Delivering The Bed Ch. 03

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Big Tits

Laying back in the seat Chloe let her feelings of arousal overtake her. She thought to herself that she had never been so horny in all her life, but why? What was it about Kim and her family that got her so hot?

Chloe had, up until now, been a pretty normal young girl and she considered her sexual appetite just about normal. She and Dean, her fiancé, had sex quite regularly and very enjoyable it was too. But she couldn’t remember ever having such a strong desire, and such a soaking wet pussy as she had since she had met these people.

Chloe rubbed hard between her wide open legs as she watched Kim suck on her Son’s tongue like it was her last meal. It was deliciously naughty to watch Mother and Son eat each other in a sexual frenzy the way they were. Chloe was sure now that it was in fact, that they were Mother and Son that made it so arousing to watch.

Chloe remembered a time when she was younger when she had been alone in her family home. Her Mom and Dad were out somewhere and it was one of the first times she had been trusted to be old enough to look after herself. It was a time when she had been a little curious about sex and had decided to have a peak in her parents bedroom to see what she could find.

In the bottom of a chest of drawers she found a box. She remembered her excitement as she lifted the box onto her parents large bed. A common tingle ran through her teenage pussy as she saw several vibrators, some small clamps of some sort, and a small stack of magazines. Chloe’s pussy began glowing and leaking juice as she began reading a short story written in a magazine called “Tales of Incest.”

Chloe recalled that the story was about a Mother that had caught her young Son watching her undress through the gap in the door. Instead of scolding the young boy, the Mother led the boy into the bedroom by the hand. Chloe remembered how turned on she was as she read about the Mother showing her curious Son her mature body. How she pulled on her big red nipples to make them firm and erect.

Chloe had visions as she read about the Mother laying back on the bed and opening her legs wide and pulling her horny little Son onto her sopping pussy.

“Oh lick it you little fucker, lick Mommy’s hot cunt boy,” we’re the words Chloe recalled written before her.

The picture in her head of the Mother pulling the Son’s clothes off and sucking his rock hard cock had Chloe rubbing her own teenaged cunt until it squirted warm liquid all over her strumming fingers.

“Fuck me Son, fuck your horny Mother,” Chloe read as she pictured the Son pushing his iron hard dick between her red hot pussy lips as his Mother kneeled on all fours on the bed.

It went through Chloe’s mind that this was undoubtably her first encounter with anything to do with the subject of incest.

That story had laid the foundation for many a time spent fantasising about Mothers, Fathers, Sisters and all manor of relations, fucking, sucking and cumming together, in Chloe’s horny young mind. She visited her parent’s bedroom at every occasion she could and read all the other magazines they owned, but “Tales of Incest” remained her favourite.

Now here she was, experiencing real incest first hand.

Recalling her memories of how she had found her desire for incest made Chloe wonder what had happened to Kim and David, and her family, to start their adventures into this sordid world of illicit sexual desire.

Chloe opened the door to her house and almost tripped over in her excitement to get to the bedroom. She turned to look at Kim and David as they moved into the room behind her. Chloe hurriedly began to take her clothes off, as she kept her eyes on Kim and David. Fascinated by the sight of Mother and Son devouring each other in a heated embrace.

David caressed his Mother as he sucked and licked her sweet tasting neck.

Kim looked over at Chloe and groaned as she watched the young girl in almost panic to get naked.

“Take it easy darling, you both need to slow down, we have all night,” Kim cooed as she caressed her Son tenderly.

“God I’m gonna enjoy this, my pussy’s so fucking wet, I’m gonna die if I don’t cum again soon,” Chloe smiled as she removed her skirt.

David and Kim pulled at each other’s clothes as they hungrily wrestled each other’s tongues. Kim fumbled with David’s belt and dropped to her knees in front of him as she released his iron hard cock. Grasping his throbbing member in her hand, Kim pulled it down and into her salivating mouth.

“Oh my God Mom, that feels sooo good.”

Chloe laid back on the bed and opened her tender legs as wide as she could. Her clit hummed as she vigorously rubbed and slapped it.

Kim wanked and sucked her young Son’s cock, dribbling spit all over the hard red knob with skill and loving pleasure.

Chloe’s orgasms rushed from her tender throbbing clit and washed over her like waves of electric sexual relish. As she came hard she shoved three juicy fingers into her soaking hole and cried out in escort bayan bursa joy as the feelings overtook her spasming body.

Kim instructed, “lay down on the bed David I want to sit on your face.”

David immediately did as his Mother told him and grasped her thighs as she sat astride him, lowering her sopping pussy onto his willing tongue.

Chloe moved down and took hold of his solid dick and sucked hard on the wonderful tasty meat. She pushed her hand down to her sensitive cunt and scooped up her hot juice. She smeared her cum juice all over David’s cock before returning to lick and suck the taste from it.

Kim fucked her hips back and forth and rubbed her leaking pussy on her Son’s lapping tongue.

“That’s it Son, lick Mommy’s pussy like a good little boy. Chloe! Don’t let him cum yet, I want his first hot load in his Mom’s cunt!”

Chloe moved back still holding David’s stiff cock upright in her hand as Kim slid down and kneeled astride her Son in the position known as cowgirl, and pulled her pussy apart as she slid it down over her Son’s waiting cock.

“Oh yesss, at last, I’ve waited too long for this… My God your cock is hot, sooo fucking hot and hard, OH GOD… I’ve wanted this forever, oh I love it, I fucking love it….”

“Yeh fuck him good Kim, fuck your Son hard,” Chloe chanted.

Kim bounced her slimy cunt on David’s hard aching dick and orgasmed almost immediately, squirting a torrent of salty cum over his fucking cock.

“Cumming! Cumming forever.”

Chloe put her hand between David’s legs and rubbed the juice all over his balls. Suddenly as Kim pushed down with all her power to get as much of David’s stiff cock into her glowing pussy, Chloe pushed her slippery thumb easily into Kim’s beckoning asshole, making her cum hard once more.

“Oh yesss! Fuck me, fuck my holes,” Kim cried.

David couldn’t hold on any longer and lifted his hips up as hard as he could to fill his Mom’s spasming cunt with his biggest ever load of hot cum. His body jerked and bounced as rope after rope of thick spunk jetted into his Mother’s hot pussy.

Chloe fucked Kim’s ass hard with her slippery thumb and rubbed her own clit to yet another cum. She couldn’t ever remember cumming so hard in all her life before, being involved in real actual incest made her cum ten times as hard as she had even all those years before, whilst reading those hot stories.

Kim laid down next to David on her back and pulled her legs up to her chest.

“Lick my soaking cunt Chloe, lick me dry, stuff you tongue in there you little horny bitch.”

Chloe pushed a couple of stiff fingers into Kim’s ass and fucked it hard as she sucked David’s warm cum from Kim’s aching pussy. Kim held her legs back and began to build another squirting cum.

David turned to massage his Mom’s tits and pull on her swollen nipples as his half-hard cock began to harden once more.

“Bring your cock to me boy, bring it to Mommy so I can suck you hard to fuck Chloe with.”

David knelt next to his Mom as she turned her open mouth towards him and sucked his hardening dick between her willing lips.

David’s sensitive knob seemed to throb and glow as his Mom seemed to suck all his bodily energy into his cock.

Chloe lapped and swallowed all of Kim and David’s mixed juices from the tasty cunt before her. Her fingers were a blur as she fucked Kim’s clasping asshole, willing the Mother to cum for her.

David moved around behind the young girl as she worked her magic on his Mother’s pussy. He marvelled at the sweet young pussy kneeling before him before rubbing his hot knob up against the wet pussy lips beckoning before him, as if knocking on the door before entering.

“Don’t tease me, just fuck me!” Chloe groaned.

David pushed his rigid cock into the warm waiting cunt hole in front of him and began to saw it in and out, almost completely removing it before plowing his entire length back in, time after time.

Chloe lifted her head up, groaning and dribbling as her whole being seemed to be fucked. She mumbled incoherent words as David fucked the very life out of her with his wonderfully hard dick.

Kim pulled her ass cheeks apart, “lick my ass girl, lick my ass and make me cum.”

Chloe happily obliged and bent her head back down to push her stiff tongue into the tight turgid hole that Kim pulled open before her.

By almost unbelievable timing as David pushed forward hard and filled Chloe’s cunt with hot cum she came hard and hummed and moaned into Kim’s ass, making her cum hard too. All three collapsed and bathed in the warm glow of incestual sex.

The morning sun peaked halfway from behind the clouds, as the worn out bodies lay clamped together in both the small house and the Cornish cottage. The night of nasty sex that had kept them all busy most of the night was behind them now.

Kim and David said goodbye to Chloe and kissed and cuddled for the last time in a while.

“We won’t forget bursa sinirsiz eskort last night honey, we’ll be back for another holiday and a return with that juicy body of yours again,” said Kim.

“I’m never gonna cum like that again, Dean will have to work real hard from now on,” Chloe answered.

“God, I had the time of my life with you two last night, we’ve got to do that again,” added David.

Kim and David drove off waving to a tired and glowing Chloe as they did.

“We have to get back down here again soon, and we’ll have to call in on Chloe when we do.” Kim stated.

“Give me time to recover Mom, you two nearly killed me with sex! Is that how it’s gonna be between us from now on?”

“Don’t worry my horny little boy, if I fuck you to death it’ll be a wonderful way to go.”

Back at the cottage Sophie had crept back to her own bed, tired, well fucked and just a little sore from the night she had spent with her Father. Carol fussed and cleaned up as Sophie moaned and stretched her arms, yawning loudly.

“So do you lot have any plans for your last day?” Carol asked Sophie just as Harry entered the room, also stretching and yawning.

“Ohhhh, we need to have breakfast and wait for Kim and David to get back first,” Harry answered.

“Yeh looking at Dad he’s had just as hard a night as I have! We could do with some rest.” Sophie said, slyly giving her Dad a knowing look.

Carol caught the look that Sophie gave her Father and instantly guessed what Sophie was intimating, making her pussy twitch in her panties.

“Morning all, a good night was had by all, I trust,” boomed Charlie, “what’s on today’s agenda?”

“We were just thinking about it when you asked, any ideas?” Asked Carol.

“How about a relaxing morning then a pub lunch at the Wheel Inn?” Suggested Harry.

“Yeh we could walk down there and all have a drink then, and not worry about driving,” said Charlie.

“If you drink lunchtime you’ll be falling asleep this afternoon,” Carol chided, looking at Charlie with a knowing look.

“Ah, it won’t matter for once, the beer is so good at The Wheel, it seems a shame not to sample it for a change.” Charlie smiled.

Kim and David entered the wooden front door and saw everyone standing in the lounge having what looked like an involved discussion.

“Morning all,” cooed Kim.

“Morning darling, just in time to add your opinion,” said Harry.

“Yeh Mom, we’re talking about walking to the Wheel for lunch so that Grandad can have enough drink to knock him out for the afternoon,” laughed Sophie.

“It wouldn’t just be your Grandad that got knocked out, your Dad can’t handle a lunchtime session anymore, what with him getting on in years now!” Giggled Kim.

“I refute that statement and honourably state that I am not old,… Yet, but seeing as I’m already somewhat knackered, I may well have a small cat nap after partaking of the Wheels offerings of goofy juice,” Harry joked with a nonchalant air.

“If you both have a skinful lunchtime you’ll both be out of it for the rest of the day, and you know it!” Carol stated as she lifted the sofa bed away and picked up the sheets and pillows.

Anyway, it was decided, and all six of them found themselves wandering down the Cornish countryside lane towards the Wheel Inn for lunch.

Having had a night of rest from sex, Carol found herself hornier than usual, especially after seeing the interaction between Sophie and Harry in the morning. She guessed that something was going on between them.

As the six of them walked in ranks of two, Carol held back to walk with her Granddaughter at the back of the procession. Putting her arm around the young girls waist, Carol whispered into Sophie’s ear.

“What happened last night, you horny little thing? You fucked your Dad didn’t you?”

“Wouldn’t you like to know!” Sophie whispered back.

“Yes I would… Because it makes my fucking pussy soak my panties you hot little bitch,” Carol cooed.

Lagging back a bit from the others, Carol and Sophie walked arm in arm together. The others walked in pairs together. Carol felt hornier when Sophie didn’t deny that Harry had fucked her the night before.

“I bet your little cunt is still wet isn’t it?”

“Mmmm and you want to eat it don’t you my horny Grandmother!”

“Oh I wish I could suck your cunt right now,” groaned Carol.

“Hey you two… Stop lagging behind, it’s not that far,” Harry stated from in front of them.

“Oh don’t go on.. We’re not that far behind!” Carol shouted back.

As the others went back to walking ahead, Carol pulled Sophie’s skirt up at the back and slid her hand into her panties in one swift motion. In seconds her finger slid into her Granddaughter’s wet pussy and Sophie’s knees went weak.

“Now cum on my fucking finger girl!”

“Oh God, you got me so hot I’m cumming already,” moaned Sophie pushing her moaning mouth into her Grandmother’s escort bayan shoulder as she struggled not to fall over and keep walking. She bit into Carols jacket as she kept from crying out.

“Can’t wait to fuck you again, you horny cow,” stated Carol as she removed her hand from Sophie’s panties and sucked on her own fingers. She took out a wet wipe from her handbag and cleaned herself off, attempting to remove the pungent odour of cunt juice from her hands and mouth.

Sophie would have collapsed from her orgasm if it had been for her Grandmother holding her up.

“I’m gonna get you back for that,” Sophie stated, gaining a little power back.

“I fucking hope so, I’m so horny I could fuck a snake right now,” Carol answered.

The Wheel Inn was yards away and the others were almost at the entrance.

“I guess I’ll have to wait to lick that hot pussy of yours Granny.”

“I would say you will, you hot little cunt, and I’m gonna love cumming all over that sweet little face of yours.

Carol headed straight for the toilets with Sophie, as they entered the pub. They washed themselves off and managed to keep their hands off of each other. Sitting down at the large round table no one was any the wiser to what the couple had done.

The lunchtime meal went well, the food was good and Harry and Charlie downed more than enough London Heavy Mild to have them only just able to walk back.

David, Kim, Sophie and Carol only drank enough alcohol to get them relaxed. They enjoyed the good food and relaxed atmosphere in the pub.

Harry spoke about picking up the new bed tomorrow and how they planned to fit it in the car again. Kim stated that she thought it could be done a little easier than on the journey down and said that they needed more room.

Charlie said he would help out with the planning for the journey home. Kim thought that whatever happened she planned on some alone time with David anyway.

The walk home from the pub was different because Kim held on to Harry and Carol had to help Charlie walk. Both the kids walked behind making sure the adults were ok.

As they went back into the cottage, both Harry and Charlie headed for their bedrooms and flaked out for the rest of the day, just like Kim and Carol had expected.

“They’ll both be sound asleep in a matter of moments, in fact Harry was starting to snore as he hit the bed,” said Kim.

“Charlie was much the same,” added Carol, I think we won’t see anything of them both until evening.”

They were both right, Charlie and Harry were already asleep and probably couldn’t be roused if an atomic bomb went off next door.

Kim, Carol, David and Sophie sat together in the lounge and talked about the holiday break so far. They were all tired through lack of sleep except Carol who had got more sleep than the others. The meal had added to their fatigue but the fresh air on the walk home had helped them with their digestion.

Although all four had indulged in sex together over the weekend the subject didn’t arise for a while.

Carol went to the bathroom to freshen up a little and Sophie took the opportunity to follow. When they didn’t return for ten minutes Kim and David took advantage of the alone time as well.

Sophie turned Carol around and stood close behind her. She pulled Carol’s skirt up at the back and spoke into her ear.

“Your turn now Granny, now I get to fuck you, bend over.”

Carol did as instructed and held onto the basin as she bent over at the waist.

Sophie lifted Carols skirt over her ass and cupped her pussy with her fingers.

“I’m gonna eat your dripping cunt lady, I’m gonna eat your asshole too, I’m gonna lick and suck you until you can’t stand up anymore.”

Carol groaned and shivered in anticipation. She pulled open her blouse and bared her braless tits. She began pulling and twisting her aching, hard nipples.

“Mmm yesss you horny bitch, suck my ass, suck my cunt.”

Sophie bent down and pulled Carols panties down, watching them catch against her soaking crotch. Carol kicked off her panties and opened her legs.

Sophie pulled her Grandmother’s ass cheeks apart and pushed her face into the wet pussy in front of her. Lapping her tongue from the clit to her pulsing asshole, Sophie hummed into Carol’s most private and intimate of places.

“Oh yesss you wonderful girl, get your nose in my ass and lick my pussy, mmmm.”

Sophie pushed her thumb into the wet crack and sawed her index finger against her Grandmother’s clit. At the same time she pushed her mouth against the puckered asshole and sucked hard.

Carol moaned and groaned her way to a massive orgasm as Sophie licked and fucked the older lady’s brains out. Glancing sideways Carol saw their reflection in the wall mirror and seeing herself bent over with her Granddaughter pushing her face into her naked ass as she pulled on her own swinging tits, pushed her over the edge and she came hard.

Moving her ass up and down Carol fucked Sophie’s thumb and rubbed her asshole against her face. Warm juice squirted from the older woman’s cunt and covered Sophie’s hand and face.

Kim undid David’s jeans and reached in to free his solid dick. Holding it upright she leaned down and swallowed the hard knob into her hot mouth.

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