Delivery Ch. 2

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Ellen Burke

I could see Mike looking at Janet strangely, so I knew there was something up with them. I also knew I’d find out what soon enough, so after a few minutes of chat with him and Janet and the Swedes, I said that I wanted a bath. Putting a bag together, I walked with Janet to the guesthouse. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we went to Janet’s. It had not been made up. “It smells like sex in here!”

“Yeah, we fucked.”

“Janet! You know I’ve told you not to be so crude in your language. ‘Made love’ is perfectly descriptive. You seem to have worked fast. When did he get here?”

“Night before last. I saw him at breakfast yesterday, and he was eyeing me. I knew right away who he was. It was a relief to know that we were going to have a man like him for the trip. So anyway I decided to seduce him. I was expecting to see some old sea-salt. How did you arrange it?”

I ran a bath. “We didn’t. The delivery company just said they were sending us a good man, and all we knew before taking off was his name. This is the first man you’ve been with without telling us first.”

“Yeah I know. I feel all grown up now.”

“You don’t have to say ‘yeah” all the time either. A simple ‘yes’ is more refined.” I stripped and let myself down into the steaming water. “Ahhhh. The part of sailing I hate the most is not getting to shower everyday. I feel like a dirty old hag.”

“Mom, you know you’re a gorgeous woman. I saw you looking at him too. How long do you think it’ll take you to get him into bed?”

“It took you one day, so it should take me at least a week.” As the hot water loosened my muscles, I relaxed and sank deeper into the tub. “Pull up a chair and let’s talk while I soak. Is he a good man as they said?”

“We fucked three times last night. I mean, we made love three times, and I came all three times. I’d say that’s pretty good, wouldn’t you?”

I opened my legs, and let my hands drop to my mound. Stubble! A shave was in order. “Ummm, I would say. Better than the Swedes, but they’re a lot older too.”

Janet bit her lip. “Mom, I know we share everything, but I really like this guy. Promise me you won’t screw around too much. I’d kind of like to see more of him once we get across.”

“Is my little girl having her first crush? Don’t worry about me. I’m sure most guys his age prefer eighteen year-old pussy to thirty-five. How old is he, anyway?”

“Twenty-eight. Closer to you than to me.”

“Things will work out as they should. How about washing your old mother’s back for her?” I leaned forward allowing Janet to massage my back and shoulders with a soapy washcloth. “Ahhh, that feels so good.” She moved her hands around to cup my breasts and rubbed the nubby cloth over my nipples, which hardened at the touch. I pushed her hand away. “None of that right now, Janet. We’ll have some fun together later. Now I want some lunch.”

While I was drying off, Janet asked me about the Swedish guys.

“When I got to Portugal, they and Dad had been two weeks on the boat with no sex, so it was pretty easy. The first night on shore I took care of Dad, of course. The next day we went to sea. The Swedes were bunking in the aft cabin, so right before the end of the first watch I went in there, stripped down, and started playing with myself. When Per-Olaf walked in on me, he almost dropped his jaw on the floor. I acted all flustered at first, but then I asked him if he wanted to help me with my little problem. He couldn’t get undressed quickly enough. He’s got blonde hair all over and a nice cock and he fucks pretty well for a guy of fifty. He climbed on and we went at it for almost half an hour. I came twice before he did. Afterwards, I told him that I don’t like to sail with men who are frustrated or uptight, so I expected to see him on a daily basis. And I told him to let his buddy know the same thing.”

Janet giggled. “You mean he makes love pretty well.” We both laughed. “No wonder they made that comment about almost being killed.”

“I hope they were exaggerating. The other one, Lars, was as game as Per-Olaf. So with Dad and those two, I was assured of three cocks a day. The Swedes had a bit of trouble getting it up more than once a day, which was my only disappointment. The day before we arrived, I had them both at the same time, Lars in my pussy and Per-Olaf in my ass, while I sucked off Dad. I’m glad the autopilot was working because for sure no one was steering the boat.”

“You are such a nympho Mom! How are we going to keep you satisfied for the next four weeks?”

“Don’t be silly. I didn’t really need it that much. I was just taking advantage of the supply.” I finished dressing and we went downstairs to find Jim and Mike sitting at the bar waiting for us.

Jim filled us in. “Mike and I and the Swedes had a conference, and it looks like we can get everything shipshape by tomorrow night, assuming you two can finish the provisioning. There’s a front coming in, and it looks like we could leave early the following morning. I know that doesn’t give us much of a shore leave, but if we miss this weather window, we might have to stay here for another week or so.”

I görükle escort bayan said I had no problem with that, so we all agreed to get right to work. Janet and I went to the boat and took inventory of what food remained, and then made up our shopping list. The afternoon was spent in filling up basket after basket at the local stores, then stowing the goods on board. We planned on buying the perishable items like milk, vegetables, and meat the following day. Even so, shopping for four people for six weeks of meals is not something that’s done rapidly.

Mike moved onto the boat with the Swedes in order to familiarize himself with all of the onboard systems. After dinner, Jim and Janet and I went to our room for a nightcap.

As you might have deduced from our earlier conversation, a nightcap at the Burkes is not often a modest affair. Jim and I had been sweethearts in high school and he was the first guy I ever fucked. Since we didn’t use any birth control, that first fuck resulted in my getting pregnant with Janet at age seventeen. Jim and my parents stuck by me and we got married. Jim had a college scholarship, and I stayed home with my parents and the baby. Upon graduation Jim joined a local startup company named Microsoft. Jim and I found that we both had strong sex drives, and after some discussion and hesitation, we hooked up with a small group of swinging couples in the Seattle area. Both of us loved it, and we continued up until this year, when Jim cashed in his stock options and retired.

When Janet was fourteen, she asked us for a frank discussion of the facts of life. Expecting to deliver the standard birds and bees talk, we were surprised when she told us that she knew all of that. She said that she had often spied on us making love, and that she wanted to experience the same things. With us! This was a bit of a shock, but Janet was very logical. She said that Jim was sexier than any of the pimply boys that she saw at school, and he would certainly be a better introduction to sex than any of them. And too, she was attracted to girls, and her mom was prettier than any of the girls at school.

We held out for a while, but eventually she got her way. Janet is a very pretty girl, and at fourteen had developed a beautiful body. Once he had the idea of fucking her, I knew Jim would eventually give in. I had been with a few of the other women we swung with and had enjoyed those sessions as well. So we decided to give in to Janet’s plan and thereafter had many enjoyable family parties. We didn’t let Janet join in with our swinging club, but rather encouraged her to have normal relationships with boys her own age. However, she had very few long-term boyfriends and even fewer lovers. As she said, “Why should I screw with these inept high school guys when I have such great sex with Dad?” Thus, I was surprised to learn that she had seduced Mike right out of the gate.

In our room, Janet gave Jim and me a kiss, and said how much she had missed us. “What can I do to show you how much?”

I offered a suggestion. “I noticed during my bath that my pussy needs a shave. How about doing it for me?”

While I stripped down, Janet got a safety razor and shave cream, and a bowl of warm water. I sat with my ass and heels on the edge of the bed with my knees spread wide. Squirting a large ball of the cream on her fingers, she smoothed the lather over my mound and lips, and down around my asshole. “We need to get this rubbed in really well,” she used two fingers to rub the lather into my slit and around my clitoris. My juices immediately began to flow and my clit became erect.

“I can see you like that. Let me get naked too so that Dad can see both of our cunts.”

Jim chuckled, “The more the merrier, that’s my motto.” Sitting in a high back chair, he had loosened his shorts and was slowly stroking his erect cock.

Janet slowly moved the razor blade over my sensitive labia and mound, then more quickly over my inner thighs, and finally around my asshole. She had done this before and never nicked me. After shaving each area, she ran a finger over it. Finally, she dipped a washcloth in warm water and wiped off all of the lather. By now, I was hot and my pussy juices were flowing.

Janet examined her work critically. “That looks, pretty smooth now, but I need to test it to be sure.” Getting onto her knees, she held my thighs apart and began to explore my pussy with the tip of her tongue. “Mmmm. Nice and smooth,” she murmured. As she moved her mouth up and down from my clit to my ass, I saw Jim stand up and move behind Janet. Jim is 6’4″, so he had to stoop down to her.

“Dad’s going to fuck your cunt now Janet. Are you ready for a big cock?”

“Yes Daddy, please fuck your daughter’s cunt. I want you in me. Give it to me!”

He got down on his knees and put his cock into her. As he pushed in, I heard her give out a little moan.

Jim held her by the hips and began to fuck her with rhythmic strokes, each inward thrust forcing her face deeper against my cunt. Matching his rhythm, Janet began to push her tongue deep into me, then brushed up on my clit as it altıparmak eskort withdrew. I secreted so much juice that Janet’s face and lips were soaked. The three of us continued like this for several minutes, to our mutual enjoyment. Then as she got closer to orgasm, Janet began to gasp on each stroke. She then inserted two fingers into me and stroked her hand in and out of me while blowing warm breaths onto my clit.

I was getting close to orgasm too, thrusting my hips forward to match her and Jim’s motion. “I’m going to cum. Oh God, I’m cumming! Ahhhh.” My orgasm swelled up from deep inside like a wave rolling over me. I compulsively clamped my knees around Janet’s hand as fresh gouts of my juice flowed onto her fingers. Then as I relaxed, I sensed that Jim had increased the pace of his thrusts, pumping into her from behind. Recovering myself a little, I sat up and took Janet’s face in one hand as I kissed her open mouth.

“I’m going to cum too, Mom. Give it to me Daddy. I want to feel your cum in me. Oh God, Oh God, YES!” Jim was not quite there and he continued to slam into her for a dozen more strokes, until finally he stopped, buried in her as he spurted deep into her tunnel.

We stayed in position for a time, savoring the moment. Jim’s cock softened and fell out of her. “That’s what I call quality time with the family,” Jim chuckled. We were all rather tired, Jim and I from the voyage and Janet from her night with Mike. Jim and I went directly to bed, and Janet got dressed and went to her own room.

After she left, I said to Jim, “Listen my dear, our little girl has got a thing for Mike. She picked him up yesterday and fucked his brains out. What’s your impression of him from this afternoon?”

“She did that? He must be special then. He seems to be really competent. He and Lars and Per-Olaf have gotten the repairs sorted out right away, and he’s laid out a watch schedule and course already. From what I’ve seen, we’re in good hands. How do you want to play it? Want to be monogamous for a month?”

“Not particularly. Let me make a pass at him. If he plays along, maybe we can let him in on our little family secrets. I know lots of men have fantasies about fucking a mother and daughter. I know you do.”

Laughter. “They’re no longer fantasies. All right, let me know how you’re getting along, and I’ll leave Janet alone on the boat until we see how the wind is blowing.”

“I’ll try not to let your sacrifice go unrewarded,” I joked, stroking his semi-hard cock. “Do you want a payment in advance now?” And after a slow loving fuck we fell asleep.

The next day was spent finishing provisioning and stowing all of our gear aboard. Mike and our Swedes finished up the minor repairs. Then the four of us went over all of the necessary procedures for offshore: watch schedules, abandon ship duties, location of safety gear and fire extinguishers, and many more details too laborious for this story. Although normally Jim and I would have occupied the larger rear cabin, we decided to remain in the forward cabin so that Mike would be quickly available to the watch person in case of any problems. Janet would bunk in the small portside cabin. How much time she would actually spend there seemed in doubt.

The front passed over us in the early afternoon, and we had a rolly and celibate night on C-Breeze. Early morning dawned gray and gusty, but the wind has shifted to the northeast. We cleared customs and headed into the Atlantic.

We had established a watch schedule of three hours on and six off. Each of us family members would be on watch for three hours, and would be off watch for the following six hours. Mike would not stand watches but would be on call at all times. This system started well but the first day conditions were twenty-knot winds and twelve-foot seas. By early evening, Janet became dreadfully seasick and retired to her bunk clutching a plastic bowl we jokingly called “Ralph.” Mike said that he would take Janet’s watches until she recovered.

I said to him, “I told Janet to take something, but she was stubborn. Sailing along the coast isn’t the same as being out here.”

Mike agreed. “I gave her something I use. Compazine. She can’t throw it up either. It’s a suppository. She should be okay by tomorrow if it works for her like for most people.”

I wondered if he had helped her insert it, but didn’t voice that thought.

For myself, I enjoyed the motion of the boat, and especially being on watch at night. I had the midnight to 3:00am watch. The front’s passage had left the night air cool and the sky clear and filled with stars. When on watch, the main duty is scanning the horizon for other ships every fifteen minutes or so. Unless the wind changes, no other work is required. I sat on the cockpit cushions stargazing and daydreaming. When alone on deck, we all wore harnesses tethered to safety lines.

Towards the end of the watch, I suddenly realized I was horny. I decided to masturbate a bit. When I went below, I planned to wake Jim and have a quickie before sleeping. Mike came on deck quietly for his watch to find me, eyes closed nilüfer escort and hand inside my shorts, working away.

He coughed politely, and I quickly pulled out my hand and sat up. He handed me a cup. “I made some tea. Thought you might like something hot before bed.”

“Yes. Thank you. I was thinking of something hot.”

He ignored this feeble joke and silently clipped in to the safety line.

I slid over next to him. “I’m going to drink this before I go down. Mind if I sit up with you?”

“Of course not. I always like company on watch. Passes the time.”

The night air was not too cold, but with the wind I was wearing a long-sleeved nylon sweater with nothing on underneath. Sitting next to Mike after having played with myself for a while, my nipples were hard and evident under the fabric. I saw Mike glancing down at me in the dim red cockpit light. I decided to press my luck and swung sideways so that I could put my feet up on the cushions and lean back against Mike’s arm. “I hope you don’t mind. I’m a little cold and it feels good leaning against you.”

He replied, “Uh, no, not at all Ellen. You feel good too.”

“How about putting your arms around me then? We’d be more comfortable that way.”

He turned sideways towards me so that I could lean against his chest, and put his arms around my waist. His forearms were touching the bottoms of my breasts through my sweater. I took his hands in mine and moved them up to cup my breasts, pushing them against my hard nipples. “Umm. Doesn’t that feel better?”

“Very nice. But I wouldn’t want your husband to come on deck and see us this way.”

“Oh, I don’t think Jim would mind. We’re pretty open-minded about things like that. Listen, I know you and our Swedish friends were talking, so I don’t think you’re too shocked either.” I let a hand glide behind my back. “And from the lump between your legs, I’d say you were glad to see me.”

“I saw you masturbating a while ago. That was pretty stimulating.”

“You didn’t let me finish,” I laughed. “So you owe me some satisfaction. Why not let Mr. P out for a little night air? He must be feeling cramped about now.” Freeing myself from his embrace I knelt down facing him and undid his shorts, so that I was able to extract his cock from his underwear. It looked to be about six and a half inches and quite thick. I took him into my mouth and worked my tongue around the head and down the bottom of the shaft. His cock seemed to swell even more at this treatment. Taking him even deeper, I worked him to the back of my throat and past the pharynx so that my lips were buried in his pubic hair and touching his abdomen. Most men are surprised that I can do this, and Mike was no exception.

“I never had a woman be able to do that. God, you’re fantastic.” Naturally I couldn’t talk with him buried in my throat, so all I could do was make happy noises as I breathed through my nose. By making swallowing motions with my throat, I stimulated him even more, so that he started to try to make little fucking motions. This wasn’t as comfortable, so I withdrew until only the head was in my mouth, and I could taste the pre-cum seeping from the tip.

“Seems like you’re ready now,” I murmured. I stood up and turned my back to him and I dropped my pants and panties to my ankles and kicked them aside. I straddled his legs keeping my back to him and with one hand clasped his cock and guided it to the entry of my cunt. Then I slowly let myself down, impaling myself on him and savoring the sensation as his cock parted the walls of my already soaking tunnel. When he was totally in and I was sitting on his thighs, I turned my face to his offering my lips for a luscious kiss. “This harness is bothering me. I’m going to take it off. With us together like this, I don’t think I’ll fall overboard, do you?” He shook his head.

Undoing the harness, I slipped it over my head and let it fall to the deck. Then I pulled the sweater up to my neck uncovering my breasts. “Play with my tits while I fuck you. I love that.” As I raised and lowered myself on his shaft, I steadied myself with one hand on his thighs while fingering my clit with the other. This was such a delicious position that I wanted it to last a long time.

Mike enjoyed it too. “You are so fucking hot. Let me feel you.” He took one hand from a breast and lowered it to my mound, searching for my clit. His hand met mine, and I guided him to my clit. “Damn, shaved too. So fucking wet! God I love fucking you. I’m gonna cum in a few seconds.”

I sat on him and stopped my motion. “Not so fast, Mikey. Remember the customer always cums first. Let’s slow down for a few seconds while I catch up.” We continued the joint exploration of my clit while roaming over his balls and the portion of his shaft that wasn’t inside me. I could feel my orgasm start to build deep inside. “I’m getting close Mike. Think we can time it together?” I started to move on him again, slowly at first and then increasing as I felt an internal glow build inside me. “Almost there love, let’s hit it!” I bounced up and down on him as fast as I could, fucking his cock and rubbing my clit hard. Mike massaged both nipples strongly as I slammed down on him, then pushed up until only the head remained inside me. “Here it is. God, I’m cumming! My orgasm washed over me as if the ocean itself was engulfing Mike and me together. I reached down and cupped his balls, squeezing lightly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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