Desperate Teachers Pt. 04

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These stories are about two students and their teachers. All characters are over the age of 18. The events described are entirely fictional. The author does not condone such activity in real life. It’s just a story; if you don’t like such topics, please do not read. Comments and feedback are welcomed.

Part one

Miss Anderson and Mrs. Banner walked up the school drive holding hands and giggling like schoolgirls. It had been a difficult time. Melanie had been extremely angry with her friend for most of the evening, but they were finally back on good terms. In fact, they were now in a state of high excitement. Martin was waiting for them inside the school building, and a night of fun awaited them. Although earlier, Dianne had found the perfect tonic for her period of worry and anxiety by fucking both boys, Melanie was now desperate for some similar medicine. While Diane was more than ready for a second dose if she could get it.

Melanie had been dumbfounded when Dianne told her she knew what had happened in the basement and how she had listened to Melanie and Danny having sex and acting out Melanie’s story. This alarm only grew when Dianne explained that Martin had then visited her. He had been ready to act out one of her stories and that they, too, had ended up making love. It might have been wiser to have stopped there and let her friend digest this shocking news, but Dianne had carried on. Then, of course, she had allowed both boys to have her that very morning. Dianne sharing graphic details of what had happened was too much. Melanie learning Diane had anal sex with both boys was overwhelming. She spent the whole school holidays in a state of disbelief about what she had done and finding out her friend had done the same and much worse was too much to process.

“Why didn’t you come and talk to me so we could plan our way out of this mess?” Melanie kept saying, followed by, “Both Danny and Martin! Together! Anal sex! Christ, you have made this so much harder!” That was all Dianne could get out of her, and she made it worse by pointing out Melanie had started it. So Melanie had got up and left the party before it had started, and Dianne had immediately followed. Dianne only just managed to convince her friend to come back to the school with her in the car so they could talk it out. Melanie had agreed but had rather sulkily commented, “Only because I don’t know where else to go!”

The few staff already at the party had rolled their eyes and tried not to make eye contact with their two arguing colleagues. The two departments worked closely together, so everyone assumed the disagreement was about work. It seemed best for them to let Dianne and Melanie go off somewhere and sort it out. Whatever it was! At least the ladies had not managed to raise any suspicions.

Escaping the party turned out to be a sensible decision. Being at Dianne’s house meant they could talk easily and, perhaps more importantly, drink freely. Dianne, who had not handled things well earlier, picked just the right moment to tell Melanie that Martin was plotting to spring a surprise on her that very night. He planned to screw her in the Headmaster’s office following one of her stories. Despite her fears, that tantalizing idea began to mellow Melanie’s anger. And when this was nearly ruined by Melanie realizing the story Martin had in mind, Dianne seamlessly came up with a better idea that would still work.

The argument itself gave her the idea of linking one of her stories with Martin’s notion. Then with Melanie’s help, they modified the tale Dianne had in mind till they were happy with it, and along the way, it satisfied a growing need in Dianne. So some rewriting followed. Then a lengthy call to Martin and the sending of the new manuscript, and they were ready for action.

After all the rows and tension, Dianne was keen to get her friend laid but increasingly desperate not to be left on the sidelines this evening. Being fucked this morning had been so good, but she wanted more. So the solution was perfect.

This was what the girls were laughing at walking up the drive. The idea that Martin was now desperately trying to memorize the story that they had modified when probably he was not that familiar with it anyway.

“The school looks different at night when it’s closed and empty,” Melanie had said, but all Dianne had registered was that Martin had stupidly left the curtains open in the Headmaster’s study. Its light shining out sent a signal across the grounds that someone was inside. But, of course, the school should be empty. Dianne knew Melanie’s mood was pretty volatile, so she decided not to stress her very excited friend with this fact. Instead, it was better to move things on quickly so she could get the curtains pulled as soon as possible.

“Come on, let’s get inside,” said Dianne, who pushed at the front door and was relieved to find it opened and that the key had been left for her. This meant she could lock them inside and slip the key into her pocket.

“Gosh, Porno that’s noisy,” Melanie said after taking three steps and finding her heels clattered loudly on the stone floor.

“Come on, there is no one here except Martin,” Dianne had said, and although she too was self-conscious about the noise, she led her friend speedily into the school, up the stairs, and down the corridor to the Headmaster’s study. The two women stopped, and then Dianne knocked on the door.

“Come,” said a voice from the other side, and the two women entered. “Lock the door, please,” Martin said from behind the Headmaster’s desk, and then he looked up, unsure about what was happening. Dianne had walked over to the window and pulled the curtains while Melanie had locked the door, passing the key to Dianne, who bent over Martin to hand it to him.

“You better put this someone safe, so we can find it when it’s time to leave,” she said. Martin, for the moment, was dumbstruck just about appreciating his teachers were prepping the situation before they started.

Mrs. Banner was in the most fantastic dress. Bright blue with a short flared skirt, sleeveless with thin straps over her shoulder. This was not what got his attention, though; it was the neckline cut so low her beautiful tits looked like they would fall out of the dress at any moment. So when she leaned over Martin, it was like she was pouring her breasts onto the desk. She giggled and lifted his head with her hand and stared at him.

“You like my slutty dress?” She said. She had bought it to wear for her husband during the school holidays. It was a sort of foil for her guilt, but today, she and Melanie had decided it would be better worn for their little game tonight. Anyway, he would not appreciate it. Smiling at his reaction, Melanie shed her coat and waited to see if she got the same response.

“Wow,” Martin said as Miss Anderson showed off her outfit. It was an extremely short red dress that showed off her legs perfectly when combined with the high heels she was also wearing. In addition, there was a belt around her waist that accentuated her curves. “Shit!” Said Martin, suddenly aware that he was in the presence of two stunning women.

“We er thought we were going to see the Headmaster,” Mrs. Banner said, patting the sofa where she had just sat and indicating her friend to sit beside her. It was time to start!

“Yes,” said Melaine very weakly. She was not quite as prepared to begin. There was a pause, and everyone started to laugh. Then, when the amusement had died away, she started again in a stronger voice. “Yes,” she said again, “Where is he?”

Martin admired the two teachers sitting there in revealing outfits. Their legs were so distracting. He had fucked Mrs. Banner already but could not wait to do so again, and having Miss Anderson as well was so hot he could barely concentrate. He tried to determine which woman had the best legs. Martin could not decide. His mind was foggy, and his mouth dry in anticipation of what lay ahead.

“Come on, Martin, game face on,” said Mrs. Banner impatiently, “don’t keep your desperate teachers waiting!”

Part two

Martin took a deep breath and forced himself to concentrate. Time to get onto the script. He told the ladies they had been sent here because they had fallen out at the staff party, and the Headmaster had asked him to help out.

“Tell him what you did,” Mrs. Banner said to Melanie, and without waiting, she plowed on, “she fucks one of her students and then gets annoyed when I copy her.”

Melanie rolled her eyes.

“This slut not only fucks another student, she then fucks him again with the student I screwed,” Melanie said.

“You are just pissed he liked it better with me,” retorted Diane.

“Ladies, ladies,” said Martin holding up his hand. “I can see the problems here run deep, and we need to recreate a bond between you two and get rid of all this tension.” Martin smiled. “In the old days, I would have put you across my knee, but now we have to be a little more creative.”

The two ladies looked at each other. Was he serious about smacking them!

“We are adults,” Diane said, “you can go fuck yourself.”

“Oh, like you would object to being slapped on the ass, you slut,” Melanie replied.

“It’s straightforward,” Martin said, sighing theatrically and holding up his hands. “You either do this therapy willingly or be fired,” Martin added firmly. “It’s that simple!” And he waited for this to sink in. And then he gave them a simple instruction.

“I want you to stand up and hug,” Martin said.

“What! No chance!” Said Melanie. “Just keep this slut out of my way.”

“Get up bitch and hug me,” said Dianne rising. “I am not losing my job over you.”

Miss Anderson was pulled to her feet and into a bear hug by Dianne. When Martin told Melanie to put her arms around her friend, she did, but they pulled back when Martin asked if that was so bad? For a few moments, Martin Altyazılı Porno fiddled with Dianne’s hair, pushing it back off her face and at the same time taking the chance to admire her breasts. How were they remaining in that dress?

“Now I want you to kiss,” Martin said, sitting back down and looking forward to seeing his teachers making out. He grabbed a notepad and picked up a pen to help ensure he looked the part.

“Is that necessary?” Asked Dianne rolling her eyes.

“As you said, I am not losing my job over you bitch.” replied Melanie smugly, and she leaned forward and pecked her friend on the lips.

“Oh, you can do better than that,” replied Martin. “Explore each other bodies a bit too. It’s about bonding, ladies!”

“What like this,” said Melanie, grabbing Dianne’s tits firmly with both hands. Dianne let out a little yelp.

“If you like,” replied Martin, “After all, Mrs. Banner has wonderful breasts, does she not?”

“Don’t we know! You can barely take your eyes off them,” Melanie commented dryly. “And it’s a miracle they stay in this dress.” She continued handling them and even squeezed them. There was a long pause, and then suddenly, both women laughed. Next, Dianne began to stroke Melanie’s chest, running her hand gently up and down the front of her dress. She told her friend that she had great tits too.

“Perhaps you should help each other out of those dresses,” said Martin. “Now you are beginning to bond.”

“I guess we both need this job?” said Dianne in response to a quizzical look from Melanie.

“And I don’t suppose we could get out of here by simply agreeing to get on?” Added Melanie, who turned to look at Martin.

“I think the Headmaster wants to be very sure,” he replied measuredly and then more lightly added. “Anyway, where is the fun in that!” He stopped as though considering what to do next. “Miss Anderson, why don’t you lower your new best friend’s dress properly.”

“OK,” said Melanie uncertainly, but she reached forward, slid the straps off Dianne’s shoulders, and lowered the dress to her waist.

“Lovely!” said Martin, unable to stop himself, “Now your turn.” Dianne reached forward, undid the belt around her friend’s waist, and tossed it away. Melanie smiled and lifted her hands above her head so Dianne could remove her dress. “Shorts?” Martin exclaimed. Melanie, worried about how short her dress was, had put on a pair of shorts. “Never mind, we will deal with those later,” he added; the shorts had surprised him; they were not in the script. Perhaps another kiss is called for,” Martin said more firmly, “but a proper one this time. Put some energy into it, ladies!”

The two ladies did not let him down, coming together for a long lingering kiss, their breasts squashed as their bodies came together. Martin urged them to carry on, telling them this was significant progress.

“That’s it. Explore each other bodies a bit,” Martin said, loving the show. “Let those hands rove. Work out where the other likes to be touched.” Each girl’s hands wandered over the other’s face, arms, and chest. Next, Martin ordered Miss Anderson to kiss Dianne’s tits.

“Go ahead,” said Dianne when Melanie hesitated and looked at her. Then she lowered her head and took one of the large mounds of flesh as deep into her mouth as she could. She then swapped sides while Martin asked if they felt better about each other, and both nodded enthusiastically. The girls hugged again.

“I am sorry I called you a slut,” said Miss Anderson.

“Oh, don’t be,” Dianne replied, “I like being a slut.” Then, she paused, “and I think you do too. Don’t you?” Melanie hesitated and then nodded. They all laughed at that.

“Good! Good! Let’s lose the dress and the shorts,” Martin said, and the girls looked at him. “Remember, the headmaster expects a complete session,” he told them. Despite their previous comment, the script told him to preempt any objection that might have been coming his way. “That’s it kiss each other,” Martin said when the ladies were down to just their thongs. Dianne and Melanie began to kiss once more.

He watched for a while, letting the teachers make out and their excitement to grow. His rock-hard cock told him he was about as turned on as he could be, but the script told him to be patient, and apart from finding it impossible not to touch himself, he kept to it.

“You are both so beautiful,” he said, and he ran the back of his hand down Melanie’s bare back as he put his notes down, rose, and walked across to them. As his hands explored her ass, Melanie turned in surprise to look at Martin. “Keep kissing,” he said. She asked if this was part of the session. “Of course it is,” he replied, and with that, she turned back to Diane. I am only observing,” he added, but he continued to stroke Miss Anderson’s body, feeling the story should have him marveling at how soft her skin was.

“Come here,” he ordered, pressing himself against Melanie’s back, which squeezed her Brazzers against Diane. Then, he made Dianne kiss him, which she did willingly enough.

“I thought you were just observing and taking notes for the Headmaster,” squeaked Melanie, now squashed between them. The kissing session above her went on and on. For Melanie, that meant she had a sense of being small and unimportant which she quite liked.

Slowly though, she began to wish she could join in rather than wait for her moment in the script, but she kept to the story.

“My God, are you hard?” She wailed, pretending to realize what was pressing against her ass rather than loving the sensation as she had been. “What are you doing?” She asked, looking at Dianne for help but only receiving the required benevolent smile back.

“I think the headmaster needs to know we can get on with everyone,” she said softly to her friend. “Not just each other. We can do that, right? For the good of the school?”

“I suppose so,” squeaked Melanie pretending to be alarmed at developments that were moving fast. Martin had unzipped his trousers and slipped his dick out as the two girls talked. He then took Melanie’s hand and wrapped her fingers around his cock. She turned slightly as Dianne began to stroke her pussy, and then Martin did similar with her breasts. Melanie looked from one person to another and smiled. Both in the story and in reality, this was so fucking hot.

“See, we can all be one happy school,” said Martin before grabbing a passionate kiss with Dianne. “I can tell Dianne gets it, but do you, Melanie?” He and Dianne resumed kissing, and when Melanie said she did, Dianne told her to show them. “Show me,” said Martin, emphasizing the word “me,” and his hand went to the top of her head, and she allowed it to push her gently to her knees.

“I er don’t,” she said, kneeling and holding his cock but managing to hold back from what she wanted to do until the story allowed her to.

“Hmmm, this session tries to teach there is no such thing as don’t,” said Martin, “not in a harmonious team. A member of this school does whatever it takes. I think right now you know what’s expected.”

“OK,” said Melanie in a theatrically doubtful voice. Dianne’s hands gently steered her mouth onto Martin’s dick. “That’s it,” Martin said, and Dianne let out a little squeal of delight seeing her friend eagerly comply with instructions. She took a moment to ensure Melanie’s hair was out of the way and then went back to kissing Martin.

Martin had tried to picture this scene in his head when he had read it. One teacher kissing him, the other sucking his dick, both women naked apart from their thongs. It all had seemed so hot, and it had been well written and clear in his head. However, this was nothing to the reality of actually doing it. It was more erotic than anything he could imagine, particularly adding to the experience the sounds of pleasure that filled the room.

Then it occurred to him that this was the first of the

stories that were meant to happen. Sure it had not started that way, but the rewrite that Dianne had done and the phone call had prepared the manuscript to be acted out. So perhaps it was now a play, he thought. But, more importantly, fucking these teachers had gotten better and better, with hopefully more to come.

“Let’s show Martin how on board we are,” said Dianne sitting on the sofa which was right by them and helping her friend suck Martin’s cock by holding the back of her head. “That’s it. Let him fuck your face,” she encouraged as Martin began to flex his hips and push his dick in and out of Melanie’s mouth. Her head was now being held still by Dianne.

Then the two friends began to take turns sucking him while he lowered his trousers, and then he took control, making each girl sit there as he fed his dick to each one in turn. They were given one suck before he moved to the other.

“You like that, huh?” He asked, wondering if it was blowing their minds in the way it was his. “That’s what the Headmaster expects, beautiful, slutty teachers desperate to give their minds and bodies to the school. That’s what you want to be, right! The school’s desperate teachers!”

“Yes,” they said, ” we hope you believe us now.” Then after a pause, “not that we want to stop. On the contrary, we like being your desperate teachers.”

He loved how each girl would obediently open their mouth, accept his dick down their throat, and close their lips together again when he withdrew. Only to open it again when his cock was offered to her mouth once more. Another hot scene from Dianne’s dirty mind and pen, he thought. What a slut she was, and how lucky am I?

“Now Dianne, you suck my cock and Melanie my balls,” he said, thinking it was probably time for the next step of the story. “That’s it, my eager little sluts,” he added as they both went to work with renewed vigor. If anything, he preferred Melanie sucking his dick, but the script was the script. He watched them servicing him for a while and then called a halt to proceedings.

“We are making good progress,” he said. “The headmaster will be delighted when I tell him.” However, he could not help thinking how horrified the Headmaster would be if he really knew what was happening.

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