Kevin’s phone rang, then Mike’s phone rang. Both wives were calling within seconds of each other. They had to leave now. I wonder if their wives knew. I doubted it. We said our goodbyes and enjoyed the swirl of the water. Marie kissed me and I knew she could taste what I still tasted. she had her hand on my cock and I could feel it swelling. I glanced over at Dave and Rachel; they were both smiling and had a lusty look in their eyes. Rachel said, “The day is still young.”

To be continued…

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