Desperate For You

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Author’s Note: legitimate concerns have been made that this story belongs in Gay Male. I fully respect this, but do not wholeheartedly agree. If such a storyline would be offensive or disagreeable, please read no further. Otherwise, I do hope you enjoy!


As promised, I’m in the motel room bed at 8p sharp. Naked and blindfolded, on all fours facing across the bed with the largest butt plug I could fit in my ass. My wrists are cuffed with straps running under the mattress just waiting to be pulled tight and secured to my ankle cuffs.

I’ll admit, I’m trembling with trepidation. Shouldn’t I? I mean, here I am in a seedy motel room, nearly tied up, with my naked ass pointing towards the door propped slightly open by the simple expedient of leaving a shoe in the doorway. What if it isn’t you who pushes the door open? I don’t even have a clue who you are.

Never mind being worried. I’m terrified. What am I thinking obeying these bizarre instructions? I’m sure I can experience my first real anal fucking in a safer manner. Honestly, I don’t even know that I’m comfortable enough with the idea of having anal – whether or not you’re a guy or a girl.

Yeah, I was trembling. Paradoxically, I’m enjoying every second. Scared and horny! My fantasy is going to be fulfilled.

After an eternity, or it could have been just a minute as it’s hard to tell in my position, I hear the door being pushed open, close, and latch. Hopefully, you’re the person I’ve been in contact with!

As quickly as you enter, my hard-on dissipates. What timing, I cry to myself. My pride and joy shrinks to shrimp size.

Almost immediately, the straps are yanked. My arms are pulled over the side of the bed, resulting in my face lying against the mattress. I’m careful to keep my ass up as the email told me not to move and, of course, I want you to make sure you’ll have proper access. I feel the straps being secured to my ankles and know I’m trussed up solidly.

I’m curious how I look to you. My once proud and stiff cock now dangling uselessly. No matter how much I want it, I can’t maintain an erection with a butt Büyükesat Escort plug. Knowing I’ve shrunk makes my cheeks turn red with chagrin. Why, I think to myself, can’t my little guy show how big and glorious he is for just a little longer?

Do you find me pleasing being secured like this? You certainly take your time walking around the bed. I just know you’re eyes are roving over me, criticizing every flaw, and enjoying my bound and naked flesh. I bet you feel superior and will want to remember this forever. God, I hope you aren’t taking pictures!

Or, maybe, if I am being honest, I hope you are.

Finally, I hear you removing clothes.

The fear returns as you are standing in front of me and your hand grabs my hair, lifting my head … are you boy or girl? Am I going to be forced to suck a cock or a strap-on? I say forced as if this wasn’t included in our list of mutually agreeable options.

You rub it against my lips and I feel something plastic but loose. I’m pretty sure it’s the condom you promised and I relax ever so slightly. I open my mouth to try and taste it, but you pull away.

Now, you move around the bed to my ass.

I catch my breath as you surprise me with a slap the my ass. It didn’t hurt (much), but I was, for whatever reason, mentally unprepared. Now I’m ready and the forthcoming whipping isn’t a shock. Again, it’s not a brutal punishment, but rather playful. The stinging is embarrassingly stimulating.

Once my backside is red enough for your pleasure, you grasp my butt plug and pull it out quickly. Ahhhh!!! The feeling of emptiness is an intense relief.

You swiftly mount the bed and push your cock into my gaping ass. Slowly enough not to split my insides, but fast enough that I’m so focused on the sensation that I’m not trying to guess your gender. Thank you for applying plenty of lube! I enjoy the sensation of being stretch and stuffed with just minor discomfort.

Once you’ve sunk in far enough, you slowly pull out. It takes forever! I’m sure you didn’t lie about your 8 inches.

You Elvankent Escort pause, teasingly, when your cock head nearly escapes my butt and is stretching my hole. You begin pumping that huge beast in my ass. You are long and also gifted with a wide cock! I can feel every stroke rubbing my insides and I’m unable to keep my moans from escaping my mouth. I feel the edges of an intense orgasm coming; my body is craving it intensely!

You are a true master with your cock and establish a pleasing rhythm. My body is responding to you and any pain has completely disappeared. I’m about to break my promise not to speak until spoken to, when you brutally grab my ass checks. You gently release them only to let them lightly rove over my ass and back.

My cock is flapping as you pound into me; our flesh smacking together soundly. My orgasm feeling is receding and the embarrassment of my tiny, flaccid cock is returning. Still blindfolded, my sensations and thoughts are all on me. I feel the aching desire for orgasm, the helplessness of being bound and unable to reach my dick, and the body-jarring intensity of you pounding away relentlessly. I’m so confused by my feelings I’m becoming distracted.

Your hands sneak around to my chest and find my nipples. Pinching and pulling them mercilessly, I’m focused once more! You slide a hand lower and grab my cock. Stroking quickly, you bring it to attention and I feel an enormous urge to cum like never before.

Again, maddeningly, you surprise me. You’ve stopped. Not your cock pumping in and out but, rather, your hand. You lightly touch my cock-head and then your hand is against my mouth. Opening, I taste the smoothness of your finger and the undoubtable pre-cum you gathered; I suck it clean.

You focus my attention once more with a hard slap to my ass. Your slow but steady pace now becomes hurried. I again have the feeling of building to a huge orgasm.

Moments later, I feel the joy of cum oozing out of my dick…but, there’s something wrong. The orgasm feeling is still there, but, also, disappointment Beşevler Escort and desperation as my dick goes limp faster than it ever has before. I’ve been cheated!

My desire hasn’t been satiated; I’m feeling very frustrated as your monster cock pops out of me.

Cut off from the world with my blindfold and by being tied up, I’m just focused on me. So much emotions and desires are swirling inside me that I’m shocked when you begin rubbing something slimy on my face. When you poke your fingers into my mouth, I realize it’s my cum.

Still extremely horny, I suck your fingers clean. I’ve always wanted to taste my white and gooey cum, but whenever I’ve orgasmed in the past, the desire left immediately. Now, drained but still frustrated, I’m willing to eat it all!

Finally, you speak and I know your gender. What a surprise to know the answer to cock or dildo!

“Tell me you’re my bitch,” you command.

Readily, I softly moan, “I’m your bitch.”

“Louder. I want to hear you convince me,” you command as you get off the bed.

“Thank you for making me your bitch!” Still engorged with lust, I’ve lost control. “I love how you fucked my ass and made me eat my cum. I’m yours to use whenever …and however…you want! Please… fuck me like the little cum-eating whore that I am!”

I know you’ve put on your clothes. Somehow, though, I’m holding onto the hope you’ll come back and give me a proper orgasm. With my ass propped in the air, my tiny, useless dick still dripping, with my own cum drying on my face…I’ve never felt so humiliated and ashamed. The horror of what I’ve said is reverberating in my head. That feeling of fear is growing and twisting my insides.

Again, confusion. God, do I want to experience this again! Fear, desperation, lust, helplessness are all swirling together and I feel it deeply within me. Difficult to process and all I know is I’m desperate for my cock to be touched and for that sweet relief of an orgasm!

“There’s a pre-paid phone on the table. You’re never to contact me. If I want to fuck you again, I’ll contact you.”

Please don’t leave me! I scream silently in my head. Aloud, I plead, “I’m your bitch and I crave your massive cock! Please, I’ll do everything you command!”

Despite my self-debasement, I hear you open the door and leave.

You walk out as mysteriously as you came.

The End.

Err…wait… Did you untie me? Um, why didn’t I hear the door close?

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