Deflowering a Virgin Sister

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Abdou and Seemi were expats in Malaysia, but the warmth and love showered by the Malaysian people made them feel as if it was their home. The brother and sister moved in here with their parents after their father was promoted to a new office in Malaysia’s capital. Their house was in a busy street of Kuala Lumpur. It was a large house, given to them by their father’s company where he worked as the finance head for Asia. Most of the nights, their parents were busy entertaining guests and dignitaries in their house. On other instances, they would meet them in other venues.

One night when their parents were out, Seemi was asleep and Abdou was just hanging out in Seemi’s room and pretty much doing nothing. Seemi was donning shalwar kameez. It was a white shalwar and a colorful short kameez that fell till her upper thighs. She was in her early 20s, and she had a good height and decent figure, so her body was quite bulging and voluptuous.

Her breasts were firm and well-shaped. She had a long, slender neck and shapely shoulders that further highlighted her large, well-developed breasts. As for her other features, her butt was round and firm, but not too large.

Abdou hadn’t really fantasized doing anything with his sister, which is what really surprises him as he recalls it now after so many years. As a 19 year old, he was turned on by a lot of women, but he had never fantasized doing anything with his Seemi, not until that night.

Regardless, as she lay sleeping in her bed, she couldn’t look prettier. As he gazed at her hands and legs, the slight uplift in her lower back and how it furthered highlighted her breasts, he couldn’t help but get turned on. While he was staring at Seemi’s body, he wondered how juicy and steamy her body would look stark naked.

His heightened sense of lust and desire for his elder sister soon led to even more lewd and dirty thoughts of having an intercourse with her and stealing her cute and innocent virginity. He got a good turn on as thoughts were fixated on penetrating his own virgin sister.

He was so bent on making the move that he took off his own trousers. He sat towards her feet on the bed wearing only a tee with an erect cock between his legs dying for more action. He started rubbing his cock with one hand, while he explored Seemi’s legs with the other. His fingers moved from the ankles up to the bend of knees. He noticed how her muscular and attractive thighs were perfectly shaped. He also felt the roundness of her butt.

He’s not sure whether he intended it or not, but by now, his grip on Seemi’s body became harder and harder. Naturally, this woke her up and she saw her brother with a fully erect cock in his hand. She wanted to say something but she was so amazed at the sight of a fully naked cock that she couldn’t find the words.

Just then, Abdou saw the surprise – desire even – for his penis in his sister’s eyes and decided to seize the window of lust. He reached for Seemi’s lips that he started licking lusciously. At the same time, he placed his erect cock in his sister’s hands. She tried objecting to his kiss, escort otel but her thoughts drifted back to the penis that her brother entrusted in her hands. She was touching an actual cock. She had seen some penises in porn movies that she watched with her friends, but generally grew believing that her husband’s cock would be the one that would fill her lifelong sexual appetite. Turns out she was wrong! Abdou’s was the cock that would not only deflower her tonight but continue hammering her pussy for much of her adulthood and even after her marriage.

Abdou started playing with Seemi’s breasts in his hands. This was a huge turn on for Seemi. She started moaning softly while they continued kissing passionately. Dying to see her breasts, Abdou took off her shirt. The breasts were covered by a black bra. They were so juicy and round, yet firm. Just the perfect breasts of a young woman. He helped the breasts out of the bra and vigorously started sucking Seemi’s light brown tits. Seemi couldn’t control it and started moaning even louder.

Ahhh Ooo Ahhhhhhhhhh

As he lay licking and sucking Seemi’s breasts, he slid his hand into her shalwar. It was the first time he was touching a real woman’s pelvis. She had a lot of hair. Abdou teasingly pulled some hair but continued to eating Seemi’s chest with equal passion.

As his hand slid inside Seemi’s pajama, he found a soft protrusive outer layer of her vagina jutting slightly out of the otherwise flat pelvis. He toyed around with this bulging layer from which his sister’s vagina started. Seemi couldn’t believe what was going on. She felt intense sexual desires ignite in her. She had never known that such sexual lust for her own brother could be triggered in her pussy.

All of this time and with so much going on, the only thing she still hung onto was Abdou’s fully erect penis. To her, it was a commitment that she couldn’t let go of anymore. From the moment she got up, she was totally spellbound by the sightly view of her brother’s well endowed cock and from that moment on, she couldn’t think of anything else. To make matters worse, Abdou jumped to action and placed the treasure that her eyes were coveting right in her hands. Now, she lay powerless and submissive before her younger brother and his penis that was all that mattered to her at that time. She moaned, she hissed and she shook as Abdou went from one breast to another and as his fingers teased her vagina, but the grip on the cock only hardened.

Abdou then made some more surprising and sudden moves. He dropped his head down to Seemi’s waist, and started kissing, biting and licking the road down south, lowering Seemi’s shalwar along the way. With his free hand, he held Seemi’s head from the rear and dragged it towards his cock. He shoved the entire cock in her mouth and even gripped her head in between her legs in case she tries to back away.

Then, he brought his attention back to his own tongue’s activity that had reached the hairy bushes that guarded his sister’s most precious and most pious belonging. Seemi couldn’t express the pleasures she was experiencing even escort gecelik if she wanted. She was so bewildered that she forgot to breath for a few seconds as the cock lay in her mouth. She just wanted it to feel at home. It was the only thing that mattered to her. And if the penis felt satiated by being in her mouth, then she’d willingly submit to her newfound master.

Abdou again shifted his attention back to his angelic elder sister who just kept his penis in her mouth. With his free hand that held to the back of her hair, he started moving her face back and forth to get a blowjob from her. A quick learner that Seemi was, after a few strokes guided by her brother’s hand, she knew what he wanted and started passionately sucking the life out of his cock.

With the other hand, he took off Seemi’s pajama. Then he continued licking and eating his sister’s pelvis until he reached the outer layer of her pussy. The pussy was totally wet and moistened. The soft outer layer became more visible after removing the hair around the pussy. It was a hairy pussy that Seemi had never shaved since puberty. Abdou softly touched and teased it with his tongue. This led Seemi to make even louder moans.

Both were burning with passion and blowing off one another using their mouths and tongues in the most erotic coupling imaginable. As Abdou toyed, bit and licked Seemi’s pussy, it turned Seemi on even further who in turn became more passionate in eating and sucking Abdou’s penis. Abdou progressed further down and in between Seemi’s legs and by this time, he was completely on top of Seemi. He let go of Seemi’s head and used his thighs instead to put his cock in and out of Seemi’s mouth who couldn’t ask for anything else in the world at that time. With his hands, he opened his sister’s legs that she involuntarily closed from time to time as he became more wild in licking her pussy. He placed his entire head as obstruction between the inner thighs of his shy sister. She pressed her thighs firmly against his head and continued devouring his crotch. Abdou then put his nose and mouth on his sister’s pussy that was oozing with the most tasteful juices and rich with strong feminine odors that aroused him even further. Like a wild animal, he moved his face in an up and down motion to fill his nose, mouth and tongue with the sensations that arose from the precious, chaste and virgin pussy of his beloved sister.

This was too much for Seemi to take. She led out extremely loud moans that turned on Abdou even further and he became more wild in eating her out.

Powerless as she was, Seemi wouldn’t have objected to another hour in the same motion, but Abdou was the one to take his cock out of his sister’s mouth. He rose from her legs and turned himself back to her face. He passionate licked her lips and with his hands this time, opened her legs preparing for the culmination of their mating. Seemi couldn’t say no anymore. She had already given in to this newfound pleasure in life that was unlike anything she had seen or felt in the past 21 years of her life. Abdou put his penis on top of Seemi’s pussy and started escort türbanlı rubbing it. Seemi curiously eyed the cock that was about to fill her with her wildest pleasures. Abdou rubbed her vagina several times with his cock but couldn’t find a way in. He tried penetrating her several times, but seeing that it pained her, pulled back out. He decided to take it slow, again shifting his attention to his sister’s lips while caressing her breasts gently with his hands. After a few more attempts of inserting his penis into his sister’s vagina, he finally managed to insert a tip inside of her. Seemi moaned in pain but didn’t stop Abdou. She was prepared for him.

Abdou tried getting further inside his sister’s pussy. Slowly but surely, the cock slid deeper and deeper inside her vagina. The juices flowing from her pussy also lubricated the pathway and made it easier for her brother’s penis to infiltrate her. By the time half the cock had penetrated her, it became easier for him to move back and forth and exchange the ultimate pleasures of sex with his sister. Seemi had grown out of the earlier pain by now and instead became filled with a completely unprecedented pleasure.

Seemi longed for her brother to go deeper inside of her. She started kissing him more passionately and opened her legs wider to signal that she’s ready. Abdou made a few strong thrusts inside Seemi and had his cock fully inside of her. Her newly deflowered pussy squeezed his cock tightly as it went back and forth inside of her.

She looked so beautiful as her brother pounded her in her bed that day. Her creamy body glowed in the shadows of her brother, who had darker skin tone. Her breasts moved up and down with every forceful thrust of Abdou’s cock. Looking at his sister so sexually aroused from the pleasures derived from his penis, Abdou became wilder and wilder in fucking his sister out of her senses. He lifted his upper body up and fixed his eyes on the hairy pussy of his sister that he was deflowering. It was just perfect. Frantically, he took out his cock and licked Seemi’s pussy again. Seemi shook in the pleasures she got with this new, but brief session of pussy licking. Abdou then again inserted his penis into Seemi’s pussy. He could feel the blood rushing to his penis as he got ready to cum. He resumed kissing his inhouse sexual partner and made a few final passionate strokes inside her before gushing out a boatload of semen inside Seemi. As he ejaculated, he moaned and shivered in pain. Seemi held tightly to his shivering body while assuring him with deep, passionate kisses on his lips.

Abdou stayed on top of Seemi for a while. They didn’t say anything to one another. In a while, they were ready to go at it again.

From this point on, Seemi became addicted to her brother’s cock. They would wait for their parents to leave before making love to one another. Even after her marriage, Seemi continued being Abdou’s sex slave. It was a place his cock had earned years back in her pussy. She was a caring wife to her husband who fulfilled his sexual needs, but she couldn’t help fantasize her brother’s cock even when as her husband filled her.

As for Abdou, well he still fucks about here and there you know. He’s got a yummy wife who desires him a lot, but he needs to go on mission naughty every now and then.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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