Debauchery in the Woods

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“Are you cold?” he asked, instinctively pulling the blanket from the back of the couch and onto my shoulders.

I must’ve looked cold with my knees pulled up to my chest, staring off into space…but I wasn’t.

“I’m okay,” I sighed, turning to him with a smile.

His caring eyes sparkled with seductive energy, “Then relax.”

His concerned advice felt almost like a command… I love it when he talks to me this way…I love that he knows how I’m feeling…I love that he knows when he’s the only thing on my mind. His strong hand persuaded my legs back onto the floor. I nodded, feeling my breath hasten.

It’d been a long time since I’d felt this way, gripped by both fear and excitement. I was already wet. He wasn’t just one of my best friends, he was the only man I knew who understood as much about BDSM as I did…and the only person I trusted enough to take me to the edge of my limits.

“Well,” he interrupted my thoughts, “It’s 11 o’ clock. Are you ready?”

I nodded, looking downward, nerves fluttering as I failed to meet his gaze. This was so uncharacteristic of me. I felt as if my crafted exterior was shattering with every word he spoke, exposing me fully to him.

His voice fell a bit deeper now, richer and fuller as he assumed his role for the evening, “I’ve been looking forward to this night for a long time.”

“Me too.”

“I bought something for you.”

I straightened my posture, anxious to receive his gift.

From his pocket, he revealed an egg shaped vibrator and the matching remote, “I’m assuming you know what this is?”

I nodded again, speechlessness overwhelming me.

A sly grin crossed his face, and I focused on the movement of his lips as he continued, “Good, then I trust you know what to do with it.”

He tossed the egg to me, returning the remote to his own pocket. I shivered.

In the bathroom, I took full advantage of my last opportunity to groom myself before inserting his vibrator between my lips, wetter than I’d realized.

He was waiting when I opened the door and I stood before him fully clothed just as I’d been before…only now, we had a shared secret. He reached into his pocket and flipped the switch.

“Oh!” A gasp of surprise escaped me, as a rush of unexpectedly powerful vibrations began to hum inside my pussy. And, instantly they were gone. I looked up into his eyes, begging for relief from the tension.

“That’s working perfectly,” he observed with a suggestive laugh, reaching his hands under my shirt. He stared into me as he pulled the shirt over my head and placed it on his chair. I moved obediently, helping him to undress me, showing him that I was ready to give myself to him. I stood before him in just my jeans and black bra, and watched as he admired me for a moment.

He removed his own jacket and began to dress me in it, grazing the cool, rough leather against my bare skin.

“Come on, we’re going for a ride.”

With that, he turned, grabbed a duffel bag, and headed downstairs. I shuffled dutifully kuşadası escort behind him, eager to please him. I followed him out to his motorcycle. It was clean and sleek, ready to ride. I’d always loved riding with him, especially on warm, clear nights like this.

Once he’d put on his helmet, he turned to me, holding his spare. I reached my hands out for it, but he pulled away.

“Put your hands down, girl.”

Girl…I breathed in the smallness of the word, beginning to feel truly submissive to him. I obeyed. He placed the helmet on me, fastened it, and ran his finger gently across my lips.

“You are mine tonight. You do nothing without my instruction and permission, do you understand?”

“I understand, Sir.”

Sir…It had come out effortlessly and instinctively. But to hear it escape my lips took me by surprise and sent shivers down my spine.

“Good girl,” he praised as he mounted his bike. “Now get on.”

I followed his orders, carefully placing my flats on the stirrups and my hands on his thighs. Satisfied, he began to drive. It was thrilling as always to ride behind him…but especially now…feeling so subservient to him.

“You’re quite obedient aren’t you?” he observed.

“I try my best, Sir.”

We pulled up to a stop light, a few cars around us.

“Then don’t let anyone notice this,” he added, clicking the remote in his pocket.

I curled my lips and let out a faint moan as I felt the familiar vibration within me. Suddenly, the light changed and I was riding behind him, my pussy pulsating with pleasure. I pressed my palms into his thighs.

“Oh, Sir…” I sighed.

“Be good,” he cautioned.

At the next light he clicked off the remote, making me wriggle in frustration.

“Sit still, we’re almost there.”

I breathed deeply and regained my composure. I began to contemplate where we were going but didn’t see it fitting to ask. I had assumed we were only riding around town before returning home.

He pulled off the main road and down a one-way street into a mass of trees. I held him tighter, anticipation creeping into me as we drove deeper into the woods. He pulled into a small clearing and parked.

“This is it,” he enthused, helping me off the bike and removing my helmet for me. “I come here all the time…to get away…and to just think about things.”

As my eyes adjusted, I began to sense the tranquility. I could hear the crickets and almost nothing else. The night sky was bright, the full moon shining just above us. It felt peaceful, as if only he and I existed in the world.

He approached me and unzipped his jacket, baring me to him once again. He continued, this time pulling my jeans down, and helping me step out. I stood before him in just my shoes, panties, and bra…exposed and terrified, yet determined to impress him with my steadfast submission.

“Look at you, pretty little girl…naked in the moonlight for my eyes only.”

My cheeks turned red hot and my breathing hitched at his kuşadası escort bayan words.

“Get on your knees.”

I fell instantly, feeling my legs tremble and my pussy begin to drip with excitement.

He walked calmly towards me, his riding boots crunching the autumn leaves. He stood before me, lifting my chin to stare into my eyes.

“What shall I do with you now, pet?” he teased.

But I knew he already knew the answer.

“Hands behind your back.”

From his bag, he removed leather cuffs and placed them around my wrists and ankles, binding my arms behind me, connecting all four limbs. I’d never felt so exposed, in the woods, nearly naked and bound at the mercy of this man, my friend, whom I’d respected and admired for years.

He placed his hand on top of my head and began petting me sweetly. A rush of intensity shot through me as he jerked my head back by a fistful of my hair. He held it there and, with his other hand, began tracing my lips. He slipped two fingers into my mouth, fucking them slowly, a bit deeper with every sensual thrust. I matched his enthusiasm, stroking my tongue against his fingers, sucking in time with him, imagining if only it were more than his fingers.

“I bet you’d be a good little cocksucker.”

I moaned around his fingers at the dirtiness of his statement…at how our thoughts seemed to mesh. His fingers approached my throat and I relaxed, willing myself not to gag.

“There’s a good girl, nice and deep. How long can you hold it there?”

He pushed his fingers deeper into me and held them in place. My mouth forced open, I stared up at him in compliance, breathing deeply, my eyes beginning to water.

He jerked his fingers roughly from me and I drew in a relieving breath.”Impressive,” he noted, “I think you’re ready for the real thing.”

He approached me, releasing his hard cock from his jeans, tempting my lips.

“Open that pretty little mouth like a good girl.”

“Yes sir,” I whimpered, quivering at his language and the bulging erection inches from my face. I opened my mouth.

He sewed his fingers into my hair and pulled me forward, onto him. I opened wider, allowing him to enter me, thrusting slowly at first. He let out deep grunts of pleasure as he sped up, pulling me onto him by my hair, fucking my mouth. Eyes watering, I fought against small gags, reveling in the bliss of feeling totally overpowered and used by him. He pulled out and I gasped for a full breath. He reached in his pocket.

Somehow, the vibrations felt stronger than before as my pussy clenched around the egg in wanton, almost painful desire. I felt him push into my throat again, and he continued fucking me.

My mouth and pussy were simultaneously full and stimulated…sensation overwhelmed me. I moaned around him, my own orgasm threatening to burst through.

He jerked out, another chance to catch my breath. But instead of returning to my mouth, he began stroking his own cock with hungry, vigorous fervor.

“I’m escort kuşadası going to cum…” he informed me.

I nodded, aching for his pleasure, fighting my own despite the vibrator buzzing tirelessly inside me.

“…on your face.”

I drew in a sharp breath, and stared up at him, wide-eyed. No one had ever…

“Close your eyes.”

In the darkness, I felt the heat of him hit my cheek, then my forehead, and finally my other cheek. I just sat there…feeling his cum trickle down to my neck. I felt utterly used, owned by him, my pussy throbbing with arousal. The vibrations clicked off again.

I blinked open my eyes and watched him take a step back.

“Look at you, slut. Imagine I just leave you here, in just your underwear, tied up in the woods at night. Horny and covered in another man’s cum. Do you realize how utterly helpless you are right now?”

I took in his words, feeling the immensity of my powerlessness.

“Please, Sir…” I begged him, frightened at the thought of him leaving.

“Yes, you need me.”

“I need you, Sir.”

“And you need me to make you cum, don’t you?”

“I…please,” I begged, embarrassed to say more.

He knelt beside me and laid me down on my stomach, my hands and ankles hogtied in the air, my cum-covered face pressed into the leaves. I’d never felt so completely dirty and yet so unimaginably aroused. He placed his boot up onto my back, pushing me slightly into the ground.

“Tell me what you need, slut.”


His boot pressed harder into my tender flesh.

“I need you to make me cum, please Sir.”

“Very good, girl,” he replied, stepping off of me.

He sat on the ground behind me, and took no time in taking what he wanted. He pulled the vibrator forcefully out of my pussy. He clicked it on and I let out whimpers of pleasure as my aching clit finally got the attention it so desperately desired. His strong fingers tugged aside my panties and penetrated me, curving slightly into my G-spot as me began to fuck me.

My mouth gaped open at the sudden intense pleasure and my moans came out in shameless rhythmic pants with each thrust of his strong fingers.

“You’re going to cum like this,” he instructed, “with your face covered in my cum, tied up, and laying in the dirt like the wanton slut you are.”

I let out a loud sigh, my body on fire with sexuality and helplessness. My legs quivered. My stomach tightened.

“Please Sir, may I cum for you?”

“Cum for me, my girl.”

At once, my body released its tension and I was floating on a high of endorphins and lust. My legs and arms fell to my sides as he unhooked the clasps of his cuffs. I relaxed into orgasmic bliss.

He turned me over, cradling me in his lap and wiping the dirt and sex from my face with a towel he’d retrieved from the bag.

Our eyes met and I stared into him with gratefulness and satisfaction.

“Thank you, Sir.”

“Thank YOU, sweet girl.”

He leaned down and touched his lips to mine. We kissed for a moment, swimming in our shared happiness.

“Let’s look at the stars for a while,” he suggested, “and when you’ve recovered, we’ll get you dressed and ride home.”

I relaxed into his lap and took his hand into mine, staring up into the night sky, “I’d like that, Sir.”

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