Davin’s Teasing Sister Ch. 04

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Davin got up early the next morning. Feeling ravenous, he went down to the kitchen intent on baking some pancakes for breakfast. Soon the pleasant scent of frying pancakes lay in the air. Sure enough, soon his family arrived.

“Wow, you must be really hungry. Whatever have you been doing yesterday that got you this hungry?” his mother asked half joking as she went to the fridge to help herself to a glass of orange juice.

“Oh. Morning, Mom!” he answered with a smile, flushing slightly.

From the door came a cheerful “Hey folks,” as Jessica glided in, wearing her pink panties and a tank top, “Had a pleasant night, everybody?”

“Thanks honey, I slept quite well, you too?” answered their Mom noticing that Davin was colouring yet again.

“Sure mom, slept like a babe. And sweet dreams too,” she added with a sly grin.

Despite his mother being present, Davin couldn’t help from noticing how the curve of Jessica’s ass were all too obviously displayed in the tight panties she was wearing. He felt a stirring in himself when he reflected on what he had been doing to her last night. Grabbing a plate he quickly sat down, before anybody could notice him getting a boner in his boxer briefs.

Apparently, Jessica had already noticed, judging by the amused look she gave him.

Their mother noticed the strange atmosphere, though she couldn’t explain it. It seemed like her kids were up to something.

“So, what have you been up to yesterday?” she asked them

Now Davin had a dilemma: He hated lying to his mom, but he couldn’t tell her ‘Oh, nothing much, we’ve just been fucking each others brains out!’

Luckily, he was saved by his sister who skirted the issue by not lying but not telling the whole truth either.

“Oh, nothing much. I’ve been giving Davin some private lessons,” she said, smiling wickedly at Davin

“Nice to see that you kids help each other out,” mom replied with a fond smile.

“Yeah, that was…ummm …. mighty nice of you, Jess!” came Davin’s stammered comment, flushing even more.

He had a hard time trying not to think of Jessica’s tight body. Her firm ass and ripe tits kept flashing through his mind’s eye, keeping his cock almost constantly hard. It twitched in his boxers, when he realized with a start that a foot was sliding between his legs. Looking up he saw Jessica grinning at him, as her foot started massaging his firm cock. He swallowed, hoping his Mom wouldn’t notice any of this.

Jessica’s toes started to tease his bulge. He needed every last scrap of his self-control to keep the pleasure from showing on his face. Thankfully, his mother suddenly rose, announcing that she’s leaving.

“Well, I have get a few groceries in town, is there anything I can fetch you?”

“Nope,” croaked Davin, “I have everything Ankara escort I need at the moment”

“Me neither,” came the echo from his sister.

“Ok, then, I’ll be out all day, see you later tonight”

Jessica’s foot stayed on his crotch while their mother got up and headed for the garage. She wasn’t even halfway down the driveway when Jessica jumped up and launched herself at her brother, pressing her wet lips tightly on his. In a flash she was on his lap, her ass pressing down on his aching cock, locking him in a passionate embrace. She started making humping motions with her hip as her tongue thrust inside his mouth searching for his. Davin let his hands move downwards, cupping her ass cheeks. Slowly, he began kneading them, enjoying their firmness. His cock was pressing hard against the fabric as he felt her pussy rubbing against it. Jessica gripped his shirt and pulled it over him, settling down to kiss his upper body, sending kisses lower and lower. Soon she reached his boxers which were discarded instantly. Free at last, his cock sprang up hard as a rock, flopping against his belly. He groaned as Jessica wrapped her hand around it and gave it a brief tug.

Bending down, she let her lips slide slowly over his hard penis, sliding slowly down his shaft. Davin closed his eyes, enjoying the sensation. He held her head as she started to suck him. In between, her tongue darted out to tease the head of his cock before swallowing it again. He could hardly contain himself, so great was the sensation of his sister sucking his dick. Slowly, he started thrusting his hip forward to her rhythm as well, starting to fuck her mouth. He got more eager, pushing faster and harder until he felt that he was approaching an orgasm. He reached down and pulled her up, lifting her up in his arms before putting her down gently on the table. Without further delay he ripped off her panties and knelt down in front her and started eating her out. His probing tongue encountered her pussy already well lubricated and a reassuring moan from above made him go on. Eagerly, he darted in, pushing his tongue in between her lips, feeling the warmth of her pussy, tasting its wonderful smell.

Soon, Jessica was moaning loudly as her brother probed her pussy and clit with his tongue. He was a very quick learner, she noticed. His tongue felt especially good on her clit, and once she told him so he concentrated his efforts on that area. At the same time he slid his index finger slowly inside her, filling her dripping pussy. Soon he was fucking her with his fingers while his tongue did its magic on her clit. Her moans got louder and soon turned into cries of joy. Suddenly, he stopped, got up and guided his throbbing cock inside her. Her pussy eagerly swallowed it as he started to pump it in and out of her. His hands went to her Ankara escort bayan top and eagerly discarded it on the floor. Smiling he bent to her tits, sucking her hard nipples as he started pumping faster and faster.

Jessica closed her eyes as the excitement built up, hearing Davin echo her cries of pleasure as she felt an orgasm approaching. She heard Davin grunt as he pushed his cock in deep moments before she felt his semen shooting deep inside her. The sensation was too much and pushed her over the edge. Twitching, she screamed his name as she surrendered to the orgasm, pleasure spreading to every part of her body, rational thought completely beyond her grasp. She was still shivering when her brother kissed her tenderly on her lips, holding her tight.

“Wow!” was all she could say.

The remained like this on the table for some time, trying to catch their breath.

“We better get clothed now, if somebody looked in the kitchen window, this scene would be slightly awkward, don’t you think?” asked Davin jokingly

“You bet, I sure need a shower right now!”

“Mmhh, that’s a good idea, mind if I join you?”

Jessica laughed “Don’t you ever get enough?”

“Not with you,” grinned her brother.

Laughing they made their way up to the bathroom, never even bothering with clothing. Jessica turned the shower on and stepped in. Her brother followed only seconds. Gingerly, they soaped each other up, paying attention to not miss a single spot. Davin thoroughly enjoyed feeling his sister’s hands all over his body. Her hands were big for a woman, but very soft, and she obviously knew how to use them. He nearly forgot to wash her under her caress, but caught himself. He couldn’t help but focus on washing the parts of her body that he liked most, her ass certainly would be clean once he was done.

“I love you!” he said suddenly, even startling himself

“Don’t say that unless you really mean it, Hon,” answered Jessica seriously, “this is nothing to joke about”

Davin thought for an instant, then repeated himself, “I love you, Jessica. When I saw you yesterday, at first I thought it was just my hormones playing tricks on me; just my horniness from looking at your ravishing body. But when I woke up this morning I was as sure as I ever was of something. I have no idea how we could go about this, but I just can’t help myself. “

Jessica locked his eyes with hers for a moment, suddenly a tear started rolling down her cheek, a wide smile split her face as she drew her arms around him, “I don’t know what to say, I came to pretty much the same conclusion last night, but I was too afraid to speak of it; afraid of breaking what we had. Thank you, thank you so much. Don’t worry, we’re gonna make it work. Somehow we will.”

With that she locked her lips on Escort Ankara his, kissing him as if there were no tomorrow. His arms went around her too, pressing her wet body to his. He was very aware of her soft body, pressed against his as they kissed, and unsurprisingly his cock began reacting again.

Jessica broke of the kiss as she felt him stirring again. Tears of joy were streaming down her face as her hands moved down to feel his cock again.

“You really never get enough!” she laughed

As she turned back to kissing him, her hands started once again to jerk his cock off, which turned fully erect in a flash. Her hands worked like magic and Davin soon found himself panting hard again. He looked at her, her face flushed, the tears still visible. He gazed deeply into her big eyes before gently picking her up. He put her against the shower wall before guiding his cock once more into her welcoming pussy. She gasped with joy as he entered her again, feeling complete with him inside her.

He pushed her firmly to the wall as he started to push into her more forcefully, her moans once again filling his ears, getting louder with every thrust. His cock throbbed in her as he fucked her faster and faster, panting himself. Soon his sister was once more crying with joy.

Suddenly he stopped. Still holding her up he turned the water off and carried her out of the shower. Gently he lowered her on the bathroom rug, spreading her legs. He lowered himself on her letting his throbbing cock slip in again. Once more, he started slowly, resisting the urge to bang away, his hands starting to massage her full tits. He loved kneading her breasts, letting his fingertips slide over her hard nipples, hearing her gasp in response. He took hold of her legs and lifted them so he could put them over his shoulder. Now his cock could enter even deeper, much to the pleasure of his sister.

“YESSSS, honey do it, that feels so good, don’t stop, ohhhh,” she screamed as he shoved it in deep. Faster and faster he went, her tits shaking as he shoved it in time and again. With every push he felt her lips on his shaft as it slid past. He felt her wetness, saw the desire in her eyes before she closed them again. He bent down to kiss her lips, her neck. His own desire getting stronger with every push. He increased the tempo even more. A distinct fop-fop-fop sound was emerging as he fucked her fast, pushing as deep as he could.

“FUCK yessss, I’m gonna come, Sis!” he shouted seconds before he started pumping another load of his cum in her. At the same time he felt her orgasm as her pussy twitched around his cock, accompanied by her screams of “YES!!!”

Totally spent he collapsed on top of her, kissing her tenderly. When he let go, all she did was smile, and when he looked into her eyes he saw that his love for her was not one-sided. Cautiously he picked her up, carrying her over to her room where he put her down on her bed, laying down beside her. Her smile was the last thing he thought of before they both drifted off to sleep.

The End

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